Housebound Someone had invited Noah Grant to the family s home but who All Anne Kirkland knew was that the man looked like a tall Celtic Gypsy with that dark skin the blue blue eyes and the wildly curling bl

  • Title: Housebound
  • Author: Anne Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780373821495
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Someone had invited Noah Grant to the family s home, but who All Anne Kirkland knew was that the man looked like a tall Celtic Gypsy, with that dark skin, the blue, blue eyes and the wildly curling black hair and he made her hot under the collar

    One thought on “Housebound”

    1. Well written and good story but I just couldn't get over the H sleeping with the h and then sleeping with the sister as well, all the while lying to the h about the house. IMO he needed to be gone like the curbside trash he was cause that is just disgusting and the h should have used her nail gun to staple the dangly bits down and then she should have kicked every single family member with the exception of the aunt out of her life.There was no remorse or excuse for screwing her sister while he w [...]

    2. Housebound by Anne Stuart is one of her earlier novels, first published in the 1980′s. I must’ve been toddler then. The magic about romances that are well written is that they stand the test of time; no amount of development that comes about or technology advances that change the world can diminish the glow that is left behind in the wake of a romance that touches you deep inside.Housebound starts in off in an ordinary enough manner. Nothing in particular stands out at first. 34 year old Ann [...]

    3. Housebound, while maybe not my favorite book of Stuart's, is definitely worth the "price of admission"! I liked that the other reviewer pegged it a "Cinderella story" because there certainly are similarities. Annie loves her home, which is in badly in need of costly repairs that she can't afford. She is the middle child flanked by over achieving, yet shallow siblings. She works hard to care for their father and "maintain" their home. Noah Grant, a man with a painful past, comes to the home posin [...]

    4. Another Anne Stuart oldie for my collection. I really enjoy how she can fit her trademark hard-to-like heroes in every kind of plot and in this one she succeeds in doing it one more time.I did like our heroine, Anne Kirkland, a lot! However in some things she sounded too good to be true, I mean she was treated like the one in the family without any talent - with her father, brother and sister all excelling at something - but the fact is that she excelled at several things too. They just weren't [...]

    5. Huh. Two books in a row with less than heroic heroes. I spent much of this one trying to decide if he were a beta with a shaky conscience or a gamma (it IS an Anne Stuart after all). It also uses that trope that irritates me - the h is engaged to someone else but it's not real love so therefore it's A-OK to cheat on him with the H.I came to the conclusion that I had zero respect for, or even liking of pretty much everyone. The heroine, well, she did try telling the H "no" but when it came right [...]

    6. Another WinnerWell once again Miss Ann Stuart dose it another winner.Annie is trying to save a Galen down house and her sister and brother and father want it sold it is a money pit,.But thinks it is a grand house and will a thing she vCan to save it.Till she meats Noah and falls in love then everything starts happing all at once.A must read it if like Romance not your muddy mystery book but more of the love side.I truly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of Miss Ann's books.

    7. Anne Kirkland is such a likeable character! I so related to her love for her house. Noah is a much more confusing character, dark and mocking. He's testing Anne, and she - and we - don't know why. Finally he understands her, & after that I rooted for him all the way. I loved his atonement! The ending was utterly great! I've loved Anne Stuart's books for years, and this one rates up with the rest.

    8. It won't be at the top of my favorites by Anne Stuart, but I'll read anything she wrote, and this was a pleasant story with enough conflict to keep it interesting.

    9. Well, that was something. Didn't love the massive family miscommunications or the cheating, did love Aunt Lillian. Noah was not my favorite AS hero. Annie grew on me.

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