My Phone's On Vibrate For You

My Phone s On Vibrate For You Sherlock Holmes John WatsonSherlock texts John all the time Today s different Words complete

  • Title: My Phone's On Vibrate For You
  • Author: misslucyjane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook
  • Sherlock Holmes John WatsonSherlock texts John all the time Today s different.Words 21,470 complete

    One thought on “My Phone's On Vibrate For You”

    1. 4.25 starsOooh yes Nina's review is spot on. Sexy it is, I loved every minute of it. A great introduction into the dynamics of Sherlock and Watson's relationship, they are an awesome team. I am very tempted now to gobble up all the available fanfic out there.

    2. Take what you need, take what you want from me.This is basically sex, sex, feelings, sex, feelings, sex, feelings, talking about feelings, sex, sex, angsty feelings, talking about feelings, sex, sweet-and-mushy feelings.It may sound a bit like PWP, and I can't say that's not true, but it goes deeper than that. It kind of - I don't know how to express this - lls you? It left me very satisfied and happy, but not the silly kind of happy. I feel like these guys have worked for it, sorted through the [...]

    3. Sweet free Sherlock-Watson story.They are flatmates and friends and now, all of a sudden Sherlock is sending very specific and erotic texts to Watson.They act out all their texts and slowly very slowly get to know each other in a different way, but Sherlock isn't Sherlock for nothing.He's brilliant and smart and slightly strange, so when the feelings are actually voiced, I think it's safe to say, he freaks out. But Watson knows Sherlock better than Sherlock knows himself, at least when it comes [...]

    4. Really good fan fiction freebie with Sherlock and Watson as you've never seen them before. Starts with some flirty sizzling texts from Sherlock to John Watson, leading to a very hot sexual relationship but is that only what it is between them? I really enjoyed this free short, which isn't a bad length at all. But the best part is watching the inscrutable Sherlock come apart and show his emotional side as his partner and helpmate John slowly wears him down, showing him that there is room in his l [...]

    5. Very good story of Sherlock and Watson the characters were engaging and the transition from friends to lovers well done.

    6. Sherlock fanfic and that's a PWP with lots of heart.While I didn't feel the biting intellect of Sherlock; he came across a little fluffified to me, he's still emotionally guarded and the slow reveal and acceptance of feelings is what makes this story special.I loved Watson the pov character, more open to love but not without his history; the texts, blushing and his cautious advances make nice reading.The sex is hot, that wonderful mix of emotions that goes beyond the explicit so the light touch [...]

    7. I love reading Sherlock and John fanfics. There is something fascinating and sinuous to watch them together. This fanfic was no different. Loved the chemistry and banter between SH and JW. And how can I forget mentioning all those hot sex scenes ;)

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