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  1. I really wanted to try more in this genre since I enjoyed Ready Player One and Sword Art Online. After a lot of research I picked AlterWorld because it's the highest-rated book in the genre and has the largest pool of ratings. Unfortunately, it's really disappointing. Poorly written with really flat characters. The RPG elements were good but not nearly enough to overcome the bad writing and lack of plot.The main character continuously gets into fights that he tells you he has no hope of winning, [...]

  2. Excuse me, but what the f**k is this? Women are apparently meek fragile things who can't do anything but curl up into fetal position and wait for a big broad shouldered man to come save her This is the largest pile of sexist shit I've had fed into my brain for the longest time. The amount of negative affixes attached to women in this audiobook is astounding. Women are portrayed like 5year olds who cry at nothing, smile, blush and shy, this is an all together extremely unhealthy view, it's like t [...]

  3. (Finished in September 2014)I think I've found my favorite sub genre within fantasy/Sci-fi, if you will. I really like this type of book. This was a wonderful surprise, I highly suggest you check it out if you like books such as Ready Player One. I'm not even a gamer. I have family members who game; I however do not. I don't own a game console and even my computers, wait for itn't have any games. I do read though and there's just something about imagining being able to immerse yourself in a worl [...]

  4. This was really bad. Like watching someone play Warcraft while they explain the rules and details behind every strategic decision while leveling up their character - how many intelligence points, how much mana, how many experience points per kill, whether or not to buy a weapon or level up first, etc, etc. It was so bad. I can't even recommend this to hardcore gamers because they shouldn't be reading anyway. They have crafting skills to level up. DNF at 64%. If you're looking for something like [...]

  5. Okayting premise. This is the second series I've started that is placed in a game world become real, at least for those in it. I liked the first series better (that said there's only 2 of them). This series gets a bit more serious as it goes along and it took me a little longer to get really involved in itbut I did and I plan to follow it up.It seems a new phenomenon is sweeping the world. Is it a plague? Is it something else? It seems people are being sort of absorbed into video games. They bec [...]

  6. This book interested me from two different perspectives. On one hand I'm a gamer, on the other I'm chronically ill. I may not be dying from any of my illnesses, but my quality of life is quite low because of them. Would I choose to enter an MMO for all eternity if I could? Honestly I'm not sure. Maybe, but probably only if my husband came with me. Said husband is busy playing an MMO as I type but he says he isn't sure either. If I could go back in time and ask my December 2013 self (one of the l [...]

  7. A enjoyable and entertaining story. AlterWorld is a Virtual reality MMORPG. Very similar to Sword art online, Legendary Moonlight Sculpture & Ark. Taking the concept of being trapped in a virtual reality a step further the protagonist abandons his cancer ridden body for the chance to grasp a potentially immortal virtual existence in the VRMMO of his choice in this case 'Alterworld'.At time of writing this book is free on amazon - I recommend giving it a try.

  8. Believe in everything. Believe in the main character, and believe in AlterWorld imbued vicarious pleasure to what is happening with the other characters. Cool twisted plot, don`t miss, secrets and mysteries are mushrooming look forward to continue (the third book).

  9. DNF @ 56%I was looking for a good LitRPG, and this seemed like a pretty famous one so jumped straight in.I'm now having to stop at just over half way through. Flat characters I could push through if the game and world building was solid, but the sexism! I'm not normally one to care much, but damn the author majorly goes out of his way to be a neckbearding white knight sexist and confirms that everything women do is wrong. Mildly terrifying.I did enjoy the grinding gnolls in the beginning. It was [...]

  10. As a huge fan of Skyrim, I found the concept and story of Alterworld really fun! I had a great time discovering the world and really felt involved in the character building of the main character. The reason I couldn't give this story 5 stars was because the female characters were totally cliche and underdeveloped. If the author wants to catch more female readers, I recommend he spend some time reading and studying strong female characters. Trust me, this will add depth and believability to your [...]

  11. One cannot open this book without cherishing the memory of classic text-based rpgs and muds. The whole series is imbued with it.Critics claim that the author had single-handedly created a unique genre: LitRPG. I think this is a bit overenthusiastic, as the concept is certainly not unique, there were other books published before, having similar gaming concepts, including Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, Conor Kostick's Epic or Piers Anthony's Killobyte. The author's writing style is, however, wor [...]

  12. Want to have an experience in the world of MMORPG? Too poor to afford a high end computer? Fear not. This book is just what you need. Filed with action and strategies, this book is captivating to say the least. And the hero is not a honest perfect man. But a player who worships darkness. Give it a go. It's a guaranteed thriller

  13. Wow!! What a brilliant yet sinister possibility, for the computer game to become so advanced that we can consciously enter its world and actually live there!!4.5 stars - the only thing that gets annoying is the constant use of the 'inner greedy pig', and quite immature language at times, but I guess it's part of the char. Downloaded book 2 immediately!

  14. I discovered Alterworld in the recommendations based on Ernest Cline's Ready Player One. The first book in the series only cost $3 on Kindle, so that's how I ended up spending the whole of Friday evening and night and immediately upon finishing it I was signing up for Kindle Unlimited to take on the next two. Now it's Sunday evening and I've caught up with the English translation. One weekend well spent.Anime fans (especially anyone familiar with .hack//*, SAO, Log Horizon, etc etc), I think, w [...]

  15. My original AlterWorld audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.After reading the synopsis of this audiobook I was marginally interested in giving it a listen. Then I read the title of a review on Audible of which the title was this, “Yes that’s right better then Ready player one”. To me. that was a pretty bold statement as I adored Ready Player One. For a book to be better than that is huge.The author D. Rus, is from Russia so much of the geographical comparison [...]

  16. This book is something of a cross between Ready Player One and Sword Art Online. The premise is brain interface pods can be used to fully immerse the player in Virtual Reality, but after a time-threshold individuals risk being digitized- and nothing that affects their body thereafter will effect their conscious mind, nor can they return to their body.The main character, a reasonably young guy diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, looks to use this little understood phenomena to escape death. [...]

  17. I learned about this series entirely by chance, stumbling across it in the signature of someone on a random forum a couple days ago. After looking into the series, I decided to purchase the first book that evening. Twenty-four hours later, I have burned the midnight oil and devoured all three books that are presently out in English. Many people may compare the series to Daniel Suarez' Daemon and Freedom series or Ernest Cline's Ready Player One. Having read many of the comparisons I can attest t [...]

  18. In a lot of ways this book speaks to gamers. Who hasn't wished they could choose their body and skillset with the click of the mouse? I was drawn in almost immediately and the only negative thing I can say is the series has not been completely translated yet. Only the first two books as of this review (11/03/14), but book number 3 should be ready by Christmas and I will be buying it. I believe there are 6 books in the series right now. Waiting for each book to be translated is going to be tortur [...]

  19. Uznāca vēlme izlasīt kaut ko viegli aizraujošu un interesantu. Tādēļ nolēmu palasīties savu iecienīto litRPG žanru. Galu galā šāda tipa spēles man patīk, un monstru apkaušanas apraksti spēj aizraut. Lai prieks būtu pilnīgs, nolēmu nestiept gumiju un izlasīt vienā piegājienā veselu sēriju. Lai aiztaupītu sava bloga lasītājiem sešu grāmatu (Срыв, Клан, Долг, Инферно, Битва, Война) individuālus apskatus nolēmu uzrakstīt uzreiz par visā [...]

  20. Back for an update! I recommend this. There are a few issues with the translation to English but nothing horrible.If you're into vrmmorpg type of plots, it's one of the better ones. The stuff that happens in the real world is weird and I don't get it at all. I usually skip it but the virtual reality world is pretty cool. The concept of the disease is retarded but it makes the plot work. It also sends a few other messages about gaming and virtual reality. 1. Playing too much isn't good for you. I [...]

  21. I wasn't sure what to think about this book. It was a Bookbub free offer and after reading the premise I thought, nope, this isn't my kind of book. But, I went on and saw the rave reviews and figured, why not?So, I began reading and had to look up terms in the urban dictionary because I am not and never have been a gamer. But, vocab aside, I actually really enjoyed this book. I did skim over some sections of fight scenes and I thought the storyline about the protagonist's girlfriend was too ske [...]

  22. 4.7 for me.This is a fast paced and reasonably light hearted "fun book". Its one which you will quite probably read through the night. While the supporting actors aren't really fleshed out and the hero himself doesn't seem to actually experience much emotion its an awfully enjoyable read about our hero's development int Altworld and the development of Altworld itself. I think i'd be pretty keen to go there myself! Its also obvious that D.Rus does some gaming or is very well researched as many of [...]

  23. This book was great, but I'm still scratching my head over how it managed it. This was more than just a story about someone immersing themselves permanently in an MMO (online game). It spent lots of time dealing with the mechanics of that world and the details of items, buffs, stats and other game related stuff. That's a recipe for a really dull book but somehow the author made it interesting, fascinating even.The characters are vivid and well developed. The virtual world feels cohesive and real [...]

  24. Surprising. I really didn't think this book would be any good, but I was incredibly, pleasantly surprised. The story is set in our (possible) future where full immersion VR is possible, and people have gotten "stuck"/uploaded in MMORPGS - some on purpose, because they have found that in the virtual world, they are young, disease-free, and free of whatever handicap that may have ailed them.The book continues to follow a young man as he levels up, makes friends, and tries to figure out this new wo [...]

  25. Really nice just what I was looking for, an interesting virtual reality mmorgp with a really nice main character I'm a big fan of the necromancer class so this series is perfect for me. hope the translation wont stop after the third book but that the whole series will get translated not like some other russian series I started,

  26. I have read several books in this sub-genre and can say that this book does nothing to diminish my love for it. The author really managed to make a great original story that you just can't put down. I highly recommend reading this book. I think the second book is even beter and can't wait for third book in this series to be translated!

  27. A fun read if you are into gaming and understand all of the terminology used throughout the story. I enjoyed the interesting slant D. Rus invented for this series as it opens up a reality within another reality.

  28. Very good ! One more good read on the very thin shelf of the MMOFantasy novel made in the west ! I hope that will push western publisher to ditribute translation of asian novel (Legenderay Moonlight sculptor, Ark )

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