Model, Volume 1

Model Volume A Handsome Stranger with a Dark Secret Jae is your typical struggling artist studying in Europe and dreaming of a successful painting career Typical that is until her friend drops off a rather ineb

  • Title: Model, Volume 1
  • Author: Lee So-Young
  • ISBN: 9781591827115
  • Page: 344
  • Format: None
  • A Handsome Stranger with a Dark Secret Jae is your typical struggling artist, studying in Europe and dreaming of a successful painting career Typical, that is, until her friend drops off a rather inebriated though breathtakingly beautiful young man at her apartment one evening That night, Jae dreams that the stranger visits her in her room and drinks her bloA Handsome Stranger with a Dark Secret Jae is your typical struggling artist, studying in Europe and dreaming of a successful painting career Typical, that is, until her friend drops off a rather inebriated though breathtakingly beautiful young man at her apartment one evening That night, Jae dreams that the stranger visits her in her room and drinks her blood But was it really all just a dream Could this handsome creature truly be a blood thirsty vampire And if Jae actually considers his ominous proposition, will she be entering into a deal with the devil

    One thought on “Model, Volume 1”

    1. I didn't care for these characters - very unlikable. The main character, Jae, is okay but I'm not sure I understand her or why she does what she does.Personally, she needs to run very far away from these others but then sometimes vampires have a mind hold on you and you are not yourself. I can't tell, though, if that is why she stays with them.I have the 2nd in the series already so I'll read that one, but at this point, I don't feel like pursuing this vampire manwha.

    2. If I had realized that Model is one of those "sassy girl is going to prove the asshole man wrong about her" sorts of stories, I wouldn't have picked it up. But it is, and I didn't like it. The first 33 pages were actually well-written, but after that the dialog turned to cardboard and the rest of the story is a yawn. And the caligraphic font that Tokyopop chose for Michael's dialog is nearly unreadable.

    3. The first 50 pages are good, but then everything gets boring. If it didn't said that the stranger is a male, I would of thought that he's a girl. The drawing made him look more like a female then male and his personalities get on my nerves.

    4. FUCKING AMAZING! IT ONLY TOOK A FEW HOURS TO READ IN ALL BUT YET I TOOK A FEW DAYS IN BETWEEN OFF 'CAUSE I WAS NOT ONLINE. its a truly at awe in art work, writing, and has a unique story telling.

    5. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures:bookswithoutanypictures/20I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump since this spring. Between moving, losing my grandfather, general work stress, and living in the DC area during this political climate, I just haven’t felt the same energy or enthusiasm about books as I usually do. So when I was at an anime convention digging around at the Cheap Manga booth, I really didn’t think I’d stumble on something that would excite [...]

    6. I almost did not like anything about this series and I am certainly not continuing on. I thought the drawing was interesting but that was the only plus side, the characters and storyline were boring.

    7. I purchased the first two volumes of this back in 2008. I wish I hadn't. It killed some time for me, but the books yielded nothing of substance. The characters were "meh" and the plot was likewise.

    8. I wasn’t a fan of this series. I was just bored most of the time. I do have to say I liked the ending. But for the most part I never got into the story line. There were too many sudden character switches in the story line with, there was zero transitions. It was hard to follow at times. The art didn’t help much. It wasn’t horrible, but the male characters all looked the same and with some of the shadings it was hard to tell if it was the main male character or a different male character. I [...]

    9. I've only read two manga, including this one, so I'm not sure how this compares to other books in the genre. I do like the storyline, but I feel like this first volume barely set up the story and didn't accomplish much in terms of plot. There are so many questions introduced, and not any answers. Plus, I felt the pacing to be quite choppy. I'm not exactly sure of the timeline, as scenes randomly jump forward, and it took me a minute to adjust. I do look forward to reading the second volume and s [...]

    10. Series Review: This one didn't really click with me. The art style was a bit weird and I didn't get why the main character fell for the vampire; she seemed empty and lacking personality. Ken seemed like the most interesting character. The parts I liked were basically all of the side story and none of the main story.

    11. Once upon a time, a girl named Plain Jane Jae moved to some undisclosed location in Europe from South Korea to study art. Her best friend Melissa goes out drinking one night and befriends an almost impossibly beautiful man named Michael. After he gets drunk, Melissa drags him to Jae's apartment, because it's closer than hers, and just leaves him there.But in the morning, Jae wakes up from a terrible dream about a vampire biting her neck, only to find out that it wasn't a dream at all, and she's [...]

    12. Book: Model #1Author: Lee So-YoungGenre: Manga (Romance/Horror)Rating: 2/5Synopsis:A Handsome Stranger with a Dark SecretJae is your typical struggling artist, studying in Europe and dreaming of a successful painting career. Typical, that is, until her friend drops off a rather inebriated - though breathtakingly beautiful - young man at her apartment one evening. That night, Jae dreams that the stranger visits her in her roomd drinks her blood! But was it really all just a dream? Could this hand [...]

    13. This is a good start to an amazing series!The scenario seems to be a played-out one: a young student finds a mysterious man in her apartment who turns out to be a vampire! And then she goes to live with him. Only's not a cliche at all.First, Jae, the main character is super-cool. Most girls in comic books are either scarce, Mary-Sues, cutesy, blithering idiots, or a combination of several. Fortunately, Jae saves the role of comic heroine by being the strongest character in the saga. She's beauti [...]

    14. "Despite your lack of talent, I enjoy the blood of artists."For the introduction to this series we meet Jae, a struggling artist studying in Europe. One night her roommate drops of a drunk, but very beautiful male stranger, Michael, to their apartment and that's when her life changes. Intrigued by his beauty, Jae discovers he's actually a vampire. Instead of running away, Jae and Michael make a deal. She can paint his portrait in exchange for him drinking her blood. She moves into his home and t [...]

    15. This book is absolutely alluring. I would recommend this to vampire fans, however, this just brushes lightly on vampire folklore. However, it tells of a romance between a vampire and a human, and how that human could win his cold heart. I am laughing at myself for writing that just now, because I am honestly not a big fan of romance novels. However, MODEL did it for me. It is honestly one of my most treasured MANGAs (I don't know if I am supposed to refer to this one as a MANHWA, as it is Korean [...]

    16. Jae is a Korean art student living in Europe. Her life changes when her friend brings home a drunk guy and leaves him on her couch while she goes back to party. The guy is Michael a stunning vampire who wakes up hungry and goes straight for Jae's throat. Indignant Jae demands compensation and demands Michael model for her in exchange for blood. She moves into his gothic mansion where dark secrets abound. She must solve these mysteries and get to the real truth before she can paint a truly accura [...]

    17. This manga is not for everyone. First off, it's Korean rather than Japanese--which makes for differences subtle, but noticable, mostly in terms of the art. Second, it's shoujo, and has a very particular style--the characters are very androgynous and their features are very exaggerated (long necks, giant eyes and lips, etc.) But if you enjoy that style, as I do, or if you can get past it, there's a story here, and I think it surpasses the typical story of a girl falling in love with a vampire. Th [...]

    18. Ji Ye is a Korean art student who comes to Europe to study. Her brushstrokes aren't going as well as she would like, but she’s determined to make it as an artist. One evening her friend brings a drunk man over to crash at her pad. That night she has bad dreams that the drunk is really a blood-sucking vampire. But when she wakes up, she realizes it wasn't a dream! Unafraid, she's suddenly bitten by the creative bug, and starts to paint his portrait. His beauty and alluring preternatural energy [...]

    19. A gorgeous manhwa from Korea, with several downpoints.The vampire, Michael, really bothers me by the way he looks so feminine, but he ends up acting like a total a**. I mean, honestly, if you're going to let someone paint your portrait, maybe you should actually let them SEE you once in a while! And he's a total jerk around Jae.And Jae, don't even get me STARTED on her. She's willing to follow a guy that she doesn't even know and move into his house just to paint his portrait. When she's done, s [...]

    20. My first graphic novel, it was okay but difficult for me to follow and seemed to skip around a lot. I guess I just need to get used to the format of a graphic novel. The story is interesting but then the jumping around made it less interesting for me. I am going to red the second and hope it falls into place. Basically about a girl whose friend brings a vampire to her house and the relationship she is building or trying to build after he bites her. WHAT kind of friend leaves a strange man on you [...]

    21. This series was recommended to me years ago by a friend because of my love for breathtakingly beautiful vampires. I’m glad I finally got around to reading it. This first volume was a great introduction to the series. The characters are flawlessly introduced and well developed. Although the storyline is satisfying, you’re left with enough questions to want to pick up the next volume to get your answers. And the answers promise to make for an amazing story. I highly recommend this series!

    22. At first I liked this manga. The art itself was amazing and beautiful. This is a series. To me it's pretty long. I wouldn't mind reading it but when I kept on reading it, it got boring and I was a little confused on what was going on. Most of the time when I'm confused on something I would keep on reading until it makes sense and it did at one point of the story. As the story progress it got to a point where I was bored of reading the book so I stopped.

    23. Overall this book was incredible.It has a slow story which ordinarily I don't like but this one was really good.It's great for a quick read manga and the illustrations are like a candy store for people into classic and elegant anime(like me).I don't like most vampire stories but this one was a definite exception.

    24. I really like the art, but not the story. It's not bad, but it's not good either. It's a typical vampire story where the vampire is mean to the human girl while she defends herself and try to fin more about him. Michael's lettering when he speaks needs some getting used to and is something difficult to read. I'll keep on reading because I like the art though.

    25. This was the first graphic novel I read, and at the time I was a little confused, earning it a mere three star rating. Maybe if I re-read it, now that I'm used to reading manhwa and manga and the like, I'd appreciate it more. Although the words "handsome stranger" and "dark secret" are used, and that's usually Game Over for me. Heard it all before! Maybe I should give it a chance. I dunno.

    26. Interesting manhwa about a woman who makes a deal with a vampire: she will give him her blood, if she can use him as her sketching model. In the events of the first book, she comes to live at his house.

    27. okay, In my own opinion it was the MOST boring vampire manga I have ever read.d i barely read vampire manga books! I cried at the end, because it was a sad ending, but it is still a horrible book that almost made me fall asleep

    28. This story is captivating and a change from my normal Manga in the style of drawings. I love when there is strong female characters in the story who do not like to be pushed around. Jae's curiosity is the best part of her character.

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