Just Act Normal

Just Act Normal SterekIf someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned he would ve probably told Scott to punch them The thing is though they would ve

Just Act Normal Chapter zosofi Teen Wolf TV Translation into available Just Act Normal by EugeniaB I don t know I DON T KNOW I think I m going nuts See the end of the work for notes and other works inspired by this one. Just Act Normal Nov , Share this Rating Title Just Act Normal . Want to share s rating on your own site Use the HTML below. Just Act Normal Miranda Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Just Act Normal is the fifth episode of Series and was brodcasted on December . Summary Edit An incident in a park with an ice cream van, a handsome jogger, a teacher and a class of six year old children is enough to drive anyone up the wall Cover Me Based on the True Life of an FBI Family Just Mar , Share this Rating Title Just Act Normal Mar . Want to share s rating on your own site Use the HTML below. BBC One Miranda SE Just Act Normal YouTube Sep , Miranda and Penny are forced into therapy for an assessment How will they cope when trapped in a room together for a half hour session with an unnervingly s Just Act Normal Chapter zosofi Teen Wolf TV Well, normal for Derek Which meant a lot of postulating and unnecessary glaring so that he wouldn t get overwhelmed He was an asshole back then Still is an asshole, but something makes him want to try His therapist had said, before he stopped goin, that he needs to stop denying himself things he wants So why shouldn t he try For Stiles Maybe All he has to do is act normal. Miranda Season , Episode Just Act Normal TV Just Act Normal Ep A New Low Ep Let s Do It Ep Before I Die Ep The New Me Sport Relief Comic Relief Contributors Become a contributor Become a contributor New Noteworthy . Just Act Normal Game Fails YouTube Dec , Submit YOUR videos here FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Enjoy the video Subscribe Submissions by Nobody noticed, just act normal gifs reddit We will remove any posts violating reddit s official rules spam, personal information, vote manipulation, etc and reddiquette just makes reddit a better place to visit Please Note Bot accounts are not allowed. BBC iPlayer Miranda Series Just Act Normal Miranda and Penny find it impossible to be normal in a session with a psychiatrist.

  • Title: Just Act Normal
  • Author: Zosofi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: ebook
  • SterekIf someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned 25, he would ve probably told Scott to punch them The thing is, though they would ve been right.Which makes returning to Beacon Hills, center of all that is supernatural and better left avoided, all the awkward.10 Chapters 78,677 Words complete

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    1. Did not expect to like this one so much.Stiles as an Oscar winning actor? Stiles? It's weird, right?But, nope, it's not weird. It makes sense within the fic.Derek is still broody, Stiles is still flailing and funny, just less so because they've both matured. It seems verytural.It's also really, really good. Not my favorite but good. Really.I'm going to work that word in one more timeALLY.

    2. Stiles runs away from Beacon Hills due to a traumatizing accident and becomes an Oscar winning actor. After a few years he comes back to his hometown, where everyone has changed since his last visit, on a forced vacation.There's full moon sex. *drools*2nd read: 01-10-2015

    3. Now this is how Sterek should be written!Loved, loved loved!gratuitous Sterek gif for your viewing pleasure:here, have another

    4. excessive, with the italics, and a flashback—entirely in italics, naturally—literally every other chapter for the entire noveld yet tolerable. and sometimes very much soe "i'm clean" shit i received with my usual sense of stomach-churning alienation was just too much of everything, until it settled down, and then with the et cetera, and i'm bummed now ok bye.

    5. This author has a way with TW. With the whole show. The characters, the atmosphere, the relationships - she gets it.I like.The crime/supernatural/suspense part of the plot manages to be both nerve-wrecking and playful, while the rest just feels like coming home. Yes, Stiles is coming home, and it feels like I'm coming home.I love what Zosofi does with the characters of Teen Wolf, Stiles and Derek in particular.They feel familiar, they feel right, but at the same time they feel like they've final [...]

    6. I was really impressed with this fic. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. Everything, from the crime solving plot, to the romance was just done really really well in this. And the writing was really good too. And if none of that tempts you to read it, well maybe the fact it's Sterek will.And we're not talking about unbelievable Sterek either. This fic really made them perfect for each other and it filled me with happiness as I was reading it.

    7. I have no idea why I skipped over this so many times. Maybe it was the movie star thing. I kinda like good ol’ Beacon Hills. Maybe it was I thought it would be some celebrity freaking crazy story that would drive me crazy. Well, shame on me because it wasn’t any of those things. What it was was freaking awesome. Totally pack, totally Beacon Hills and totally Sterek. I loved it. And am excited there is a 2nd book!I would say so much more but no time, more Sterek to read, lol!Read.

    8. Of courseI love it . Stiles, legal, and now a hot award-winning actor. Then Derek, now a hot cop. Both of them still pining for each other. What more can I ask for?!! This just made me feel good. Just what I need. RECOMMENDED!4.25 STARS!

    9. So yeah, Stiles becomes an actor and a famous one at that. What started as a youtube video, serendipitous events ultimately turn him into a star. He becomes quite enmeshed in his craft, where he uses said success as the perfect excuse to not come home to Beacon Hills. Surely it's not because of old nightmares and a particular hot sour wolf. Forced into a 3 month sabbatical, Stiles returns home. Despite trying to avoid supernatural trouble, this is Stiles we're talking about. And soon, said troub [...]

    10. I didn’t enjoy this Sterek fanfic as much as I'd hoped. I think it would have been better if I had seen all episodes of TeenWolf. It referred to events that happened in the show a lot.Stiles was definitely Stiles in this story. I did adore his weirdness. I think Zosofi portrayed him beautifully.And Derek was broody as ever.But this story revolved way too much around plot. A plot I couldn’t care less about. I wanted more character development. The romance part was a bit strange. The relations [...]

    11. Enjoyed this waaaay more than I thought - I'm not really a fan of 'famous people' stories (actors, singers and the like) but this worked so well. Except I kept imagining Stiles as Dylan, if that makes sense!!

    12. I am living on a diet of Sterek at the momentFor some reason, this should concern me more and yet I feel like this is just one guilty pleasure I am totally unwilling to part with.This was rather brilliant, and fuzzy and just Spectacular. :-)

    13. Less angsty and misunderstandy than some recent Sterek reads.The layout was a little bumpy, but not so much that it caused a major problemStiles, despite being an Oscar winning actor was still totally clueless.Derek wasDerek.Could have been more dynamic.

    14. Sterek where Stiles is an Oscar-winning actor and Derek a Deputy. I think Stiles would make a great actor, and I think his acceptance speech would be more interesting and fun than anything those Hollywood types can come up with. And I think Derek deserve to be the love interest of an Oscar winner. So there. Four Academy-winning stars

    15. I love the little interview cut-ins usually those fail because people over-do them, or they lack any real purpose, or they're poorly written, but these, these are good and I'm seeing a lot of Stiles coming out here. His fear and his courage and his triumph. Awesome.And it's really cute to see him be all super actor, and still be horribly insecure.And the story goes on, and Stiles gets fucking badass. While he's so adorably awkward.lol, and this is part 1 in the Supernormal series -- awesome nam [...]

    16. 3.5-4 starsThis is a pretty good story. This is a Sterek fanfiction story. For those of you that don't knowSterek fanfic is based off 2 male characters, Stiles and Derek, from the TV show Teen Wolf. In the show they're both heterosexual but some viewers have fantasized about them together in a m/m relationship and thus Sterek was born. This story is loosely based around the TV show but there are some differences and it takes place years later when Stiles is 25.So in this story, Stiles is almost [...]

    17. My first reaction was to call this "cute," but with some of what Stiles has gone through in this AU, I hesitate to use that label.It was certainly well done, and I appreciated that we were given little glimpses into the past few years of Stiles's life through the interview snippets at the beginning of each scene.I did like the different approach to the relationship here. There's no real angst, no big discussions or freak-outs, but like Stiles says, just settling into something different.I do hav [...]

    18. Yes I am on a bit of a Sterek kick at the moment.No I have never seen an episode of TeenWolf. Yes I did Google the actors.YummmmThis was a very entertaining story. The author did a great job of making it believable.Stiles as an actor.Hmmmm, which Sterek to read next??

    19. It didn't feel like it was long but it is. I thought the plot and the setting were interesting and it all worked to the story's advantage.

    20. 4 StarsStiles as an award winner actor? Sounds weird, right, but it works ridiculously well in this fic. This was (sort of) canon divergent post season two and is set in a future where 25 year old Stiles has become a successful actor and is finally going home to Beacon Hills after 6 long, supernatural free, years away. I really enjoyed the way this story was told, with two timelines - one following the present and the other exploring moments of Stiles' life over the past 6 years. All the pack ar [...]

    21. 3.75 starsAlthough I enjoyed this, I thought this was going to be more a 3.5 stars for most of the story - but it surprised me towards the ending with how much I was enjoying it, so I rounded up. The story was quite fun, it worked that adult stiles is an actor, I like the "new and improved" Derek and Stiles who are both meant to have grown up - Stiles slightly less hyper and Derek slightly less broody and not "emotionally constipated" anymore - but I did kind of miss the awkward snarkiness betwe [...]

    22. October 2017Stiles as an actor what a unique concept. Stiles goes back to college after almost getting killed by Peter and does not come back for anything but Scotts wedding. He is now an Oscar winning actor and agent says he needs a vacation. Beacon Hills has been better but seems Stiles coming back breaks it all loose again.I enjoyed all of Stiles inner monologue. Also who can resist Deputy Derek?

    23. Somewhere between 2,5 and 3 stars.I like long stories- if they capture you and you don't want to put it down. But this one was not one of thoose. Actually, there were moments where I just wanted to quit. Thoose inner, overlong monologues were just distracting from the actual story, even annoying at times.Stiles didn't feel like Stileseven when you think of him as mature.

    24. Cute story. Great writing. Not the most interesting plot of all, but not bad enough that I didn't like it. It was a lot better than a lot of the stories that I've read! (I've been reading so many that if I don't like it, I don't put it on my read-books list)

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