Hipstopia It s been three years since Murphy led the Hipster uprising For three years Jay has been by his side All that s about to change It starts with the beautifully intense Prisoner Forty Seven and a loade

  • Title: Hipstopia
  • Author: R.A. Desilets
  • ISBN: 9781490583310
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s been three years since Murphy led the Hipster uprising For three years, Jay has been by his side All that s about to change It starts with the beautifully intense Prisoner Forty Seven and a loaded gun.Hipstopia is the first book in Young Adult Dystopian duet, The Uprising.

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    1. Ah, I have to do this thing again, where I "review" my own book. Well, shenanigans to that. No reviews here, just insider information as to how this thing came to be about.I like to call Hipstopia "silly in concept, but serious in writing." Because it is silly and came about via a twitter conversation. Once I got the idea drilled into my head, I couldn't let it go - even if it was meant to be a joke.Jay and Murphy started forming their own lives, their own stories, and I had to write it down. An [...]

    2. "Because it's fashionable"Charismatic Murphy inspired a bunch of hipsters from Silverlake to stand against 'corporate personhood', and they chased out everyone who believed in it. With his biggest glasses, he created his own little pocket of hipsters built on being fashionable, changed their names to end in a more lyrical 'y' and have no televisions. This story is about Jay, his right-hand man. Jay smokes all day instead of eating, loves that everything is done locally and that he doesn't have t [...]

    3. Rachel Desilets does it againwith her witty dystopian YA world that Jay, the main character, lives in. It is fun to "hang out" with him and the other characters. I loved Rachel's satiric "hipster" sort of parodies, putting a unique twist on the story. Jay is solid, believable, full of emotion, and just plain fun!So glad this ended the way it did, and can't wait to follow him around in Rachel's next book. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to ARC it for you, Rachel. It was well written, witt [...]

    4. My one and only complaint upon finishing this novella is that it is too short. I would happily have spent days reading about Jay rather than a measly afternoon. Le sigh. But at least there is going to be a sequel Hopefully it will be quick in arriving.

    5. Loved this book. Great hipster references, entertaining story, very engrossing and leaves you pondering if the grass really is greener

    6. Hipstopia by R. A. Desilets Hipstopia by R. A. Desiletsis about the dystopian society Hipstopia, which is governed by a charming and captivating man named Murphy. Murphy talked people into taking a stand against Corporate America. Murphy used Los Angeles and created Hipstopia where peoples name had to end in “y”, it was fashionable to smoke(and I mean a lot, the kind of smoking where when you start coughing , you hack up a lung), no televisions and he promised no corporations and that people [...]

    7. Hipstopia was written by Google+'s +Rachel Desilets. In fact, I got to know about the book through Google+! Does this make me hipster? I'm not sure, since I don't even know what a hipster is.But, even with my woeful lack of knowledge of contemporary culture and subculture, I found this short novel to be an entertaining read. It envisions a world where the hipsters have broken away from America to form. Hipstopia. There, everyone is unique - which is to say that everyone smokes, drinks coffee and [...]

    8. Hipstopia tells the tale of a group of disaffected youngsters who under the leadership of a cult-like leader rebelled against the structure of modernity and carved out Los Angeles as their refuge from the world they disdain. There they must “quiet” dissenters who are themselves rising against the order that Murphy, Hipstopia's leader, has erected.We see this world though Jay, a head Quieter who becomes increasingly disenchanted with his life. Two key incidents I won’t spoil force him to fa [...]

    9. I have to say I read it in a few hours. Two whole hours, and one was at the gym. I really enjoyed it. It's listed on as a Kindle for 0.99$ which I think is a great price for the 110 pages or so of reading. The writing is great, and it's superbly edited. I only found one typo, a switching of words, and that's it. That is an incredible feat even for major publishing companies. In big 5 books I always notice at least a few typos. R.A. Desilets is a self-published author, or indie author, and she's [...]

    10. This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.Freedom, excitement, teenagers, and then throw in the loaded gun.An uprising in Los Angeles three years ago lead to big changes. Now Hipstopia is changing, and not just for the better. The quieters must try and keep the uprisings down. Of course, Jay did not know the gun was loaded.This is a short story, which is a bit of coming of age, a bit of science fiction, a bit of dystopia. It all fits together very well, and gives the reader a glimpse into what [...]

    11. I got Hipstopia for free during a promotion on . I've read R. A. Desilets before and enjoyed her books. This one looked different to me. Good different, and at free what was I out, right?Imagine a Dystopian future, now imagine one populate/ruled by a hipster with his hipster followers? Now imagine it's in LA. What you have is the setting but it's not the story. The story is a person discovering who they are against a backdrop that says you are exactly who you want to be in these 7 choices thanky [...]

    12. I picked up this book expecting a fun, tongue-in-cheek send-up of Hipster culture. I mean, there are Chucks on the cover. And it is that, but it is so much more. This book *does* beautifully capture and gently mock the Hipster culture, but it then goes on to tell a very compelling story. I would liken it to "The Giver" in terms of tone and quality. It also reminded me somewhat of Margaret Peterson Haddix's books about the Shadow Children. It is a short book, and a quick read because you just can [...]

    13. A fun, touching story When I started reading this book, I was laughing by the second page, and I really connected with Jay as a character. The author brings Hipstopia to life with such finesse, it was easy to imagine as a real place, even if the concept seems absurd at first. It works here.My only complaint is that it ended too soon! But there's a sequel on the way, so I look forward to reading more about Jay.

    14. I received this from a First Reads giveaway. When I first read the synopsis, I rolled my eyes a bit. I mean, it sounds kind of silly, right? Well, it's supposed to be kind of silly and spends much of its time poking fun of Hipsters (or at least the Hipster stereotype). This was an amusing, entertaining read and I'm looking forward to the next book.

    15. I honestly thought this book was a little short. I understand that yes, it's one of her first books. Everything just felt a little rushed, though the plot seemed pretty okay.

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