The World in Reverse

The World in Reverse Italian heartthrob Nicola Agosto was Memphis most eligible bad boy seven years ago but after falling in love with local college beauty queen Ivy Winters he settled down and started a beautiful fami

  • Title: The World in Reverse
  • Author: Latrivia S. Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780983981954
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Italian heartthrob Nicola Agosto was Memphis most eligible bad boy seven years ago, but after falling in love with local college beauty queen, Ivy Winters, he settled down and started a beautiful family.Now as a father of four and a loving husband, he has ascended up the ranks of the Memphis Police Department and positioned himself as a dependable and trustworthy top cop.Italian heartthrob Nicola Agosto was Memphis most eligible bad boy seven years ago, but after falling in love with local college beauty queen, Ivy Winters, he settled down and started a beautiful family.Now as a father of four and a loving husband, he has ascended up the ranks of the Memphis Police Department and positioned himself as a dependable and trustworthy top cop However, he is known for protecting his officers and not taking anything off criminals, a trait that will not bode well for him in the near future.When four children are found raped and murdered, Nicola is the first person assigned to the high profile case, tapped personally by the brass Partnered with a new age bad boy, Luke Johnson, and determined to solve the case, he stumbles on a conspiracy so big until the men responsible have no choice but to set him up and get him out of the picture.Caught on camera beating a black suspect who threatens his family with the same fate as the four dead children, Nicola goes from Memphis most beloved police officer to public enemy number one He s accused of being a racist and charged with abusing his power Put on suspension pending an investigation, he is faced with losing the only job that he s ever known as well as his freedom.Realizing that even without a badge, Nicola could be a problem, The Three Wise Men, the conspirers behind the elaborate plot, now want than Nicola s badge they also want his life With nowhere to turn and bound by promises he refuses to break, Nicola turns to his sworn enemy, Russian crime boss Dmitry Medlov And its just time to save him and his family from being brutally murdered A favor for a favor grants Nicola the man and firepower he needs finally solve the case, but it also forces him to go against everything that he s ever stood for.Read bestselling interracial romance author Latrivia Nelson s latest crime novel about one man s journey through grit, grime, pain and sacrifice to protect the only people he will ever love in Ivy s Twisted Vine s sequel, The World in Reverse.

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    1. My problem with this book is that it ended. Latrivia has done it again. OMG, I love this author. This is the story of Nicola having to sell his soul to the devil to protect his family. The Medlov's are back and that is enough for me to spend $100.00 on this book. I LOVE the Medlov men - especially Anatoly. The bad thing about this book was that I was wanted more about every character. I wanted to know how Renee was doing after the baby. I wanted to know how Anatoly was handling being a father. I [...]

    2. Latrivia wrote a movie I can see this book on the silver screen it has everything action, drama, sex, love, its passionate it’s a thriller. I have read all of the books by this author I can say I enjoyed the Medlov crime family books and I have loved Nicola Agosto since Ivy's Twisted Vine, this book is on a whole new level for this author. I enjoyed the story I liked seeing Agosto when he had the tools he needed to get the job done, the fact that he worked with The Medlovs was a treat that was [...]

    3. I have waited and waited so long for this book and it was so worth the wait!OMG it was so worth the wait. First off I will say how very much I loved the Medlov books! I hope that series goes on forever, but i was a little disapointed that there was not a sequel to Ivy's Twisted Vine b/c I loved the story on Nicola and Ivy and there was so much more to be told about the two, so needless to say to put these two together was pure genious! I loved this book! it was everything you could ask for with [...]

    4. I have finally caught up with this series! I am happy.We get to see some more of Ivy and Nicola in this book and about their life together and them as parents.Well the series is excellent and in this book Nicola shows us if you mess with his family then he is gonna become a supersonic bad ass!! Don't mess with his family or he will cross the line to get you!!! He teams up with the Medlov men to put right what gonna wrong!!!Absolutely love it excellent read! I need some more now!!

    5. A flawless story from beginning to end. I love Italian men and Russian men. Latrivia S. Nelson you have done it again.

    6. I loved this book. Ivy and Nicola's love story was great in Ivy's Twisted Vine but what I love in this book is the growth of first love and a strong sexual attraction to a realization of true and lasting love. I think Latrivia Nelson is fantastic in making you believe in love yet she adds reality into a relationship to deepen it. The couple's kids and the danger they face are the reality but Nicola and Ivy's unwavering faith and love in each other is phenomenal. It is great to see how Nicola has [...]

    7. This was a crime drama - more so than an actual romance and that's okay with me. There are some romances that are risky now and I must say, this was fine by me, close enough. I've never read Latrivia Nelson, but I wanted to give her works a try and must say, that I did rather enjoy it. I have been to Memphis many times, and have quite a bit of family living there, so I was ready for it. I did a review at and here it is========================== ReviewThis is the first of Latrivia Nelson's works [...]

    8. Why oh why did I put off reading this book so long? I really thought I wouldn't like it because of the murder mystery with the deaths of the children, but I was pleasantly surprised. I should have known that any book that involved the Medlovs would have been killer, no pun intended. The murder mystery was just ok at first, but once Dmitry, Anatoly and Gabriel got involved, oh mama! I love my Medlov men! Ivy and Nicola are a good couple, but I kind of skimmed their love scenes. Likewise the one w [...]

    9. Man! Now when I say this was good, this was good as hell! I couldn't put it down and didn't want to miss out on anything that was going on in the story. Nicola showed up and showed out in this one. I didn’t know who was the bad guy but I so wanted it to be Amway and the Deputy Director for some reason. There were so many things going on but the entire story was so action packed that it didn’t matter who was the bad guy all that mattered was seeing the Medlov men in action and seeing how far [...]

    10. Another action-packed installment of the Medlov/Agosto guys. I would've given it five stars, if not for the editing. Ivy is still pretty naivebut her budding friendship with Royal should harden her up a bit. And how the heck is she gonna work full time with SIX kids all under the age of 10? Can't wait to see who they hire for a nanny. Please, Latrivia, don't make us wait so long for the next volume! :-)

    11. Awesome readfive stars great read ivy is all woman with 4 boys promising career and Nicola was a force to reckon with. I can't wait to see what is in store for Luke Johnson .

    12. I love this book and the revisit of one of my favorite couples Nicola and Ivy. The book was highly recommended and I can see why. It was a page-turner for me and I just couldn't get enough. I must confess that I got nightmares though, but it was well worth it.

    13. OMG good from beginning to end, I was on the edge of my seat the whole read. A page turner, you got to love a man that will cross the line of the law to save his family.

    14. Fantastic!!ObLIGED!!I am so in love with this story and this series,that when I started reading it felt like coming home to old friends.This was so a wonderful way to reintroduceNicola and Ivy and giving us a taste of the Medlov family.This was such a really good story of a man pushed to the breaking point.I love the way we get such a sexy,loving and mature relationship.We get to see two people navigate there lives around there careers and the way they sometimes spill over into their lives.With [...]

    15. Another great readAnother great story by LN, I loved the growth of Ivy's character, Nicola is surely one BadAss. Though at times he struggles with "doing the right thing," he doesn't waste time pondering over it. He is a man dedicated to his family! This book is really intense, fast paced and not one for the faint of heart as, it truly depicts the human condition

    16. Loved, loved, loved this book. I was riveted from beginning to end. Ivy and Nicola are one of my favorite couples. In their first book, "Ivy's Twisted Vine", they weren't officially in a relationship until the very end, but in this book we get to see their relationship thrive. They have a beautiful family and Nicola is very dedicated to his wife and children and although he puts in long hours on the job, his family is what makes him a man. Ivy is sweet, caring and thoughtful and she also knows h [...]

    17. Holy moly I never hated an ending so much and love it at the same time. Luke Johnson. Anywho, I've gotta say seeing Dmitry from this angle is not pretty. He is literally the devil in prada with an angelic smile and toe curling charm. Shame on him for his plans with Agosto though. Royal said it best "Do this without any intention of receiving anything in return, Dmitry” but I'm guessing not even the man's wife can sway him on this one.Standout characters for me were Luke of course, cnt wait to [...]

    18. FINALLY All of our favorite characters are back: Ivy, Nicola, Dmitry, Anatoly, Gabriel, Cory and we've been introduced to some new ones, mainly Luke This story was more about doing what you believe is right more than good vs. evil! And there were definitely some evil things happening! It grabbed you in from the very beginning and had you rooting for Nicola the entire time. I'm going to be honest and say that what Nicola ending up doing because he believed it was right and he had no other choice [...]

    19. I have not read Ivy's Twisted Vine, but enjoyed the look into the life of Nicola and Ivy. I am a fan of the Medlov series and can't wait for the next book. Although Nicola is the focus of the story we get a look into the life of his partner in the Baby Boys case( Luke Johnson)and a peak into what the Medlov family is up to and some of their connections.Hope the next book has more insight into the relationships of Anatoly & Renee and Gabriel & Briggy. We get a quick look at how Anya's kid [...]

    20. I liked the book alot. Loved Nick and Ivy, the Medlov's (but for some reason I seem to like Royal less with each bookgo figure). I'm totally little surprised at Gabriel (view spoiler)[(cheating on Briggie? What the hell? That really threw meHis story had better be next. With all the stuff she put up with with the Medlovs, she deserves better(hide spoiler)]. And the ending was a cliffhanger. I HATE cliffhangers (and trilogies)! I thought this book would tie up the Medlov/Agosto storyline, but I g [...]

    21. What an Epic story. Not what I expected at all. Nicola has to be the epitome of a strong hero with a soft spot for the woman he loves. He and Ivy were truly a team in every aspect of the word. I didn't expect so much suspense, but I loved it. I was guessing what would happen next at every turn and was constantly in for a surprise. I didn't expect to see Dimitri, Anatoly, and Gabriel in this book but was glad I did. What Nicola had to do going to them you had to respect it. It'll be interesting t [...]

    22. This is a good book. I did find it troubling that the author used a lot of information that was part factual about the Memphis Police Department, including the REAL number to crime stoppers, and scandals that have shined an unfavorable light on the department. Yeah, no points for creativity there. This book was too wordy at times, I like details in my stories, but this just felt a little too descriptive at times. I loved the fact that the Medlov's made a cameo and brought the Napalm like only th [...]

    23. This could be a movie! It has everything in it, love, hot sexy scenes, murder corruption you name it, it's got it!!!I've got no idea why Hollywood haven't come knocking at this author's door!! Now I've got that off my chest can I just say this was one of the best stories I've read and I love how the characters from the Medlov Men appear in this story. As for Nicola Agosto.what can I say he's a woman's fantasy! Brilliant book and I'm looking forward to reading more about the Medlov Men and the Me [...]

    24. Honestly, I cannot say that I really enjoyed this book and that is why it took me so long to finish it. I loved some parts Dmitry and the mob parts. But, that is it. I guess I was looking for more of a romantic element and less drama but I got the reverse, pun not intended. Anyways, it was super long and my feeling after reading it? ->"Meh." 2.5 rating. Maybe extra 0.5 cos of Dmitry and Nicola's relationship. I love how Nicola was at the mercy of Dmitry. Boy do I love Dmitry. Some scenes with [...]

    25. Loved it!! This was a real page turner. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. And what more was there for Nicola to do but go to the Dmitry for help. Gotta give him props. I was at the edge of my seat, biting my nails reading this book bc you don't know what's coming or gonna happen next. Great read. Two words: Luke. Johnson. Can't wait to see what's that about.

    26. I found the plot line and most of the writing very good. What I can't understand is that there are not comments about the poor editing. It's really annoying to be inside the story and hit a road block by running into a misused word or poorly constructed sentence. Also not everybody addresses their loved ones as "Baby". As far as Nelson books, I'll stick to Nelson DeMille.

    27. I loved this story!This was a terrific read! Love, lust, intriguewhat more could I want? Latrivia knows how to keep me coming back for more! All her male characters make me wish that they belonged only to me! Sizzle! Sizzle!

    28. I loved itThe one thing about Ivy and Nicola is that their love for each other is unshakable. No matter what happened, the put the other first. Great job showing the growth of Ivy's character.

    29. Loved itThe men of these stature pure alpha!!! Every page was worth reading. Can't wait to read more from this family

    30. The most anticipated book of the year! The Medlov men are back! I loved this book! This was a good crime drama and don't mess with Dmitry Medlov!

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