Accidental Alpha

Accidental Alpha A quiet life A break from the dangers of being a cop Yep Lex Tompkins has his future all worked out That is until fate or rather the stray toddler from the house across the street bites those plans

  • Title: Accidental Alpha
  • Author: Poppy Dennison
  • ISBN: 9781925031485
  • Page: 429
  • Format: ebook
  • A quiet life A break from the dangers of being a cop Yep, Lex Tompkins has his future all worked out That is, until fate or rather the stray toddler from the house across the street bites those plans in the ass Well, technically Lex s neck Suddenly, he s transformed into the Alpha of the secret werewolf clan hiding in the perfect, out of the way neighborhood of Lex sA quiet life A break from the dangers of being a cop Yep, Lex Tompkins has his future all worked out That is, until fate or rather the stray toddler from the house across the street bites those plans in the ass Well, technically Lex s neck Suddenly, he s transformed into the Alpha of the secret werewolf clan hiding in the perfect, out of the way neighborhood of Lex s dreams.Now Lex is the unlikely leader of a dysfunctional pack except for Spencer Robinson, the one shifter Lex can t seem to keep his paws off Will Spencer be able to teach Lex how to embrace who he has truly become Because accidents happen but fate marks its own territory.

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    1. This is just too adorable for words, this grumpy bear of a man just want to be left alone, but suddenly one day, he is the Alpha of a group of shifters, the way he was converted into a werewolf was so cute. This is different from the other stories a have read about this gender, and it's one of the nicest. I have read hundreds and hundreds werewolf stories, and this one is one of my favorites .This is a very short story, however, the author didn't waste any time adding useless information to the [...]

    2. 4.5Such a fantastic shifter book. The cutest EVER making of a werewolf that I've read in any book. Great pack dynamics here. Why was this so short?? Sob.

    3. On one hand, I appreciated that this story not focusing on finding a mate – which can easily turn into insta-love when it comes to shifters stories. Instead, this was more about building up a pack when Lex was turned accidentally into an Alpha of a pack whose previous Alpha died (by the way, this also had the cutest way of a man turned into an Alpha, ever! *grin*). Lex had to deal with pack members who like to cuddle and sleep together (really sleep, okay, literally sleep together), one pack m [...]

    4. 3.5*Cute start to a new series ( even if it didn't end on a cliffy it did leave me wanting more and wanting it now, some day in the future I will learn to NOT start these books until all of them are out) Lex, grumpy and annoyed at his life, he's an ex cop and he's an ex because of an injury. He moved out to the boonies but his neighbor has more people over than he would like. It interrupts his grumpiness. So when a little bitty baby bites him, his life changes. He stays grumpy for a while but no [...]

    5. A cute, sweet shifter story. I liked how being Alpha meant more than just being a controlling dick, and more about taking care of his pack. I liked the feelings between the pack, and not just between the mates. It made for a richer story for me.

    6. I adored this story! It's a quick read but I found Lex absolutely sexy and Spencer so adorable. It was easy for me to get hooked on the book and being a shifter lover I liked how Ms. Dennison gave the typical wolf shifters a slight twist in how the Alpha of the pack is chosen. Lex is this grumpy ex-cop that just wants to be left alone. He's so annoyed at his neighbor Spencer because he thinks Spencer is always having these parties that disturb Lex's quiet life. In reality, Spencer is a werewolf [...]

    7. For a shifter fan like myself, Poppy Dennison's books are a gift. I love that I can rely on them to deliver a fun, feel-good read, without the genre's usual depressing rehash of stock characters and plotlines. I wouldn't call this an ambitious book, but it features likable characters and small but telling innovations on the familiar tropes. Most notable here is the emphasis on forming a "pack," and the Alpha's role in cementing the bonds between the members. A lot more page time is spent on thos [...]

    8. How is it that I have not read this author before? Poppy Dennison wrote a sweet and clever little story about a reclusive, ex-police officer, Lex, who was wounded in the line of duty and who moves to the country to get away from everything an everyone. Sure, he notices his only neighbor, Spencer. But Spencer is small and thin and really just not what Lex usually goes for--ever. Plus the guy is always having parties! Poor Lex--all he wants to do is be alone! Have privacy! Well, not really, but he [...]

    9. This was just a great short story with such a completely different take on becoming a werewolf and an Alpha of a pack. I really enjoyed all the characters, not just the MCs and really look forward to another book in series to see where the author takes all of them.

    10. This could have been much better. The begining was very rough, and the dialog jarring. It could have used another round of editing.I really liked Dennison's Mind Magic so I know she can write better than this.

    11. Really enjoyed this one! Can't wait until the next book (which is really why I should wait until more of the series is out before I rush off and read something!) Anyone know when the next book is due out?

    12. A really interesting take on werewolves pack. The human-form members behave like a pack: they crave the alpha's presence and they like to sleep (really sleep, not 'sleep') together.

    13. 2.0 StarsBest thing about this book? Aiden, the baby biter. And while I love cute kids in my stories, if the little tyke is the BEST thing about the book Houston, we have a problem.This one had promise but it fell victim to the tell-not-show syndrome which placed it firmly in yawn-city for me. I think part of the problem was its length (<100 pages). But also, I felt like I was dropped into the middle of the story. Funny thing is, I wasn't. But I felt that way because the story just took off. [...]

    14. 2.5 starsNice flowing little filler. I liked the piles and the care given to the pack. Did not like the insta-love. Would like to read the next one.

    15. I wish this had been longer. The story was really cute and I found myself getting really attached to the characters and wanting to know more about them.

    16. 4 HeartsReview written forMM Good Book Reviews You get it, right? Right from the blurb you know, you just know it’s going to be hilarious. You have that expectation, and mostly you hope to whatever deity, that it will be a good read and not disappoint you. Fear not, all that hope and expectations are met head on and then some.For crying out loud, this author has a very nice sense of humor, turning the most ludicrous, awkward, and overwhelming moments of a man losing his sanity into hilarious s [...]

    17. Hah. Short and a bit cliched, but enjoyable overall. This one had an original beginning. But in the end, it was all the usual shifter tropes (mating, alpha guy, pack politics, bla bla bla).And this was short. It actually had too much story line for the few wordsThe characters remained kind of pale and a lot of background was hastily thrown in.What I liked especially:The scene where the new Alpha interrogates Justin about his plan with the newly widowed Mia. That was cool and unexpected. Quite se [...]

    18. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsWhat do you do when your career as an police officer is quite possibly over thanks to a stabbing and now your dream of a quiet life away from everyone is disrupted by a little kid? A lost little kid who rewards you for finding him by biting you? You get even grumpier and assume you are having some sort of psychotic break, of course. To make it all even more sunshine and daisies, now the cute (though you won’t admit noticing that) neighbor smells like your per [...]

    19. Original Blog Post: headouttheoven/20First off, the title was the one thing that attracted me to this book - that is ahem. the guy on the cover attracted me first grrrr, okay, so the blurb, the title AND the guy got my attention! I admit, I am a sucker for hunky men and even if my friends tell me I have a strange taste in men, well, let me just say this guy is exactly how I picture an alpha male should look like. So there, confession over.Now, for the book? Well, the title and the blurb tells th [...]

    20. Job skills never die but sometimes, a career can change directions. Former cop Lex Tompkins was trained to protect and serve the city. Now Lex must learn to protect and serve as Alpha to a werewolf pack. On the other hand, Lex’s new job comes with some unexpected perks, like discovering his neighbor Spencer Robinson is a werewolf, as well as Lex’s new love interest.Accidental Alpha is the first book in the Pack Partners series. The characters are creditable. Lex is a naturally kindhearted pe [...]

    21. This opening novel to a series by Dennison is absolutely captivating. I consumed this story in one sitting, not able to put it down. The characters are likeable, believable and just downright sexy. If you are looking for a story with a lot of meat, coupled with some just downright hot, steamy romance, then this is certainly a must read. Yes, I know that paranormal romance is certainly not the cup of tea for many a reader, but this story transcends the paranormal and becomes a story about relatio [...]

    22. EEK!!! I DEVOURED this novella. Holy sheep! I fell in love with Lex, Spencer, and even Ruby's feisty attitude. I can not wait til the next book. I only wish that we got more of Spencer's story. I wanted to know him more. I loved the hierarchy of the pack, as well. Watching them shift on the full moon and connecting with them was great. He didn't even know what he was doing, but it was ingrained in Lex already that he needs to watch them. It was great. I also loved the "puppy piles". What I didn' [...]

    23. Wow! What a truly pleasant surprise! I loved this one way more than I expected, and I've already downloaded the second book in the series (hopefully I'll be able to start it tomorrow, I'm so excited to read it!). I downloaded this after a couple of people told me I needed to check it out, and I'm so glad I did. Wonderful start to the series and I'm just dying to learn more about Nathan and the entire pack. Lex was awesome, absolutely loved him. Very cute story, and I wish it was longer. But that [...]

    24. 4.25 stars - An absolutely delightful, feel-good read. The story is simple and somewhat predictable, but I didn't mind at all. I wanted it to be longer though. Lex is a grumpy ex-cop living in solitude after he was let go when a stabbing injury left him unfit to return to duty. Then a little boy appeared at his house from next door and bit him, changing his life forever. Really enjoyed this one. I'm hoping for more to come please! I want to know how this group of characters find their mates and [...]

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