Cuentos completos

Cuentos completos Cuentos completos de Haroldo Conti

  • Title: Cuentos completos
  • Author: Haroldo Conti
  • ISBN: 9789500431958
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cuentos completos de Haroldo Conti.

    One thought on “Cuentos completos”

    1. This is a special book for me. My grandma gave it to me as a kid. She realized that I was developing an interest in books so she wanted to contribute with that. And I'm so glad she did. But, I didn't read these stories until I was a teen. I loved a couple of them and kind of like the others, but it's a good book written by an insightful man whose political points of view unfortunately cost him his life.

    2. Volumen que reúne toda la cuentística de Haroldo Conti, incluyendo "La Virgen de la montaña" (1944), que permaneció inédito hasta esta edición. Incluye una introducción sobre las circunstancias extraordinarias de su hallazgo a cargo de Andrés Cuervo. Incluye algunas ilustraciones de Conti para la revista La palestra.

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