Consider the Thorns

Consider the Thorns Barbara Houlton is a best selling romance author known for her achingly sweet love stories However her own love life is nothing to write home about Raped on the eve of her high school graduation sh

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  • Title: Consider the Thorns
  • Author: Michelle Lynn Brown
  • ISBN: 9781490901831
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barbara Houlton is a best selling romance author, known for her achingly sweet love stories However, her own love life is nothing to write home about Raped on the eve of her high school graduation, she was left pregnant and scarred, both emotionally and physically She has learned to hide the physical scars, but the emotional scars that taint her soul become harder to hiBarbara Houlton is a best selling romance author, known for her achingly sweet love stories However, her own love life is nothing to write home about Raped on the eve of her high school graduation, she was left pregnant and scarred, both emotionally and physically She has learned to hide the physical scars, but the emotional scars that taint her soul become harder to hide each day Sarcasm, avoidance and denial have become weapons to keep her monstrous past at bay Barbara avoids her home town at all costs She denies to all those who are concerned for her that there is anything wrong And those who try to pass her protective boundaries are met with her cutting sarcasm Her emotional scars make intimacy a frightening thing, and those who try to grasp this beautiful rose are quickly met with her thorns Instead, she loves through her characters, embracing her romantic dreams with every book she writes, and convinces herself it is enough.When her father falls ill, she is forced to return home to Hamilton, New Mexico, a small town that comes with big problems, the biggest of which is Steve Meston Steve has had a crush on Barbara since high school But he is no longer the awkward, shy boy from her youth He is now confident, handsome and relentless in his pursuit of her, despite her best efforts to put him off His patient and steadfast love back her into a corner, and she finds that all her weapons are useless against his sweet love Now she must stop avoiding and confront her past, or lose the one man who was able to get past her thorns.

    One thought on “Consider the Thorns”

    1. Consider the Thorns follows the story of Barbara Houlton who we met in Miracles in Disguise. In that book she was raped by a fellow student a few weeks before her high school graduation. In spite of the trauma she remained strong in her faith in God and counted the subsequent birth of her daughter a blessing.Consider the Thorns picks up Barbara's story six years later. She has moved away from her home town and gained an English degree. She has also become a successful romance novelist, giving he [...]

    2. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **First off, this was an amazing performance by Meghan KellyI was truly blown awaye raw emotion in Barb was flawlessd it truly ripped out my heart! lolBarb is a rape survivore was violated her senior year by a very bad guye ended up pregnant and decided to have her little girl. She loves this little girl so much, and never regretted her decision to keep herbut Barb is very damagede has given up her faith, and her ability to [...]

    3. EbookShe’s a rape victim with a child. She’s full of hate and fear. He’s the guy who has loved her for 8 years but cannot get her to trust him or herself. Finally she turns to God for help and healing.

    4. Since I read about Barbara in the previous book I had thought the outcome would be a little different. But hey I am not the writer so Michelle put a different slant on it. A big shift from God has Barbara handling life not so well till she had to let go and let God handle the pain. Single parenting is tough but tough is telling your daughter about her father who was in jail for the crime he committed against her n then to handle the parole board. Steve just loved the best he could through reject [...]

    5. This is an inspiring story of a woman that was raped, through many difficulties, finally finds her way back to God and learns to open her heart once again.This book will make you cry, smile, laugh, and sometimes even make you frustrated at the main character as if she's actually someone you know that's being stubborn, not listening to what she knows will help her, what she knows is right! It opens your heart and reminds us that no matter what, God loves us and is always there to help us through [...]

    6. The subject of recover from rape and sexual assault is not something I've ever seen tackled in a Christian Romance novel before, but Michelle Lynn Brown did a masterful job. She realistically showed the difficulty of a woman's struggle to get over the mental and emotional scars to allow herself to be loved by God or man. This story also takes a look at the relationship between a single mother and a daughter whose relationship was damaged by the actions of a violent man. I highly recommend this r [...]

    7. I was so glad to get to part 2 of this series. The author realistically took a very tough subject, rape, and made it come alive for the reader. I thought Barbara was so strong in the first book and to see her inner struggles made her a very strong character. It was interesting to me to see how although people may 'look' okay, they really aren't. Also, I like how Steve remained so patient with her. I thought his name should have been Job because Barbara really put him through at lot. I enjoyed th [...]

    8. Tragedy comes between would be high school sweethearts, and Barbara Houlton spends the next six years throwing herself into her career and her raising her daughter. What she can't see is how much damage is caused when she keeps the past buried deep inside.Perhaps it is common tale of hurt and pain denied, but Michelle Lynn Brown brings an elegance to the story with her writing as she reveals the layers of her characters and their common needs--needs we all share. Well done.

    9. Barbara has built a wall around herself to shut out the pain of a violent event in her past. But in doing so, she also built a wall between herself and God. She never realized she was hurting her herself, her daughter, and all who loved her. Change didn't come until she turned to God to help her learn to forgive and trust again.

    10. Awesome!What a wonderful book, dealing with an extremely difficult topic. It was agonizing to read because the author was so realistic in how this was dealt with, she was right on topic. I w ill not soon forget this novel.

    11. The storyline in this book was good. I wish this author would use more contractions. Sometimes they can be overdone, but not using them made this story seem choppy.

    12. Good book, although it got a little slow in the middle where I was able to skip 10 pages at a time and not miss the story.

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