Oren's Right

Oren s Right This edition is no longer available Veld tree elf and Forester fell in love with mute baker Oren also a tree elf when he first set eyes on him two turns ago but Healer Haram Oren s vowed made i

  • Title: Oren's Right
  • Author: Blaine D. Arden
  • ISBN: 9781627570466
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
  • This edition is no longer available.Veld, tree elf and Forester, fell in love with mute baker Oren, also a tree elf, when he first set eyes on him two turns ago, but Healer Haram, Oren s vowed, made it clear that he had no intention of sharing Oren with Veld Now, with Oren in mourning after Haram is killed, Veld is torn between Haram s unwillingness to share and his desirThis edition is no longer available.Veld, tree elf and Forester, fell in love with mute baker Oren, also a tree elf, when he first set eyes on him two turns ago, but Healer Haram, Oren s vowed, made it clear that he had no intention of sharing Oren with Veld Now, with Oren in mourning after Haram is killed, Veld is torn between Haram s unwillingness to share and his desire to make Oren his But when Haram s death turns out not to be quite the accident it seemed to be, Veld is drawn into the investigation At the same time, others appear to claim Oren s independence, and Veld is forced to face his insecurities or risk losing Oren

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    1. Elves and their secret rituals offer a very rich source of potential stories and worlds. In ‘Oren’s Right’, Blaine D. Arden shows a small glimpse into the world of foresters, tree and cloud elves, and the life they lead. The main characters, forester Veld and baker Oren, are fascinating, as are all the secondary characters of this story. This story is a fascinating mix of a character study, a murder mystery, and some BDSM elements, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Forester Veld moved into the v [...]

    2. This was a good read until the end. I liked the author showing us the view point of those that are into scarification and those that are against it/don't understand it. I also thought the author did a good job of showing discrimination in the book. With both Veld and Oren being "different" and how that lead to some treating them wrongly. My big disappointment was the ending. There was this relationship with a slow build up and we don't see them get together. We see that they are together but the [...]

    3. Copy won in Stumbling over Chaos giveawayreally nice little Elvish fantasy story of Oren, a recently bereaved mute submissive tree elf and Veld, a forester who has loved him for ages. Though this is their story there is also a wider story involving the other elves of the group and in particular the truth seeker Mir and Veld finding out who killed Oren's vowed and attempted to kill another healer.

    4. Alors, déjà un énorme bravo pour la couv, c'est ce qui m'a attiré en premier lieu. Maintenant, venons-en à l'histoire. J'ai passé un bon moment. C'est très soft et il n'y a pas vraiment de BDSM, c'est juste qu'Oren est un soumis. Du genre : ça lui fait plaisir de vous servir. Et non, d'un côté sexuel. Il n'y a pas de scènes de sexe, et c'est dommage d'un côté parce que j'aurais voulu connaître leur première fois à lui et à Veld, mais cela ne m'a pas gêné plus que ça. Et oui, [...]

    5. Scarification. Not a word I would have associated with erotic in any sense of the term - the mere sight of blood is enough to make my stomach quail on the best of days. So it was an act of trust picking up this book, which I did so sorely on the strength of The Fifth Son and - I confess - its gorgeous new cover, which really is something to admire.I needn't have worried. Oren's Right is a beautiful story about love, loss, and submission, with wonderful fantasy world building that is so rich it m [...]

    6. Oh…. This one made me cry right at the beginning. It starts with the beautiful but tragic scene, Oren mourning his vowed Haram, at his funeral pyre.Oren is a baker, living in the village with his vowed Haram. They are in the elven (elvish?) equivalent to a D/s relationship, adding in some scarification practices. Haram is Oren’s rock, when he is accidentally shot by a young hunter, Oren is lost and alone.Veld has been a wandering Forester, coming to the village to find it without a Forester, [...]

    7. Lien ici : wp/p5AuT9-26eUn roman certes relativement court mais attrayant sur beaucoup de points. Une plume et un univers que je découvre pour la première fois et qui a tout pour plaire. Le plus surprenant ? Comme l'a indiqué la maison d'éditions cette histoire qui fait partie d'une série mais qui peut être lu indépendamment. Et je vous le confirme. En effet, n'ayant jamais lu un seul tome de cette série "de la Forêt". Et à aucun moment je n'ai eu cette sensation d'être perdue ou d'av [...]

    8. Veld's soul mate is destined for another. Oren's heart is broken in two. Can love bring them together and forge a new bond? Haram meticulously crafts his love for Oren onto his bondmate's body, an act that nourishes Oren's soul. Haram's unexpected death devastates Oren and he's judged by his tribe when the nature of their love is revealed. Oren finds comfort in his friendship with Veld, one of the few people who understands the depth of meaning in Haram's art.Veld cherished his friendship with H [...]

    9. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsYou guys know by now that I’m a sucker for a well-crafted world, and what Arden has here is magic, both figuratively and literally. I felt immersed into this alternate reality, with everything explained at the right time and in the right way. I loved this world she’s created, and I never felt confused or lost. It’s vastly different from our own, and different enough from other fantasy settings to give it a fresh feeling. I enjoyed spending time here and I kn [...]

    10. Oren’s Right is part of the ‘Tales of the Forest’ series and, if I read the author’s website right, the third book in the sequence. I can’t say it mattered. This fantasy world captured me from the moment I started reading and at no point did I feel lost or wondering if I’d missed something – Oren’s Right works very well as a stand-alone story.And what a story it is. We’re given fantasy, a mystery, tension, pain, loss and love. There are subtle messages in this story about deali [...]

    11. 3 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsThis story was quite nice and interesting. I loved the plot and the way this world was woven. I loved the storyline and the tree-elves, cloud-elves, and dark-elves. Yes, I have a thing for elves and the many worlds one can set them, this world being quite refreshing.The story begins with a melancholic strike as HaremRead the entire review mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.Thommie

    12. Amazing. The world building is fantastic. The stories are well rounded and deep. The characters are each unique and strong. The writing superb. And the emotions are true. These stories all have me laughing with happiness and crying in sadness and everything in between. I'm loving these stories very very much and hope there will be many more to come!

    13. Frankly, I found the world building mesmerizing. The love story was tender. The nature of the BDSM was a bit too gruesome for me. I had guess I would have been one of the troop of women encircling Oren trying to protect and care for him.

    14. I received this as a gift from the author by winning a contest.This is a sweet fantasy of woodland elves and murder and mystery. So much packed into a few chapters. Very enjoyable.

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