The Eyes of The Sun

The Eyes of The Sun New Orleans certainly has no shortage of vampire legends and after a few months in the French Quarter Lucy Soriano was sure she had heard them all But when a date with a handsome stranger takes a dea

  • Title: The Eyes of The Sun
  • Author: Christina McMullen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New Orleans certainly has no shortage of vampire legends and after a few months in the French Quarter, Lucy Soriano was sure she had heard them all But when a date with a handsome stranger takes a deadly turn, she quickly discovers that the truth is terrifying than fiction The real monsters are the creations of evolutionary advantage, not vivid imaginations But vamNew Orleans certainly has no shortage of vampire legends and after a few months in the French Quarter, Lucy Soriano was sure she had heard them all But when a date with a handsome stranger takes a deadly turn, she quickly discovers that the truth is terrifying than fiction The real monsters are the creations of evolutionary advantage, not vivid imaginations But vampires aren t the only ones with evolution on their side An anomaly in her blood is found to be fatal to vampires and Lucy is swiftly recruited into shadow organization hell bent on eliminating the vampire problem once and for all Vampirehunting does not come naturally and Lucy s dangerous improvisations are quickly called out by Andre Garnier, a hunter who makes no secret of the fact that he opposes Lucy s recruitment Soon it is discovered that The Eyes of The Sun, the oldest and most dangerous collective of vampires, are once again gaining ground and have infiltrated the very organization that is trying to stop them The hunters have become the hunted and no one is to be trusted Lucy and Andre are forced to set aside their differences for the sake of survival, but The Eyes of The Sun have an agenda that no one expected.

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    1. This is a grand read. I felt a genuine empathy with Lucy and Andre. The story has great pace and it certainly picks you up and takes you beyond the stereotypes that one often finds in vampire stories.What I really like is the clarity of the writing. One is presented with a tour de force of imagination presented in the most matter-of-fact way. This is brilliant.Recommended to the nth degree

    2. OooI'm going to break my long-standing policy to not read vampire books set in New Orleans because you seem like you're taking the undead seriously. My dark half approves.

    3. This is a super-fun vampire/vampire-slayer story that combines classic tropes of the genre (the New Orleans setting, the secret society, the heroine with special powers) with some unusual twists involving the vampire origin story, which I'm not going to go into here for fear of spoilers. I found Lucy to be an engaging character and I really appreciated the fresh additions to the vampire myth. For fans of the genre looking to pick up something entertaining and not too dark or gory, I would defini [...]

    4. So, The Eyes of The Sun. You could say I went into this book blind. I didn’t read any blurbs, or the synopsis; I only had a recommendation from a friend and the knowledge that vampires was in it. Honestly, without that, I doubt I would have picked this book up, especially given its less than memorable cover (the cover dictates whether I get a book more often than not), and that would've meant that I would've missed out a great read!To say I’m an avid fan of vampires (really supernatural crea [...]

    5. A science fiction take on vampirism more akin to (the good) Blade movies than Nosferatu.I liked this book, a lot! It has a lot going for it. Interesting characters, check. Engaging dialogue, check. Likable main character, check. Cool premise, check. A sense of humor, check. Does it stand out from the crowd of other vampire fiction, triple check! Eyes of the Sun hits every point on my like-o-meter and then some.VampiresSo vampires are a thing here, yes, but they are not at all what you think they [...]

    6. This book starts twenty years on from Dissonant, Lucy Soriano is all alone after the death of her grandmother and it an effort to discover the identity of the father she's never known Lucy finds herself in New Orleans where she surprisingly feels she's finally come home.Lucy finds a job and along with her cat Gumbo she's happy but then the first date she's had in ages results in what should have been a fatal attack and a world she'd never even dreamed about opens up.Lucy is more than she appears [...]

    7. The Eyes of the sun is an interesting concept. Vampires aren't your romantic lovers from PNR. They are ruthless and they have a goal: to perfect the species by any means necessary. The story feels dark and gloomy. Ms. McMullen portrayed the mood well. To do so, she brings her readers in the heart of New Orleans and Paris, where enhanced vampires are the biggest threat.The characters were believable. I liked Lucy and Andre. While they argued with each other, and didn't always see eye to eye, they [...]

    8. I should premise that vampire lore is not my typical goto genre for leisure reading, but I chose this book because of the the promise that the story was different. Eyes of the Sun, book 1, did not disappoint. McMullen captured my attention from the beginning and had she not, I would have given up the book with the first vampire was introduced. The protagonist, Lucy, is my favorite. She is a strong, distinct, and complex character, however, most of the characters are in this the first book of the [...]

    9. I'll be honest, I haven't read a lot of vampire books in my life. Even before Twilight came along and destroyed the entire vampire genre in one fell swoop. I decided to read this book because Christina McMullen is awesome and I will read anything she writes.Despite the fact that I haven't read a lot of vampire books, I have watched a lot of vampire movies so I can definitely say that The Eyes of the Sun<\i> was one of the most unique takes on vampires I've ever come across. I loved the New [...]

    10. I love vampire stories but you can never tell what you're going to get. This one was refreshingly unique and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were moments when I laughed out loud, times I yelled at my kindle and other times I shook my head in disbelief. I love Lucy, she's witty and sweet and has a huge heart. This part here actually made me cringe in embarrassment, laugh and then clamp a hand over my mouth in a oh no! moment. "Here?" He raised his eyebrows. "This is your home?" "Yep!" She nodded e [...]

    11. A different take on vampires. It kept you enthralled and wanting to know what was going to happen next. I enjoyed the different spin on the lore of vampires. I also really liked the chemistry between Lucy and Andre. There is nothing better than two people who rub each other the wrong way to slowly falling for each other. The transition was done with a sweet finesse. If you enjoy any sort of variety dealing with vampires, you'll enjoy this book.

    12. A vampire story that skips the classic, overdone trope, and re-envisions the genre with something completely new. It can be hard to take a classic idea and give it a fresh take, however, the author succeeds to the task. The plot strikes the right balance between adventure and calm, the characters are well written, and there is enough of a conclusion at the end to satisfy the reader while alluding to the continuing story to come.I would highly recommend this book to lovers of urban adventures, va [...]

    13. Warning: This was part of a reading bings, so may be slightly mixed with the other books of the trilogyWith a strong start, the book bolts out of the starting gate. The setting is quickly set up for the tale, and then elaborated on as needed. Set in New Orleans, there's enough reality blended with the additional elements that bring this world to life. It feels more like watching a movie than reading a book.The plot is well woven and fast paced. I say it bolts out of the starting gate because it [...]

    14. I enjoyed the story enough to finish it despite the typos and continuity errors, so that's really saying something. It moves quickly with things happening and being revealed left and right, so it kept my interest and I never once wondered it when it was going to be over. I liked the main character and all the other characters, with the exception of the love interest… that is a bit of a problem, but maybe it was just me. Most of the issues were small, like '"I'm off to check in at the office an [...]

    15. I was lucky enough to get this 1st book in the series for free on its promotional day at along with its prequel 'Dissonant'.Little did Lucy realize what her world would become when she traveled to New Orleans in search of a father she never knew. Author, Christina McMullen, not unlike a fabled alchemist, skilfully weaves a tale that mixes science, technology and vampire lore, then adds a dash of romance to pull off this exciting tale that sets Lucy on a journey that would challenge every last o [...]

    16. I'll start with my one complaint, because I'm a eat your veggies first kinda guy. Two words: scene breaks. There were several places where I got tripped up for a moment and had to go back a couple of sentences because I didn't realize the scene had changed. Inserting a scene break would have kept the narrative flowing smoothly for me. On the whole, this was just a minor annoyance in an otherwise well-crafted story.The story was well edited and kept me interested throughout. It was probably aroun [...]

    17. A different kind of vampire tale. I liked it. Set in New Orleans. This is book 1 of The Eyes of the Sun Trilogy.

    18. Wow!Very well written. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the book. Can't wait for the next one.

    19. A clever take on the vampire genre."The Eyes of the Sun" is an engaging story about vampires and vampire hunters. However, it's not a world were vampires are born, but rather created through genetic manipulation. It's a fun twist to add to the vampire genre.Through the engineering of an old organization – The Eyes of the Sun – vampires are running amok and quietly asserting their influence throughout the world mostly quiet that is. Yet - with every manipulation humanity tries to force on nat [...]

    20. An amusing, corny vampire read.This book is like a made-for-TV B SyFy movie or show. I mean that in the best way possible. Watching B movies is lighthearted and pleasurable in a vaguely so bad it's good way. I got that feeling from this book after I began to stop taking it that seriously. Lucy is our view into the world. She is naive and almost Mary-Sue ish, but she gets called out on it and is aware of her weirdness, so it plays better. I didn't really like any of the characters in particular, [...]

    21. An interesting take on vampires with its own spin on things. It features a lot of likable characters, and even the minor characters felt more like believable people rather than a collection of names that go in one ear and out the other.It does suffer some pacing issues, particularly early on when Lucy starts training with the other vampire hunters, and everything is getting introduced and established. A lot of conversations turned into information dumps that dragged the story to a halt, with som [...]

    22. Vampires in New Orleans! But these are a different sort of vampire with a more realistic approach to the genre, mixing in more science than superstition and in many ways flirting with a technothriller vibe. I can see a wide variety of influences in the writing, elements that are used well. Intrigue and covert operations mingle together nicely once the real story begins to develop. The writing is mixed with a touch of wry snark and envelops a cast of varied characters with their own distinct pers [...]

    23. For once, I actually read things in order. I read Dissonant before this book and was glad I did. Though it may not be absolutely necessary, Dissonant provides information that mades Eyes of the Sun even more enjoyable. Characters were believable and likeable, and I enjoyed their interactions with each other. The fresh way of explaining the old affliction of vampirism was interesting also, and all of it was written in a smooth style that flowed from action to action while still providing opportun [...]

    24. Wonderfully written sci-fi book with a kick-butt female lead who is smart and strong with a touch of romance. The characters all have a depth and history and the author does an excellent job of depicting the relationships between them. I loved the new take on vampires and while the book stretched my imagination, the story also had a plausible feel to it. The inner thoughts of Lucy (the main character) were pretty funny at times and made her very likable. I can't wait until the next book!

    25. I was interested to read a book written by one of the moderators. This was Christina's first book of her "The Eyes of The Sun" series. What immediately stood out was her good use of setting the scene with few words. Followed, by her very realistic banter back and forth using dialogue. I found her writing to be clean and well-paced. My only suggestion would be, early in the book, to identify and lay out the main insurmountable conflict of story. This issue of timing, will help the reader remain [...]

    26. Different kind of vampire story. This was a well written story! Not your normal vampire story. And, the "romance" part of the story was kept to a minimum, so it wasn't "too much." I don't care for romance books at all!!! I look forward to the next book which will continue the main character's new career path to see where it takes her.

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