Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates Following A Conspiracy of Alchemists and A Clockwork Heart Sky Pirates is the third book of the Chronicles of Light and Shadow series starring the spunky dirigible pilot Elle Chance and the handsome

  • Title: Sky Pirates
  • Author: Liesel Schwarz
  • ISBN: 9780345545091
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following A Conspiracy of Alchemists and A Clockwork Heart, Sky Pirates is the third book of the Chronicles of Light and Shadow series, starring the spunky dirigible pilot Elle Chance and the handsome warlock Marsh For urban fantasy fans and readers of Gail Carriger s Changeless and Cherie Priest s Boneshaker, a fun, fast paced, action packed new historical fantasy adventFollowing A Conspiracy of Alchemists and A Clockwork Heart, Sky Pirates is the third book of the Chronicles of Light and Shadow series, starring the spunky dirigible pilot Elle Chance and the handsome warlock Marsh For urban fantasy fans and readers of Gail Carriger s Changeless and Cherie Priest s Boneshaker, a fun, fast paced, action packed new historical fantasy adventure series starring vampires, fairies, and the unforgettable heroine, Elle Chance.Set during the Belle Epoque, Sky Pirates is a thrilling and inventive historical fantasy novel, where the myths and legends of Old Europe live side by side with the wondrous creations of modern scientists and aviators It s also set in a world haunted by vampires, fairies, and other supernatural creatures And it mixes a thrill a minute page turning plot with a genuinely moving love story In Sky Pirates, Elle and Marsh escape to the jungles of Cambodia in search of a sacred temple that holds the key to erasing the barrier between Shadow and Light.

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    1. Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewThe first two novels in the series were both great and I was curious about this third installment. Well I must say that I do not remember a lot of things about the end of the previous volume, and I was a little anxious at the beginning of the story, however, everything finally came back pretty fast.The end of the previous volume had left Elle and Hugh in a rather delicate situation. Oh yes, because Hugh has disappeared without a trace and Chance must now try [...]

    2. The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series had it's ups and downs, but I loved it because it had kick-ass heroine and wonderful steampunk goodies. A Clockwork Heart with a clifhanger ending left me yearning for a sequel. But as it often happens, when the Sky Pirates was in my greedy hands, I was distracted by shinier newer titles, and newer read it. 4 years later, I decided to correct that mistake.The third book in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series feels like a combination of the previous [...]

    3. I would like to thank Del Rey & NetGalley for granting me a copy of this e-ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. Though I received this e-book for free that in no way impacts my reviewTE: If you haven't yet read the first two books in this series, stop here. This series builds successively with the advent of each new installment. Without the information contained in the previous books this one will have far less meaning and power. As well, the review for this book contains inherent s [...]

    4. koeur.wordpress/2014/07/08Publisher: Del Rey Publishing Date: ISBN: 9780345541307 Genre: Fantasy Rating: 4.5Publisher Description: With her husband, Hugh Marsh, missing in the netherworld and presumed dead, Elle Chance loses herself in the task at hand: piloting the airship Water Lily on commissions across the globe. But as it turns out, her beloved is very much alive—the once-powerful warlock reduced to a wraith. When Water Lily is threatened by pirates, Elle will have to channel all her powe [...]

    5. I received a free ebook copy of this book by the book's publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was fortunate enough to meet Liesel Schwarz at a book signing in London earlier this year, where she was signing copies of this particular book. Having not read the previous two in the series, I bought the first two after reading the blurb as well as part of the first chapter and such a good decision that was. In fact, I wish I had bought this third instalment of the series as well [...]

    6. 3.5 starsI thought this series was a trilogy but apparently there is another book on the way. After reading this one, that's good news.It picks up about a year & a half after the last book. Marsh is still a with, wandering the netherworld while Elle tries to piece together their life. She's never stopped looking for some way for them to be reunited, expanding her search by taking on dangerous jobs no other pilot dares.Meanwhile, the traitorous Patrice Chevalier has been transformed. In a lit [...]

    7. I was a little nervous starting Sky Pirates the third book in Liesel Schwarz’s Chronicles of Light and Shadow. The second book, A Clockwork Heart, left me frustrated, but wow Sky Pirates brought back all of the elements I loved in A Conspiracy of Alchemists. Action packed, with lovable characters this steampunk has us traveling the world, and engaging in battles. The heroine Elle Chance is fantastic. She is kick-ass and determined. I don't recommend crossing her.Schwarz weaves steampunk, scien [...]

    8. I was very impressed with the third installments in the Chronicles of Light and Shadow. To me delight I discovered that there will be more books to come (for some reason I thought this was a trilogy). If you have not read the other two books I recommend you do that as they are important parts of this story. I had to refresh my memory about what exactly happened to Hugh in the last book and I also had to brush up on Patrice.After the sad ending of the last book where Elle has lost Hugh to the Sha [...]

    9. Original Link to the review at my blog Le' Grande Codex - here----Following on the heals of its predecessor, The Clockwork Heart, Sky Pirates deals with the consequences of everything since then. Elle has lost her husband. Hugh Marsh is more of a dead/undead wraith now deciding to be faraway from his wife to keep her safe. Her coping mechanism on the other hand, is to throw herself into continuing her work as a pilot to the Water Lily. Her work brings her on the tangent of the Captain Dashwood a [...]

    10. Sky Pirates got off to an incredibly slow start for me. Elle's obsession with bringing back Marsh was a bit annoying at times, though I can't say that I wouldn't have been the same way in her position. Once the ball got rolling and we were able to get to know some of the new characters, though, things started to pick up. I really loved Dashwood, and Schwarz's writing was much better this time around, in my opinion. The last half of the book flew by, and I liked the ending. I hate love triangles, [...]

    11. Fast past great writing and engaging characters a thoroughly enjoyable read. I loved this installment of the Chronicles of Light and Shadow, as ever it was enjoyable to read. I can't wait for more from this author.

    12. A good read. Steam punk gave over to gushy romance. Nice play between light and shadow. A book torn between steam and iron, fairies and dark orgies and buddhist precepts. Feminist theme.

    13. I got a copy of this book to review through NetGalley. This was a very well done continuation of this steampunk adventure series. I continue to enjoy Elle as a character and love all the magic of the Barrier and the constant balancing between the powers of Light and Shadow.Elle journeys far from her home in this book, eventually ending up as part of a pirate crew on an airship. She adventures through deserts and jungles in a desperate effort to find a way to return her husband Marsh to the realm [...]

    14. Sky Pirates is the third book in Liesel Schwarz's series The Chronicles of Light and Shadow and continues to be an entertaining read with a touch of Steampunk and Paranormal that keeps things fun and interesting. Filled with globe trotting adventure and romance, this series follows spunky heroine Elle as this time around she travels to the far reaches of the jungles of Cambodia in search of a way to break the curse that traps her beloved Hugh who is trapped between the realm of Light and Shadow, [...]

    15. *BE ALERT!* *SPOILERS!*This one was a little clunkier than the first two. I still love listening to Amy McFadden read these, she's very good, but the material wasn't quite up to par. Elle has lost her husband Marsh to the Shadow over a year ago at the start of Sky Pirates. In her grief she has decided that the best thing she can do other than continuously patrol the Shadow looking for Marsh is to take on increasingly esoteric and dangerous charters on her airship. Lucky for her (see: unlikely co [...]

    16. So far there’s been a lot to like about this Steampunk series. There’s Hugh Marsh the ancient warlock who gave up everything to be with the woman he loves, Loisa the Nightcrawler with a wonderful line in sophisticated sarcasm, an absinthe fairy who does exactly as she pleases, not to mention a wonderful late Victorian world full of clever little magics and mechanics.Yet all of the above are missing in this, the third offering of this series. I know Marsh was cursed to become a wraith in the [...]

    17. When faced with a chance at true love or bringing back the love you've lost, what would you do?Elle Chance has taken to piloting the airship, Water Lily. While globe trotting, she is also searching for a way to bring her husband back from his curse as a wrath. When she is attacked by pirates, Elle makes some life altering choices and major mistakes. When the hot but distant Captain comes into her perspective, Elle has some major conflicting emotions over her husband and the captain. In the begin [...]

    18. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Sky Pirates continues Schwarz' Victorian steampunk adventure by upping the ante in several plot points. Pirate adventures are just too perfect a foil for our intrepid heroine and with her husband out of the action, time to add in another love interest as well. In love and war, Elle Chance is going to find herself sorely pressed.Story: Elle is privateering on her ship the Water Lily. When she takes aboard an archeologist, she will unl [...]

    19. I received an ARC through NetGalley for an honest review.Elle Chance is still in mourning over the loss of her husband to the Shadow but after hearing that if she can find the mythical city of Angkor Wat and what lays there she may be able to bring him back, she sets off on an adventure to get him back.I’m going to start this off by stating that I did not read the first two books in the series and while I was a little lost in the beginning the author did a very good job at explaining/recapping [...]

    20. This is apparently the third book in the series. I didn’t realise this until after I started reading and discussing this with my daughter. It seems she has signed copies for the earlier books at home and, having thoroughly enjoyed this book, I’ll be checking them out, too!Eleanor Chance goes by a variety of names but most folk seem to call her Elle. She’s also the Oracle - the sole being protecting the barrier between the powers of Light and Shadow. The Council of Warlocks has been taken o [...]

    21. Please note this is a review of the third book of The Chronicles of Light and Shadow and there may be spoilers in respect to earlier books (you can check my review on book1, here, & book 2, here)I was taken by surprised with the darker tone in book 2 and was left heartbroken at the end of it so I needed to know where this story will go next. And again, I was taken totally by surprised in the change of direction as Sky Pirates was actually a really fun read –not dark at all. In fact, it was [...]

    22. I devoured this book in one day. An engaging steampunk adventure that does not require you to have read books one and two, we are introduced to Eleanor the Oracle who has possession of the magic in both the shadow world and light world. The book starts in London in 1905 but takes us around the globe. Elle is an airship captain and grieving the recent loss of her husband. While wallowing in her grief and feeling so alone, she takes on dangerous missions feeling she has nothing else to lose. It is [...]

    23. The third and final installment of this series, Sky Pirates was good and a LOT better than the second installment (at least at first). Elle was a delight, and a lot of the reason why the previous book lost so much for me was that she seemed duller, but in this book I was glad to see that she had her feisty edge back to her. I thought that the book was a lot better than the first one even, all the way up to the finale. What kind of finale was that? It lost the book 1 star. The resolution was a co [...]

    24. This book was full of high points and low points but little in between. Half of the time I was tearing my hair out over the poor decisions and inconsistency of the heroine. Grand declarations followed by complete about turns moments later. Then there's the love interest. Her raison d'etre in the book is to find her husband and save him but the first eligible male she finds, who is a cad of the worst kind, and it's all thrown into confusion because she realises he has a heart of gold really. Thos [...]

    25. **I received this book for free from Random House/Del Rey via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre* Historical, Steampunk, Romance, Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*Eleanor Chance Marsh, aka Lady Greychester, has tried to find a way of bringing her husband back from the Netherworld from which he was cursed to spend eternity as a Wraith. After 18 months of suffering from the loss of Hugh Marsh, E [...]

    26. I must admit that in spite of the second book being a big disappointment and this third volume is shaping up as yet another and not the last one and especially the main protagonist is a girl I hated, this book is not so bad. I have to admit it although the story has taken a turn that I did not like it at all, because I have always been rooting for Hugh, but now the love triangleI can not stand it, it's too YA.Devo ammettere che nonostante il secondo libro fosse stato una grossa delusione e quest [...]

    27. This series gets more exciting as the books go on. This time even darker than the previous books in the series. Leaping from clockwork zombies to sky pirates, the action never ceases.Eleanor Chance battles everyone as she no longer has anywhere to turn. She is now the target for the Shadow Master, as “Sky Pirates” turns it up a notch from previous books. The action and the magic are non-stop as Eleanor kicks-ass all over the place.A thrilling new edition from a series that I thought could no [...]

    28. Devastatingly dissapointedwhat a cruel trick you played Liesel Schwarz. I feel like I wasted my time with this third installment. After becoming as charmed with Hugh as Elle in A Conspiracy of Alchemists, then heartbroken over him in A Clockwork Heart, you strung along my hope for his redemption in Sky Pirates to an unsatisfying and anger-inducing end. Guilt ridden and heart broken at losing Marsh, Elle goes on a quest to rescue him obsesses her. Until another man comes along, who, after one try [...]

    29. I am torn between giving this book a 2 or a 3. I thought the first half of this book was good. I love pirates, what can I say? But the second half left me feeling like the author had given up. The dialog took a nose dive. The plot just kind of fizzled. And one thing that surprised me is that the first 2 books were kind of dry in the sex department and this one, boom! Orgy. Boom! Sex on the beach. Made me feel like these things were added to spice up a boring series. Now she is stuck with two men [...]

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