Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest: Improve your Memory and Learning, Organize Your Brain, and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge

Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest Improve your Memory and Learning Organize Your Brain and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge None

  • Title: Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest: Improve your Memory and Learning, Organize Your Brain, and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge
  • Author: Helmut Sachs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest: Improve your Memory and Learning, Organize Your Brain, and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge”

    1. Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for writing a review when I was finished.This book is good for what it aims to help with – memory improvement and information management. At this period of my life, I just don't feel there is so much I need to remember. For example, I usually read for a combination of learning and relaxation. I don't feel that I need to remember everything so I don't stress about if I forget things. I felt I didn't get that much out of this book. Perh [...]

    2. Are you a person who is not good on remembering? I mean a short memory person? I am a person who forgets often. Sometimes I’m not even able to remember something that I learned recently. Also, I find myself going in the kitchen to take something and when I go there I don’t remember for what I went. Or maybe I meet someone to ask for something and in the same time I don’t remember for what I wanted to ask for. In the beginning of the book the author listed these three questions, • Where i [...]

    3. I was honored to be contacted by Helmut D. Sachs and to receive a free copy of his new book Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest: Improve your Memory and Learning, Organize Your Brain, and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge to read and review. Sachs hasn’t pressured me to give his book a positive review as he is looking for helpful feedback. So I hope this review (which is positive) is helpful to him.

Remember Everything lays out a daunting task in its title. In essence, Sachs [...]

    4. Very hands-on & useful book; worth a read.I would recommend this book even if you don't really feel that your memory faculties are lacking. It covers specific techniques - some simple & some more involved - to improve things such as remembering lists, names, dates, numbers, etc. Yo duo not have to internalize every technique mentioned but can pick and choose what works for you. That said, obviously the more you "internalize" the bigger a difference you will feel in your ability to rememb [...]

    5. This is a great little book for memory techniques. It has the method of loci, the peg system, memory palace and more. I have yet to come across a book this short that provides a complete summary of the major techniques.The other part that I really enjoyed was the part on mind mapping. I had heard about it before but didn't see the value. This book explains why they work well.If you wish to memorize things and want to learn some techniques to do so, I'd definitely recommend this book. Even if you [...]

    6. I have to say up front that I was given free copy if I agreed to providing a review.I found this book fascinating and only wished I had read something like this years ago before University. Written in an easy to absorb style with good examples this book provides the reader with strategies for memorising all sorts of important information. Although I thought this was an excellent book, I would prefer to use it as a reference text, learning bits, going away to practice and then going back for more [...]

    7. If you are not familiar with mnemonics, then read this and have a comprehensive summary of today's techniques.

    8. Disclaimer: The author gave me the book for free suggesting that I write a review once I am finishedE GOOD:This book is exactly what I was needing. I am interested in the brain and exploring memory and learning techniques. This book has a bit of everything and it is just EXCELLENT for people who want to get acquainted with ways to improve their efficiency in the management of information and time. The book is full of links and references to other websites and tools that are extremely useful. As [...]

    9. Helmut Sachs in his book "Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest" offers quite a few golden nuggets. Each chapter is dedicated to developing your memory for different uses in different situations. One methodology that resonated with me is the use of [flashy] cards. I have used flash cards for years but was unaware of the methodology to put them to use in a systematic way. Helmut outlines those different ways and even offers his choices of online flash card tools. I love a good web app [...]

    10. How to read for retention.As I am fully in self improvement mode (think "Der Übermensch") this book fell into my hands at exactly the right moment.While I was familiar with a couple of the memory techniques present in this book, I had never taken the time to really practice them. "Remember everything " had these and a bunch more. What Mr SACHS has done is bring together and very succinctly explain how to put these memory techniques into practice. Having tested some of them I am very happy with [...]

    11. I have read my fair share of self improvement books so I had some low expectations for this book. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Helmut Sachs brings real psychology that I have learned at my graduate school teacher coursework. Meaning, he is extremely credible and helpful. To really improve your memory you will need to do what all of us do, work at it. I was not willing to do that. How to manage the rest is an extremely useful part of the book for anyone who wants to organize. I found that [...]

    12. You won’t come across any philosophy in this one; Sachs’ book reads more like a textbook than any self-help literature. However, Helmut makes up for not supplying anything in the manner of motivation by providing a thorough, if not comprehensive, list of memory and data organization tools. Each tool listed is thoroughly explained, and step-by-step examples are given for each one.Like a textbook, Remember Everything does not inspire a motivation to become a master memorizer or data organizer. [...]

    13. After having read quite some books about personal memory management, I come to the conclusion that Helmut Sachs has done a fantastic job operationalizing it. Not only does he accurately cite the theory behind our memory capabilities, he gives great examples and tools to implement it in real life situations.And in that aspect this book differentiates itself greatly from books like `Moonwalking with Einstein' by Joshua Foer, that left me puzzling on the question: `why would I want to remember a de [...]

    14. This comprehensive book truly does teach you how to remember anything and everything you may need to remember, if you are willing to learn the tricks and systems and put in the time required to practice them. I am amazed at the wealth of information this book contains. It covers every kind of memory system from simple mnemonics to systems that are used by champions in memory competitions. If you are a student and need to remember information for tests, this would all be very helpful. It also has [...]

    15. Helmut reached out to me and offered his book for free in exchange for a review.This book contains a lot of techniques and tactics for how to memorize things. It reminded me a lot of Moonwalking with Einstein, which is a more entertaining but less instructional book on the topic of memory. It also covers what I would call general organization and study techniques.I most enjoyed discussion of how memory works and the conditions required to get stuff into our long term storage. I found I lost inte [...]

    16. Disclaimer - The author gave me a free copy to review.I really enjoyed this book and the only reason I didn't give it five stars was it was a little dense at times and I couldn't just read it for long periods of time. Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest: Improve your Memory and Learning, Organize Your Brain, and Effectively Manage Your Knowledge does a great job of teaching you how to remember things. I especially liked the section on mind mapping as that is a technique that David A [...]

    17. This book is so information-dense and thorough that it took me several months to get through the whole thing.Mr. Sachs describes an incredible array of mental tips and tricks to help everyone remember things more efficiently.If I were to practice and implement every suggestion in this book, I would be a cognitive superstar.The only reason I didn't give this book five stars is because I became overwhelmed with the huge number of excellent systems available in this book. If you would like to impro [...]

    18. This book will help you remember important things. One of the techniques for remembering a name is using mental images. For example if a person last name is Smith than you bring up an image of an anvil since that is what is used by a blacksmith. You can use that image to associate it with that person's name. Like so many self-help books this will only help if you read it and practice it. If you do all the exercises suggested in the book you can do wonderful an incredible things. Overall an excel [...]

    19. Most of this book will probably be useful for as long as humans have brains, although the last chapters will age less gracefully as they refer to contemporary software and Internet services.The book is a toy chest of memory enhancement techniques, with the basic science behind them. It may lack in inspiration and vision, but it is easy to read and practical. You probably buy it because you experience a need, and it will likely fill that need. There is no magic button and the book does not preten [...]

    20. Having read quite a few books on memory improvement I couldn't help but notice that "Remember everything you want and manage the rest" was poorly written. Let me elaborate.Does the book include really useful information? Absolutely. Does the writer go over his head to help you grasp those techniques and tips? Absolutely not.I can't consider a book naming techniques and giving one example a practical guide. I have a feeling Helmut Sachs spend more time on marketing for his book than actually writ [...]

    21. Sí, quizá toda la información que se encuentra en este libro podría hallarse buscando horas y horas en internet, pero para qué si aquí está toda bien organizada. Muchas de las cosas de las que trata ya las sabía y otras solo me eran familiares. Ahora creo que las entiendo mucho mejor. El autor tiene un verdadero interés en ayudar a los demás (aquí a los lectores) a mejorar sus habilidades de memorización y eso es algo que hace valioso al libro. No sólo da tips, sino que además da c [...]

    22. This book by Helmut Sachs is attracting with a very practical look at the remembering process. And the magic is the author involves very basic and easy psychology, explaining the memorizing processes crystal clear. Based on that, he introduces and provides step-by-step guidelines on how to leverage the power of your brain in order to keep the thing in memory meaningfully and really easy. Recommended for youth learning in schools and for students.

    23. Very nicely done. If you're reading this book, then in all likelihood you're as busy as I am. As such It's no easy task to explain some fairly involved methods to someone short on time in the first place. But Helmut Sachs does this efficiently, with great examples. I began using several of these methods immediately after learning them and they help immensely!

    24. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for doing a review. This book has listed and explained a vast array of ways to manage information and improve memory and recall. As a graduate student, this information is invaluable. Worth the read!

    25. A lot of "how-to" memory techniques and note-taking, electronic filing recommendations. The section on spaced repetition for review of material you want to learn was great and the author suggested some flash card software that utilize space repetition.

    26. If you want a great reference tool to help with your other organizational methods whether for the office or hobbies, or studying, and personal life, this is it. I hope the author keeps it updated over the years to come.

    27. Only ok for me personally. A mixture of stuff I already do intuitively and other things I just don't want to do. Also, it does spent a lot of time explaining software I have no intention of ever using.

    28. I'm finished with Remember Everything You: Interesting book that describe different ways to improve our memory. Those diverse techniques are useful in varied situation: studying, job, day to day activities, etc. I rediscovered new methods, I knew others, but found how to use them more efficiently

    29. This is a great book to read and to learn how to be more organized in this fuzzy world. I find memorization techniques very helpful. It is good to read when you start a professional career or start studying a degree. ENJOY!!

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