tireless Spaid s debut novel delivers a bizarre entrancing collection of anecdotes about a man who s inappropriately interested in his neighbors Spaid s prose is strong and smart offbeat satire a magnetic str

  • Title: tireless:
  • Author: Graham Spaid
  • ISBN: 9781490381411
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spaid s debut novel delivers a bizarre, entrancing collection of anecdotes about a man who s inappropriately interested in his neighbors Spaid s prose is strong and smart offbeat satire a magnetic stream of consciousness narrative Kirkus Reviewstireless is a Kirkus Reviews Best Book Recommendation, June 14, 2013Leave your comfort zone behind.Harassed Unl Spaid s debut novel delivers a bizarre, entrancing collection of anecdotes about a man who s inappropriately interested in his neighbors Spaid s prose is strong and smart offbeat satire a magnetic stream of consciousness narrative Kirkus Reviewstireless is a Kirkus Reviews Best Book Recommendation, June 14, 2013Leave your comfort zone behind.Harassed Unloved Just watching life go by Take this hilarious ride through the narrator s painful world and find others who are even worse off than you Next door you ll meet Jim and his outrageous stories, the unattainable Olga, their dysfunctional children as well as the appalling Rat and his companion, Roquefort, who ll work their way into your life as they do with everybody else In this satire on human behaviour, they re not fair, not fair at all The narrator, an unemployed teacher and aspiring writer, lives in London When Jim and Olga move in next door, his imagination is fired by the unhappy wife s nude sunbathing and the pompous husband s breathtaking tall stories He recalls his comic victories in the classroom, while fantasizing that Britain s south east has broken off from the mainland He remembers his own schooldays and considers the impact of young Miss Bugler These anecdotes, like Jim s stories, highlight the casual cruelties and misunderstandings in human behaviour and the evasive nature of fulfilment A turning point is Jim s recollection of a night in India when he hallucinated, suffering the taunts of the giant Rat and his close friend, Roquefort, a miniature cat Humiliated by publishers rejections, by the rudeness of Jim s daughter, Daisy, and even by his barber, the narrator transfers his sense of failure to Rat, who enters the narrative in a series of disturbing, yet uproarious adventures which merge illusion with the real world The narrator removes the barber s head, takes revenge on Daisy when she develops an infatuation for him and finally publishes something, in contrast to a now unlucky Rat, who is arrested, almost has a nervous breakdown, is refused restaurant service and disappoints as an undergraduate at Oxford, where the noisy love making of Bill and Penny emphasises his loneliness A colon comes in handy here, before examples two dots on top of one another, like the cowboys who copulate on Brokeback Mountain, on a slope so far away you need binoculars to see them properly from the chapter RAT ARRESTED in tireless grahamspaid r samples from tireless grahamspaid r general mayhem facebook graham.spaid r shameless self advertising

    One thought on “tireless:”

    1. I believe tireless: is completely open to interpretation—its dreamlike maneuvers bamboozles any attempts on the reader to grasp some cohesive reality. An important plot point is the introduction of Rat, who could be perceived, if you choose not to regard him as an independent character, as the less savoury alter-ego of Narrator. Rat makes his appearance during Jim’s recollection of a hallucinatory night in an Indian motel. There he invades tireless:, shrinking and swelling throughout the nar [...]

    2. Let's Go ProspectingReading this I felt like an old prospector panning for gold. There I was squatting over the author's stream of consciousness dipping in and out and watching for a shiny bit. Poke the gravel, swish around the slurry, and grab another shiny nugget. I mean that in a completely positive way, because that's a perfectly fine reading experience.This book is anecdotal, a little heavily into magical realism, and essentially plotless. It is often inappropriate, in a very conscious fash [...]

    3. ATTENTION (April 2014 change): I have revised this review to show a well-deserved 5 rather than 4 star rating -- I am a more experienced reviewer now, and I see some ratings from earlier reviews were a bit too high or low based on the standard overall. I'm not marking down any I think I may have given a star too many because it seems unnecessary and kind of mean. But, I thought I ought to show full regard when merited with my rating if I am serious enough to actually have written a review in the [...]

    4. This is the best-written indie book I've read for a long time. It shines out in a sea of mediocre soft porn, mystery and romance. It's a very funny and very strange book. I loved it.

    5. A crazy, amazing book! Full of strange things but somehow believable. I don't know how he did it. Fantastic.

    6. You can’t mix this up with anything else. It’s unique. It’s also a great read which gets into your heart as well as your mind. I can’t remember when I last had so much fun reading something, and really laughed, then stopped to think about what I’d read. I felt a number of different emotions but it was always satisfying. There isn’t a boring or badly written bit in the entire book. I was left wanting to read more.

    7. It's fun. And it's a while since I found a book as imaginative as this. The word satire is used a lot, but the stuff I've looked at lately is rarely funny and I tend to give up on it. Tireless really is hilarious, as the blurb says, and most people won't give up on it. It's pretty intoxicating.

    8. There is a probability theorem that goes something along the line of a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will almost certainly type the complete works of William Shakespeare or something similar. The correlative theorem is that you will also, for certain, have millions of pages covered with monkey crap. I think the monkey just got himself published. TIRELESS is the type of book that calls itself a novel and then does nothing which would make the reader [...]

    9. Thank you to the author, publisher, and for this free 'first-read' to read and review.But Yes, the writing style is good, yet taken as a whole did nothing for me in enjoying as it was too bizarre and not at all to my taste in its imitating a form of decent literary satire concerning a major mixture of switching First to Third Person and back and forth in a very strange storyline. Thank goodness it was a short read. Story jumped around and I actually enjoyed some of it while other numbing sectio [...]

    10. Pulsating. Full of energy, but energy that’s controlled. I think this book is about writing, what it’s like writing and what it feels like to be an author. Not at all in an academic way. From the first paragraph to the last I felt I was being teased, asked to look at the world again in a different way, not once, but again and again, finding there isn’t just one right way, and maybe no right way at all. The writing on display here makes a lot of our so-called top current authors look dull a [...]

    11. Reading this I felt like Alice in Wonderland talking to the Mad Hatter. From beginning to end I was left scratching my head. I’m still not sure what exactly it was that I read. There seem to be two types of people when it comes to opinions of this book. You either love it or you don’t. I’m glad I tried a new author but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Too often I wasn’t sure who was talking or what was happening. I received this book for free through First Reads.

    12. You should read this book for yourself.This was an odd book. I am not quite sure how I feel about it. It is quite unique and not a style I would normally choose to read. There are parts of the book that are very funny. I really liked the stories from India. Some of the book I absolutely did not understand. I will probably read the book again. I will probably also read more by this author.I received a free ebook copy of this book from Netgalley.

    13. Received free as a first read from Having read the book I have to confess it was not my cup of tea, its like slapstick comedy of a narrative that's completely open to each individuals own interpretation.Parts of the book had me in stitches with laughter especially those yarns related to India whilst at other times I found myself looking back in case I had missed the punchline.Overall for me a bit too bizarre and at times hard to follow.

    14. I received this book as a giveaway contest winner. I found the characters unlikable as the author probably intended. Thus, I struggled to care what was on the next page. The story is about a substitute teacher who spies on his neighbors wife while she sunbathes and listens to bizarre stories told by her husband. I withheld one star because of the above stated difficulty. It is hard for me to rate because this style of writing may appeal to others.

    15. I enjoyed this book. It was more realistic and funny than the things I had read previously and was a welcome respite to the fantastic stuff I'd been reading previously. On a side note, it took me a year to write this brief review, despite having read maybe 90 or 100 books since this one. I really ought to post here more often.

    16. I won this book via first reads and I thought it was very well written. The author described everything very well. When Graham Spaid writes more books i will probably read them.

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