Insufferable Proximity 2

Insufferable Proximity After surviving a night of hell with the saboteur Julian and Heaven attempt to get back to a normal life

  • Title: Insufferable Proximity 2
  • Author: Z. Stefani
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After surviving a night of hell with the saboteur, Julian and Heaven attempt to get back to a normal life.

    One thought on “Insufferable Proximity 2”

    1. Oh My God.!!!! “I´m going to make you suck my cock forhours after I fuck you for days.”“I´m going to be so deep inside you that you won´t know where you end, and I begin” WHAT?!!!!After Gavin´s arrest we all thought that would be the end and HEA but noI really thought the first book would be the one but this one exceeded my expectations. It had everything from love, lust, romance, jealousy, drama, misunderstandings, schemes EVERY-FUCKING-THING.!!New characters come into play too…th [...]

    2. Three StarsI will always love Julian and Heaven. Always. I LOVE book one and I was really looking forward to the sequel. Alas, it didn't quite meet my expectations. Julian's way over the top overprotectiveness in the beginning was annoying and the rest of the book was just okay. Happy to see them married, in love, and Julian was as Alpha male as ever, but it wasn't enough. At least I can always re-read book one when I'm in the mood for some Julian :)

    3. "It was just a matter of time before I lost control and locked you in my office. Now that I know how your body reacts to me, I know that you would have eventually succumbed.""I can't believe you still wanted to have sex with me after all those years of fighting.""Not just sex. After all that fighting, I wanted to fuck you raw and beat your ass. After each fight, I'd spend hours fixated on what I wanted to do to you."First off, I wanna throw out a huge THANK YOU to the author for deciding to writ [...]

    4. Ugh!I had to find out what happened even though the first book sucked. Damn my OCD. This one was even worse. It picks up right where the first one leaves off and literally for the first half of the book it's focus is nothing but Julian installing a new security system while he keeps Heaven trapped in their room recovering from a "near concussion" for two weeks. I did crack up at the author opting to use cursing and vulgarity throughout the book but drawing the line at using the word 'masturbatio [...]

    5. What to say, it was a slow story not much happens to begin with it's about how Julian cope's with what happened to Heaven on that night and how he also cope's with his jealousy at work. Nothing big happens until about 75%.If you haven't read the first book yet STOP before the epilogue as the epilogue is the same in both books and that can sort of spoil book 2.Read this one if you want to know what happens more with Julian, Heaven & Gavin.

    6. I am a huge fan of this author bc she gives us the kind of H that is the ultimate caveman who is OTT possessive, jealous, and protective of his woman. This is a direct sequel to the first book and Julian was incredible. We got to see different sides of Julian in this one which was fantastic. He was vulnerable, caring, and truly devoted to Heaven. I wished he was real!!! We don't get to see the same complexity of emotions from Heaven; she was still the strong h we encountered in the first book. I [...]

    7. 4 stars!Correct me If I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time that she went down on him. right? In book 1 she never did itGod, he's a boob man! He loves to pleasure her too much!In this novel, it showed how much Julian changed, he was able to curb or control his cravings for 2 weeks because he didn't want to cause her any harm and he didn't want to lose his focus in protecting her, and as a know sex addict, that was selfless of him.What I like about him is that, when he's craving for her, [...]

    8. Eh, this book left me feeling somewhat blah - as if an epilogue was stretched out significantly, with an extra hint of jealousy thrown in to make it last longer. I think an epilogue at the end of the first book would have sufficed. Not a huge fan of author writing style, very choppy and scenes are very short with common themes again and again which lack a bit of character development of plot depth. Nothing really new was added to the storyline in this book, in fact the plot from first book was r [...]

    9. So bummed about this book. God, the first one was awesome. This one just seemed silly. Don't get me wrong, there are some crazy hot sex scenes! I mean, I love the man and his dirty mouth. I just think the book was far fetched. Not realistic enough for me.Love her mother and her mothers friends. But the people that they work with drove me crazy. And really, I just didn't care about them.So I really wanted to give this 5 stars just because of the hot sex. But I just couldn't. :(

    10. Didn't beat the 1st book but was still really good bits of it dragged on and was a bit repetitive. Still loved it tho!!

    11. I LOVE HEAVEN AND JULIAN!!! No matter what they do or sayI simply adore them…This book is purely for the fans/maniacs of those 2 charactersIt’s for those who will read anything and everything that have them in itThe first and the second book are equally excellent and awesome! They’re entertaining, smart, funny and just speak to our romantic hearts that seek for the overbearing overprotective jealous alpha male who will rock our worldHowever, since it’s a sequel, I strongly believe that t [...]

    12. 3.5 stars!! (couldn't give it 4)There was a lot happening in here, some of the conflicts that actually had potential were treated as nothing, while pieces of the plot that were actually worthless were dragged through out the book. Have to say that I liked book one more (this one not much)…I felt like this book was a sort of a “die hard marathon” mixed with a scary movie where zombies are involved… I mean the bad guys kept coming at it, never being caugth and the police was useless, and e [...]

    13. This book was pretty similar to the first, however the story did get a little ridiculous. I mean, I get it - it's a book - it's fictional - we are supposed to read about something that's probably not going to happen in real life and get our "kicks" from it. However, this was a little extreme. 1 - The bad guy was just a little to cheesy/bad and his background was just a little too heavy on all things that suck and why it was Julian and Heaven's to deal with.2 - Julian's need to protect Heaven was [...]

    14. This review is going to be short and sweet.I honestly think that this story should not have been stretched.It felt as if I were spinning top in mud while reading it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Julian and Heaven, but this second book was unnecessary. I swear the entire first half of the book was anti climatic, I felt as though I was trapped in the room with Heaven. Gavin breaking out of prison was utterly predictable, the only 'surprising factor' (we not really) was Heaven's rival lawye [...]

    15. I loved this book so much!! maybe not as much as I loved the first one cause it had more to it but that doesn't change the fact that I was completely hooked on this one!!! it was different from the first book so it was another amazing read!!! I loved Julian and Heaven, they changed a lot in each other and I just couldn't stop myself from falling for them both!!!I'm not gonna go into a lot of details but they were so sweet, beautiful and intense together they made me swoon!!! and I don't swoon ve [...]

    16. I loved the FIRST book. This series should have started and ended with the first book. I really hated how Heaven lost her spunk in this book, I understand she fell in love, but she didn't have to loose her self in the process.

    17. Well I loved the first one and couldn't believe there was a sequel coming out. Safe to say I also loved this one as well. First of all I can't get enough of one of my favorite alpha males, Mr. Julian King. This story picks us right after the first book ended.Julian is still the super protective, extremely jealous, powerful man. He is not on a mission to keep Heaven protected at all times from Grant and any other danger that might come her way. I found it really sweet that Julian tried to keep hi [...]

    18. 3.5 StarsI knew it would be tough to beat the first book, but there were areas that just fell flat. The characters were less developed. I thought story lines were rushed in some areas and not developed enough in other areas. I was waiting for something else to happen with Julian's mother, but after her initial scenes, she disappeared and I was left wondering why that storyline was even introduced. I wanted more of Ian and his wife and Gloria. Blake's story ended abruptly and was downright ridicu [...]

    19. Heaven and Julien are back, full force in part two of this awesome story. Starting right where things left off in part one, Heaven and Julien are finally on there way to starting their HEA after one heck of a beginning. Or are they. Part two delves deeper into the relationship between Heaven and Julien. Both realize that their feelings towards one another have changed for the better. So after many years of wasted time, now is the moment to live for each other and that is what this story focuses [...]

    20. NO REGRETSOn reading thisrmally books that are UNNECESSARILY stretched out even though it has a good chance of having an HEA in the first one are really hard to read,and boring if I might addd I admit I was a little apprehensive while reading this,but my feelings took a nosedive(in a good way) after i got through 15% percent and i was likeOK that was kind of creepy but my sentiments match exactly to the ROCKeres not much to the story frankly its stretched,but hey! if Ms.Stefani wants to give us [...]

    21. Well written, great story would defiantly recommend to anyone. I loved the first book and the second is just as brilliant.The book starts off straight from were the last book ended. It still has my favourite elements like the Secretary's gossip, Julian and his possessive and protective nature and the sex scenes are hotter in this book then the first. Also I like that Heaven is a little more vulnerable. In the first book she is hard and approachable, but because of her kidnapping and nearly losin [...]

    22. I love Heaven and Julian there are amazing characterse 1st book was amazing but this one to me was okay but feels like it covered a few loose ends but if it was worth being a second book I'm not sure but I loved reading about their story and have no regrets buying the second book. it is a very good extended ending from the first book. We learn more about Julian' s upbringing to me it is just a long epilogue of IP1but it's worth the read but I do feel that the Epilogue itself in the book was rush [...]

    23. Words can not explain how upset I am over losing several hours of my life. The book was poorly written, I couldn't tell which point of view for most of the story was being told. Pages of useless conversations from characters that were not important to the story. The main characters had no depth. How many times can you read someone saying they want to beat your @$$? Even when the main characters argued they went on for pages saying the same things. I started skipping pages after the first chapter [...]

    24. 5 FANTASTIC WONDERFULL HOT STARRRRoh my god, im really glad there was book 2 i loved haven and julian.ey crazy about each other, loved and full of affection and lust to each othereww what a amazing booke story kept my adrenaline pumpedd i loved the ending as well.ey really are made for each otherjulian this time really fallen hard for haven, he showed his loved through his possesiveness.rved him well hahahawho knew once a manwhore and a jerk could head over heel over haveni loved how he desperat [...]

    25. This is book 2 and the conclusion to Julian & Heaven's story. In book one We find out that Julian has been the victim of a saboteur. In this book he become absolutely obsessed with Heaven's safety. He sets to work on making his house a fortress so that no harm can ever come to her again. Even though the person is behind bars he is worried he might get out or he might not have been working alone. At times it is a little annoying how over the top he is about her safety, but it is also sweet an [...]

    26. What did you DO to two of my favourite characters??!! This was just awful.My hearthrob alpha Julian is now a pathetic childish insecure mental wreck .Heaven has become a pathetic wimp of a woman .The sex isn't sexy at all and despite lots of mentions Julian has never used his so called dungeon room.We have Julian beating up a fellow lawyer who never once brings charges or happens to sport serious injuries despite being beaten unconscious on one occasion.This book didn't need writing or if it did [...]

    27. I missed Julian & Heaven and I wasn't disappointed with their return. Most of the other characters that irritated me in the first book manage to redeem themselves in this one. I was glad that Julian's cousin made quite a few appearances in this book. I loved his family, but I wanted to hear more about Ian and Julian's relationship. I also wanted to find out what Julian did to Clive. I was hoping Heaven would rip Clive a new asshole in front of everyone in the firm or at least have a decent a [...]

    28. I have no idea what to say, how come the people can be such a fool, stupid to do the stupid things? Heaven did something stupid that force her stay with Julian as his sex slave, Gavin hates his biological father so much that want to kill Julian. Lila, just want to be with Julian that she assist Gavin to commit his crime? All of them are lawyers, suppose to be smart. So sad about Ian, Julian n Gavin, all the troubles, emotional handicapped were caused by their mom, the one who made them come to t [...]

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