The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge Leslie Rhoads may have grown up in a small town but is on the verge of becoming a supermodel in the Big Apple when the year old is chosen to grace the cover of Style magazine and star in the cont

  • Title: The Cutting Edge
  • Author: Ace Collins
  • ISBN: 9781426714665
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leslie Rhoads may have grown up in a small town, but is on the verge of becoming a supermodel in the Big Apple, when the 24 year old is chosen to grace the cover of Style magazine and star in the controversial Passion Nights perfume ads But before she can step into the spotlight, Leslie is assaulted by a drug gang and disfigured with a broken scotch bottle Without her pLeslie Rhoads may have grown up in a small town, but is on the verge of becoming a supermodel in the Big Apple, when the 24 year old is chosen to grace the cover of Style magazine and star in the controversial Passion Nights perfume ads But before she can step into the spotlight, Leslie is assaulted by a drug gang and disfigured with a broken scotch bottle Without her perfect face, she is lost and no amount of surgery can ever make her what she once was Now trying to hide her face from the world, Leslie encounters trouble as she seeks to rebuild her life unrequited love, thoughts of suicide, and her assailant out to finish the job Little does she know that a young girl named Angel will turn it all around, showing Leslie the joy and potential in life and the fact that love truly is blind.

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    1. I loved the themes of this book.First off Leslie is a beautiful young woman who refuses to model for the ads that would put her in a compromising light. For me that is just huge in today's society where girls really don't care about laying it all out there. Second, after she is assaulted she is brought to the point of learning that beauty is not just the outside. Our young girls need to learn that.Ace balances the plot and the characters wonderfully. You are on the edge of your seat as well as c [...]

    2. I was right to be suspicious about this book.When I discovered it somewhere on the Internet, I was excited. The plot looked good, really good. The first thing I did was look up the author. I wanted to find out if he had any other books that looked as good as this one.I had soon discovered my two reasons for suspicion:Ace Collins has written over fifty books.Quite a few of his fiction works have been published by Abington Press.Bad assumption or not, I get a little skeptical about a book's qualit [...]

    3. Won as an ARC. What a truly phenomenal book. The book begins with the naturally beautiful model Leslie just getting her first big break. She travels home to see her parents and to think about the biggest contract of her career that goes against her morals. On her way to her parents house, she is brutally attacked. Her attackers brutalized her face and the book is about Leslie learning who she is apart from the beautiful face that was her identity for 24 years. Her mother lived through her modeli [...]

    4. I received this free through . Toying with your emotions, and capturing your heart wasn't the only thing this book did to you. It kept you engaged, inspired and thinking the whole way through. It made you analyze how you think, what you would do and soo much more. I applaud Ace in making a female based novel, into such a show-stopper. There was great imagery, on your seat suspense, and such emotion wrapped all together in this one little book. I felt that the plot went smooth, and there was no r [...]

    5. Free Friday book from BN. It was actually a pretty good concept, but then it got religious, the characters got flat and boring and the "twist" was just of thrown in for fun it seems like.

    6. They say beauty is only skin deep, but is it really? Does anyone ever really bother to get beneath the skin and find the real person inside? Perfection was a look and that was it. So many "beautiful" girls look in the mirror and suddenly become dissatisfied with the way they looked. Many begin to dwell on one feature or another as the reason they hadn't become the latest cover girl. The end result is usually an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and an attempt to improve on what most people wou [...]

    7. *** 3.5 STARS ***I can't deny it -- I had a case of cover lust when it came to THE CUTTING EDGE by Ace Collins. I had NO clue whatsoever what the book was even about -- but I knew I absolutely loved the sophisticated, stylish cover, and that was enough for me!Once I read the description of the story? Well, that wasn't too bad either! Basically, from the very start, we meet Leslie Rhode, a drop-dead gorgeous young supermodel who is just on the cusp of superstar-dom. Revered for her perfectly shap [...]

    8. Who edited this? A blind person? I saw so many mistakes and name mix ups. Not to mention not knowing how to use the term 'literally'. That aside, this book was ok, I didn't hate it but I don't know if it was worth having late fees. It was predictable and of course had a feel good ending. Would I read it again? No. Would I recommend it? Probably. That adds up to three stars from me.

    9. **I won a free copy of this book through GoodReads First Reads**I What?Did I even read the same book as the rest of these people?Because I honestly have not one good thing to say about this book. I got absolutely nothing out of it. The characters were all horribly shallow and 2-dimensional. The plot was messy and not well thought out at all. The writing style was just plain annoying. And I'm not even talking about the typos and plot inconsistencies, which I can honestly just chalk up to the fact [...]

    10. In The Cutting Edge, Ace Collins has written another book where the suspense and even mystery! keeps you turning pages, and the characters and their choices engage your heart.This is my second Ace Collin's book that I've reviewed, the first was Darkness Before Dawn.That book explored the effects of a deadly car wreck caused by a drunk teenage driver, through the eyes of Meg Richards who lost the man who was her husband and the father of her unborn child.Grief, anger, revenge, loss, justice, me [...]

    11. Ace Collins in his new book, “The Cutting Edge” published by Abingdon Press takes us into the life of Leslie Rhoads.From the back cover: When your entire future is destroyed, why would you bother to rebuild?Leslie Rhoads may have grown up in a small town, but is on the verge of becoming a supermodel in the Big Apple, when the 24-year-old is chosen to grace the cover of Style magazine and star in the controversial Passion Nights perfume ads. But before she can step into the spotlight, Leslie [...]

    12. A young woman comes home to seek approval or is she looking for justification about a decision she has made mentally, but not acted on. She is about to come against the biggest threat of her life. While not making anyone aware she is on her way home, just waiting for a cab, Leslie Rhoads finds herself ensnared in a trap that leads her down an unbelievable and unforeseeable life-altering experience.Meg is an ER nurse who is Leslie’s cousin and is shocked when a young woman near death is wheeled [...]

    13. I loved the only other Ace Collins book I’ve read, The Christmas Star, but I’ve found that Christmas novels can often be different from an author’s regular style of work. Having now read the most recent release by Ace Collins, I can say that’s definitely the case here. The Christmas Star and The Cutting Edge have little in common besides the author. The former is a nostalgic look at the Christmas season, while this book’s narrative is stark and often violent. The pages describing Lesli [...]

    14. Leslie Rhoads has just been named the Number #1 hottest model around as her face is the epitome of true beauty - she has never needed make-up or had to have her face digitally altered or surgery and so she is rising the ranks fast , but in order to survive the modelling world - Leslie has to make a decision which will have her nude and scantily clad all across America. Morals hold her back and only one person can set her free and help her make the decision - her father Johnathon. So Leslie , hop [...]

    15. Ace Collins has created a compelling read with his latest novel. The Cutting Edge cuts deep indeed as it rips away the layers and portrays what can happen when beauty is only skin deep. Collins weaves a suspenseful plot into this issue-driven and character-focused tale. In spite of her lack of inner strength, Leslie Rhoads is a likeable character, and the horrific attack she experiences makes it easy to sympathize with her as she must confront the physical and emotional challenges that result fr [...]

    16. 'The Cutting Edge' is a great story of a model who finally "hit the Big Time", but at what cost? Was it really worth the sacrifices she would be making? She decided to go back home where she would discuss it with her father, realizing it was not only her life this decision would be affecting.She arrived late at night, deciding to spend the night in a motel rather than awaken her parentsa hotel she never made it to. The ensuing events changed her life forever!This is a dynamic story concerning va [...]

    17. Ace Collins is a very versatile writer who has created a completely different voice and feel for The Cutting Edge from some of his other books I have read. This book is a bit grittier and is more of a thriller. At the heart of the book is Leslie Rhoads a fashion model who is about to break into the supermodel ranks. Collins has created an interesting character in Leslie Rhoads. Before she signs the contract of her life, she decides to travel home in order to return to her roots and see if the su [...]

    18. This is a very interesting story that really makes you think about the importance put on appearances rather than on character. Leslie was used to depending on her looks, so when she lost them, she felt like she lost her worth. It's a good reminder that it's more important that we're beautiful inside than out. I like who Leslie became by the end of the book and the supportive people in her life who showed her unconditional love. It's amazing what people can survive with a support system, especial [...]

    19. Leslie Rhoads is on top of the world. After landing her photo on the cover of a popular magazine, she seems to be on the brink of breaking into the forefront of modeling.When she is given the opportunity to be the face of a controversial perfume campaign, Leslie heads home to think over the pros and cons. Before she can make her choice though, she is the victim of a terrible attack that leaves her with a horribly scarred face, taking away everything she ever knew. After a lifetime of letting her [...]

    20. In a world that is obsessed with beauty I found this to be a refreshing read. Leslie Rhoads is a small town girl who is on the verge of making it big in the modeling world with her flawless beauty.When she is approached with a make or break opportunity she takes decided to go home,not knowing that decision will change her life forever. When Leslie is brutally attacked and left without her beauty she quickly learns that beauty truly is only skin deep. When Leslie befriends a young girl who has si [...]

    21. I've known Ace Collins since college, when he and his wife and the fella and I were in the same Sunday school class. Then we lived in the same small town for a bunch of years-- our boys are close to the same ages. I liked the story. It's an inspirational novel about a model whose beauty is destroyed in a brutal attack. There is a romance, but it's a fairly minor part of the story. There's not much conflict in the romance itself, it's just another aspect of the story conflict, which is "what does [...]

    22. This is a character driven novel with a powerful message. What really makes a woman beautiful? What does a model, who is at the top of her career, do when her face is slashed with a broken bottle? How does she face the future when she had taken her self value from her perfect appearance? And this has lots for reading groups to discuss. What is beauty? Is it a good idea to place your self worth in one place, like your appearance, your job, your husband? What happens when that is taken away? The w [...]

    23. Just Just no. I don't even know what I was just reading. The plot sounded interesting but by page fifty I was still pretty bored. One of the chapters server l served literally no purpose. Even with all that I could've kept reading if it weren't for the god awful writing. I mean really bad. Half the time I had no clue who people were. And the author kept like switching the pov. It was all in third person but it seemed to switch between characters which could've been fine except. I HAD NO CLUE WHO [...]

    24. This book gave a very realistic view into how people see themselves as far as physical beauty is concerned. We have to relearn how to see ourselves if something happens to us. These characters show just how to do that. Other people can help you through your tough ties and you can help others through theirs. Interesting book and the situations were great. Descriptions of sounds, smells and leaning to use your whole body of senses is explained. Doesn't sound like it here but it is a good book. It [...]

    25. Ace Collins has given the reader the opportunity to grow right along with Leslie and Angel--and the other characters who are learning that strength, just like beauty, starts on the inside of a person and works its way out. From there, it works magic on everyone who.Is touched by it. Leslie found inner strength through the love and encouragement of Meg and Hunter, but she reconnected with beauty when she met Angel. The Cutting Edge reminds us that we are often sharpened by the hard stuff: we are [...]

    26. I won this in a ARC Giveaway on Leslie had the world in her hands one contract from Making millions with her modeling.But a trip back home changes her the world shehas ever known since she was born. Leslie has to gain faith that life will go on and that she is still beautiful.This store was pretty good but towards the end the plot seemed all over the placeand a little sloppy. Thanks for the opportunity:)

    27. I received this book for free from First Reads.I loved this book!Leslie Rhoads is set to be a famous model, but her career is cut short when she is cut up in an attack.She goes on an epic journey of self-discovery and learns what really matters.My only criticism is there are many typos, in one entire chapter, Lisa is referred to by her cousin Meg's name.I hope such errors will be corrected before the final release.

    28. Good. What do you value about yourself? Where do you find your identity? The main character can overcome all she has been raised to be and sink, or remember the One who made her and rise above her circumstances. The hospital scene was so well done, I felt like I was thereholding my breath.This book has good characters and valuable lessons as it entertains and thrills. Looking for more from this author.

    29. I received this book as a First Reads giveaway from . The premise was good but the writing and lack of character development left me thinking that this could have been so good! The conversations between the main characters were trite and overdone. I forced myself to finish this book because it was a first reads otherwise I would have stopped well before half way through.

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