Jaded Touch

Jaded Touch It took three scars to break her and two men to save herThree is tormented by the branding scars on her back broken memories of her fallen creator and the looming consequences of her secret friends

  • Title: Jaded Touch
  • Author: Nola Sarina
  • ISBN: 9781491036631
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
  • It took three scars to break her, and two men to save herThree is tormented by the branding scars on her back, broken memories of her fallen creator, and the looming consequences of her secret friendship with Sychar a male of her kind a high crime in her world of serpentine guardians.Then along comes Jack the human train engineer she saves in an explosion His touIt took three scars to break her, and two men to save herThree is tormented by the branding scars on her back, broken memories of her fallen creator, and the looming consequences of her secret friendship with Sychar a male of her kind a high crime in her world of serpentine guardians.Then along comes Jack the human train engineer she saves in an explosion His touch weakens both her knees and her sense of duty Now Three must choose between her immortal duties, her forbidden friendship, and her human lover.With every choice comes a cost, but not every cost is hers to pay

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    1. It is official--I'm in lust. So much book lust is swimming around my heart and my nether regions at the moment over this series that I feel like a fan girl orgasm is in order! This time I didn't feel like I was hit by a train, I feel like I was wrung through a blender. Now, this is not a bad thing. My reasons for this are because Nola went balls to the walls with her character reaper in the first book. I was panting. I was crying. I was giggling at the fantastic dialogue between Three and Jack s [...]

    2. Jaded Touch (Vesper #2) by Nola SarinaAs a follow-up to Gilded Destiny, which I enjoyed quite a bit, I must say that Jaded Touch was also well done. I feel like the Vesper species is a pretty unique addition to the world of urban fantasy. My favorite part of this novel would be the origins and development of their race. Though it’s a short read, a borderline novella, it offers very solid world-building and it pulls me in as effectively as any full length novel, leaving me wanting to know what [...]

    3. An emotional, exciting and different look in writing!Three was born into torment because she was different branded with scars on her back from a creator that she could not remember.He was long destroyed for crimes against the serpent guardians. Ms Sarina is amazing when is comes to creating characters for her books.Three's life was one of hell with her heartless sisters who torment her everyday.Jack, Sychar, Three and Samantha was like a car crash it's real bad you don't want watch, but you can' [...]

    4. I received this book in exchange for an honest review (lovers of paranormal) and honestly, I enjoyed it.This was a good book. I read it without reading the first one which was a bit confusing at first but I felt like I had a good idea about what was going on. The author did a good job tying up loose ends within the books. She answered questions that I had near the end. Initially, I wasn't really into the book because it felt rushed. Things went from 0-60 quickly but I kept reading and in the end [...]

    5. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (LOP). I loved the book and the main character Three. Its a little different from most of the paranormal books that I read but I would read it again. I'm looking forward to reading other books from this author. I would like to see another book in this series to see what happens with Three and Jack. Or maybe showing what happens with other Gents.

    6. Into the Night Reviews Web: intothenightbookreviewssp Facebook: facebook/IntoTheNightR for great book reviews, new release updates, giveaways and more!!4 out of 5 starsI really enjoyed Jaded Touch. I think there is definite value in reading Gilded Destiny first as it does provide the back story to the Vespers. While I think you could still read Jaded Touch without it, there are some elements that will just make more sense if you do.Three is a wonderful, head strong character. Different from othe [...]

    7. Jaded Touch is the second Vesper novella to be released by Nola Sarina. Technically, it could be read as a standalone. The Vespers are a combination of human and snake. This novella centers on three characters: Three, Jack, and Sychar.Three would be considered an "outcast" Vesper because she was created differently than all the other Vespers. She was created by a Gent. Usually female Vespers are created by another female and males are created by another male. It is actually against their "laws" [...]

    8. In Gilded Destiny, we learned that there are severe consequences for Vespers to become involved with humans. We also learned that is most likely inevitable. Now we learn that is it most definitely inevitable for Vespers and humans to come together. Vespers are expected to be a certain way, follow certain rules. With Vespers being immortal, it is more likely that they long for the relationships they would have had as humans. I was a little lost, at first. Once I got into the book, I found myself [...]

    9. I was giving this book for an honest review (LOP) WARNING THIS REVEIW HAS A SPOILER IN IT!!!!!!!!!!! it took me longer to get into the book. I probably would have been not as confused if I read the first one first. But other then that it was an amazing novel. Three's story has so much depth to it and once I got into it she sucked me into her world. The relationship between three and her sisters is very well written. The cleverness of finding songs that most people would recognize to taunt three [...]

    10. After reading Gilded Destiny, I was excited to read this next book in the Vesper Series Three the only Maid created by a Gent! Living with the maids and feeling their scorn for what and who she is! (And they were, just plain mean) Jack a train man his sole purpose is to drive the train for the vespers Knowing what they are and that everyday could be his last. Well I'm not going to go into details and give spoilers Ms Sarina does an amazing job of creating characters and settings that just work. [...]

    11. I was looking forward to reading Nola Sarina's Jaded Touch, especially after reading Gilded Destiny. The newest in Nola's the Vesper series of novellas, she did not disappoint. In this story we meet Three, a Vesper maid and Jack, a trainman. They become locked in a forbidden relationship and the tension is palpable. If they get caught, it means death - for both of them. Within the story is the characterization of a few other kew players I look forward to getting to know. Sychar, Three's best fri [...]

    12. FAIRY THOUGHTSFavorite Line “There was no way I could forget him now. He made sure of it”Man those Vespers are some crazy, amazing creatures!Like before I'm a little grossed out by the way the eat but, man the way the fight, torture, and now love more than make up for that.Three is different, she was made different, she thinks different. Jack works on the train and is human and is against the rules!Three knows she should care about him but, there is something about him that she just can't le [...]

    13. OH MY! Nola Sarina spins quite a tale! This story drew me in and didn't let go until the last sentence. The characters, dialogue, and supernova love scenes make this a great read. It does deal a little with domination, but not in a freaky, he's going to beat the crap out of her kind of way it actually surprised me-when I first figured out there was a ribbon of this theme, I expected to be turned OFF, but Nola totally kept me hooked, and let's just say turned OFF wasn't the direction I went. *win [...]

    14. What can I say? Excellent read. Nola Sarina has done a wonderful job with Jaded. The story picks up smoothly after Gilded Destiny and more insight is shed where the first book ends.It is a refreshing and in-depth story. With more light shed upon Vespers (Miss Sarin's interesting breed,,,,,,,,,Half Snake/Half Human)Without spoiling the book's content, the pyramid between Synchar, Three and Jack is powerful. Even 'monsters' are capable of feelings!!!!!I cannot wait to find out when and if there wi [...]

    15. I love the Vespers! Talk about dark, edgy, and a triple side of H.O.T. Nola Sarina has a beautiful way with words, bringing such a deep, lyrical quality to this genre. Even better than it's predecessor, Gilded Destiny, Jaded Touch is a stellar follow-up and I can't wait to see what she brings to the table next!

    16. Like a roller-coaster, the journey begins slow and builds all the way through to an exciting climax. The ups and downs of the characters’ emotions are portrayed superbly in this second part of a three part series. – This is a must read.

    17. Completely blind sighted, that is how I felt when reading Jaded Touch by Nora Sarina. After reading the first book in the Vesper Novella series (Gilded Destiny) I expected the next book to follow the same structure or at least to continue the same story. But, I was thrown through a loop when I encountered an entirely new story in the second novella which, I have to admit, was at least twice as good as the first one was. I have a renewed respect for the creativity and concise writing that Sarina [...]

    18. Jaded Touch is the second book in the Vesper series however is perfectly capable of being a stand alone book. There are a few parts you may understand a little more if you have read book one but nothing to major that you will be lost. I honestly think this book was better than her first one in the series. The writing was smoother, less errors (yeah, I knowMy review has errors,too. But hey, I don't have an editor. LOL), and the conversations were realistic (well, as realistic as you can get in pa [...]

    19. Three gets picked on because she is different than the other maidens. She was made by a Gent not a maiden. She also acts different. She is secretly friends with the Gent Sychar and that is forbidden. She also falls in love with a human named Jack and that can also get her killed. Not knowing much about her past she has always wondered who made her. She has more worries than that when all her secrets come out. Her lover, her friend and she all just may die. Three is a special character. She is to [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsNolan Sarina is a talented author. She effortlessly creates a mythology that is both intriguing and bone chilling with her Vesper series. This second installment in the series does not disappoint.Jaded Touch is entertaining, exciting, sexy, and, surprisingly, a tear-jerker. Sarina once again tells a tale of forbidden love while revealing more of the Vespers' history and their role in protecting humanity. Three, a Vesper Maid, finds herself loving not one, but two men, that could mean no [...]

    21. Review for Jaded Touch- A Vesper Novella by Nola SarinaI received this book from Paranormal Romance & Authors that rock, for an honest review. Thanks Guys! I proudly give this Novella 4 fangsIt took three scars to break her and two men to save me. And when I made one choice. I stripped a Vesper of his past and granted another he never imagined.Three is a Vesper known as a Maid she has lived a life of solitude in large part due to the way she became a vesper. Tormented by her sister Vespers . [...]

    22. I love how this author takes an epic, tragic world and brings it to life with her character's irreverent sense of humor. Jack was the best, such a breath of fresh air. His journey with Three was wrought with twists that were never quite what I expected, and the stakes were excruciating. Plus, I find the whole idea of a vampires falling in love with a train conductor unreasonably sexy. 4 stars!

    23. What a roller-coaster, the beginning was a little slow but the build up was great. This book was so entertaining. I loved the excitement and the sexy people. The romance and friendship brings out emotions which many will call a tear-jerker. This was a fun read with great action, paranormal, and romance.

    24. 4 Crazy Ass Stars!!!!Ok, this series is getting better as I delve into each book. There's more understanding of things as explanations become more available. Ok, I'm in this story now. I'm liking where it's heading

    25. I was given this book to review by LOP I did not read the first book but this book was pretty good I did find it kind of predictable in some areas but a good read over all.

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