One thought on “Purr-Fect Crime”

  1. A great book for those who enjoy mysteries, cats, or short stories by some of the best writers or any combination of those. My favorite in this collection is "The Squaw" by Bram Stoker.

  2. If you want a book of cozy cat stories, this book is not it. Many of these stories have fantasy in them. Most are macabre. Two are disquieting social comments, one on a reason food stamp came into being, the other on the fight over animal testing.All of the stories are well written. The stories themselves are engaging holding you to the end. They are in a genre I don't much enjoy but those who do would enjoy this book.

  3. Very disappointing - not one story in fact really had anything to do with cats! They just loosely referred to them occasionally which would be fine if the stories were actually good but they unfortunately are not.

  4. A really good anthology, if you like cats. Some of the stories have an extremely dubious cat link, but all in all it’s a fun read.

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