The Necromancer's Gambit

The Necromancer s Gambit Knight the sheriff of a local magical government known as the Gambit is called to recover a mutilated body tainted with magic and dumped at a popular haunt When the corpse is identified as a close

  • Title: The Necromancer's Gambit
  • Author: Nicolas Wilson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Knight, the sheriff of a local magical government known as the Gambit, is called to recover a mutilated body, tainted with magic and dumped at a popular haunt When the corpse is identified as a close associate of the Gambit, it threatens the safety of the community he protects, and those he cares about most As the fragile peace amongst the city s magic wielding factionKnight, the sheriff of a local magical government known as the Gambit, is called to recover a mutilated body, tainted with magic and dumped at a popular haunt When the corpse is identified as a close associate of the Gambit, it threatens the safety of the community he protects, and those he cares about most As the fragile peace amongst the city s magic wielding factions disintegrates, Knight must track down a cadre of murderers before his friends are picked off, one by one with each death used to strengthen the spells cast against the Gambit.

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    1. I received a free copy of this book to review for Read it and Reap.Crime thrillers are generally the one genre I steer away from- unless there is magic involved. The Necromancer's Gambit reminded me of The Dresden Files or S.M Reine's Witch Hunt, which I both enjoyed. It was a shame that I couldn't get into this book, even though it contains some witty dialogue as well as a magic system that feels real because of the terminology and well-explained techniques. To add to the dangerous atmosphere o [...]

    2. There is so much in this book that I loved - the characters, the plot, the originality where others would trod the same path. What made me crazy, though, was how many times I had to reread sentences to understand them or to figure out who was speaking or that time had passed. It was clear that some times the problem was due to formatting issues ( scene breaks or paragraph indentations lost in translation) but a lot of it was problems with sentence structure that required further effort. I read t [...]

    3. Wilson has exhaustively constructed a world where there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different types of magic being used by all the characters. All of the characters have different talents and different levels to their talent. Our main character, Knight, isn’t an especially gifted mage but he knows enough to be good at his job. The young witch that he is training, Rook, comes from a coven that put an emphasis on a more nature-oriented magic. Her background leaves her ill-prepared for the jo [...]

    4. This story contains adult language, references, and situations. I purchased a copy of this book.The Necromancer’s Gambit by Nicolas Wilson is a fun mixture of private detective, magical shenanigans, and adult innuendoes. The crimes and gun battles are harsh--whether mundane or magically violent--yet the heroes manage to keep their humanity. What is a gambit? They are a small sanctioned group of debauched champions for a city’s supernatural residents. This tough Portland gambit uses chess nam [...]

    5. The Necromancer's Gambit is the second novel I’ve read by Nicolas Wilson. I enjoyed it much more than the first title. The original fusion of genres pushed my happy button. TNG is a mix of detective noir, urban fantasy and horror, delivered in Nic Wilson’s distinctive style. It’s a magical whodunnit game of chess with a very dark edge and some vampires for good measure.I thought hard about commenting on style, and part of me wants to be reasonably critical of this book in that respect. It [...]

    6. THE NECROMANCER'S GAMBIT - I was provided with a free eBook version of this novel in exchange for an honest review.In truth I am struggling with what rating to give this book. The storyline was imaginative and interesting, but the excessive sexual references and crudity pretty much ruined the experience for me.I felt like this book was written by a Frat Boy who enjoys his potty humor way too much. I am not a prude and am not against some potty humor, but in this case it was excessive. And honest [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I rate it as four stars. The Necromancer’s Gambit reminded me of Burn Notice in the way it gives background information, with a twist of magic and vampires.Writing style gets a definite 5 out of 5. The author has excellent prose, which is obvious from the first page. There was an interesting premise to the story, it was mostly well edited and well written. There were no wasted, superfluous words. The action was well played and st [...]

    8. I'm not sure if The Necromancer's Gambit is a noir mystery with urban fantasy overtones or a fantasy with a hint of mystery, but either way it is an interesting and adventurous read. I like dark mysteries, so that side of it was up my alley, whereas I almost never read magic/fantasy/vampire stuff, so that was different. I the end I enjoyed it, although I found the first person narrative changing between the characters somewhat difficult - it meant that I was pulled out of the story quite regular [...]

    9. "The Necromancer's Gambit" by Nicolas Wilson is a surprisingly solid thriller with a utopic, fantasy / magical twist. Most of the characters have names taken from Chess figures and that is just one of the many witty and clever aspects of this story that follows a magic detective investigating mutilated bodies on behalf of an odd new government, called the Gambit.With its many references to other works the book is a firework of post modern allusions. The book is quirky, ironic, funny, entertainin [...]

    10. the most insufferable book I've read since the fountainhead. reads like something Guy in your MFA would write.

    11. (I got a free copy of this book through ARR #1665 in the Making Connections group, in exchange for an honest review.)The Necromancer's Gambit is one of those conundrum books I don't exactly know how to rate, because it had strong good sides, but also strong points that disagreed with me. Part of me liked it, while another part didn't really want to go through with it.Mostly I was really interested in the background it developed, with mages organised in groups ("gambits") aiming at settling dispu [...]

    12. **I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review**This is a Dark Urban Fantasy with many twists and turns that kept me turning the page to see what else was going to happen. However, as the words 'the end' appeared on my page it was then and only then that I remembered this was a series, and had the urge to yell at Knight for not seeing through a certain co-worker, even if it was just an assumption, before the end.There is a lot of crude humor. I for one, like crude, [...]

    13. Disclosure: I received an ARC on .The short version:I liked the concept of the story. The Gambit uses chess piece names to define their jobs, with the main narrator being the Knight, who is the sheriff of the group. There is the King, the Queen, who is a brilliant character, the Bishop, who is the smartest and nicest of the lot, and so on. The Pawn is also fascinating, because he is so unabashedly messed up. I liked the funny repartee between the characters, and the plot and denouement was gripp [...]

    14. The governing bodies of the Gambit are referred to by chess pieces, King, Queen, Castle, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn. They each bring different aspects of magic to the game. Now they are being challenged by a shadow gambit and one of their own is viciously murdered. It’s Knights duty to find the murderer and stop the takeover of their gambit. There are several plot twists at the end. One involves Bishop’s father. Who is he? And who actually betrays the gambit? I liked the theme of the stor [...]

    15. The opening episode in “The Gambit” series introduces an entire world of magic residing side by side and deep within the “real” world. “The Gambit” is a government, loosely organized as chess pieces; i.e there’s a King and a Queen, Castles (Rooks), Bishops and Pawns. There are also Knights who are the sheriffs, the detectives within the Gambit. This is detective fiction, slash noir slash fantasy slash horror whereby the character Knight discovers the charred body of a Gambit member [...]

    16. The Necromancer's Gambit is about a group of individuals, the Gambit, who protect their community. However, there is a whole lot of magic involved. The individuals in the Gambit all have chess pieces as code names, each chess piece referring to their position in the Gambit. The characters in the story are all well developed and well written. I love Knight wants to do the right thing, he tries to do the right thing. Queen is another one of my favorites, the words that come out of his mouth. We ar [...]

    17. If I were to rate this book solely on the originality, complexity, and layers of the excellent plot-- this would have easily been a five star rating; unfortunately, there are issues which, in my opinion, dropped it to a 3.5 reading experience (rounded to a 4, as the plot is really well layered). Due to the above mentioned complexity of the story, the writer's neglect to inform the reader of PoV (Point of view) shifts each chapter takes the reader completely out of the story each time. Eventually [...]

    18. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.There was a lot to like about this book. This was a dark noirish urban fantasy. The main character Knight (no real name given, because names have power) is the law enforcement of the local Gambit. The Gambit is a chess style governmental unit that oversees magic in Portland (there are ones in other cities as well). The main premise is Knight discovering that a fellow member of the Gambit has been murdered, which leads to an inv [...]

    19. This story by Nic Wilson introduces an interesting world where magic and vampire cultures co-exist with, but without the knowledge of the modern human world. Using chess as a model for the mage government was an unusual concept that opened a number of opportunities for the story.Nicolas chose to write this in the first person and his technique worked; however, he then transposed the first person to several of his characters, and this, in my opinion, did not work. I felt that this was a severe ca [...]

    20. If a paranormal film noir was turned into a Dungeons and Dragons style RPG, it would read something like this Wickedly awesome!A secret society of Mages, operating under the mast of The Gambit. Like chess pieces, King, Queen, Castle, Knight, Rook and Pawn, are charged with policing the magic wielding community and maintaining the treaties with the vampire society. When mutilated and magically booby trapped "Black Dahlia" corpses start turning up, everyone becomes a suspect. Meanwhile, a rival gr [...]

    21. If you like the Dresden Files, I'll love the urban fantasy, the Necromancer's Gambit. It's an exciting and very original story of mage who calls himself, Knight, which also happens to be his role in a gambit, sort a protection racket for magical people. The roles in the gambit are based on the names of chess pieces: King, Queen, Bishop, Rook, Knight, and Pawn, something I thought was quite creative.The GoodOverall, the story is well told fast-paced. The characters and the story line kept me intr [...]

    22. The Necromancer’s Gambit by Nicolas WilsonBOOK REVIEW by Walter DanleyMy first impression of this novel was Film Noir meets the printed page. Wilson’s novel starts with a bang and builds. The author sheds no secrets, leaving the reader to figure out the characters and plotline of the novel novel.I love his dialog – shades of Bogart - with characters named for chess pieces; Bishop, Rook, Castle, Pawn, operating in a specialized law enforcement unit who depend on Vampire colony as confidenti [...]

    23. Dust in the WindNecromancer’s Gambit, by Nic Wilson, is a magical detective story. When Knight is called to investigate a murder, he’s shocked when he discovers the identity of the victim. As the plot unfolds, things go downhill and he’s in for more surprises.The book is an excellent read. The clean, concise writing style reminded me of Lawrence Block, especially Hit Man. Knight is rather like Keller, with his wry inner dialogue and street-smart savvy. With his magical abilities, Knight is [...]

    24. I really enjoyed Wilson's style. A non-stop barrage of rather vulgar sarcasm kept me smiling, while this story's nastier moments pulled no punches. Definitely not for the weak of stomach. Mages squabble over territory in this tale that seems to be one part detective story, one part gang warfare. The good guys aren't really all that 'good,' but you manage to become attached to them anyhow; and they certainly seemed better than the alternative. It was clear a lot of thought went into the backgroun [...]

    25. I received the Necromancer's Gambit in exchange for a fair an honest review.Ok this was a rare DNF for me, I read about a third of the book and it took days for me to do it and I still couldn't get into it. The whole book is a ton of chess reference, incidentally I don't play chess so that quickly got on my last blonde nerve.All of the characters were named after chess pieces so I had no idea who was who nor what they did. It just made the reading frustrating for me and when it became too much e [...]

    26. A witty, adventure filled story about Knight, who investigates a mutilated body while managing to protect the King and Queen of the local magical government. Rook is there to assist him and Pawn is a tough but not so smart help. The book was fun and easy to follow, and I enjoyed the premise. It was a mixture of the tv show Angel, mixed with Law and Order, mixed with Harry Potter.I thought the wit could have been toned down as there were too many characters who were razor tongued, even though the [...]

    27. The Necromancer's Gambit is one of the best books I've read in quite a while. If you like watching Noir, then you will definitely love reading this. It has magic, mystery, danger, and humor. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep one guessing and I found Wilson's explanations well thought out. You should definitely give this one a try!

    28. Yes it the rare five stars. This is the first book I have read using Kindle on my phoneThe five star rating breaks down as follows: interesting story with an unusual basis; it had magic in it; I laughed out loud in a few places; there were some great one liners and finally it was written in a completely non-PC irreverent style that I enjoyed immensely.

    29. All I can say about this book is awesome! Filled with magic and wonderful plots. Fast paced and exciting. All the characters were named like the chess pieces. Very creative. It's a must read for everyone.

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