Raising Kane

Raising Kane Meet Kid Kane The youngest brother the passionate one the one who lives with his soul exposed he s never met a woman he can t seduce When the spirit fever struck a town a village or an outpost it

  • Title: Raising Kane
  • Author: Heather Long
  • ISBN: 9781301953356
  • Page: 408
  • Format: ebook
  • Meet Kid Kane The youngest brother, the passionate one, the one who lives with his soul exposed he s never met a woman he can t seduce.When the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an outpost, it left few if any survivors The white man blamed the Indian saying they used their mojo on them The Indians blamed the white man for angering the spirits The survivors knewMeet Kid Kane The youngest brother, the passionate one, the one who lives with his soul exposed he s never met a woman he can t seduce.When the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an outpost, it left few if any survivors The white man blamed the Indian saying they used their mojo on them The Indians blamed the white man for angering the spirits The survivors knew it didn t matter The Fevered were forever changed.A gift he needs to tame Kid feels what the world around him feels, he is a raw, bleeding nerve, and he can t control the pain any After lashing out at everyone he loves, he agrees to an exile atop Quanto s mountain to learn to control the power he wields Desperate to end it, Kid battles with Wyatt the eldest Morning Star hoping against hope that the man will kill him He longs only for peace A gift she wants to harness Evelyn Lang grew up with a territorial judge for a father, and a secret her father s Fevered ability passed to her When he s killed in broad daylight in a little town in Kansas after freeing a slave, Lang is no longer bound by her father s oath to never use her ability now she must train it She travels across hostile territory in search of the man who trained her father She longs only for vengeance Tempestuous passions, opposing needs, and impulsive decisions divide them Conflicting goals put Kid and Evelyn in direct opposition Her hunger for justice cuts him, but Quanto refuses his requests to train alone Forced to train together, they must confront their deepest fears if they are ever to achieve their greatest desire.His pain Her obsession Their battle.

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    1. Oh, Kid, I love you dearly!!!Once again, Heather Long has rocked my world with Raising Kane! I have been waiting for Kid Kane's story since book one and Long definitely did not disappoint! This one tugged at my heart strings in the very best way. Kid was such an amazing character and he had been through more than most people could possibly take, but still did everything he could to keep people from suffering. He was quite possibly the most selfless person of the Fevered. It was gut wrenching to [...]

    2. Raising Kane is the fifth book in the Fevered Hearts series. It has to be the longest of the books yet it felt much too short, since I could gladly wallow in the world she’s created for days. I adored the way Ms. Long let us check in on past characters and does so in a way that it’s clearly defined who we’re currently checking in with. William “Kid” Kane has been a favorite of mine from the beginning, he’s so troubled and it was very cathartic to finally get to his turn. I enjoyed wa [...]

    3. The fifth book in the Fevered Hearts series continues to build this paranormal western world that I love. To those unfamiliar with the series, my short description is "it's kind of like X-Men in 1800's Texas." I think this novel can work as a stand-alone, but highly recommend reading the previous books in the series to get the full emotional impact. While Micah Kane is my book boyfriend in the series (Micah & Mrs. Miller, book 3), I developed a soft spot for the empathic Kid Kane at the star [...]

    4. Kid Kid Kid!!! I've been waiting for Kid Kane to grow up and I was not disappointed!Kid and Evelyn together are HOT and as like the amazing Kane male he is Kid saves Evelyn from a mistake that would have haunted her forever. Many bits and pieces are revealed and even more are hinted at making me wait for the next book on pins and needles.

    5. The Fevered Hearts series is an interesting new look at paranormal romance, and we've all waited for this book withfevered hearts! I love when a series continues to grow and evolve and Heather Long delivers the goods. Highly recommended read, whether you start with this one, or from book one. You won't be disappointed.

    6. Raising Kane is the fifth and latest book in the Fevered Heart Series. It is also Kid Kane’s story. This is also in my opinion the most emotional book coming in just in front of Brave are the Lonely. Why? Because it is a book that really gets us into the empaths mind. Kid Kane has spent his most of his life silently dealing with the ability that allows him to feel what everyone around her is feeling. What their emotions are doing to them. Only problem is that he has fed his ability and taken i [...]

    7. I was delighted to be wrong when I discovered that I had missed the latest installment of the Fevered Hearts series by Heather Long. I am so enjoying this series. It is truly delightful and unlike most everything out there. You aren't going to put a label on these books besides terrific.Kid Kane was in sad shape at the end of A Fistful of Dreams (Fevered Hearts #4) and honestly I wasn't sure if he could be redeemed. But through hard work and with help from Quanto & Wyatt Morning Star the Kid [...]

    8. I just love this series so much. It's hard to express how invested I feel in the Kane's and the Morning Star's as each book in the series draws me further into their world.I like the fact that Heather takes the time to let the story unfold gradually, so you really get quality time with each character as they develop and interact with each other.I really like the fact that we get to see a bit more of Wyatt in this book as he is definitely one of the most intriguing characters in the story and I k [...]

    9. With a character whose ability is as an empath it would be impossible for this story not to be emotionally charged. But it was wonderful to see the growth and change in Kid He along with Cody are the characters that mostly impacted me since the first book of the series, and I enjoyed seeing how getting away from the Flying K helped him master his ability. The other thing I enjoyed is the fact that we got to learn and know so much more about the Morning Stars that don't live on the Ranch. As alwa [...]

    10. WonderfulThis series keeps getting better and better. The journey undertaken in this story was a great way to better get to know characters that I already care about. I've wanted Kid to find happiness since the first few moments we met, and I was not disappointed. I liked Evelyn, even those her control and slightly martyr-ish rationalism grated towards the end. She was still likeable and it was refreshing to have such an educated and book smart heroine, even though she was really lacking in stre [...]

    11. All the slogging through the early books in the series was SO WORTH IT! This book was fantastic. Nice love story. Heartfelt reunions when Kid goes home. As a Reiki Master/Master Healer it was interesting to see the inclusion of energy work ethics and high level energy techniques that I teach my students were used by Kid so that he could exist peacefully with his gift.Loved it! Going on my 2016 Favourites List

    12. This series is one of my favorites of the year. This book was Kids story but everyone else pops up and it sets up the next book very nicely. Heather is an amazing writer and I can't wait for the next book. If you enjoy a good romantic western with a some paranormal thrown in, then you must pick up this book. You will not be disappointed.

    13. Kid is one of my favorite characters so far in these books! the story was amazing and is struggle was a little heartbreaking. Looking forward to the next one immensely!

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