Chasers This is the return of the Apaches a cadre of controversial adrenaline junkie former NYPD cops first introduced in Lorenzo Carcaterra s novel Apaches In this sequel the surviving members of the team r

  • Title: Chasers
  • Author: Lorenzo Carcaterra
  • ISBN: 9780743285384
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • This is the return of the Apaches a cadre of controversial, adrenaline junkie former NYPD cops first introduced in Lorenzo Carcaterra s novel Apaches In this sequel the surviving members of the team reunite to continue their battle against crime.

    One thought on “Chasers”

    1. Unfortunately, Chasers did not measure up to my expectations after reading the first book, Apaches: A Novel of Suspense. The "Apaches" are reconstituted with new members, injured on the job but still able and willing to go after bad guys. Drug lords and their gangs are the targets in this one. The action is disjointed, not realistic and the over-the-top "street talk" just annoys.

    2. It was a bit to big bang gangster for my taste but I enjoyed the overall message of the book, that no matter what the odds, if you really care about something you should never back down, and never lose sight of what's important to you. The characters are lovable and strangely obsessed with dieting, and the main guy is clearly a man anyone would love as an uncle.

    3. GrittyWhat a great story. Retired Cops, Evil uncovered, drug crews, murder - mayhem, revenge, justice, sadness got it all here. Great book. I will read more.

    4. Very Good; sequel to Apaches, former cops look to take down a drug kingpin responsible for the death of an innocent bystander, a niece of the leader of the group

    5. Chasers has all the problems of its predecessor, Apaches, plus a whole bunch of new ones to boot. The nice thing about sequels is that we already know the characters and shouldn't have to spend a whole lot of time introducing new ones. At least, that's how it works in theory. But that's not how it is with Chasers. Since half the characters in Apaches were killed by its end, Chasers must once again jump through all the familiar hoops of introducing new team members who have been previously injure [...]

    6. Another good book by Lorenzo Carcaterra. Although I liked epic books like Sleepers, Gangster and Street Boys a lot more, this book is classic Carcaterra and a good crime drama. Chasers is the sequel to the author's book, Apaches. The apaches are a group of castaways or misfits of ex-cops that can no longer work for the NYPD for multiple different reasons that I won't give away here. Instead, they take to the streets on their own to deliver justice for a horrible crime that takes a relative of Bo [...]

    7. I really like the predecesor to this book, Apaches, but I wasn't so keen on this one. I kind of lost where the whole book was going and found my attention wandering so wasn't overly impressed.Back Cover Blurb:It's 1985 - and the city that never sleeps is about to wish it had stayed in bed. The heinous machine-gun murder of innocent bystanders in a Manhattan restaurant shocks all five boroughs. The surviving members of the Apaches - controversial, take-no-crap, outside-the-law ex-cops - swear to [...]

    8. Days after the book came out I wrote the following on the author's MySpace page:"Bravo Lorenzo, you have done it again! I was hooked on page 1 and every page thereafter. You have a wonderful ability to create characters and scenes that become vividly real in the readers eyes. I always feel as if I am standing only feet away from where its happening. Chasers, as with Apaches, is filled with exciting, fast paced twists and turns. And don't worry, I won't give away all the surprises, suffice to say [...]

    9. I'm not sure what category this story fits into. I really enjoyed it. It was well-paced, had strong characters who weren't exactly angels but they were reconciled to their choices/decisions which I much prefer to all these "self-doubting heroes" which seems to be populating far too many new novels. Plus, what I really liked was that, there was an obvious way to resolve the conflict, and instead of ignoring it(as so many authors do, so that they can somehow work it into a big finish which actuall [...]

    10. This was one action packed novel! My only disappointment was the constant overpowering flow of profanity. But the story was superbly told and the mystery of it excellently woven.

    11. A good action book, plenty of bodies as a group of ex-cops take down the drug barons of NY. Not as good as his "Sleepers" but still a good read.

    12. Although this is not the masterpiece that "Sleepers" was it was still a straight forward and interesting story.

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