In My Mother's Footsteps (Summer Heat)

In My Mother s Footsteps Summer Heat Anela Alborn s life is a lie After growing up without the love of a father her mother reveals his identity Tragedy strikes and she sets off on an adventure that leads to than she could ever imagine B

  • Title: In My Mother's Footsteps (Summer Heat)
  • Author: Forbes Arnone Jennifer Garcia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: ebook
  • Anela Alborn s life is a lie After growing up without the love of a father, her mother reveals his identity Tragedy strikes and she sets off on an adventure that leads to than she could ever imagine Bumping into Christian Sivers distracts her from the real man of her dreams, her father Will he live up to her dreams And does she follow in her mother s footsteps

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    1. In My Mother's Footsteps is a beautiful short story revolving around the main character-Anela. Having grown to the age of twenty-two with the belief that she has no father, imagine her shock and other emotions when she's told this isn't quite true. Here we have a story where the character goes back to the scene of her mother's one time holiday romance in order to find her father and get to know him, with only one main thing in mind-the desire to be accepted by him. I rather enjoyed this story by [...]

    2. All I can say with this is how I found myself relating to the characters loss, and loving the journey this took her on. The author had me wanting to do anything I could to load up my kindle so I could read more. I almost missed a few few busses while reading on my way to work. Such a great story, one I just had to do a fist pump to at the end!Well done, loved it

    3. In My Mother’s Footsteps is a short story included in Renaissance Romance’s Summer Heat Volume I anthology and the debut for new author Forbes Arnone.Anela Alborn receives a gift from her recently deceased mother—the chance to find the father she was never told about before. She embarks on a journey following her mother’s footsteps from so long ago. What will she lose, gain, and find along the way?It’s not always easy to pen a short story and satisfy the reader. Many shorts feel rushed [...]

    4. Forbes Arnone chooses a beautiful, romantic place for her debut. Presenting a flawed heroine in a short story is brave, but Anela feels like a real person from the get-go in this story. There are two sub-stories here, really. The first is the Search for Anela’s Father. He’s a colonel and she has never met him. Bravely, a bit defiantly too, Anela presents herself in this quest for her father and this story is sweet and poignant.The second sub-story is Conquest of Sergeant Sivers OR Loving Ane [...]

    5. "In My Mother's Footsteps" is the story of Alena, a young woman who has spent the last year estranged from her mother. Now that her mom has passed away, Alena struggles with the guilt and shame she feels for missing the final year of her mother's life. Alena is shocked to find that her mother has left her a note, asking her to travel to Hawaii to locate the father she's never known.Forbes Arnone weaves a descriptive tale full of imagery and emotion. In Alena's journey, she discovers more than ju [...]

    6. Being a former military member, this story really touched my heart. I've been to Hawaii many times, and the attention to detail Forbes Arnone brings forward to this story is unbelievable. In a short amount of time you can't help but not only fall in love with Anela and Christian, but to Hawaii itself. And for me, In My Mother's Footsteps allowed me to fall in love with Hawaii all over again. Following Anela on her discovery of family, love, and life was heart warming and heart breaking all at th [...]

    7. I received an ARC of In My Mother's Footsteps by Forbes Arnone from StoryCartel in exchange for an honest review. When Anela Alborn's mother, Carla, dies from an undetected aneurism, Anela meets with Lennie Metting to go over the arrangements Carla has put into place for Anela's future. At the time of her death, Carla and Anela were estranged with no reconciliation planned as far as Anela was concerned. Carla had hidden information about her background, including her parentage, from Arnela, and [...]

    8. How does a daughter's heart heal when the last word she ever heard from her Mother was a plea for understanding; and the last thing she ever gave her Mother was a mouthful of bitterness? Anela swayed as the news of her Mother's unexpected death sunk in. She was alone in the world now, and the heavy weight of regret and remorse was stabbing holes in her once strong wall of fortitude.How could she ever fix her estranged relationship with her Mother now? Why did her last words have to be so harsh a [...]

    9. Given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***Review From Amy Conley For The Nerd Girl Page***Anela Alborn’s life is a lie. After growing up without the love of a father, her mother reveals his identity. Tragedy strikes and she sets off on an adventure that leads to more than she could ever imagine. Bumping into Christian Sivers distracts her from the real man of her dreams, her father. Will he live up to her dreams? And does she follow in her mother’s footstep [...]

    10. This novella is cute and short, but with a heartfelt message throughout. Anela, we learn is alone in this world as her mother has passed onto the next, but with her exit we discover a secret. The identity of the only family she has and who and how this person came into her mother’s life at a young age.I found myself choked up as some of her mothers memories played out – painting and the conversations over why a certain paradise setting meant so much to her. As the young woman travels to one [...]

    11. Reviewer: Abha3.0 on the Masq ScaleWhen Anela's mother, Carla, dies from an undetected aneurysm, Anela meets with their family lawyer to go over the arrangements Carla has put into place for Anela's future. At the time of her death, Carla and Anela were estranged. Carla had hidden information about Anela's background: details of her father. Anela was so hurt once she found out about the information Carla had withheld from her that she preferred to have nothing to do with her mother after that. H [...]

    12. The book has a fast attraction and relationship cling among the characters. I’m usually into stories with more twist on the romantic parts and this story is good despite the lacking parts. On the other hand it does lack with conflict and twist which usually makes the readers more interesting. It is short that I wish the author did expansion of the story details. I do like the attitude of the characters but there are some behaviors that does’nt fit well. Anela’s character is courageous whic [...]

    13. See this review and more at tattooedbookreview!I don’t particularly enjoy tropical vacations (I hate sand and the humidity makes my hair all frizzy), but I enjoyed this quick, romantic trip to Hawaii. Perfect for a single sitting, In My Mother’s Footsteps is warm, light, sensual, and complete.Throughout the story, I felt the author’s love of Hawaii through the characters’ experiences. Hawaii is a fantastic backdrop for this heartwarming romance. On her vacation, Anela is lucky enough to [...]

    14. He kehau ho`oma`ema`e ke aloha.Love is like cleansing dew.Hawaiian proverbAs Anela Alborn prepares for graduation from university, her estranged mother passes away. Anela contemplates the source of their estrangement – that her father was still alive – as she sorts through her mother’s papers. It is in these papers that she finds her mother’s graduation gift – a plane ticket and hotel reservation in Hawaii, a place that enchanted Anela’s mother and led to Anela’s conception. Arnone [...]

    15. Shocked by the sudden death of her mother, Anela is gifted a parting surprise; a chance to go back and follow her mother's footsteps and learn to understand and forgive. Anela has been dealt a rough hand, but with time, she heals and moves on, eventually finding her happily ever after.Arnone's descriptive imagery took me back to Oahu; to the pineapple plantation, Hanauma Bay, the Polynesian Cultural Center so many great places. And I personally enjoyed the vague references to Anela's reading ma [...]

    16. i received this book in exchange for an honest review on amazon. this book is a travel book. its a journey of a woman who realizes she has failed to understand her mom, that she needs to follow her footsteps to really know her mother better. so she sets off on a journey. the book is a good attempt to write a story as it happens to one person, but somewhere it fails to connect with the reader. here is how i feel about the book. Cover-page: 3/5 Characters: 4/5Concept: 3/5 Story line: 3/5 Language: [...]

    17. A very cute novella about a woman who finds out after the death of her mother that her father had not died when she was a baby like she was always told, her mother leaves her all his information and plane ticket to Hawaii to meet him, and follow in her mothers footsteps. But after finding her father she also falls in love herself!For being short this leaving didn't leave you wanting for anything. This book has it all romance, men in uniform, Hawaii, beaches, and family. Pace of the book and the [...]

    18. From the beginning, I was pulled into this story and I didn't want to click the last couple of pages, knowing the end was in sight.Forbes Arnone has an amazing way of telling a story and I for one will be in line for when her next book is released.

    19. This was a very quick read and I wish it was a bit longer. The story was well written and it kept you turning the pages. Can't wait to read more by this author.

    20. First, thank you to Jennifer Garcia for asking me to promo her upcoming anthology release with Ren Rom Publishing, along with stories by RE Hargrave and M.B. Feeney. Second, I need to thank Jennifer and Ren Rom for the ARC for this story so I could do a review for this on release day! As I emailed Jennifer on 6/27, I stayed up way too late when I had to get up early to go to work because I was so sucked into this story. I have been trying to figure out what to write for this review because it hi [...]

    21. Loved this! Such a sweet and warm story. Some heart break, regrets, new beginnings, finding love and a sense of belonging. Definitely all the feels is this one!The story starts out with heart breaking loss and regret. Anela losses her mother suddenly but the real heartbreak is her not speaking to her for the past 10 months. After finding out her mother lied to her all these years, Anela is at a loss and feeling completely alone in the world. Her mother's last gift to her is a letter and a gradua [...]

    22. Wonderful story, I won this book through a giveaway a while back and I have to say its one of the best prizes I have gotten. Anela's story is a bit heartbreaking but it turns around fairly fast for her. From the moment she arrives in Hawaii and meets Christian you know sparks are going to fly, and he's going to be her forever. Loved every minute of the story.

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