Single Witch's Survival Guide

Single Witch s Survival Guide Jane Madison s life is perfect She s left her unsatisfying job as a librarian moved to the country with her boyfriend David who just happens to be her hunky astral warder and opened a school for wi

  • Title: Single Witch's Survival Guide
  • Author: Mindy Klasky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jane Madison s life is perfect She s left her unsatisfying job as a librarian, moved to the country with her boyfriend David who just happens to be her hunky astral warder , and opened a school for witches.Alas, Jane never counted on her students running roughshod over every school rule she creates And she never expected a mandate from Hecate s Council to complete a MajJane Madison s life is perfect She s left her unsatisfying job as a librarian, moved to the country with her boyfriend David who just happens to be her hunky astral warder , and opened a school for witches.Alas, Jane never counted on her students running roughshod over every school rule she creates And she never expected a mandate from Hecate s Council to complete a Major Working by the end of the first semester And it never crossed her mind that she and David would fight over every little thing that goes wrong.Before long, Jane wonders if she should ditch the Madison Academy and retreat to life in the city But that would mean giving up on her professional dreams and tossing her love life in the trash Jane desperate needs the Single Witch s Survival Guide

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    1. Chick lit with magic.When I'm in the mood for humor, romance, and action that involves relationships between people rather than blood, guts, and the fate of nations, this sort of book hits the spot.And this particular one hit the spot with an engaging heroine who is not only still trying to learn what her style of magic is, but how to make it work with her love life. This is complicated by the fact that her sweetie is also her warder; in Klasky's magical world, witches not only require familiars [...]

    2. Another good oneI love this series. However, I have only one issue with this book: why is the word 'alas' suddenly a favorite?

    3. Single Witch's Survival Guide by Mindy Klasky is a sequel to the author's Jane Madison trilogy and the first in the Jane Madison Academy series. Unlike the earlier books, this one was self-published. I read the original Jane Madison trilogy several years ago and, in fact, books 2 and 3 were two of the very first ebooks I ever bought (from Fictionwise to read on Stanza, back when both of those existed). You don't have to have read the original series to pick up Single Witch's Survival Guide, but [...]

    4. I went into this book with pretty high expectations given my love of Klasky's original Jane Madison series, which I thought was quite brilliantly put together. This book sat on my "kindle shelf" for quite a while before I finally cracked it because I was afraid I would regret reading it. Fortunately, Klasky did not fail and pulled off the start of a new, but definitely connected, series.First, the original trilogy is relatively light on drama (particularly for this genre). This book is much diff [...]

    5. I received a copy of this from Library Thing to read and review. Having read the other books in this series by the author, I was eager to begin this one. The story is a continuation of Jane, David and Neko, but it really is not necessary to have read the earlier books in the series to understand this one. I really enjoyed seeing how the characters mature and grow into each other and the storyline. I did think, however, that the author spent a bit too much time discussing and describing the witch [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book from Library Thing's Early Reader Program. For anyone who wants to know just what it is that Witch's do, this is it. Forget all the stuff about ugly hags with wart-on-top-of-wart faces, or a bunch of old crones stirring huge cauldrons full of bats, Hemlock, and spider webs. The witches of today simply want to perfect their skills, and possibly do some good in the world. Not to say the bad witches aren't out there complete with political agenda and wands, but Jane M [...]

    7. I have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Jane Madison's story since I closed the book on "Magic and the Modern Girl". I'm THRILLED that Ms. Klasky has delivered with book one of what looks to be a promising new trilogy!'Single Witch's Survival Guide' begins several months after we last encounter Jane. She's got the idea of her Academy brewing, but she's yet to put plans into action. The basic premise of this book is that two students arrive at her doorstep, along with a mandate from Heca [...]

    8. 3.5 I just finished this book, and re-read the first 3 in the Jane Madison series. Once I finish the series to date, including the novellas, I plan to come back and do a detailed review of the first 3 and the last 2. Before leaving this here though, I do want to say if you are looking for a light foray in the magic world with some fun side characters to give this series a shot. While the author does some recapping I would definitely recommend starting with book one "Girl's Guide to Witchcraft" i [...]

    9. If you enjoyed the first three Jane Madison books you’ll enjoy this one as well. I have to admit, I don’t really understand how this is the start of a new series – it’s the same character and a continuation of the same story. It references people and events from first three books. I think it would be very difficult for a new reader to pick it up here and understand who is who and what is going on. Confusion about the series progression aside, I enjoyed this book a lot. I was thrilled to [...]

    10. Between a 3 and 3.5I really enjoyed the first trilogy about Jane Madison, a librarian who discovers that she is a witch. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite as engaged with this one. Jane has decided to open a magic school where she wants to teach magic differently than the typical rota (think traditional school to Montessori). Her mother sends her two witches to teach and each witch comes with their own warder and familiar.On the plus side, the world building around the magic system is complete and i [...]

    11. Great third novel in seriesThe plot ratchets up with a return to the enmity between David and Hecate's Court, with the barely established Jane Madison Academy as the stakes. There is a rupture between Jane and David that never impresses as a contrivance to maintain sexual tension between them. Rather, it feels entirely consistent with both their personalities. An incident that happened me might expect to happen given their personalities. Clara, Gran and Melissa remain, but with lesser roles to p [...]

    12. Three witches, three familiars, three warders, one house, one spiteful and mean clerk of Hecate's Court and a Major Working required within a couple of months the Jane Madison Academy stand any chance of getting and keeping it's charter? Find out and you laugh and cry your way through the Single Witch's Survival Guide by Mindy Klasky. It is an entertaining and enjoyable read, perfect for relaxing in front of a fire or catching some rays on the beach. Whether you are a fan of the supernatural, ro [...]

    13. I'm so glad I stumbled upon Klasky. What fun. I enjoy the strong heroines. I'd love a little more interaction between the main characters, though. I feel like we rush-rush-rush through the plot without quite enough understanding of what's in Jane's head. Does it really not affect her at all when her boyfriend moves out of his own house? She just keeps chugging along without thinking too much about it?

    14. Another fun read, this one beginning the new Jane Madison Academy series. Jane is now living with David in the country & is trying to get motivated about opening her school for witches, when her mother Clara sends her two witches from Sedona to be trained. Enter into the picture the nasty Clerk of Hecate's Court, who has it in for David, and there are busy times for Jane & company. Good, quick story, with a satisfying resolution to it all.

    15. Super could not put it down. Love the characters and Clara surprised me.Off to happily hand over money for the next one

    16. I was very excited to see that there was a new Jane Madison story available. So much so that I reread the origin series. This newest story was a perfect addition and I can't wait to see what else Jane gets up to at her academy!

    17. Such a cute book! But also really deep in science, nature, and magic. I really enjoyed the depth of this "light" paranormal romance. I look forward to more in the series to get to know the other characters better. Highly recommended to fans of the genre.

    18. An easy, quick read. Kept rooting for everything to work out great for Jane, the witch that starts her own "magicarium". Some of the magic scenes were a bit drawn out for me, but otherwise enjoyed it.

    19. I love Klasky's chit lit/fantasy books, so I was really looking forward to this one. However, I was really disappointed. She crossed the line from chick lit into paranormal romance. It cheapened the book and devalued her characters.

    20. A 4 star, fun read. The perfect blend of humor, seriousness, relationship success, and relationship troubles. And some really awesome magic and descriptions of magic.

    21. I do like this series very much and was happy to learn there was a new Jane Madison book. I thought it was a little too heavy on the magical process descriptions, but the plot was a good one.

    22. I really enjoyed reading this just add I do all off Mindy Klasky's books. This series with Jane Madison had had me from book one. Definitely worth the read!

    23. This was the follow up to the Jane Madison trilogy. It was okay but it seemed to be lacking the charm of the previous books.

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