Un anno in Provenza

Un anno in Provenza Dopo quindici anni di lavoro nel frenetico mondo londinese della pubblicit Peter Mayle decide di cambiare vita Acquista una fattoria in Provenza costruita con pietre levigate da duecento anni di ve

  • Title: Un anno in Provenza
  • Author: Peter Mayle Enrica Ciocia
  • ISBN: 9788860406934
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dopo quindici anni di lavoro nel frenetico mondo londinese della pubblicit , Peter Mayle decide di cambiare vita Acquista una fattoria in Provenza, costruita con pietre levigate da duecento anni di vento e di sole , e vi si trasferisce insieme alla moglie e ai suoi due cani Sogna una vita pi rilassata e fa i suoi programmi, ma non tutto va come previsto la ristrutturaDopo quindici anni di lavoro nel frenetico mondo londinese della pubblicit , Peter Mayle decide di cambiare vita Acquista una fattoria in Provenza, costruita con pietre levigate da duecento anni di vento e di sole , e vi si trasferisce insieme alla moglie e ai suoi due cani Sogna una vita pi rilassata e fa i suoi programmi, ma non tutto va come previsto la ristrutturazione procede a rilento, e lo mette a confronto con un mondo che ai suoi occhi anglosassoni appare bizzarro e sorprendente una parlata dall inflessione incomprensibile, un idea della puntualit quantomeno fantasiosa, operai e artigiani che compaiono rumorosamente all improvviso, mettono tutto a soqquadro e scompaiono per mesi, un sacre vent, il mistral, capace di far impazzire uomini e animali E soprattutto una galleria di personaggi l uno pi originale dell altro, descritti con una curiosit accompagnata da un irresistibile vena ironica dall idraulico Menicucci con la passione del clarinetto al cacciatore Massot, con la fissazione dei Tedeschi sporcaccioni, al vicino Faustin, che lo coinvolge sapientemente in un impresa vinicola Mayle lentamente abbandona le sue ritrosie e scivola nei ritmi della Provenza il suo diario, disteso fra due feste di capodanno, ci guida attraverso i piaceri della cucina e dei vini del Sud della Francia, ci descrive i mercati di paese, le feste, le abitudini, i modi della socialit , il mutare del paesaggio con le stagioni.

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    1. Hmmmokay. I learned that:1. With enough money you can relocate to Provence and buy a 200 year old farmhouse with mossy swimming pool, problematic pipes, and a wine cave backing up to the Luberon mountains. Wait, it gets worse!2. Once you do this everyone who has ever vaguely heard your name and Provence together in the same sentence will attempt to visit whilst you are having a hell of a time fixing the charming antiquated house and bicycling into town. Hard times.3. Tragedy strikes! Everything [...]

    2. I read a couple of reviews on for this book and had to laugh at some of those who felt the book was whiney and written by a rich guy who could afford a super farmhouse with a pool no less! One review said that Mayle went back to England to live. Well – those reviews smack of small minded jealousy. Right now a farmhouse in France can be bought for as little as US$250,000.00; back in 1989 before this became trendy, property values were even more reasonable, especially coming from England where [...]

    3. The next best thing to living in France, is to read this book. Loved it!It is the first book in this genre which provided a complete picture of life in a rural French town by two Brits moving there.

    4. Chiens de chasse are too specialised to be bought and sold across a counter, and we were told that no serious hunter would consider buying a pup without first meeting both parents. Judging by some of the hunting dogs we had seen, we could imagine that finding the father might have been difficult, but among all the hybrid curiosities there were three more or less identifiable types - the liver -coloured approximation of a large spaniel, the stretched beagle, and the tall, rail-thin hound with the [...]

    5. It’s sad to think that there are probably dozens of great books about people who have moved to France that were rejected by publishers so they could take this book, which is completely devoid of insights, and shove it down our throats. The book has a wonderful premise in which a British guy and his wife move to the south of France and begin a new life. I think most people who read this book didn’t need much more than that. It is mostly the tedious description of the work he does on an old ho [...]

    6. Coming across A Year in Provence while searching for books through the library, was one of those serendipitous events that I can only chalk up to literary karma. The book was available, somehow I came across it while searching for another unrelated topic, the cover looked inviting and it was relatively short in length. C'est magnifique! It was a book match made in heaven, especially since I needed something to pull me out of a prolonged reading slump.Although published over 25 years ago, it stil [...]

    7. I've read quite a few negative reviews of this book, many of them focusing on the author's presumption in being able to afford a home in Provence and the reviewers' consequent inability to "relate" to him. Others see it as "trite" and not at all what they were expecting. Well, balderdash. I found this to be a very entertaining account of the first year in a new home and a new country, with all the explorations, discoveries, disappointments, triumphs and failures that go along with it. Would it b [...]

    8. This is a fun book that is literally about the first year Mayle spent in his new home in Provence. The chapters are divided into months, so a reader gets to enjoy with Mayle the seasonal changes of this beautiful region of France. Mayle understands the importance of gastronomy to the French and his food descriptions are a well written part of his story. Mayle mentions in passing, in an almost disparaging way, people of affluence buying up property in Southern France. This perspective was interes [...]

    9. 4 Stars - Fantastic book, would absolutely recommend it.There's really nothing I don't like about this book. It's short, easy to read, and such fun. Peter Mayle, the author, writes in a charming book that, in my opinion makes the people of Provence endearing. As an American, we often hear (or rather we're aware of the stereotype) how stuck-up, abrasive the French are. Albeit, I have met many-a French-person in my day and luckily I have never had this stereotype confirmed. Sure, they're mannerism [...]

    10. "A Year in Provence” is not lesfic, nor is it a new book. Thirty years ago it kicked off a new type of travel book that showed the reader what it would be like to live in an area, not just visit it.Honestly, I expected much more from the book. The first half or two-thirds showed that rich Englishmen and their wives were very condescending toward the rural French. The last part of the book showed more kindness toward the country folks, but only by declaring that the expats were now like them, a [...]

    11. I found this book walking to the B train this morning. Someone had gotten rid of it. Don't judge me to harshly for my foray into escapism, it makes the morning commute go fast. 1 week or so later So I've finished it, and although it had its moments where I chuckled a bit, I really didn't find it to be the incredible, evocative travel writing that it had been cracked up to be. The food descriptions were probably the strongest part, and I have to admit I did find my mouth watering on occasion. Now [...]

    12. Such a fabulous book. If you've never read a book by Peter Mayle I'd really recommend that you do. I've enjoyed all of his booksme of them several times.

    13. J'adore the English sense of humor. With stiff upper lip and wry observation sprinkled with warm affection, Englishman Peter Mayle embraces a cadre of colorful characters inhabiting the warmer south of France in this memoir documenting his first year as a new permanent resident relocated from Britain to the Lubéron region of Provence.A Year In Provence is suitably divided into twelve chapters, each devoted to one month, January through December, staging the progress of renovations on Peter and [...]

    14. In some ways it wasn't really this book's fault that I didn't like it. It came out in the U.S. in 1990 and was probably one of the first "I-lived-among-the-French-and-they-are-peculiar" memoirs. Since then, there have been countless other memoirs on this same topic, several of which I have read and enjoyed, so by the time I got to this, the flagship volume, the subject matter was a little old hat. Also problematic is that, while some of this book is composed of funny anecdotes, some of it is jus [...]

    15. One of those beautiful, descriptive memoirs that make me want to sell everything I own for a house in France (or Italy) and a life of tranquility and luxurious food. Only slightly more wordy review: jennoklikes/post/123517

    16. In the course of thinning out my book herd, I've been reading books that I haven't read in years, trying to determine whether I should keep them, or move them along. Going back to Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence was like going back to an old friend's house, but I've never been so hungry in my life as the two times I've read this book.::: The Dream :::Mayle and his wife live out a dream come true, dropping everything, selling their home, and moving full-time to Provence, a region of France gener [...]

    17. 3.5 stars.Well, this was a very charming read. The whole "o hay we moved 2 provence, awesome rite?" thing wasn't nearly as obnoxious as I thought it was going to be, although I still think these travelogues are highly masturbatory in nature. Peter Mayle has a light touch with a pen (I think I read the whole thing in under five hours), and a real flair for characterisation. I admire a man who can sketch a portrait in a sentence, like this bit describing his uncle, for example: "'Puke in private, [...]

    18. Peter Mayle and his wife finally decide to say goodbye to dreary British weather and move to sunny Provence in France. This book tells about their experiences living in Provence, from the colorful locals to the excellent food to the workmen who come and go like forces of nature.This book had me ready to go on vacation in Provence. Notice that I don't say "move to Provence." I would starve. All those lovingly written descriptions of French food left me cold. I could survive for a week or two thou [...]

    19. I vacationed in the Luberon area of France this year, the setting of Peter Mayle's book and mini series. My friend had read his book prior to arranging the trip and as expected the familiarity was a great starting point. I decided to wait on reading the book until after the trip. I wanted to experience it all first hand. After a truly fabulous time walking all over, eating pretty much nonstop, fumbling with French to the always very polite shop keepers, going to see every little town's offering [...]

    20. I've been cleaning out the bookshelves and found A YEAR IN PROVENCE. I know I read this book when it was first published and remembered enjoying Mayle's chronicles of the year he and his wife moved to Provence. I thought it was the perfect weekend read and I was correct! I enjoyed visiting Provence again. There is a certain rhythm to life in Provence. Mayle's sketches of his neighbors, laborers, markets and restaurants; the customs of the country and the pleasure and frustrations of home ownersh [...]

    21. I read right this before our visit to Provence, which has turned out to be one of my favorite places on earth. I was quite excited to read this since I’d always heard such great stuff about it. The book started out nicely enough but then became rather repetitive. Most of the stories were about renovating the author’s home in Provence and various dinner parties. There wasn’t much of a plot at all. I ended up skipping lots of pages and being quite bored, except of course for the parts descri [...]

    22. [3.5] Back in the early 90's, A Year in Provence was a favourite easy target for satirists and alternative comedians on British TV. Now in my 30s, with a new liking for books about moving to the country and doing up an old house, I wanted to find out what this object of so many jokes was really like.And, much as I love it when I genuinely disagree with haterz, I can kind of see the satirists' point.There is, nevertheless, much to like about this book. It can be enjoyably escapist and it has some [...]

    23. Part Travelogue; Part Love LetterI loved this charming book. My interest was stirred by the Russell Crowe film A Good Year which was based on Mr. Mayle's book. The movie is heartwarming, witty, and full of sweet charm, and tjh. Naturally I had to seek out the author of the book from which the movie was adapted. In doing so, I bought all of the other books written by Peter Mayle an ex-patriot Englishman living the life we all want to live in Provence.Thus I began the first of his books A YEAR IN [...]

    24. Эту книгу можно описать всего двумя словами - "МЕЧТЫ СБЫВАЮТСЯ" :DПоддавшись порыву, супружеская пара из Англии осуществляет свою давнюю мечту - покупают небольшой фермерский домик на юге Франции в Провансе. Но герои даже не подозревали, что покупка дома обернется настоящей [...]

    25. লেখার হাত ভালোই ভদ্রলোকের, পাতার পর পাতা খাবারের নাম লিখে যাবে স্রেফ, আপনি ভাববেন কী না কী লিখতেছে।যেহেতু বইটায় আসলে আগ্রহোদ্দীপক কিছু ত দূরে থাকুক, কিছু ঘটে না, অনেকের ভালো না লাগা স্বাভাবি [...]

    26. Not as funny as he thinks he is. Goes on and on--starry-eyed Anglo-Saxon loose in flinty Province, kept afloat by uncontrollable electricians and incompetent plumbers. And, ultimately, by profits from this best-seller.Major result of publication, and sequel, has been increase in prices in Auberges and -- worse yet -- doubling the price of nearby Michelin 1, 2 and 3 star restaurants (L'Auberge Procençale; La Bonne Étape: Le Dispason; Méo).

    27. Aunque cuenta de forma bastante amena los vericuetos de una pareja en la Provenza durante un año, para mí, le falta algo. Hay escenas muy simpáticas con las que te sientes identificado, el día a día en otro país no es un camino de rosas, y aunque no es un libro pesado, yo esperaba un poquito más.

    28. Peter Mayle duce o viaţă frumoasă şi calmă. Sunt fericit că mai există încă oameni care se bucură din lucruri mărunte.Mai vreau să vă zic ceva: Vreau să mă mut în Provence!

    29. The delightful account of an Englishman who, with his wife, purchase a farmhouse in Provence with the intent to live there full time. The book is a sort of year's diary, month by month, of the weather, house renovations, their neighbors, the workmen doing the remodeling, but most of all, the food and the wine. One thing I found interesting is how little he talks about his wife; perhaps she wanted it that way. At any rate, I would estimate that he discusses his cantankerous neighbor, Massot, more [...]

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