Sex, Book One: The Summer of Hard

Sex Book One The Summer of Hard Retired superhero Simon Cooke has returned to Saturn City to live life as a normal civilian Easier said than done You might ve heard about SEX but nothing beats the real thing Collects issues

  • Title: Sex, Book One: The Summer of Hard
  • Author: Joe Casey Piotr Kowalski
  • ISBN: 9781607067849
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Retired superhero Simon Cooke has returned to Saturn City to live life as a normal civilian Easier said than done You might ve heard about SEX, but nothing beats the real thing Collects issues 1 8

    One thought on “Sex, Book One: The Summer of Hard”

    1. So pretty much just add a bunch of sex to the 007 legend, to the superhero pastiche in its myriad tropes; to all these cartoons add genitals, & highlight in exuberant exaltation the terrific act of coitus. Call it kama sutra for the 2010's; one nasty yarn with an ever winding plot and a bunch of memorable characters to boot. Several of them, well most of them, end up "doin' it", & this is just ingenious! Think of the countless times fantasies were created with your regular cast of TV pla [...]

    2. What would happen if Bruce Wayne stopped being Batman - could he return to civilian life? You wouldn’t know it from the cheap, attention-grabbing title, but that’s what Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski’s Sex is all about, and all it proves is what an unappealing storyline that is to pursue. Simon Cooke is a billionaire playboy who runs a global company and is secretly the superhero vigilante, Armored Saint, protecting Saturn City from criminals like Prank Addict and Shadow Lynx. Annabelle LaGr [...]

    3. Probably the most literary and adult graphic novel I've ever picked up, Joe Casey's Sex is a very slow moving story about a retired superhero struggling to come to terms with the reality of life without a mask to hide behind. The references to HBO is obvious - adult storytelling with occasional hardcore sex scenes that serve to move the story forward - and I can easily see this as a high quality TV show if some plot happens in the next issue. That's it's one major drawback so far, there really h [...]

    4. Sex is probably one of the smartest books on the stands. The best thing about this book is that it treats the reader like an adult – and it is a book for mature readers. It does feature sex within its pages, as well as violence, cursing and all manner of adult-type situations. It is a book for grownups, or frankly, most comic book readers these days. It is also brilliant by the way. That was mentioned already, but it bore repeating. The book is honest and forthright and does not try to hide an [...]

    5. I gave this trade 5 out of 8 issues to catch my attention, far more than I would if I was picking up floppies once a month.First, there is not a single female character in this book. There are set pieces and objects, but not a single character.Beyond that, there are barely any male characters. The main one, an ex-batman type, is so bland as to be invisible.Nothing in this is new, it's not even a fresh rehash of anything. I felt the most on the panels that were landscape views of the city. How ba [...]

    6. There is "slow burn" -- and then there is this comic. After eight issues (all collected in this book) we've only scratched the surface: we have gotten an introduction to this world and met some of the players, but any action has been only served as an introduction. An intro to a much larger story that hopefully will really kick off soon. Which explains my score; sure, there is plenty of intrigue and promise, but whether that will pay off I really feel that this could and should have been further [...]

    7. I like the idea behind this, but I don't think the execution was very successful. I like Joe Casey, but I think this book meanders a bit too much. The back cover has a comment calling it the HBO of superheroes, and I agree, it does strike me as a very adult version of superheroes, but not a very complete one. While the book is competent, I didn't have any urge for completion. I found it interesting but not very compelling. If I didn't read any more issues, I would be fine, though there is a part [...]

    8. I started off not too sure about this. I found the first issue or two pretty dense and kind of boring. The story starts off slow and even somewhat uninteresting but around issue 3 or 4 you start to see where this series is going and it only makes me excited to see how it all unfolds. There's a solid cast of heroes, civilians and villains, Each with their own stories, None of which are boring. The book itself is just written with alot of depth, A slow burn that I can appreciate. We live in a worl [...]

    9. I had to give this a try because I love stories about sex, and I love new takes on superheroes, and pushing the envelope in comics, unfortunately, this one doesn't push it in any meaningful way. The premise is great: a retired, restless, and repressed Batman (thinly veiled) struggles with his id, in a superhero book where the flashy, often gratuitous action sequences are almost all of fucking rather than fisticuffs. Alas, the characters feel flat, the sex has no heat, the sex parties are clearly [...]

    10. I wanted to read Sex Criminals and accidently picked this trade instead. It started out interestingly enough. A Bruce Wayne-like ex-Batman-ish millionaire returns home and vows not to take up the mantle of superheroism again. There's a Gotham-like town with a lot of bad people and a Catwoman-wannabe as a kind-of love interest. Ok. Interesting premise.This book, however, fails on execution. The story is sloooow, incohesive, and is filled with gratuitous sex and violence. By page 40 I was struggli [...]

    11. Saga, Volume 1 okuduktan sonra İmage Comics'in diğer çizgi romanlarına göz atmaya başladım. Bu seriyle ilgili okuduğum bir yorum, adını dikkate alınmaması gerektiğini söylüyordu ve gerçekten adını dikkate almadan okuyunuz. Ama şöyle bir olay var ki bugün hiç havamda değilim. Çizimlerini beğenmeme rağmen nasıl desem,elektrik alamadım?mıenerjimiz tutmadı?mı?

    12. I was quite disappointed by this. Whilst the 'retired/washed-up superhero' trope is well trodden, I thought this book would be an interesting and adult take on it. Instead, it's all a bit cheap and nasty. The representation of women is pretty archaic and there is precious little story. Won't be bothering with the next volume.

    13. Like Batman and Catwoman retired in a city like Gothame title and background sex is a distraction maybe even an attempt to sell this book. Average readn't think I'll continue series.

    14. Take the Batman, Cat Woman, and the Joker from a Frank Miller-esque future, apt up the violence and sex to 11, and rip the nob off: this is what Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski do in Sex. Now, sadly, that sounds more interesting that it actually is: Kowalski seems mimic the art styles of 1980s Batman even down to some of the semi-washed out orange/blue color schemes. Simon Cooke's billionaire play boy turned superhero who has a strained relationship with an relationship with a retired catwoman anal [...]

    15. Well, this certainly tried to be something profound, but failed on nearly every level. It came across as something that was trying so hard to be "edgy" that it came across instead as cringingly un self-aware. Terrible exposition, lifeless characters, abrupt scene changes, almost like it was missing pages, etc.This guy read Watchmen, and thought "I can do something like that, but only focusing on the batman analog character" and then didn't. He really didn't (but he thinks he did).The art was pre [...]

    16. Joe Casey's Sex, follows retired Superhero Simon Cooke who returns to the city he used to once protectThis is basically an imagining of what would happen to Gotham and Batman if Bruce Wayne hung up the cowl. This makes Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals look PG so I wouldn't recommend this to the faint at heart but the first volume was worth the read. 3.5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ✨

    17. Right off the bat I should come clean and say that I love Joe Casey. And probably not from the normal stuff everyone knows him from (whatever that may be), but for the weird stuff he's done like Automatic Kafka and the Intimates. So oddball were these titles (especially Automatic Kafka) that I made a plight to keep my eye on Casey.But, unfortunately, I suffered from the same disease most comic book fans do and that's to only default to DC or Marvel superhero stuff when getting my comics. What's [...]

    18. Woah way to just reskin batman. Like why was there no effort made to make the setting different in any way from batman. Interesting ideas in there somewhere though, I just feel like the world has psychoanalyzed the poor man bat enough. I mean every revelation you could have about the guy has already been done about 100 times. Yeah we get it he's more batman than Bruce Wayne, yeah we get it he's just as crazy as the crazy people he locks up, yeah we get it hes super repressed sexually and gets hi [...]

    19. Tricky one to review. If I'd been reading this issue-by-issue, once a month, I may not have got past the second month. It took too long to start, really. At the end of this collection (eight issues), it still felt like it had a long way to go before the depth was properly explored (no double entendre intended). The motivations and psychologies of the characters is only just starting to take shape and make sense (there have been a few jumps, obfuscations, etc.). At the same time, the story is not [...]

    20. Sex by Joe Casey is awful. It's about an ultra-repressed Not!Bruce Wayne retiring from being Not!Batman because Not!Alfred's dying wish was for him to get a life. The characters (aside from Not!Nightwing & Not!Catwoman) are obnoxiously boring or repulsive, which makes watching their sex lives unpleasant. The bad guy reminds me of wrinkly Frank Miller. Saturn City has yellow skies but there's no overtly sci-fi stuff so I wasn't sure whether it's located on Saturn. Saturn City is crimeridden y [...]

    21. Well, I didn't realy know what to make of this, but it was highly recommended to me and that's why I gave it a shot - I don't regret it one bit.As the title suggests, readers should get ready for some pretty graphic depictions of sex, but so far it isn't anything extremely out of the ordinary (although I'm pretty certain that'll change in further volumes). The story focuses on the former Superhero Simon Cooke, who returns to the city having retired from the whole "saving the world" business. Thi [...]

    22. Okay, so do you remember that episode of Friends where they started doing air quotes around words they said to annoy each other?Could this "BE" any more annoying?That's basically this comic. For some godawful reason they've used colours to highlight the dialogue to add emphasis. And it's awful, it just "DOESNT" work "OKAY!"So this is basically just a riff on Batman, with added lurid SEX!LOOK! IT'S GOT COCKS AND VAGINAS IN IT! OOOOOH!But look, all the female characters are hookers and whores! Cat [...]

    23. Other people have described the plot of this book in some depth, so I won't. I came to this book cold, I didn't read the cover blurb, I was just told "it's an interesting take on Batman."It isn't. Oh, it's a a take on Batman, but it isn't interesting. Those people hailing this as a work of genius for not being afraid of treating its readers like adults - I'm not a prude, but the constant depictions of sex (and most of it quite vanilla, tbh) became as dull as the main character well before the mi [...]

    24. A Batman analog retires to run his huge corporation. Predictably, he has trouble adjusting to civilian life. It plods. I'm not sure why. Three big villains are set up; the protagonist struggles with his role as CEO; a humble dishwasher (slash-hacker-slash-badass-fighter) begins to fill the superhero vacuum; and the retired hero has a flirty will-they/won't-they thing happening with his equally retired Catwoman nemesis. There's a lot going on but I just found it boring.And what's up with the text [...]

    25. With Alfred dead, Batman quits heroics, leaving Gotham for a bit. When he gets back, the underworld ecology is still adapting to the new status quo, Robin is quietly fighting crime by himself, and being a full-time tycoon turns out to be pretty dull, so Bruce starts dabbling in other nocturnal occupations. No, obviously they can't use any of those names, but it's all perfectly obvious and none of these analogues have much in the way of independent life (except maybe gleaming Saturn City, as much [...]

    26. I got this edition free on a promotion and was actually looking forward to it; the concept of a Batman type hero hanging up his mantle and exploring the world of relationships should be intriguing. This book although it tries really hard to draw you in and lead you through the character's struggle, it just meanders around and doesn't really go anywhere, there isn't enough narrative direction to keep the flow going. I was disappointed with the waste of an excellent opportunity at storytelling the [...]

    27. I'm not an impatient guy, but this book is surely testing my limits. While the characterisation and "setting of the stage" works ok, I found myself hoping, something like a plot would emerge anytime soon. After all this collection is eight issues long. Still the book shows enough promise to keep me interested in the second installment, but if Casey does not pick up some pace soon, it will become just a tiresome failure.

    28. There are some compelling characters, relationships and situations being set up here. Eight issues of compelling set up. But very little else. There is enough going on that I can go on to a second volume but I hope the author picks up the pace.Piotr Kowalski has a great art style for a story built around conversations and a big city of diverse backgrounds and locales. Look forward to more from him!

    29. Brilliant, just brilliant! I passed this up so many times, just based upon the title. I reckoned it to be sophomoric, silly, naked women. I was wrong.This book is definitely for mature readers and it does show naked people, but not in a silly, voyeuristic way, rather natural and non invasive. The art is really good and the characterization and dialogue, top notch. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    30. The premise of the story is interesting but there is no substance or depth to the main characters. They all boil down to stereotypes used for plot progression. There is graphic sex but it doesn't seem to add to the story.The artwork is nice and clean but the random highlighting in the speech bubbles get distracting.I couldn't finish the volume but read the issues #1 - #3 before I had to put it down.

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