Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully

Jim Cramer s Get Rich Carefully Tired of phony promises about getting rich quickly promises that lead to reckless decisions the stepping stones to the poor house How about trying something different How about going for lasting weal

  • Title: Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully
  • Author: James J. Cramer
  • ISBN: 9780399168185
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tired of phony promises about getting rich quickly, promises that lead to reckless decisions the stepping stones to the poor house How about trying something different How about going for lasting wealth and doing it the cautious way In Get Rich Carefully, Jim Cramer uses his thirty five years of experience as a Wall Street veteran and host of CNBC s Mad Money to creatTired of phony promises about getting rich quickly, promises that lead to reckless decisions the stepping stones to the poor house How about trying something different How about going for lasting wealth and doing it the cautious way In Get Rich Carefully, Jim Cramer uses his thirty five years of experience as a Wall Street veteran and host of CNBC s Mad Money to create a guide to high yield, low risk investing In our recovering economy, this is the plan you need to make big money without taking big risks.Drawing on his unparalleled knowledge of the stock market and on the mistakes and successes he s made on the way to his own fortune, Cramer explains in plain English why you can get rich in a prudent, methodical way, as long as you start now In his own inimitable style, Cramer lays it on the line, no waffling, no on the one hand or the other hedging, just the straight stuff you need to accumulate wealth This is a book of wisdom as well as specifics Cramer names names, highlights individual and sector plays, and identifies the best long term investing themes and shows you how to develop the disciplines you need to exploit them The personal finance book of the year, Get Rich Carefully is the invaluable guide to turning your savings into real, lasting wealth in a practical, and yes because this is, after all, a book by Jim Cramer highly readable and entertaining way.

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    1. I don't care for Jim Cramer personally, but my brother-in-law follows him and was given this book for Christmas a couple years back. Curious, I started reading it while visiting and decided to give it a try when I got home. Cramer is ideal for anyone willing to spend the time poring over company financial statements to maximize the amount of money they can possibly make. For me, however, time is more important than money, and I find that matching the returns of the S&P to be adequate. Could [...]

    2. Excellent romp though the markets, what moves them and how to pick them. Cramer opens up about the many mistakes he's made over the years which is the most interesting reading to me. Great read.

    3. Get Rich Carefully is an investment book that is based primarily on stocks.That being said, as somebody who watches and enjoys Mad Money I have to say that Get Rich Carefully parallels Cramer's investing philosophy displayed nightly on his show. Then why not watch the show? Because Cramer can't cover everything that's in this book in less than 60 minutes. Then why not just read the book? Because Mad Money is up to date with information and wonderful interviews of many great CEOs. Whatever you ch [...]

    4. Full disclosure: I watch Cramer regularly when he appears on CNBC and Mad Money and I have read most of his books. He is not always right, but he calls it the way he sees it based on his years of experience on Wall Street.He is loud and goofy, but he believes in investing in individual stocks rather than relying on "professional" money managers. The antics are designed to keep people interested.If you are willing to take the time to do the homework, this book will help you select stocks to help [...]

    5. They say America loves an apology and this book is a good example of that. I found the book to be pretty densely packed with advice, but I couldn't really get over the fact that this is basically Cramer cashing in on his own apologetic narrative for his participation in and perpetuation of the "reckless investing" of 2008. If you've ever seen the interview Cramer did with John Stewart in 2009, you'll understand how hard it is to hear Cramer ask whether I'm "Tired of phony promises about getting [...]

    6. so muchWhat a great book. It includes so much advice that I'm going to have read it again. Jim shares decades of experience and helps us glance into the possible future of the market.

    7. Good practices and I learned a lot. I did get stuck halfway through I just got tired of the long winded rants which are entertaining on TV but get long in a book. This would have been an amazing book if it was consolidated to 250 pages vs. 500.

    8. Awesome read. Tells you what to look for in investments and even gives you all the best of breeds for each industry. His Bankable 21 section is great too, where he goes down the list of great CEOs and why they are "investable." Definitely recommend.

    9. Same old same old. If you listen to him every day you get 90% of what's in this book. It's nice to have everything in one spot though and you can go back and see if he is right. He currently rates a D on pundittracker, but knowledge is always a good thing.

    10. I listened to this on audiobook, and the constant yelling was a bit much. However the tips, tricks and analysis were very helpful!

    11. Quite useful book on learning the basics for long term investing on stocks. Focused on the USA stock market obviously.

    12. I like Jim's goal. To bring advanced stock picking to the common man. This book may not pass the test of time but he has extremely relevant examples that allow you to truly understand concepts that often seem abstract. One chapter that will stand the test of time is the research chapter where he explains (in lots of detail) how to research and weigh different stocks against one another. It's one of the best explanations of how to properly research stocks before picking them.

    13. It's clear Jim knows a lot about WallStreet. He knows how to read companies and where to look at. The feeling Jim gave me after reading his book that you need to put a lot of constant effort in your research wether buying a stock or not.

    14. That was a long one. I wish I had finished it years ago when I first bought it this should not be your first investment read or your first Cramer readbut if you are a booyah Cramerican, this book brings a lot of things full circle. Long live the little guys.

    15. First investment book, best investment book. (At least a good start). Some of the examples are dated and suggested stocks no longer apply, but the principles are what Jim Cramer is getting at.

    16. I didn't know much about stocks before reading the book, yet I'm still not a pro by any means. The first half of the book talked about basic market fundamentals, which I found most interesting. As the book progressed I started to realize there were a lot of examples, which once the point was understood was hard for me to keep focus reading. Overall was an excellent book and very needed.

    17. I bought this because I saw an interview with Cramer where he talked about the tests he applies for finding good growth stocks. This is thoroughly discussed, and very much worth reading.This is a good book about what you need to know in order to invest, and where to find it that information. The book is loaded with information and insight throughout It's definitely worth your time even if you have read umpteen other investment books, as I have. A good summary at the end of every chapter. Cramer [...]

    18. I don't always agree with Cramer, but I like his philosophy: do your homework, find a good company, and buy it at a discount. This is 400+ pages of investing advice that is as densely packed as Cramer's show.This is definitely worth while for the novice investor, but may only deliver a few points to those with experience in the market. The technical chapter is light for the experienced, and may be a little confusing to the novice. The bankable 21 CEOs chapter can be skipped. But the rest is dece [...]

    19. I loved this book. Before reading this one, however, I would recommend Cramer's "Real Money" first. In Real Money, Cramer goes in depth into the nuts and bolts of evaluating a company and a stock. Once you have done your homework (i.e. followed the steps to evaluate the stock), then you are ready for the information in "Get Rich Carefully." In this book, Cramer identifies different conditions that might lead to fast rises in stock prices. There is a lot of great information here, along with many [...]

    20. I love Cramer. I know I shouldn't, but I do. That said, this is the first of his books that I've read. I liked that he gave great, specific examples of companies that are fundamentally good investments; I also don't like that he did it, for fear that the book could wind up irrelevant if something goes terribly wrong with one of these companies. Also, this book is definitely for people who have been investing for a while and are familiar with the fundamental analysis that goes into investment dec [...]

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