The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn

The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn A drama in cipher found in the works of Sir Francis Bacon The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn details Anne Boleyn s life from her affair with Henry Percy to her downfall and execution

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  • Title: The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn
  • Author: Francis Bacon
  • ISBN: M0D1005013770
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • A drama in cipher found in the works of Sir Francis Bacon, The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn details Anne Boleyn s life from her affair with Henry Percy to her downfall and execution.

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    1. ISBN? - M0D1005013770Genre? - Historical / Romance / DramaCharacters? - Anne Boleyn / Henry VIII / William Kingston / Thomas Wyatt / George Boleyn / Henry Percy / Thomas Wolsey / Thomas CromwellSetting? - London (England)Series? - N/ATitle? - Just very apt - Anne's story was a tragedy and that's not recognised enough. And it's good that Anne's story is told, rather than being under Henry VIII.Character Analysis? - I loved the portrayal of Anne Boleyn as she was feisty but also vulnerable and it [...]

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