The Fighter's Block

The Fighter s Block Alternate cover edition ASIN B A H JQ This book contains mature content including sex and language For ages The entire fourth floor of Donovan Kemp s apartment complex houses only MMA fighters

  • Title: The Fighter's Block
  • Author: Hadley Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition ASIN B00A9H95JQ This book contains mature content, including sex and language For ages 18 The entire fourth floor of Donovan Kemp s apartment complex houses only MMA fighters, dubbing it The Fighter s Block Growing up in an abusive home put Van on the fast track to nowhere, but a caring fight club owner took him under his wing as a teen andAlternate cover edition ASIN B00A9H95JQ This book contains mature content, including sex and language For ages 18 The entire fourth floor of Donovan Kemp s apartment complex houses only MMA fighters, dubbing it The Fighter s Block Growing up in an abusive home put Van on the fast track to nowhere, but a caring fight club owner took him under his wing as a teen and shaped him into a fighter with integrity Now in his mid twenties, his life changes dramatically when he steps in to help a beautiful girl in a scary situation with her boyfriend Surprising to Van, she ends up going home with him He s now on the fast track to something else falling in love He feels that Danielle is the type of girl men only dream about, but the two quickly fall hard for each other in equal measure.When the ex boyfriend proves to be nothing but trouble, Van has a tough time deciding between protecting Dani with legal measures or just bashing the guy s face in himself The harassment escalates, eventually pulling Dani and Van apart, and Van finds himself feeling desperate enough to do something drastic.If being thrown in jail isn t bad enough for Van, an undercover investigator seems to be getting a little too close to Dani, the fight club he grew up in could be turned upside down with scandal, and the friends that he trusts with his life might not be who they say they are.So much for finally discovering the little morsel of happiness he d been deprived of his entire life

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    1. 1 DNF star No, no, NO! I got to 16% and that was with extreme efforts on my part!WTF was wrong with these people? First, we have the heroine. I will forgo the fact of staying at a man's house that she knew for all of 5 seconds and go straight to my deal-breaker. I am far from a prude but who sleeps with a stranger while beaten up only an hour ago? Hell, who even notices a man is hot after being beaten up?Come on! And then, we have the hero! He all but fell in love with her in the first page! I d [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book, but I didn't love it. I thought the storyline was really interesting. I will say this book kept me intrigued throughout the whole thing. The suspense of the story really sucks you in. Donovan (Van) Kemp was AMAZING.he is another one to add to my book boyfriend list. I don't know if there was one thing in specific that I loved about him, but I think he was a total package. The way he loved and protected Dani was wonderful. Dani on the other hand kind of annoyed me. She [...]

    3. This was pretty good. I really loved Van he as protective and sweet. Van is a firefighter part time and an MMA fighter the rest of the time.He was not filled with angst or whining about his life. It was nice for a change. Dani is a nice character as well. She is from a well off family and at one time was a model.I have to say that this started off with Van rescuing Dani one night from her abusive ex-boyfriend. He takes her home because she now has no where to go since she broke up with Brian. Va [...]

    4. ROMANTIC THRILLERWhen Van rescues Dani late one night in a car park, after her boyfriend whom she had just dumped, had hit her. He didn't realise that this was the start of something big. From then on he and Dani start seeing each other.But it's not all hearts and flowers, as Dani's ex-boyfriend refuses to accept things are over. His constant attempts to get Dani back become more and more intrusive.When things descend into the downright dangerous and life threatening. Van and Dani must work toge [...]

    5. This book was great and had me hooked from the start! The romance between Dani and Van is sizzling from the start, they are each trying to overcome their dilemmas and are facing obstacles from their past and present along their journey towards happiness together. The supporting characters are great and easy to love and they each contribute to the storyline!Also what can I say Van is a MMA fighter as well as a firefighter what more could you ask?! Well written novel by this new author and the end [...]

    6. I saw The Fighter's Block on my recommendations list this morning and decided that I was going to go out on a limb with a book none of my GR friends had reviewed yet. I'm a sucker for a nice eight-pack so the cover intrigued me. I am pleased to say that this is definitely a book I can recommend for y'all. The book will keep you engaged the whole time. Between the drama, smexiness, the witty banter (which might be my favorite part love a good laugh!), a beautiful romance with no shortage of swee [...]

    7. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE: heabookshelf/2013What a great book!!! Seriously. I was hooked right.offet!! Literally at just 1%. And something even better?? At just 3% there was a steamy scene!!! 3%!!!!!! I'm telling ya' great book *wink*The plot was full of drama, angst, and TWISTS. Oh my God. I swear this book could not have more twists because it just wasn't possible!!! I was freaking out throughout the entire book!!! Talk about a PAGE TURNER! I felt like I could not read fast enough! There was also a [...]

    8. Let me just say that I'm a big fan of insta-love stories. The Fighter's Block is definitely fueled by insta-love and although I love Van and Dani together I think it might have been a little too insta for me. I kind of wish there was at least an overnight build up of sexual tension instead of the immediate wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am that night but it's hard to complain when Van and Dani have so much chemistry with one another.I adore how devoted Van is to Dani. He's such a good guy, hot, affection [...]

    9. 4.5 Stars Would have been a 5 Star read from me, but the 3rd person constant POV changes had me confused a bit. It would change sometimes within a paragraph. I got used to it though. This was also like 2 books in one and I am NOT complaining!Van is on his way home when he sees a girl sitting down crying. He tries to offer help, when he sees she's been hit. The culprit comes in the parking lot demanding that the girl get in his car, but there's no way that Van will allow that to happen when he kn [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book a lot. The storyline was fantastic. The writing wasn't bad. Engaging characters and cool side characters (Cole was AWESOME!)THAT being said, it needed editing. The POV switches could be confusing at times. A good beta reader could've pointed her in the direction of cleaning that up. You do get used to it, but when it happens, it's kinda confusing. There were parts were more information should've been given. Quincy/Brian situation. Brian/Andy situation. Some back story was nee [...]

    11. This was a second romance/mystery book I stumbled on in as many weeks. I agree with a few other reviewers on as it is a gem hiding out there in book-land. It is a well-written love story about Van a MMA fighter and as a bonus, a part-time fire fighter and Dani a graphic artist, who is also a part time model. Van is a tough on the outside, soft on the inside and once he rescues the sexy Dani, he will do anything for her. Dani seems like she is ready to live a "real life" and Van is just the home [...]

    12. I have this great picture of Van in my head. And he is YUM. Van sees Dani in a parking lot and knows he has to help her. Her boyfriend is abusive and he knows he has to step in. Dani has been giving all of her money to her deadbeat brother so she is in a bind when she wants to move out of said abusive boyfriend's apartment. The answer in with hot MMA fighter Van. Makes sense to me. Unfortunately, abusive boyfriend, Brian, is not really in on the whole move out thing. He stalks, vandalized and ki [...]

    13. Predictable plot BUT I did enjoy the fights, the drama, the pace of the book. They got into it right away ;) No b.s no frustration LOVE the heroine and the hero. Both strong, well developed characters. The drama in this book is believable, thank gawd! Enjoyed it very much :0) LOVE Donovan he's such a great guy.*le sigh* Another guy who's joining my harem :0)

    14. Loved this one! Would totally read it again, and am kind of hoping that there will be more books about some of the other characters, especially Cole and Van's Sister:)First read - 4-22-13read again 4-5-15

    15. 4/5 stars.Loved it, be careful and look out for this author.I loved the story.Big muscled alpha male, fighter, suspense,love a whole mixture of a good book.I've seen that a lot of my Goodreadfriends don't have this or don't know the author, but i recommend it.YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

    16. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it! Goodness I wasn't sure how this was going to go but dang it I didn't see it coming! Love a HEA!!!

    17. Loved this book. The story was amazingd Vanwow!! Cannot wait to read more of your books. I'm looking for Kiss This right away. Really hoping to read a book about Cole!

    18. I truly enjoyed this book from start to finish. It had a good twisty plot and a good cast of secondary characters. This book made me feel a whole range of different emotions: mad, annoyed, happy, sad and had me laughing and so on This book also had many alternating POV's. At first I wasn't so sure about that but once I thought about it, I realized I love knowing what everyone was thinking and for once not having to guess what they were thinking or up to.I LOVED Van. He's an MMA fighter part time [...]

    19. Six Stars! I can't quite understand itbut i have never read a book that has felt so real - like I was completely living it. I would have read 70-80 this year and this was quite astounding - hard to achieve such power, the author deserves all the praise she receives for this.It was really better than I expected - I guess for me it helps that I chose to avoid reading the 'blurb' summary as that often gives half the story away!I also can not remember the last book that grabbed me at the sample ofte [...]

    20. Stars: 4.5Overall: This story was amazing in so many ways, but i felt it was lacking in a real timeline. The way that Dani & Van meet was interesting and kind of sweet, but how quick they became a couple really bothered me because it didn't feel believable at times. One second Van is breaking her ex Brian's hand and than the next second they are hooking up and pretty much moving in together. I really liked the plot that Brian hatched because the author had a way of making it so you had no id [...]

    21. I totally fell in love with this book the synopsis is only a glimpse of what this book is about. Van and Dani are such loveable characters. Dani and Van meet at a club o e night after Dani's ex acts like a complete and utter douchebag. Van steps in to help Dani out, she goes against her norm and goes home with Van. Dani has several issues when it comes to men and she is very leery of getting to close to Van too quickly, while Van is all for a full on relationship with her. As you get more into t [...]

    22. I didn't expect a lot from this freebie, but I was pleasantly surprised. Van and Dani were the perfect couple. Dani was sweet, thoughtful and caring. She would give her last dollar to help a stranger. Van was hot, loyal and had a kind heart. He was definitely not the stereotypical MMA bad boy. Van's had to live in his father's shadow, which made him have to prove to everyone that he is a good person and not a killer. Dani had to constantly live up to her parent's expectations her entire life and [...]

    23. GREAT READ!!I really enjoy this book there was parts the was going too fast but was still good. Van's and Dani's relationship was one of the best, Van was such a sweet guy.I usually don't like books that have a lot of different POVs in the books. For me I just like when it's just the Hero and heroine's POV but this book makes sense to have that.Brian was one of the worse characters I have read he was freaking insane.The suspense was really good I was surprised who did what.Awesome book overall.

    24. This book wasn't that great it was constantly changing the point of view from character to character, and not even the main ones! You would be reading what random people are thinking and you even get a sexy scene of people that aren't Van or Dani It was pretty difficult for me to get used to that. It was also a bit slow at times. However, there is a good plot, steamy romance, and likeable characters, as well as a good mystery, yet I think the end was weird I mean, one of the bad guys was someone [...]

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