The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride

The Cowboy s Mail Order Bride With a bundle of letters in a boot box Emily Cooper doesn t know what to expect when she arrives on Clarice Barton s Ravenna Texas ranch Clarice is stunned to meet the great granddaughter of a man

  • Title: The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride
  • Author: Carolyn Brown
  • ISBN: 9781402280528
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • With a bundle of letters in a boot box, Emily Cooper doesn t know what to expect when she arrives on Clarice Barton s Ravenna, Texas, ranch Clarice is stunned to meet the great granddaughter of a man she hadn t heard from in decades and insists that Emily stay on the ranch to tell her all about him.Greg Adams isn t thrilled with the idea of a strange, if beautiful, womanWith a bundle of letters in a boot box, Emily Cooper doesn t know what to expect when she arrives on Clarice Barton s Ravenna, Texas, ranch Clarice is stunned to meet the great granddaughter of a man she hadn t heard from in decades and insists that Emily stay on the ranch to tell her all about him.Greg Adams isn t thrilled with the idea of a strange, if beautiful, woman in his grandmother s company But when this stubborn cowboy sets out to uncover her lies, he finds the truth staring him in the face it s not an explanation he wants, it s just her.

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    1. I have heard many, many stories about men and woman writing each other whilst the wars of our world were happening and then suddenly the letters stop only to years later be delivered. Of course this has caused relationships to suddenly end with no reason and irreparable heartache, woman have even go through the agony of thinking the man was killed in action but never found, the list goes on and on. But every once in a while a letter gets delivered, some over a sixty years late, and the couple wi [...]

    2. I have a friend who loves cowboy romances. This was a gift along with How to Marry a Cowboy, which I read last year. It's another fluffy, feel-good romance that involves a bundle of old letters, an independent pair of young ranchers, and some scheming senior ladies. Cute read.

    3. I swear this series just gets cuter and more heartwarming as it goes and yet there's still all that heat generated when the hero and heroine knock boots together. The homey tones, the laughter, the playful plots and the passionate romances are like sinfully delicious forbidden dessert.In this story, Emily Cooper arrives at Lightning Ridge Ranch up in North Texas in search of Clarise Adams nee Barton to fulfill her gramps' dying wish. A letter was found sixty years after it was posted having neve [...]

    4. Fun book. Emily has inherited a small ranch in West Texas from her grandfather. But before she settles in to run it, she promised her grandfather she would deliver a letter to an old girlfriend of his. She had also promised him she would take a month away from the ranch and think about what she really wants. Her plan is to find the old lady, drop off the letter, and head to the beach. But best laid plansWhen Emily arrives in Ravenna her grandfather's old flame, Clarice, asks her to stay on for a [...]

    5. A heartwarming tale that readers will not soon forget! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:Just days after the death of her grandfather, Emily Cooper sets out to fulfill his last request. She has to travel across the state to deliver a boxful of letters written years earlier to a woman her grandfather had never met, except through their letters, including a recently delivered letter that has been lost in the mail for sixty years. Still grappling with her grief, Emily finds it hard to believe [...]

    6. Carolyn Brown brings readers another great Contemporary Western Romance with her latest book in the Cowboys and Brides series, The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride. Brown is one of the best at writing cowboy romances and this one is no exception. With everything from lost love letters to busy-body old ladies this book has it all. Brown's trademark wit and humor shine in the banter and dialogue of the characters and her love of all things cowboy will have readers smiling with the turn of every page. A g [...]

    7. Awww cuteness promised and delivered. She has not failed me so far.Emily is a true rancher and loves everything about the life. Country girl to the bone. She just lost her grandfather and delivered some old love letters to an old flame of his. In comes Greg, the old "girlfriend's" grandson. A hunky cowboy who loves his farm and who first mistrusts Emily. She does come out of nowhere, but she shows her worth, friendship blossoms, and then romance.And no book is complete without two meddling old w [...]

    8. The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride was a really fun book to read. Emily goes to Greg's ranch to deliver some letters to his grandmother. She is fulfilling her grandfather's dying wish. She only planned on being there for one day. What she didn't plan on was finding love and a home. I loved watching Emily and Greg fall for each other. More than their story, though, I loved all of the other characters in the book. Clarice, Dottie, Rose and Madge added a lot of comic relief to the book. Their plan for f [...]

    9. Carolyn Brown delivers another sexy, fun, hilarious read with a well-developed storyline and characters. I always enjoy a Carolyn Brown book, for I know I will have a smile on my face while reading her books. She always makes me laugh with her witty banter in her books. THE COWBOY’S MAIL ORDER BRIDE delivered as usual. When Emily promised her grandfather that she would deliver the last letter he wrote his sweetheart and the post office had lost 60 years ago, and found it just recently and retu [...]

    10. Emily Copper wants to keep her dying grandfather wish and take the letters he write to Clarice. Emily finds Clarice but wan't expecting a hot grandson named Greg. Clarice hires Emily to be her assistant to Greg dismay. He thinks Emily is up to no good but Clarice knows better after reading the last letter to her from Emily's grandfather.Greg slowly comes around and see Emily in a whole new light and wants to know her better. Emily does the same and soon the two spend more time together. The two [...]

    11. DNR beyond page 162This is the only Carolyn Brown story that didn't work for me. As likable as Emily and Greg are, they bored me--not in an annoying way, just unexciting. The mischievous senior ladies, the grief and recovery theme, the close-knit community and the overall charm of her writing are really appealing. Pretty sure this is just a one-off. Still a C.B. fan.

    12. Four stars: A fun, lighthearted romance that will leave you with a big smile.Emily stares timidly at the door, she has driven a long way to deliver an old box of letters. Just as she gathers her courage and knocks, a large cat drops a dead mouse on her foot. Emily shrieks and kicks the mouse as the door opens. What a way to make a first impression. Thankfully, the lady who answers the door hates mice just as much as Emily. Emily is here to deliver her grandfather's letters to Clarice. Sixty year [...]

    13. Love Comes SoftlyThe Cowboy's Mail Order Bride by Carolyn Brown is the best. It's emotional, gooey, and sweet. Hot, sexy, and funny too. I feel in love with all of the characters. The older ladies, were funny and caring individuals. They made me want to move in with them. Sure they can be bossy and sassy, but they were real. The featured cowboy, was a wonderful man. He has so much to offer the strong, independent, yet beautiful cowgirl. They were made for each other. I can go on with more detail [...]

    14. Emily Cooper is on a quest. The last thing her grandfather requested of her before he passed away was to deliver a box of letters to Clarice Barton at Lightning Ridge Ranch. Emily doesn't know what is so special about the letters but she adored her grandfather and his wish was her command. Once she arrived; Clarice welcomed her with open arms. Greg Adams was her grandson and he was very leary of Emily and her intentions. Neither could deny the sparks between them. Clarice decided she needed an a [...]

    15. This book was an interesting combination of the “Meddling old folks” story line with a “cowboy mail order bride” story line, although technically there is no mail order to the bride. I know, confusing. Overall, I liked the writing and enjoyed the delightful characters. I’d definitely recommend the book to someone who liked the genre. It’s cute and a quick enjoyable read.

    16. I laughedI cried and I couldn't put this book down. The interactions were realistic yet still romantic. I'm going to get more by this author.

    17. Book InfoPaperback, 384 pagesExpected publication: February 4th 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablancaoriginal title The Cowboy's Mail Order BrideISBN 1402280521 (ISBN13: 9781402280528)edition language Englishseries Cowboys & Brides #3other editions None foundSource:Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksB&NBOOK SYNOPSISWith a bundle of letters in a boot box, Emily Cooper doesn't know what to expect when she arrives on Clarice Barton's Ravenna, Texas, ranch. Clarice is stunned to meet the great granddaught [...]

    18. Reviewed by AllisonBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted at Romancing the BookA laugh-out-loud story about a woman taking a lost letter to her grandfather’s old love and finding a love of her own. Before Emily Cooper’s grandfather died, he asked her to take a box of letters across Texas to Clarice Burton, the woman he had exchanged letters with during WWII. His last letter to her all those years ago just turned up, forgotten in an old mail bag. He wants to make sure Clarice knows he ha [...]

    19. Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review3 STARSEvery once in a while I read a book and think “this book would have been so much better if it had been shorter” and that’s the case with Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride. I very much enjoyed the love story between the hero and heroine but there was just so much other “stuff” in this book that their time together was just jumbled in around everything else. I’m going to lay it out and go [...]

    20. Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyI want to share a beautiful story then I will tell you about Cowboy's Mail Order Bride by Carolyn Arnold."New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s very own fairy tale romance began with a series of love letters. She and her husband fell in love through letters—while she was still in high school and he was stationed overseas. Carolyn found the inspiration for her next book from her own life. In The Cowboy [...]

    21. The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride, Cowboys & Brides #3, by Carolyn BrownGrade: B-“Business requires explanation. The heart doesn’t care about that. It just knows love.”Emily Cooper if fulfilling her late grandfather’s dying wish and delivering old love letters to the woman he wrote to while in the military. Emily is still mourning the loss of her grandfather and finds comfort in the woman he wrote to Clarice. Clarice begs Emily to stay on her ranch and be her assistant for a month befo [...]

    22. The Cowboys Mail Order BrideEmily Cooper, the heroine, delivers a boot box of letters from her deceased grandfather a rancher in West Texas, to Clarice Barton a North Texas ranch owner he corresponded with while he was in military service. The letters included one to Clarice that didn’t get delivered right after he returned from duty. Clarice, a widow, is stunned to meet the granddaughter of a man she hadn’t heard of in decades. Emily finds she is taken by the picture of Clarice’s grandson [...]

    23. The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride is a sweet but spicy addition to the Cowboys & Brides series. With her trademark wit and delightfully appealing characters, Carolyn Brown's latest release is sure to be a hit with fans of contemporary Western romances.To fulfill her grandfather's dying request, Emily Cooper plans on delivering a long lost letter to ranch owner Clarice (Barton) Adams then heading off on her month long vacation. But Emily is charmed by both Clarice and her good friend Dotty, so sh [...]

    24. I was expecting a historical for some reason. Anyhow it was a wholesome contemporary western. Very cutesy! I really liked the secondary characters, most of the time they gave the story a push in the right direction. Dotty and Clarice are the two older women who live at Lightning Ridge Ranch. Clarice is Greg Adams' grandmother and she is the one our heroine, Emily, comes to visit. Emily's grandfather has recently passed away so she is delivering his letters to his long ago sweetheart Clarice and [...]

    25. For me, Carolyn Brown's books are like chocolate cake ; delectable, so damn good and perfect for my sweet tooth. Reading her stories always makes me feel good. Emily Cooper was not supposed to stay in Lightning Ridge for a day or more. All she had to do was deliver letters to a woman on the ranch and go back to hers. Before her grandfather died, he made her promise two things. First : return to Clarice the letters she wrote to him when he was in Korea during the war and the one he wrote to her t [...]

    26. Emily is mourning her grandfather. There were two things he wanted her to do when he died – one was to deliver the letters he received while in the war to the woman who wrote them. The other was for Emily to take a month off before going to work full time on their small ranch. Emily had planned to just drop of the letters and be on her way to a vacation. Who knew that she would feel at home at Clarice’s ranch or have such interesting feeling for her grandson? Love the plot and love the chara [...]

    27. I actually like corny predictable love stories -- most of the time. The setting of this one wasn't bad. Girl's beloved grandpa dies. Grandpa tells her that she is to take 30-days off from running his (now her) ranch to rest and think about things. He also begs her to deliver a package. She does and that truly begins the story.That's where the hunk is. Who also has a ranchd lives with HIS grandmother who is a delight. And so are her close friends. I'm not saying more about that -- But I found mys [...]

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