The Valhalla Call

The Valhalla Call In The Valhalla Call we bring the Hayden War Arc that began in On Silver Wings to its startling conclusion Newly minted Lieutenant Sorilla Aida has a new mission and new allies gear and support as s

  • Title: The Valhalla Call
  • Author: Evan Currie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In The Valhalla Call we bring the Hayden War Arc that began in On Silver Wings to its startling conclusion Newly minted Lieutenant Sorilla Aida has a new mission and new allies, gear, and support as she is tasked with a job that could ensure that the human race stands a chance of reaching a technical parity with the mysterious alien alliance.Humans and SOLCOM are not theIn The Valhalla Call we bring the Hayden War Arc that began in On Silver Wings to its startling conclusion Newly minted Lieutenant Sorilla Aida has a new mission and new allies, gear, and support as she is tasked with a job that could ensure that the human race stands a chance of reaching a technical parity with the mysterious alien alliance.Humans and SOLCOM are not the only ones making moves, however, and the Alliance has brought up their varsity to end the little side war before it gets out of hand Are they really interested in humanity or human worlds, however, or is something at play When the horns sound, the Valhalla Call rings out across the galaxy and it is inevitable that someone will be brought to answer.

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    1. This is yet another great book in the Hayden War Cycle (Warrior’s Wings) book series. Evan C. Currie have interesting characters, a writing style that I like, writes good action sequences and uses reasonably believable physics. The book starts fairly shortly after the previous book ended. The humans have obviously reverse engineered some of the alien technology and are not the easy prey the aliens thought any more. This does not mean that they are not outclassed technologically though but huma [...]

    2. This is a great Science Fiction series! Well written, great characters, consistent plot. (My copy had some typos and errors, but nothig too distracting)Highy recommendable!

    3. Man has discovered the secret of FTL travel via the natural gateways between stars and is rapidly expanding into nearby space. Space, however, is not empty, filled with many other races that have gotten there first. War immediately breaks out when mankind's ships first encounter those from one of the alliance of races that control much of the galaxy.An entertaining space opera, full of awe-inspiring weapons and plenty of space battles. Overall I enjoy this story and was especially intrigued by p [...]

    4. Excellent Military Space Opera!This book 4 opens as Earth's forces attempt to reverse-engineer alien technology and simultaneously defend the small colony of Hayden. Viewpoints shift back and forth as different characters become the center of the action. Both small individual forces and fleets aggressively attack with different tactical goals, but each battle action can go either way.The story is absolutely riveting, and it appears personal sacrifices may be made to protect Earth from the aliens [...]

    5. Great StoryThis is my second time reading "On Silver Wings"When I saw that book 6 came out I decided to read the series from the start. Glad I did. I read the first 5 books in about 4 weeks this time. I couldn't put it down. I've read almost every book Evan Currie wrote, I have to say he's my favorite author in a long time. I read a lot so that says something. Thanks Evan, keep em coming

    6. WowThat is ending a book with a bang, what a thrill ride! Not only a real WTH moment, but also mystery looking around the edge, no onward to the next one.

    7. thoroughly enjoyable and totally mesmerising . Thoroughly enjoyable and totally captivating and looking forward to the next book. The story line is so compelling that it's hard to put down.

    8. This might have been the hardest book of the Hayden War Cycle for me to rate. It's not set into the solid mold that the previous volumes have and is lacking a lot of one on one with resident bad ass Sorilla Aida.Not using the same mold meant that The Valhalla Call has had to impress me on a whole new level. I am grateful to say, it has succeeded.The tech constructs in the series have always been one of the most impressive aspects of Evan C. Currie's work. It is no less so this time around. The p [...]

    9. This was a decent SF series so far.I think the story is at its best when it follows the adventures as seen through the eyes of the resident badass Sorrila. Perhaps the most fun I had reading it was when Sorrila played a game of 'predator' with some unfortunate aliens.The aliens were a mixed bag. Initially they appeared to be these cosmic horrors in the face of which humanity couldn't stand a change. Which was of the good. Only to find that in the end they are kinda a lot like the humans, more or [...]

    10. Ross Ell, Ros' El You say 'tomato', I say 'tomahto'I have enjoyed the adventures of Sergeant Aida, very much. And I admire the Admiral Brooke and Jane Mackay characters.What I absolutely positively dislike is the lack of consistency, oh, like the way name of an entire species of aliens is spelled differently from book to book. And it's obvious that spellchecker was used, but that doesn't catch words that are spelled correctly but aren't the word that is needed. Or missing words.Regardless, I've [...]

    11. What a great addition to the sequence. We learn a lot more about the various aliens. Some of the best parts of the book were dealt with the thinking and cultures involved there. Of course, the battle scenes rocked. We got far more different kinds of weapon systems here, along with battles in space, battles in powered armor, and even hand to hand among giant "mecha" style armor. Currie really kicks the series into high gear here -- it would make an fantastic action movie. The one downside, is tha [...]

    12. Once again Evan Currie has produced and incredible work of science fiction!From the actual science part to the military engagements and the alien forces trying to understand humans it was all fascinating to watch. The point of view changes often in this book between several different characters. However the human forces have clearly come a hug way from the start of this series when they could barely keep up with the alien Alliance.Whether it was trying to explain the truth or fiction of space ti [...]

    13. I read the Odyssey series and like them so much I moved on to the Warrior's Wings. I was not disappointed. These novels have great characters and warning - they are not all miraculously saved. This is not a feel good, everyone makes it out alive through team work. And they are all the better for it. Very technical but not absolutely necessary to understand to get the story. I will admit to fogging over a few paragraphs which were heavy on physics and science without any detriment to the plot, I [...]

    14. OK, this series is very goodI've just read the first four volumes of this series. It's very good as far as action, reasonable tactics, and an informative description of higher dimensional math/physics. The aliens seem a little less than alien though; but who's really to say?But once again I have to say, could someone, please, please, proofread these books before they're published? I hate having to try to figure out what the author is trying to say when I'm reading nearly every paragraph! I would [...]

    15. A good conclusion: I enjoyed the book; however, it did have a few droning parts (very limited in the rest of the series) as well as one rant about how we destroyed the earth with global warming (if I wanted that crap I would turn on the news). The end leaves a little to be desired unlike the rest of the books a brief theory of what happens when you [insert spoiler here] is never addressed. Not a huge issue, but it would be nice to know if "we really don't know" or "that [insert spoiler here] wou [...]

    16. I enjoyed it, as I have the other books in the series. I think the author has sharpened his writing skills over the course of this series and of his other series. I thought the battle in chapter 6 particularity well done.That said, every once and again a sentence doesn't scan as smoothly as it should, and Currie or an editor should catch mistakes such as using "peek" for "peak." Overall, though, the typo level is relatively low for an e-book.A worthy read, though I recommend starting at he begin [...]

    17. Summary: Fast and exciting action packed military sci-fi. Fantastic escapism, but possibly not for deep thinkers. I loved this book - well up to the standards of the first three.Plotline: Human race desperately trying to catch up with its alien neighbours - lots of skirmishes and action, the overall plot moves along nicely.Premise: Interesting universe, and this book expands some of the detailsWriting: Breathless, clear, simple, good.Ending: Lots of threads left hanging in the air (vacuum?) but [...]

    18. 4th book in the series, excellent military sci-fi story about Earth's first encounter with alien species. The main characters are all book, including Aida. Her story kind of takes a backstep here, as other characters are starting to step up. The best parts of the book are actually told from the alien's perspective, I kept looking forward to these chapters. But overall a very fun series to read.

    19. I loved this series, and up until the very end I loved this book, but I felt let down by the wrap up. There was another several chapters at least that could have been added, it honestly felt like Currie stopped writing and someone else came in and summarized an ending to get the book out. Its frustrating because everything else by this author has been military science fiction opera at its finest.

    20. So they blew themselves up (guess that's what they couldn't tell her?) to take out a fleet and that got the Alliance to send a peace envoy to absorb them that way. I guess you call that a win, but in the end they're still screwed. Aida's ship capturing kind of went nowhere. Or was at least left dangling. The Ross El seem like they'd be up for more planet destroying, screw what anyone else says.

    21. Sorilla is back in the action but now she is an officer in charge of a daring plan to take an alien ship. The Alliance and the Solari are back at each other as huge space fleets prepare to battle. Once again Aida kicks butt and the Solari fleet is saved by some shenanigans from Admiral Brooke which results in both sides ships being lost. The editing on this series is terrible but the story is strong enough to carry it even with that problem.

    22. A little disappointed. I have enjoyed this series so far especially the two Valkyrie books. While continuing the series; each had its own beginning, middle and end. With this one not so much It does move the series along; but feels like a rushed beginning followed by a series of jump-cuts then it stops before the final reel. Bleh!

    23. Trim the technobabble and the explanations of things! You don't need a page to tell me about the high tech fancy electronic paper or about the automated taxi! You don't have to pad the word count! 4 books in with the same problem, so I'm not surprised, but the book is enjoyable (especially with skimming the unnecessary explainations/theorizing)

    24. If you like space battles, these books are a lot of fun. The author amps up the excitement by covering two space missions at once. And, as was the case in the previous books, both sides get banged up, and each side learns from the other, making the war ever more difficult to win. I can't say if the science is even remotely accurate, but when the narrative pulls you along like this, who cares?

    25. This is probably my least favourite of the series so far. The whole part with the Titans, while neat, took my favourite character out of the scenarios that really made things exciting and gritty. I don't mind the space battles but I really missed the on-planet action. I'm looking forward to the next book and hoping to see Sorilla back in action1

    26. So excitingEvan Curries imagination is exemplary! He writes as if he personally experiences all the exciting happenings in this book. Each one better than the last. I recommend this author to all sci fi and even non sci fi fansere's a bit of something for everyone. Aida is awesome. On to the next.

    27. I enjoyed this book a lot, I feel that it was a strong entry into the seres and i really enjoy where this series is now compared to the first half of the first book and would recommend this book to anyone. This book you get a nice mix of human/alien view points as well as ground vs space combat forces to you don't get to bogged down in one or the other.

    28. I read all the Warriors Wings/Hayden Cycle/Sorilla Aida books in a row over the last couple days they we're very addicting to say the least. The story arc and series was worth the read I highly recommend it.

    29. Valhalla Call is the conclusion of the Warrior's Wings series and the action continues. There is an epic space battle and the story sets up a continuation of this series. This has been a very good space opera and. Evan Currie needs to continue the Warrior's Wings saga.

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