One thought on “Theme-Thology: Invasion (Theme-Thology, #1)”

  1. Collections this good are such a treat. I enjoyed the various authors' take on invasion very much. From quirky to totally unexpected, this book delivered something for every reader, sci-fi fan or not. I liked how the voices shifted and how tight many of the stories were. I'll definitely look forward to the next installment in this Theme-Thology series.

  2. So far I am entranced! I admit I am a friend of the author which makes me hyper critical. I loved my first story now to wade into the next short and see if I am happily in my reading chair until morning : )

  3. Is it legitimate to review a book that contains one of your own stories? And if I do, how do I give it stars and how do I ensure I am not biased? Well, the star thing is easy. I give five stars only rarely, to books that achieve a level of perfection that I yearn for--through language, structure, meaning or whatever. I give five stars to books that blow me away completely for reasons I cannot explain.That said, THEME-THOLOGY: INVASION contains some stories that blow me away. It also contains som [...]

  4. There were, of course, some stories I didn't care for much. However, there were only two (out of 15) and that's to be expected in any given anthology. What is exceptional is that there were seven stories I would rate as four or five stars. This is a solid collection of indie writers with some surprises and delightful takes on the theme of invasion.

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