Shards of Time

Shards of Time Acclaimed author Lynn Flewelling brings her beloved Nightrunners series to a close at least for now with a thrilling novel of murder mystery and magic The governor of the sacred island of Korous and

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  • Title: Shards of Time
  • Author: Lynn Flewelling
  • ISBN: 9780345522313
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Acclaimed author Lynn Flewelling brings her beloved Nightrunners series to a close at least for now with a thrilling novel of murder, mystery, and magic The governor of the sacred island of Korous and his mistress have been killed inside a locked and guarded room The sole witnesses to the crime guards who broke down the doors, hearing the screams from within have gone mAcclaimed author Lynn Flewelling brings her beloved Nightrunners series to a close at least for now with a thrilling novel of murder, mystery, and magic The governor of the sacred island of Korous and his mistress have been killed inside a locked and guarded room The sole witnesses to the crime guards who broke down the doors, hearing the screams from within have gone mad with terror, babbling about ghosts and things worse than ghosts Dispatched to Korous by the queen, master spies Alec and Seregil find all the excitement and danger they could want and For an ancient evil has been awakened there, a great power that will not rest until it has escaped its otherworldly prison and taken revenge on all that lives And only those like Alec who have died and returned to life can step between the worlds and confront the killer even if it means a second and all too permanent death Praise for Lynn Flewelling s Casket of Souls Full of intrigue and plots upon plots RT Book Reviews

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    1. Nightrunners, Alec and Seregil, are sent by the Queen to the island of Korous where the governor and his mistress have been found gruesomely murdered inside of a locked and guarded room. Once there, they find an ancient evil is awakening and must be destroyed before it reaches it's full strength.The Nightrunner series is easily one of my favorite series. Lynn Flewelling does a great job not only in this the seventh and final book of the series but with all the books. In Shards of Time, Alec and [...]

    2. Top notch. This is one of Lynn's best works, if not the best, tied with Stalking Darkness. She shines when writing about Plenimaran gods and necromancers. Lynn is not made for all that romance and such. And in the grand finale of the Nightrunner series, there's everything you want or need to enjoy a book. Suspense, drama, genuine horror, a well-laid, multi-layered mystery that is only revealed toward the end, but with enough clues to keep you engaged throughout.The only disappointment is that Mi [...]

    3. I FINISHED THIS SERIES IM SO EMOTIONAL OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER I NEED MOREthis series was hands down one of the best fantasy series i´ve ever read and since i´m an incoherent mess right now and cant even ,,, write a proper review pls bear with me rambling abt it in the form of a list of things i liked:-even though the setting is pseudo-medieval, there is no sexism?? on the contrary? this features the most badass female warriors and queens i´ve ever read about-the plot is always so e [...]

    4. What a great end to the series!Some minor plot holes but overall an excellent read.It's amazing how LF manages to write gripping, dark and powerful scenes, yet keep the whole story light, optimistic and well snuggly.Good job and looking forward to the next novel!

    5. 3.5 stars, rounded up for the pleasure of the series as a whole. This was my least favorite of the series, but it was still good to see Seregil and Alec, and to watch them work together again. I loved having Micum with them once more, although his strengths were underused. This whole series is well worth the read for fantasy fans.Seregil, Alec, Klia, Theo and company are sent forth to deal with the mysterious and probably supernatural murder of the governor of a recently-annexed island territory [...]

    6. How many times have Alec and Seregil been in danger now? They seem as nightrunners to follow danger or taking dangerous cases. This is about evil in a form that they have meet before, but also a new evil that only their friend the strong wizard Thero by instinct survived.It is a evil over a 1000 years old and someone that want revenge and to take over the world, to destroy every kind and lovely people there is.This is about good ghost and evil ghost, someone will help and warn you and others wan [...]

    7. I have been a huge fan of the Nigthrunner series since I found it many years ago. This is the last (seventh) book in the series according to the author. I’m really sad to see it end, but can understand that if she is out of stories for these characters, best to end on a good note. She has said short stories are probable, which is good. And it was nice to see nothing “final” happened to them, there is always the possibility for more.The story was good. Solid magical mystery, good world buil [...]

    8. Originally published at Risingshadow.Shards of Time is the seventh novel in the Nightrunner series. The Nightrunner series is a long-running fantasy series that has captivated readers for many years. It's a bit sad that this fantastic series comes to an end (at least for now) with this novel, but all good things eventually come to an end. According to the afterword Lynn Flewelling may write more stories later, but at this moment there will be no stories or sequels, so it looks like Shards of Tim [...]

    9. It took me a while but I finally got there. (9 months!) I didn't think this story was really up to much and there was a lot of running around all over the place but as a whole I thoroughly enjoyed the Nightrunner series. It'll definitely remain one of my favourites and it was great to follow Seregil and Alec on another one of their adventurers.

    10. 3.5 stars, rounding down to 3.I thought CoS and SoT were bothunnecessary, if that's the right word. The series could've been wrapped up neatly after The White Road. None of the books have really been as good as the first three, though, which is sad but common for a lot of fantasy series. However, I still love the characters as before. I just wish there was more character and less plot, more of Alec & Seregil than Theo & Klia & Mika. Not that I don't like Thero, I just don't find his [...]

    11. Writing: 4Story: 3Satisfaction: 3I really enjoyed the first three books in the Nightrunner series but books four and especially five, Shadows Return and The White Road, were a little disappointing. I didn't even bother to read Casket of Souls. But in Shards of Time, Flewelling has returned to a better form. The plot isn't as strong as in the original three but it's much stronger than the others. Despite not reading book six, I didn't think it limited my enjoyment of this book. There are a couple [...]

    12. AND NOW I CRY BECAUSE IT'S OVER.This was great as a last book. It's actually probably my favorite, though it might be a tie between the first two. It had everything I love - mystery, adventure, horror, and of course all the characters I have come to love. The only one missing was Beka's too bad she couldn't have at least made an appearance, but her presence didn't really have a place in this book.Our last leg of the Nightrunner journey takes Seregil and Alec to the sacred island of Kouros, where [...]

    13. Another marvelous installment by Lynn Flewelling, I mean what can I say? I greatly enjoyed this story, just as I enjoyed the others, though I will agree (though it pains me to say) that this should rightly be the last in the series (though I wouldn't object to it being picked up with a different protagonist). Living with Alec and Seregil and watching their evolution as people and as a couple has been one of the most amazing experiences a reader can have (especially when it is as profound as it i [...]

    14. The GoodAs many gripes as I had with the final book in the Nightrunners series (see below), I have liked and continued to like the wide variety of interesting female characters this series brings to the table. Female warriors, female rulers, female workers, female villains I especially ended up liking new character Kordira, and wish that she'd had a larger part in the story.Speaking of Kordira: the in-universe acknowledgement that all Plenimarans are not Pure Evil. It makes sense, in light of th [...]

    15. I loved this series, and I'm so sad it's over! Having the last book be a creepy ghost story fit so well! I will always cherish reading about Alec and Seregil. I wish there were more series like this one.

    16. IT CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna miss these guys and Alec's neverending quest to get kidnapped on every landmass. FAREWELL MY SWEET BOYS. I WILL MISS YOU

    17. And now I cry because it's over. -eyes all the books neatly lined up on a shelf- -whispers No, you gotta study, no, you're not reading this entire thing all over again jesus- Oh, my most beloved series. Characters I have come to love more than I love Lestat, because damn it, Rice's more recent works with him (everything after Body Thief) suck sweaty camel balls. Seregil. Alec. MY SONS. I recommend these books to everyone I know, whether I think they can stomach them or not. I literally love ever [...]

    18. The first thing you see starting a book is the cover. And for this particular book it's a huge advantage. I didn't check who was the cover artist for all the books in the series, only the first two and the last two, but judging by the style they finally found a suitable artist for the last four installments. And by the last book he (Michael Komarck) reached the perfection. He actually read the book, not just skipped through as the first artist, and did the cover according to the descriptions ins [...]

    19. 3.5 stars.While I always enjoy spending time with Alec, Seregil, Thero, Klia and the rest, this one left something to be desired. I can give or take a ghost story. If it's done well, I love them. If they're not, I pass them by. This book was rather slow to get going with the main plot and it was bogged down in the beginning with just too many ghosts. Ghosts everywhere. (view spoiler)[And when people are disappearing left and right, and you think the ghosts are behind it, there's a point at which [...]

    20. I would not recommend this book. I bought it for John because it intrigued me - someone being murdered by unseen forces out of a rift. I did not realize until I started reading it that it's likely the second book in a series. For all that, it's still quite understandable. However, it had a little too much evil, ghosts and necromancy for my taste. It ranks as the first book I've read with the two main characters being gay.The plot is rather intriguing - ghost stories always are - as one wonders w [...]

    21. As I picked up Shards of Time, I realised that it has been at least fifteen years since started reading the Nightrunner series. The characters are old friends by now, and I've looked forward the the arrival of each new book. They've held the same magnetic charm and easy reading every time. In Shards of Time, the final book of the Nightrunner series, Seregil, Alec, Micum, Klia, Thero, and Thero's young assistant Mika travel to the island of Korous to investigate the governor's murder. It has a qu [...]

    22. I read the first 3 Nightrunner books back to back in 2006 & fell immediately inlove with Alec & Seregil. I've savoured each of the subsequent books saving them mostly for holidays (I read Shadows Return on a beach in Turkey & Casket of Souls in Sydney Botanical Gardens). I was trying to save this for Spain next month but couldn't wait any longer!It was a bittersweet experience. I adored the story as always - that perfect mix of fantastic characters & gripping plot - but each time [...]

    23. A fantastic end to a fantastic series. For those of you that want to read genre fiction WITH queer characters, this series is wonderful. Non-festishsized, the two leads are bisexual men who are spies for the kingdom of Skala. (And first published in the 90s! Definitely some good stuff ahead of its time.)The books do not focus on the two leads' relationship, instead, you get to enjoy wonderful intrigue and adventure while the relationship NATURALLY develops. It's not forced, it makes sense, it's [...]

    24. I think this one wasn't super suspenseful because at this point I trust the author not to kill the characters we know and love. AND THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT. MIKA IS THE BEST. AND KLIA IS BETTER. I am pleased with this book, and the way it draws the series to an emotional close. There is always room for more story—they're nightrunners, after all— but things are in a calming place. (Klia is the best hehehehehe.)

    25. Shards of Time is the last novel in the Nightrunner series, it feels like a page closed for our characters but in many ways feels like the elongated epilogue that no one was really looking for. With the War ending in Casket of Souls the driving plotlines are gone and our heroes are instead on the island of Kouros once again battling the supernatural. There's a few lovely scenes of closure, but to be honest I don't feel this last novel adds much to the overall series.

    26. Hey, but that's it? This is how we say good-bye to our beloved friends? If it really is the final book in Nightrunner series, I'will be satisfied. Really. I've enjoyed this book and only deep rooted need of sleep stopped me from finishing it at once.Yet, I'd like to meet them all, lovely as they are, one more time.

    27. Pulpy dashing fantasy series of my teenage heart, I am sad to see you end, but at least you went out on a higher more than books 4&5 even if you could have used a slightly more emotionally hefty ending and less annoying child sidekick.

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