It Had to Be Murder

It Had to Be Murder Story by Cornell Woolrich Originally published in Dime Detective February Also known as Rear Window The story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece Rear Widnow It Had to Be Murde

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  • Title: It Had to Be Murder
  • Author: Cornell Woolrich
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: ebook
  • Story by Cornell Woolrich Originally published in Dime Detective, February, 1942 Also known as Rear Window.The story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece, Rear Widnow It Had to Be Murder is a suspenseful tale about Hal Jeffries, a temporarily disabled man, who becomes obsessed with watching the lives of his urban neighbors Seated in a chair by his rear wStory by Cornell Woolrich Originally published in Dime Detective, February, 1942 Also known as Rear Window.The story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece, Rear Widnow It Had to Be Murder is a suspenseful tale about Hal Jeffries, a temporarily disabled man, who becomes obsessed with watching the lives of his urban neighbors Seated in a chair by his rear window, Jeffries believes he has witnessed murder.

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    1. A man with a broken leg notices a neighbor's wife seems to have gone missing. Is she in the hospital, out of town, or dead?When a man ain’t got nothing to do but just sit all day, he sure can think up the blamest things—Most of us know the basic plot of Rear Window (aka It Had to be Murder), even if we haven't seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie. The plot has been parodied on The Simpsons, ALF, Family Guy, and probably a hundred other places. Some peeping Tom sees something and jumps to all sort [...]

    2. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/How did I not know this was a short story????? I’m such a failure! Nothing in this world makes me happier than a rainy night, warm P.J.s, a bowl full of popcorn and an Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon. While I love the campy wonderment which is The Birds and Farley Granger’s horrible acting in Rope, my all-time fave has always been Rear Window. Nowadays my husband and I refer to that moment when you tell yourself you’ll only watch five minutes of a m [...]

    3. This 1942 short story (originally titled “It Had To Be Murder”) was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film “Rear Window”. Woolrich received his inspiration for the story from H.G. Wells short story Through a Window.

    4. I didn' t know that one of my all time fave Hithcocks is based on a story written by Cornell Woolrich, whose works have been adapted by a lot of noir films like the The Bride Wore Black, Waltz Into Darkness and a couple of few more.This extremely short murder mystery+thriller, packs quite a punch in-a-nail-biting-clammy-palms-hanging-from-the-edge-of-your-seat-kinds.(Despite of knowing what is actually going to transpire :D)To be honest I kept on imagining James Stuart as Jeff, while there was n [...]

    5. Truman Capote once said that all literature is gossip. In his In Cold Blood he delves deeper and deeper into the lives of two young murderers. Why must we know how their father treated them? And why do their sexual obsessions matter? He talks to them for years, befriends them, but he also needs them to finally die on death row so he can complete his book! Something invasive and self-serving here, troubling?Similarly Hitchcock admitted that film for him was like voyeurism. He, the portly bald fil [...]

    6. A detective novella which I thoroughly enjoyed.Was recommended by Jaya as a short and satisfactory read, and it was!Hal Jeffries is recuperating in his bedroom after a disabling illness/injury and has nothing to do but watch through the windows of the neighbouring apartment complex. And in Apartment 4 he finds something suspicious going on one day. He further spies upon the inhabitants and comes to a fearsome deduction, which almost costs his life.My first through and through read of the year, a [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. First published as "It Had to Be Murder", this noir short story was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock as "Rear Window". Jeffries, a disabled man, sits by his bedroom window filling the hours by watching the comings and goings of his neighbors. He noticed that the ill wife of another tenant seemed to be missing. The story takes the reader inside Jeffries' mind as he works through his suspicions about the woman's disappearance. It was an enjoyable short story where the suspense kept building.

    8. I read this short story because I'm going to watch Rear Window because I'm excited about Castle's 100th episode airing tomorrow (April 1, 2013). Yay! I can't wait to see what they do with it.

    9. Rear Window is my all-time favorite Hitchcock movie, so when I discovered it had been based on a short story, I knew I had to read it. Written in 1942, this story is surprisingly fast paced. The tension builds almost immediately, and it is interesting, at least in the beginning, to wonder whether the narrator's speculations of murder are correct, or of he's simply a bored invalid who should spend less time spying on his neighbors. For me, it was impossible to separate the movie from the story, a [...]

    10. شاهدت الفيلم. لا تقم بالتجسس على الاخرين لانك قد تكتشف اشياء مرعبة جريمة قتل مثلا.

    11. You know what, just stick to Hitchcock's Rear Window. This short story is not even close to the awesomeness of the movie.

    12. It was easy to read this in one day - because it is a short story! Being familiar with the film, one of my favourites from the golden era of Hollywood suspense, I hadn't realised that the story is much simpler. Hal Jefferis is confined to his room and intermittently makes his way between bed and a chair by his bay window, though it isn't till the end that we discover why he is so constrained - it is of course obvious from the start in the film. An usually active person, he has no interest in rea [...]

    13. Thrilling read. The original inspiration behind Hitchcock's "Rear Window," which was the inspiration for the movie "Disturbia," the story centers around a man, Hal Jeffries, who is confined to his bedroom after an ankle injury. Not being much of a reader, the man spends his time watching and listening to his neighbours' daily routines for entertainment. His attention is drawn to the house of a couple, an out-of-job husband and a sick wife, after he first witnesses a change in their daily routine [...]

    14. So I only read the title story, its available for free online so that`s where that came from. I would certainly be interested to read the rest of these stories, or anything else by Woolrich. Also I`m feeling pretty bad that I didn`t even come close to my book readin' goal. Shitty. But what're ya gonna do.This book though. It was just ok really I'm not so enamored with his style but if there were other short stories say in a collection like some sort of short story collection that I could read al [...]

    15. A nice short story that inspired Hitchcock to make one of his most celebrated films. This film is a favourite of my sister and I. A good tale, very quickly told, with a few characters missing - there wasn't much time to go into detail about much else than the suspicion of the murder itself. Jeffries comes to some pretty impressive conclusions from his wheelchair. As good a detective as his friend Boyne.Worth reading because it is a short story, but not as good as the film.

    16. I read this for class; can't wait to watch the movie!I thought it was very good, but it was so short I don't really think I should give it more than 3 stars

    17. Read for my Literature and Film uni module.I expected there to be more of a twist. It felt like everything was geared towards the big action scene at the denouement and from the off it was sort of obvious what would happen.The setting was really difficult to get my head around. I feel like adapting this to film was a good idea since the layout of the rear windows was a confusing jumble most of the time. It was a very visual story, but the description fell short.Still, it was alright.

    18. Like many I come to the story after being a long time fan of the film. Cornell Woolrich's deceptively simple idea is captivating. I'm equally impressed with John Michael Hayes's screenplay adaptation that creates a love interest and a spunky nurse that have more personality than the valet portrayed here.

    19. Only read this if you don't have neighbors who seem to know too much about you. It's just a little creepy, ha. But also quite interesting -- both because of the plot of the story itself, and because it inspired contemplation about the little things I observe in others' lives, and they in mine. "The chain of little habits that were their lives unreeled themselves."

    20. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    21. An interesting mystery short story. The movie is better though - we get to explore more things and it is more suspenseful.

    22. The original short story behind the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window", this has all the classic gritty noir you're looking for. But don't expect Grace Kelly to come walking in, or you'll be disappointed.

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