Unforgiven A mistake made long ago Pain buried so deep When Bailey Trent returns home to her small little Ozark mountain town after being away for nearly six years she knows she ll face the ghosts of her past I

  • Title: Unforgiven
  • Author: Elizabeth Finn
  • ISBN: 9781629160115
  • Page: 434
  • Format: ebook
  • A mistake made long ago Pain buried so deep When Bailey Trent returns home to her small little Ozark mountain town after being away for nearly six years, she knows she ll face the ghosts of her past It does not mean she s prepared to come face to face with the cruelest of those memories.Darren Cory s life is a shell of what it once was, and when he s forced to endure theA mistake made long ago Pain buried so deep When Bailey Trent returns home to her small little Ozark mountain town after being away for nearly six years, she knows she ll face the ghosts of her past It does not mean she s prepared to come face to face with the cruelest of those memories.Darren Cory s life is a shell of what it once was, and when he s forced to endure the cause of his agony, hatred abounds quickly But hating Bailey destroys him too.Can Darren find a way to move past the pain and forgive the woman he once cared so much for before his anger consumes them both Or will he drag them into the hell of an unforgiven past.

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    1. 5 ‘Stay’ Stars!“You don’t fall in love with the person responsible for your greatest loss. And God help you if you do.”Oh my this book. This book made me hurt, made me hot, made me FEEL. I loved it! Now in Bailey and Darren fashion, lets play a word game: If I had to describe Unforgiven in a few words, they would be Emotional, Heartbreaking, Sensual, Painful and Beautiful. I lost track how many time I cried while reading this one.One choice. One decision. One mistake. Just that one thi [...]

    2. 5+++++ Stars!"Forgiveness isn't an emotion. It's an action, and it's a choice."Achingly wrenching. Painstakingly intense. Hauntingly beautiful.Those are just some words I would use to describe Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn. Every once in a while I read a book that renders me speechless. This was such a book for me. What this author has written is a book that is very real, passionate, gritty and raw. And, it hurt like a motherfucker! It's a book about forgiveness and moving on from one incident th [...]

    3. 4 STARSI survived.Okay. Nikki and Jan, you can stop hiding now. I can see you. I’m finished. I survived. My Kindle is still in one piece. It was a very angsty, very exhausting and very agonizingly slow experience. It brought a whole new meaning to “one step forward, two steps back”.But I’m glad I read it. So… Thank you, my sweet friends This book is such a difficult and complicated read. I didn’t expect it to be so deep. This is not just an enemies-to-lovers story. It's a heartbreaki [...]

    4. 5 MY HEART NEEDS A BREAK STARS.There is no chocolate, wine or tissues left in my house after that reading experience. Pass me a smutty, easy book for my next read please one that shits out unicorns, rainbows and candy floss. I'm not convinced I have the right words to conjure up how I felt whilst reading this heartbreaking tale, I have so many conflicting emotions and feelings that can only come from a book of wonderfully written proportions. I was recommended this book by my lovely friend Anna, [...]

    5. *****3.5 STARS*****"He hurt me. For every step forward, he knocked me back two. When I thought we'd passed some hurdle, I was reminded swiftly that those hurdles weren't going anywhere."I can see why so many loved this story. It definitely was a page turner and holy hell was it STEAMY!!! I will always think of this book when I see an electric toothbrush!! I think that maybe after having read a book that I fell so madly in love with and felt was sheer PERFECTION, that any book I read after was no [...]

    6. 5+++ stars!!Let me start this review by telling you about my feels while reading this bookOn the second thought, the space provided by GR might not be enough, so I'll just say this. Read this book now. Pronto. ASAP.Why?In my humble opinion, Unforgiven is Elizabeth Finn's best book yet. It's raw, full of emotions, tragic and scorching hot. If you've read her previous books, you know she can write some steamy, smexy scenes but in here, while this book is still very steamy, it is also emotionally s [...]

    7. 5 Forgiveness StarsYou don't fall in love with the person responsible for your greatest loss. And God help you if you do.Emotional. Gripping. Captivating. Heartbreaking. Unforgettable.This book gutted me. It absolutely devastated me. Broke me into a million pieces only to put them back together in the end. If you're looking for an emotionally gripping, erotic, and absolutely unforgettable readTHIS. BOOK. READ ITThis is, hands down, bar none, my absolute favorite book by Elizabeth Finn. And consi [...]

    8. Unforgivenwas such an amazing book. It had everything on my wish list in a favorite read. I was so emotionally invested in this story that I found myself crying all kinds of tears throughout the entire book. I loved it !!! I loved it HARD ! There's so many conflicts that your heart is pulled in each direction. You will experience hurt, anger, guilt, love and most importantly ~ forgiveness. On a tragic night of fun, lives are forever changed. Bailey made a terrible mistake and in the blink of an [...]

    9. MINOR SPOILERS -mature content reader discretion is advisedADERS(My review gives minor details on the first chapter, nothing that will hinder your reading experience)4 STARS out of 5Genre: Contemporary RomanceSOMEONE PLEASE CALL 911TELL THEM I’VE JUST BEEN SHOT DOWNAND THE BULLET’S IN MY HEART.-Shout out to Wyclef Jean, those are his lyrics after all!I…Am…Wrecked. This book wrecked me.‘Hatred was a one-way street with them, and it flowed directly from him to her.’ –DarrenIn Unforgi [...]

    10. 5 "This story didn't let me sleep" Stars!! Oh my god! Oh my Gawd!! This made me a crying mess.I loved this so much!! So damn much! And I needed something like this so freaking bad. All those who know about my past two disasters will completely agree with me, I think. I wanted a story to wow me. I wanted a story that would make me feel and keep me awake at night and wake me up early in the morning so I could finish it. And this one did just that.The Story:Well the blurb sucks. Really. It doesn't [...]

    11. *3 Stars*Unforgiven started off incredibly well, captivating me instantly. The author did an amazing job building and sustaining a strong degree of intrigue as well as sexual tension. I was thrilled when I realized a book with such a generous serving of steam would also hand over a strong plot--however, the gratuitous sexy times did eventually end up hijacking the story and often left me scrounging for a bit more depth. That said, I still very much enjoyed this read and would highly recommend to [...]

    12. OMG, cue the tears.This story broke my freaking heart! I purchased this book in August 2014 when Chris told me I had to read it. Then last night I was complaining to Anna about being in a book funk. She said I had to read thisNOW!This story broke my little heart, completely annihilated it, but it also made me so freaking happy. This story, is beautiful, tragic, and uplighting all at once. I absolutely recommend this read!Unforgiven will move you to tears, have you ready to throw your kindle, is [...]

    13. FULL REVIEW FINALLY POSTED « You will always be my world. »It's a good damn thing I'm reviewing this one after all the emotions I've been through.It's a good way to try to express how I felt through out my read. I think if you only look at my different updates, you can already see this story was not all flowers and sweet words.Unforgiven is more a journey to be able to move on, a journey of love, a journey of forgiveness.« I want . . . I want so much to hate you. Do you know what that’s lik [...]

    14. 4.5 Powerful Stars! A gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, cruel, hurtful, raw, passionate journey to overcome and accept a painful past, move on, and re-claim what was lost. Elizabeth Finn's intense exhaustive writing has the reader experiencing the emotional turmoil right along with the characters! There is a thin line between love and hate hurt!I won’t go into the story, but I knew in my heart the direction the book was going to take early on, and my pulse was pounding with each turn of the page. [...]

    15. This book is very well written, extremely heartbreaking and it will definitely evoke many, many emotions from a reader. I think it’s impossible for anyone not to be able to connect and sympathize with the main character Bailey Trent. Bailey has been released from prison and returns to her hometown and comes face to face with Dr. Darren Cory. The love that was once between them is now covered and trapped in hateful feelings that would have most people running for the hills. Bailey was a tremend [...]

    16. 3.5 ★'s I was sooo excited to read this book because I love EF and the emotional depth of her books and because I was ready for some tearsFinished~sigh~My Thoughts:♦ This book had potential and it almost went there but it could've been so much more! ♦ When Bailey's "level" was revealed, I was shocked! That made no sense and I kept waiting for some type of reveal that there had been an error. ♦ I really felt the lack of certain scenes court! especially with the going back from now to th [...]

    17. Shall we play fun-with-words? Beautiful. Eloquent. Raw. Emotional. Heartbreaking. Forgiving. This book consumed me from the very first page. It shredded my heart, made me cry, made me smile, restored my faith and put me back together again. Almost a week later, I’m still thinking about Darren and Bailey’s story.I don’t even know how to review this without giving away spoilers, which I don’t want to do. I think you’re better off going into this book without knowing the issues between th [...]

    18. 4 "You Will Always Be My World" Stars!Bailey Trent aka Bay is a 27 yr. old woman who grew up in the Ozark Mountains in Savoy, Arkansas. She has been away from Savoy for 6 years after making a life changing mistake that still haunts her. She has been through a lot, but tries to remain strong. Bailey moves back to her small hometown to be close to her mother, but as a result has to confront her past.After being home for about two months, Bailey crosses paths with a man she hasn't seen in years. He [...]

    19. 5 Stars are not enough!!Thank you Eliza for the great honor that is, giving me an ARC copy of this incredible book!! God i feel so lucky!!!What a rollercoaster!!! What an amazing, overwhelming, passionate, one of a kind book!! I'm officialy in LOVE with this story The characters and just about everythingYes this is a legendary book!! I'm not going to spoil it for anyone and i will share things that will not take away anything Now i feel all over the place, and i love itThe story is deep and full [...]

    20. ♥♥♥ 4 Unforgiven Stars ♥♥♥●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●'Hatred was a one-way street with them, and it flowed directly from him to her.'●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●This book had me hella emotional! It hurt deep that I couldn't stop the tears. The entire story was a total rollercoaster ride, but it was [...]

    21. ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ 5 Learning to Forgive Stars ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ Unforgiven was such a beautiful story. It pulled at my heart-strings and I found myself crying through a good part of the story. Any time a book can get me so emotionally invested that I develop a migraine from crying so much, then it automatically deserves 5 stars. Regardless of issues you may have, any author that can pull you into a fictional world like that deserves a pat on the back hug! Unforgiven had everything in it that I love [...]

    22. DEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!! This book took me off guard, something I was not expecting! Worse still, I am still hurting!!Bailey and Darren have each other for such a long time and sometimes she feels that he looks at her like another sister. Ooo yeah, Bailey is Jess's best mates and Darren is her brother.The more Darren and Bailey get close, the more they want each other but yet something holds him back!NOW, after 6 years being away from her town, Bailey returns home. AND Darren hates her!!! How did this [...]

    23. 4 1/2 Unforgiving StarsDamnI don't even know how to start this.is book had me at "HELLO"I think I spent 70% of this book so pissed off at Darren that I was taking out my frustrations at home.  Yeah, I get it why he was angry BUT COME ON!!! Some of the shit he did to Bailey was out right cruel and low.I experienced so many emotions while reading this bookI laughed (a few times), I cried (a lot), I cursed and felt so freakin frustrated THEN finally the calmness of forgiveness!! Elizabeth Finn g [...]

    24. “You need to understand something. Forgiveness isn’t an emotion. It’s an action, and it’s a choice. It’s the choice to not let the past affect how you feel about her.”What happens when the only person you love is the person you supposed to hate?Life becomes miserable and that's what it was for Darren.When his sister Jess was killed in a car accident almost years ago when driving home drunk with her best friend Bailey, Darren blames himself all these years.Now Bailey is released from [...]

    25. 5--Painful.Emotional.Heartbreaking.Beautiful.Forgiving--Stars! This book was.WOW! I loved it. I felt it. It was so real. I felt the characters pain. My heart broke. I wanted to punch Darren. I wanted to hug Bailey. I wanted a BFF like Michelle. It was an amazing journey. Unforgiven is the story of Darren and Bailey. "A mistake made long agoPain buried so deep."The reality of this situation was so real. This could happen to anyone. One choice mistake wrong moven change your life in ways you never [...]

    26. Everyone raved about this one. It was good but not a 5 star for me. Think any book I read after the Consequences series would not meet the criteria.

    27. ALL NIGHT!!!! I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT!!!!! And I have no idea why.This started so well, everything what I loved. And I did love it in the beginning, I was glued to it But later I just wanted to see how long will this be stretched out. Bloody hell This depressing book had no end!!!! And I love depressing, I love the sob fest, I love the redemption, I love the torture, I love it all that this book has But for fu@ks sake This had no end! He was so frustrating with his switches, I wanted to slap his s [...]

    28. FORGIVENESS isn’t an emotion. It’s an action, and it’s a choice.DAMNis book!UNFORGIVEN was such an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute of it. It's a story about friendship, loss, hate, forgiveness and most of all about LOVE.Bailey and Darren have known each other since childhood. She is his sister's best friend and three years younger than him. One night, when they can't deny their feelings any longer, they share a passionate moment.until something terrible happens that tears [...]

    29. **** 4.5 STARS! ****Unforgiven was probably one of the most emotional books Ive read in a while! I was crying so much I had to stop and breathe. But Elizabeth Finn does that to me. She did it with Brother's Keeper, which remains one of my favourites and left me a bumbling mess. In a good way!She also knows how to write assholes really well. These men she creates often lash out with vicious comments that always leave me heartbroken. But they also do so out of pain and always come back redeeming t [...]

    30. There were many things I liked about this book, but unfortunately, I never came to love Darren and Bailey's heartbreaking story. Both have suffered a tremendous loss, leaving them damaged, broken and in desperate need of forgiveness. Reflecting the emotions of the characters, this book is pervaded by an air of sadness up until near the end. The writing is good and I liked how easily it flowed as the author takes the reader from present to past. Even with all their pain, Darren and Bailey can't s [...]

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