Second on the Right

Second on the Right Spawned from an ancient promise treachery and intrigue follow the protagonists through our world and one lost to the waves Bound by an invisible bond they are thrust into a fantastical world of pira

  • Title: Second on the Right
  • Author: Elizabeth Los
  • ISBN: 9781310988455
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spawned from an ancient promise, treachery and intrigue follow the protagonists through our world and one lost to the waves Bound by an invisible bond, they are thrust into a fantastical world of pirates and demons.James Benedict is a just man haunted by evil Pushed to the edge, everything stripped from him, a new man arises a man whose name strikes fear into the hSpawned from an ancient promise, treachery and intrigue follow the protagonists through our world and one lost to the waves Bound by an invisible bond, they are thrust into a fantastical world of pirates and demons.James Benedict is a just man haunted by evil Pushed to the edge, everything stripped from him, a new man arises a man whose name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it Captain Hook.Eileen Davis was a timid woman Through a fateful cruise she finds herself in the company of the Captain of the Mistral Thief With his guidance, and the meddling of the local barista, she eventually finds her inner strength.Will the two of them unite through time to fulfill the promise of their ancestors or will tempers ignite leading all to failure Reviewers all agreet through the first half and you won t be disappointed About half way through the story becomes so much better It moves along quicker and keeps your attention until the end reviewer s not all love and rainbows in their not so happily ever after reviewer Truthfully, if you can soldier through the first half of this book you won t regret it It s a unique retelling of a story that most of us are familiar with Reviewer Highly highly recommend this story The beginning is confusing and there s a lot to take in, but everything weaves together at some time in the story and it will all be revealed reviewer But then WHAM All of a sudden, I couldn t put the book down The storyline took off like a shot reviewer at about 70 75% Captain Hook shows up plot points not only merge but crash together and the rest of the story flowed smoothly reviewer About half way through the story becomes so much better It moves along quicker and keeps your attention until the end reviewer Smashwords smashwords books view book show 1 Coming May 9th iTunes itunesle us book secoBarnes Noble barnesandnoble w secon

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    1. Review:Second On The RightBy Elizabeth LosReviewed by D. G. Speirs18 January 2013One of the bravest thing a writer can do is take on a legend. Elizabeth Los had decided to do this in an imaginative reboot of the Peter Pan story in her novel, Second On The Right.The story of the novel veers back and forth across time and space freely, as myth and legend should. The story centers around the story of Eileen Davis, the multi generational descendent of a pirate captain, who is swept back through time [...]

    2. Full review up mybookfilledlife/This book initially took me a while to get into, as there were a couple of things that were written, but never really alluded to: like why James' parents were so concerned that he might never get married; we're never told what led them to that thought process. Or when Eileen time traveled, she was really on the ship for an 11-year period before the Captain tried to make a move?The story focuses on James Benedict, CEO of a freight services company and descendant of [...]

    3. At the risk of displaying my ignorance, I found the title flat, not exciting. Throughout the read, I puzzled over it, wondering how it related to the story. Is the title a direction? Are we to take the second road or room on the right? Or is the title about choices? Or does it refer to the second person on the right? Only after I finished reading and slept for the night, did the revelation hit me. The title is a riddle, I think. It is packed with meaning. We see a reference to time, which sugges [...]

    4. Although I would recommend this book for younger teens (ages 12+), it still was a very clever and unique story of what really happened in Neverland. The slight clues here and there slowly reveal which character is which in relation to the story of Peter Pan, and it was told in modern day. The point of view is in third person, and while it does give a less biased view of what is occurring, it does pull the reader further away from the characters, and because of that, I had a hard time connecting [...]

    5. Very few authors have the talent to take something legendary and classic and put a creative spin on it, but Elizabeth Los is one of the privileged few. All the great things about storytelling are present--compelling main characters, a sprawling world to go frolic in, gripping sexual tension, and a twisty-turny-timey-whimey ball of peril as the cherry on top. The language is lovely and the descriptions are more than easy to picture. I especially found myself wrapped up in the setting, which is so [...]

    6. I need to say one thing before I get to my review:The Captain Hook in this book was definitely less like thisAnd more like thisTHANKFULLY!!!!!!!Now for the review:You can read this review and more on my blog:I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book had me all over the place with my emotions! I was happy, I was sad, I was creeped out, I was grossed out, and most importantly, I was entertained. Although this story was romantic, I cannot really [...]

    7. I was given a copy of "Second On The Right" by author Elizabeth Los in exchange for an honest review. Also, I'm participating in the virtual book tour hosted by myaddictionisreading.*****In "Second On The Right," we are introduced to James Robert Benedict. He's reluctantly getting ready to board a cruise ship. His family has been after him to meet someone and settle down. After many failed attempts of blind dates, the felt that he might meet his future wife on a cruise.Eileen Davis is also getti [...]

    8. Second on the Right by Elizabeth Los is a reimagining of the Peter Pan story and is told from multiple perspectives, but essentially the story is about the infamous Captain Hook and how he becomes the Hook of legend. The story begins with a story about Captain Niles Davis and his cabin boy Robert Benedict. They've witnessed a battle between the air god Pan and the sea goddess Daria. Daria won, trapping Pan's soul in the hilt of a knife. It's Captain Davis's responsibility to destroy the knife by [...]

    9. TONS OF PRIZES TO BE WON!Click on Banner to Enter Maybe Captain Hook wasn’t such a bad guy after all. Could it be that there was a dark side to Peter Pan? Were more mythical legends involved wreaking havoc in the background? Second on the Right by Elizabeth Los takes a brave new look at a childhood fairytale while she adds her own magical brew to the mix slowly building up to what proves to be a fantastic read!Eileen is the mild-mannered descendant of a swashbuckling pirate captain. Fate hurls [...]

    10. 3.9 out of 5 starsInitial Review: Wow. Final Review:Second to the Right is an amazing retelling of Peter Pan from a whole new perspective. I will admit that at the beginning, I was a tad bit confused with what was going on. The author was setting up this elaborate twist on the fairy tale most kids dream about that at some points, everything just sort of collided into a big jumble of confusion. I will admit, that for me was a big turn off. I loved the premise of the story, I just didn't love the [...]

    11. Peter Pan has never been a particularly well-behaved character. Enchanting to be sure, particularly in his Disney form that most people are familiar with, but also selfish, petulant, and boastful. Being a perpetual motherless child, he never loses the egocentricity present in all children when they’re young. The world revolves around Peter, much as every toddler is convinced the world revolves around him (as the mothers of toddlers are well aware).Covering 400 years of time travel, star-crosse [...]

    12. Second on the Right is a retelling of Peter Pan that is decidedly NOT reminiscent of the old animated Disney feature. It is darker and more violent with Captain Hook as the hero and Peter as the villain. I had no problem being in Hook's corner, as violent as he is. The character is well-written, being both sympathetic and horrifying for understandable reasons. Also, I've always thought Peter Pan was a little creepy. What really made this book work for me was the central relationship, a love tria [...]

    13. *Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock*Second on the right takes Peter pan and captain hook and twists it in a way I've never seen before. This is a time travel novel where the main character Eileen Davis, a cruise ship worker, falls in love with James Benedict.I found Eileen's character to be fun and loveable. She is what really kept me interested in the story. Eileen was definitely the most well developed character. Many of the other characters fell fat for me.I found the plot [...]

    14. I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. When I was first asked to review Second on the Right I was immediately intrigued by the story and it only took a moment to decide that it was a keeper. Captain James Hook has always been an interest for me since I first saw Dustin Hoffman take on the role in the movie Hook. Elizabeth Los' version of Captain Hook is more or less the story of a man that fights hard for the people he loves and will go to any lengths to keep his famil [...]

    15. My star rating: 3 1/2 stars (as always, rounded up on and )This one was a little baffling. Honestly, you could split it down the middle and seem to have two entirely different books! The first half was a chore to get through. The pacing was slow, the writing was clumsy, and the characters were bland. My biggest peeve was that there was so much showing vs telling. But then WHAM! All of a sudden, I couldn't put the book down. The storyline took off like a shot. James and Benedict grew leaps and b [...]

    16. This book is a scurvy tale of pirates, destiny and a story everyone knows. But this is a slightly twisted version where the hero is the villain and the villain is actually the good guy. If you remember the tale of Peter Pan and the lost boys it would be best to forget it. Although the names are the same, the story is a whole new adventure. With more pirates, and a destiny set up because of circumstances long, long ago you will be dragged out to sea to experience this newly told tale. I was absol [...]

    17. Second on the Right is an unusual take on the Neverland saga, and is told with imagination, and vivid attention to detail. As the tale unfolds we can clearly identify which role, Eluzabeth Los, has assigned to her characters from the original novel. I thought that the themes of time travel, and the vagaries of dreams were interesting. This author has skill when it comes to story telling and the concept of a 'Soul Trap', was clever and an intriguing twist. I was drawn to the pirate aspect, and fe [...]

    18. **I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my fair and honest review.**“Second on the Right” by Elizabeth Los is an intriguing time travel tale that takes place on the high seas. Eileen Davis works on a cruise ship, where she begins to fall for James Benedict. During this particular tour, she falls into the ocean and through time, where she lands on a pirate ship captained by none other than James’s descendant, Captain Robert Benedict.This is an interesting time trave [...]

    19. First of all, I'd like to commend the author for taking on such an iconic and well known story. It takes a lot of guts and frankly balls, to take a risk. Overall, this was a great read. It had a lot of action and adventure and even the romance was sweet. I also liked how she incorporates time travel into the whole mix of things. The character development was on point and I could easily figure out which character is which. I also think that the detail incorporated into the story was phenomenal. I [...]

    20. This story starts back in the 1600 with a battle between gods. Then a young pirate steals the sword and during a fight with thieves, he release the God again. Back to 2001 Eileen and James are both on a cruise. Suddenly a storm hit and somehow sends Eileen back to 1640 onto the ship the Mistral Thief. She learns a lot from the captain before she is sent back the her own time. Eileen and James fall for each other and work together to stave off a dark evil.Well the story starts off very slow. It j [...]

    21. ‘Second on the Right’ by Elizabeth Los, is a well written tale of the origin of Captain Hook and Peter Pan. The characters are full of personality. The tale takes a genealogical turn, where the main characters discover their ancestor’s were pirates.Elizabeth Los’ tale takes her main characters back and forth in time, where we meet Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and the Lost Boys in Neverland. ‘Second on the Right’ is an unique tale. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it t [...]

    22. Love, pirates, goddesses, twists - this was a unique, fantasy story that is a more sophisticated take of a fairy tale. I, for one, am not a fan of different time periods in one story, but this story does an okay job with it. James and Eileen are likable characters, and you want to root for them. However, Daria was my favorite character, and her quest for revenge moves the story. Sometimes the pacing of the story is low, especially in the beginning, but there are plenty of juicy parts along the w [...]

    23. Second on the Right Second on the Right by Elizabeth Los is a reimagining of the legend of Peter Pan. There have been many books lately that take the stories we know anod put them through the other perspective. Most famous is probably Wicked, which put a new spin on The Wizard of Oz. Second on the Right does this with the story of Peter Pan. In a book that would be best for upper teens this story is full of action and romance. It explores how James Robert Benedict meets his soul mate and falls i [...]

    24. this book is such an amazing book. it is a great adaptation about Captain Hook, from the original story of Peter Pan. throughout the whole book, my heart was literally breaking. you can feel the emotions, the agony and misery that the characters were going through, especially Captain Hook himself. and this is a really really long book. just when you thought happyeverafters are close, it was actually still miles away. the way the author writes this story, every emotions counted and those reading [...]

    25. I at first fell for one captain only to then fall for the other! Elizabeth's characterisation is brilliant; I can't imagine anyone not loving Eileen. Elizabeth has tackled some delicate subjects within her novel and has done so with respect. Second on the Right holds intrigue and action and pays attention to matters of the heart.

    26. First, I would like to thank the author Elizabeth Los for giving me this book for an honest review. I enjoyed reading this book, the author took on Peter Pan and does a good job with this rewrite of a classic story. The characters are well developed and written. The story-line is good. The world building is great. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    27. 2.5/5.0Without a blurb about this book one wouldn’t know it was a spin on Peter Pan until the middle of the book.Read full review in the 2014 August issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and found it hard to put down. It was a fantasy love story and I kept wanting to see what would happen next! I recommend this book for enjoyably reading.

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