Spirit Walk

Spirit Walk The eagerly awaited continuation of HOMECOMING and THE FARTHER SHORE Captain Chakotay is ready to prove himself as the new commanding officer of the Starship Voyager but skeptics back at Starfleet Com

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  • Title: Spirit Walk
  • Author: Christie Golden
  • ISBN: 9780743492584
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • The eagerly awaited continuation of HOMECOMING and THE FARTHER SHORE Captain Chakotay is ready to prove himself as the new commanding officer of the Starship Voyager but skeptics back at Starfleet Command are watching him closely for any sign that he will revert to his renegade Maquis ways His first mission as captain, to transport a group of displaced colonistsThe eagerly awaited continuation of HOMECOMING and THE FARTHER SHORE Captain Chakotay is ready to prove himself as the new commanding officer of the Starship Voyager but skeptics back at Starfleet Command are watching him closely for any sign that he will revert to his renegade Maquis ways His first mission as captain, to transport a group of displaced colonists back to their home planet of Loran II, seems easy enough make sure the planet is safe for colonization, unload the settlers, and head back to Earth He even has an extra reason to enjoy the trip his sister, Sekaya, has joined the mission as a spiritual advisor to the gentle, peace loving colonists.But when the crew arrives at Loran II, they discover a mysterious storm, an ominously deserted settlement and a hidden threat from Chakotay s past that could destroy them all Will Chakotay s first mission as captain of Voyager also be his last

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    1. "Oh, come on," sputtered Kaz as Janeway prepared to sink yet another ball.The outburst was perfectly timed. Janeway laughed and her shot went wild. Still laughing, she yielded to Chakotay."I pass it to you, my old friend," she said, and he knew she referred to more than the table.Tomorrow would mark his first official day as captain of the U.S.S. Voyager. The ship would be relaunched, with its new captain, new crew, and new missions.I really like this book, and I feel that I got a very good impr [...]

    2. I feel almost *guilty* reviewing this one one star, because it seems to me that Golden put such heart and effort into writing this novel -- I think she really cares about these characters and the story she's telling. But oh, it drove me nuts.Biggest pet peeve: continuing and worsening a trend began in the first two books of the series, this book is hardly about the crew of Voyager. This is especially frustrating because what the crew of Voyager is up to -- Janeway and Tuvok teaching at Starfleet [...]

    3. Scifi at its best!Another good scifi novel in the Voyager seriescarrying on from where the original TV series left off good story all round but a little short!

    4. Awesome readOnce again this author has amazed me with this book! I’ve enjoyed the other two I’ve read and can’t wait to continue the series!

    5. Not exactly Voyager as you remembered. In the first of a two-part book series, Spirit Walk sends Voyager out with Chakotay as Captain and Kim at security. Apparently, Janeway and Tuvok have a desk job, Seven and the Doctor are in a think tank, and Tom and B'Elanna are connecting with her roots. The beginning of the book is a bit unusual, I wonder why Starfleet decided to send Voyager out stripped of all Borg and future tech. According to the book, it is to preserve the timeline but ALL of the te [...]

    6. "Fishing out the diamond ring from the creamy whiteness and cleaning it with a napkin, Harry said, 'Well, maybe the whipped cream bit wasn't the best idea, but it sounded awfully romantic.'" My relationship with Voyager books is something of an on-off one. I've been highly unimpressed with many of the episode novelisations, which has often been done much better in DS9. Still, this is no episode, but one does have to ask - is it voyager?"It has been my experience that for humans, a common way to [...]

    7. I really wanted to be blown away by this book. I was fresh off the homecoming/farther shore and figured I'd see where the author was taking these characters. Unfortunately, I found this entry to be so difficult to get through, that I'm not sure I'll ever pick up the second part. Problem 1: The pacing is way too slow to justify splitting this into two books. Problem 2: Most characters you know and love from Star Trek: Voyager are barely represented in this book. Paris and Torres have a seemingly [...]

    8. This is a well-written, interesting book. Unfortunately, it won't stand on its own. If you like stories that continue from book to book, you can take this as a five-star review; just be sure to read both "Homecoming" and "The Farther Shore" before you read this one; it is the third book in the storyline, and makes little sense if you haven't read the preceding books. Given that the back cover actually says that it is the "continuation" of those two books, I won't dock the book an additional star [...]

    9. It has been a while since I read a Trek book but this was worth the wait. It has been on my bookshelf waiting for quite some time, having been published in 2004 and almost certainly purchased at that time. Spirit Walk is a two-book series so I still have book two yet to read. In book one, Old Wounds, the crew of Voyager has been home for several months and Chakotay is now the captain. His first mission is a simple one; transport a group of colonists back to their home planet, but of course it ne [...]

    10. Artificially split into two parts to rake in twice the profit, this book is insulting. Nothing happens for the entirety of the novel. Some characters are shoehorned on with hardly any backstory and we are supposed to just accept them as part of Voyager's crew. Tom and B'Elanna spend some time in the caves of Boreth where nothing happens. Chakotay leads a delegation to a planet while nothing happens on board. The Trill doctor has a past host give him some problems but nothing happens. Harry's gir [...]

    11. Yes!I have read a number of Star Trek voyager novels. Some good, some not so good. This book definitely triumphs. One of the main issues with tv programmes being used for novels is that authors take a poetic license and write things that characters would never say. There were one or two instances of this here (B'lanna using the word 'honey') but mostly, it was excellent. The interactions between the characters were realistic and I found the concept of a new voyager kept my attention. The story c [...]

    12. Pocket has done a great job with all of the "post-finale" Star Trek books, as they call them. The overall trend is toward a much darker, more realistic, and more complete picture of the ST Universe than we're used to seeing. This one is pretty good, which I didn't really expect. Voyager was, to me, the least compelling of the shows and the Chakotay's spirits episodes were among the worstbut in print it works.

    13. Ugh I ended up getting sucked into this after Endgame, it isn't bad actually, but it is part one of God knows how many more, at the end of the day it was actually a pretty good read for Star Trek, but don't confuse that for "a good read." by any means. It's interesting to see the author stay true to the characters we know, while developing new ones, and the story lines are actually fluid weaving together so major points for that, but there are better Trek novels.

    14. There's a new captain on Voyager with a new crew. Some of the crew who were involved in the Dominion war think that Voyager had it easy. Their first mission is to take colonists back to their homes in the Badlands. This is a very character driven story, and I really started to like this new crew. I look forward to more adventures with them. A very good read.

    15. Chakotays erstes Kommando auf der Voyager. Zusammen mit seiner Schwester Sekaya soll er Kolonisten auf Loran II bringen. Doch als sie den Planeten erreichen, ist dieser leer. Ein weiterer spannenden Band, der endlich in Deutsch erschienen Reihe von Christie Golden und somit ein Muss für die Fans der Voyager und natürlich des schneidigen "First Officers", der nun das Kommando übernommen hat.

    16. It is ok and for me, a lovely dip into the Star Trek Voyager world But just to be clear it is not a self contained story; it is part 1 of the "Spirit Walk" book. It ends right a a vital part Am on part 2 now!!

    17. I loved this book!!!! OMG! i freaked out in the ending! I thought the changeling was going to get away and I felt there was no hope for Chokaty and his sister! Made me crave the second book.

    18. IT SUUUUUCKED. All the books Endgame and since have been just terrible. You're better off reading the Virtual Voyager series online.

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