One thought on “Oté: A Puerto Rican Folk Tale”

  1. I received this book when on my birthday from a woman in my building everyone swore was a witch. No one spoke to her so when I approached her back porch door to climb the stairs me and my mother's apartment and she opened it and said "Happy Birthday" then handed me the book then closed the door I was like "Errr" The book had beautiful pictures inside but the hardcover was simply a linen-like lime green. The title inside was simply "Ote". So somewhere through the years they added A Puerto Rican F [...]

  2. I read this book about a million times as a little girl but couldn't remember the title. I've been searching for this book for years and I'm SO glad I found it here!!! It's a great story and the creepy cover gave me a good scare as a kid :)

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