Confessions of a Chalet Girl

Confessions of a Chalet Girl Set in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Verbier the winter playground of the rich and famous Confessions of a Chalet Girl is a fun and flirty contemporary romance novella from the fabulous Lorraine

  • Title: Confessions of a Chalet Girl
  • Author: Lorraine Wilson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Verbier, the winter playground of the rich and famous, Confessions of a Chalet Girl is a fun and flirty contemporary romance novella from the fabulous Lorraine Wilson.The slopes seriously start to heat up when chalet girl Holly is propositioned by her sexy new boss

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    1. Gorgeous! A sexy hero, a cute heroine and a magical back drop - the perfect escapist read for a couple of hours. I really enjoyed reading this, nice to have an unusual setting and the steamy bits were delicious. :O)

    2. Planning an adventure just to get away from the dullness that is her everyday life Holly signs up with her friend to go work at a ski resort as a chalet girl. Meet new people, learn to ski and try to forget her troubles at home. At the last minute Holly needs to go alone and brave the cold so to speak. At the chalet girl initiation she however also needs to brave her attraction towards no one other than let-me-kiss-you-all-over Scott. She is instantly attracted to the him, but soon discovers he [...]

    3. The best thing about a great novella is knowing you can read it over and over again quickly whenever you want. That is what I'll be doing with Confessions of a chalet girl. I was lucky enough to be sent a preview ecopy by HarperCollins/HarperImpulse through request from author. For this I'm very thankful, this will be my quick travel read of choice on my next few journeys. Story follows Holly Buchanan as she arrives in an exclusive skiing resort in Verbier, Switzerland. Holly is a quiet, shy and [...]

    4. I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and comments are my own.I really enjoyed this read. It was quick and fun. Holly Buchanan leaves London for the Swiss Alps. She's extremely guarded when she first meets her boss Scott Hamilton. Their first encounter is rather odd at a local bar where the chalet girls give up their bras as part of an initiationter the story ends with a twist on this event which I thought was very appropriate!When Holly meets Sc [...]

    5. I've been lucky enough to read this book pre-publication. It's a fun, easy read that'll move you to both tears and laughter. I loved it!

    6. Any novel that starts in a bar with a boob flashing challenge for the heroine gets my vote!Holly is alone as a newbie chalet girl learning the ropes and trying to blend in while she saves up some money. What she doesn't count on is her sexy boss, Scott. He doesn't date staff and she's not looking for a relationship but somehow all this is set aside as passion takes over.A great holiday read that will make you want to try apres ski if not the full on slalom!

    7. For more of my reviews visit losttobooks This was a quick, entertaining and enjoyable read that I got through in just under an hour. It has also renewed my faith in novellas once more as I was thinking about stopping reading anything that isn't a full length novel due to previous experiences.Confessions of a Chalet Girl was a sweet and funny story that kept me hooked and reading with a smile on my face. There were emotional moments which were nice as most of the time when these occurred it gave [...]

    8. Confessions of a Chalet Girl is a steamy, romantic chicklit novella. I had heard positive things about it from the chicklit communities online and was keen to give it a try. I loved the idea of a book set in the ski resort of Verbier, the chalet girls juxtaposed against the rich playboys, days on the slopes and nights in the hot tubs. The chalet girl in question is Holly, reserved and slightly reluctant by nature. Holly is challenged immediately when her initiation ceremony involves removing her [...]

    9. I'm going to be perfectly honest here and say I was only interested in this book because it was free. I downloaded it after featuring it on my Kindle Freebies #7 post and it spent a total of 2 hours on my Kindle until I dived in to begin it!This novel wouldn't necessarily be classed as a short story or novella but it is a small book with only about 100 pages. It is set in the Swiss mountains and features the new chalet girl Holly and her connection with boss Scott. I would like to state at this [...]

    10. I've received an ARC of this in exchange of a honest reviewEl Extraño Gato del Cuento2.7Una vez leí a otro lector decir: "No me gustan las historias cortas porque cuando empiezan a tomar ritmo/interés, se acaban". Y tiene una gran parte de razón, porque al menos en este caso, las primeras páginas (que serían todas), no hay mucha buena cosa rescatable.Para empezar está lleno de clichés: diálogos, situaciones, personajes, no da nada nuevo como libro. ¿Punto positivos? Se lee rápido, te [...]

    11. An engaging, playful read with just the right balance between romance and erotica. Despite the novella length the characters have great depth; I also loved the switching POVs.I can't believe this is a freebie at the moment! Amazing! I definitely have to check out the rest of the Chalet Girls series. My friend is going on a mini ski-break weekend with her new husband tonight and I immediately sent her the link to this upon finishing it - it will be perfect to read on the plane and get her in the [...]

    12. This is a lovely, sexy and gentle humoured read. Scott and Holly spark straight away! Unfortunately, Scott doesn't date the staff but luckily for Holly he decides to make an exception. You can't help but like Holly. She proves she's clever from the start. And, well, Scott you're going to have to read for yourself!

    13. Short and sweet freebie. But also corny and predictable. Everything happened too fast and was too corny to deserve a 3 star.

    14. 3.5 StarsI got to confess, the only reason I requested this ARC was pure nostalgia. Yep, how very old lady of me! So I had this idea that it's going to have loads of snowboarding scenes set in Verbier with some fun banter- basically a cute story set in my "backyard, well the backyard is spent my teens in. Why? You might ask. Well check out the cover?! Notice the snowboard?! The blurb sounds fun and cute right? And for some reason I assumed a chalet girl was like I was one of them girls who lived [...]

    15. NetGalley free readHolly has just arrived in Switzerland to work as a chalet girl because her best friend and flatmate, who originally suggested they both do this for the winter to catch a rich guy (her joke), had gotten pregnant and moved in her boyfriend a mechanic's apprentice. Holly figures she'll do this job over the holidays, not have to back to her mother's home, and figure out the rest of her life when the season's over. Holly immediately attracts the attention of the owner of Chalet Rep [...]

    16. Holly Buchanan has just started a new job, she has moved away from her home in London and even though last year her best friend Pippa was meant to be helping her with this job now that she is currently pregnant Holly is having to carry on with this quest on her own. Holly already knows that this job isn't exactly going to be the easiest considering two of the Chalet girls can't even stand her but she continues with everything that's thrown at her.Holly is having a night off from her duties and i [...]

    17. When Holly leaves England for a season working at a chalet in the Swiss Alps it’s to get a way from her everyday life and get over a recent break-up, she needs to have fun. Also because her house mates have announced they are expecting a baby and she needs to move out! Avoiding all of that she jets off for a season of Skiing and adventure… So this novella is about skiing and snowboarding right? Wrong!When Holly arrives a Chalet Repos she is worlds apart from the other girls who appear to do [...]

    18. This story revolves around the main character Holly. She gets hired on at a ski resort in Switzerland with on minor problem she does not ski but since they never mention it in the interview no worries. She was only taking this job to get out of her home town and her friend Pippa talked her into it. Pippa said it was a good way for them to meet new and exciting people like the rich and famous and snag a rich husband. One snag there too, Pippa got Prego so can't go since boyfriend and her getting [...]

    19. I love the idea of chalet girls. Maybe I have a bit of a romanticized view of them considering my only knowledge of them is from the Ed Westwick/Felicity Jones movie and a brief mention in one series of Ladette to Lady, but I love the idea of beautiful snow lodges and a ski vacation in exchange for some household chores Okay - so my expectations of life of a Chalet girl and the reality is most likely completely off. Lucky for me, Lorraine Wilson seems to have similar expectations and this short [...]

    20. Sometimes I just like to indulge in a book like this one! An easy, light read which is quick and enjoyable to read. I would give this book 3.5 stars if I could. You might think that this book is about snowboarders or skiers. It’s not. There is one skiing scene, but it’s not the main focus of the book. It’s about Holly, an English girl who works in a chalet in Verbier over the winter. It’s about her relationship with her boss Scott. Confessions Of A Chalet girl isn’t all lightness thoug [...]

    21. Confessions of a Chalet Girl started out fun but quickly lost its way for me. I liked the concept, it was a nice idea but I was not completely convinced that the author knew what she wanted this to be. At times it was light hearted and funny, then it was angst and dramatic. It seemed a little all over the place.The characters had the same problem especially Holly. One minute she was so shy she could barely talk right in front of Scott and the next she was acting all seductive. The first time the [...]

    22. The novella starts out with a gratuitous boob flashing contest and it goes down from there. Holly is working at a ski resort to run away take some needed time from the domestic problems back home. What problems there are, I don't know, because the book never tells us.It also never tells us about the romantic male lead. He has no characterization. It just jumps right into doing naughty things. Holly has no sense of this guy or who he is before letting him explore interesting crevices. Just that h [...]

    23. Jane Hunt Writer First StepsIf you fancy a romantic escape to a glamorous picturesque Swiss ski resort Confessions of a Chalet Girl will take you there.Holly didn't realise public humiliation is a prerequisite of being a chalet girl. Instant empathy with the new girl is established. Has she made a mistake? Maybe not, a sexy man flirts with her the only trouble is Scott is her new boss.The sexual tension escalates between Holly and Scott as they avoid each other in confined circumstances but when [...]

    24. I very much enjoyed this quick read, but it really is just a Mills and Boon where the author has not met the word count. The male character is straight out of a Mills and Boon but you don't really get a sense of him very much because the book is so short (having said that, you don't get a sense of the male characters in much longer Mills and Boons either). I liked the female character more and with her troubling social background (even though again you don't really get the chance to get much int [...]

    25. This novella by Lorraine Wilson is the perfect thing to liven a boring afternoon! Its steamy, fun and short enough that I could manage to finish it in one sitting! Holly is a sweet character, who heads to the ski resort to try her hand at something new and different. It doesn't take long before she catches the eye of boss Scott - the only problem is he doesn't date, or sleep with, staff. But it doesn't take long for him to break the rules!Both Holly and Scott have difficult back stories, and the [...]

    26. Confessions of a Chalet Girl was an enjoyable read. It is an installment in the Chalet Girl series where each book is about a different girl that comes to work for Swiss Ski Resort. In this story we meet Holly who comes from a hard background where her mom is an alcoholic and Holly has done her best to remove herself from that environment once she could be out on her own. She agreed to work in the Winter at the resort with her friend who backed out on her in the end. Holly went with the hope tha [...]

    27. I didn't really know what to expect when I downloaded this story for my kindle. It is a fun holiday read, perfect for the plane or while commuting. The story is based on Holly, she decides to sign herself up to go to a ski centre for the winter, she was meant to be going with a friend but unfortunately that is no longer possible. This is totally unlike anything Holly has ever done before, however she takes it in her stride and attends alone. She is not like your typical girls there. Holly begins [...]

    28. Written for Fire & IceWell I am not sure the events would happen like they did so fast in real life. The casual hacking of face book and twitter that Magda did as well, was a little bit meh. However over all the story was a good one. This was a very fast read and cute. I rather liked Holly and the boss man Scott was the kind of handsome rugged fellow you would expect at a ski resort. I can admit I was a bit jealous of Holly not just for the super handsome fellow she was having and enjoying i [...]

    29. Holly is not your typical chalet girl. She was persuaded to do a season by her best friend, who then pulled out after meeting a man and falling pregnant. Holly isn't keen on drunken behaviour and she can't ski. During the chalet girl initiation night, Holly encounters her boss Scott, who is gorgeous, and gives off sex appeal. There is instantly chemistry between the pair. As you may expect sparks soon fly, and the scenes are very well written, and I loved the sexual tension between Holly and Sco [...]

    30. I received this novella from NetGalley.This novella was perfect, sweet and short, just the way it should be, however, how amazing would this as a full length novel be! That's the reason for the lesser amount of stars, I can't get past how thie novel would be perfection if extended into a novel! The characters are perfect, strong, emotional and flawed and that in itself is refreshing and places them in a real world, not a romanticised work of fiction ;)Definitely a great little read, fast, fun an [...]

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