Primal Shift: Part 1

Primal Shift Part It s July the Fourth and Americans have slowed down long enough to celebrate their independence and the day off But a thousand motorists suddenly abandon their cars on the Golden Gate Bridge and leap

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  • Title: Primal Shift: Part 1
  • Author: Griffin Hayes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s July the Fourth, and Americans have slowed down long enough to celebrate their independence and the day off But a thousand motorists suddenly abandon their cars on the Golden Gate Bridge and leap to their deaths in a roiling bay Jets packed with families rain down from the skies above Salt Lake City International Airport, dotting the landscape with orange fireballIt s July the Fourth, and Americans have slowed down long enough to celebrate their independence and the day off But a thousand motorists suddenly abandon their cars on the Golden Gate Bridge and leap to their deaths in a roiling bay Jets packed with families rain down from the skies above Salt Lake City International Airport, dotting the landscape with orange fireballs Worse yet, New York City police launch a murderous rampage against those they swore to protect and serve Law and order across the globe collapses in less than five minutes, plunging humanity into chaos.Something is affecting our minds, our sanity Could it be a terrorist attack The ultimate virus Or an experiment gone horribly wrong A handful of survivors claws its way out of the ashes of the old world, strangely unaffected by The Shift Among them, a frantic mother desperate to find her son A sailor hunting a soulless killer A former CEO willing to kill for power over this new, feral wasteland.Together, they ll battle both the hordes of bloodthirsty cannibals who used to be their own families and neighbors, and a dark figure who commands these legions with his every twisted whim.Someone somewhere must know what happened, where to find safety And whether those eerie lights shimmering in the skies overhead are an omen of something far worse than even this bleak living hell.

    One thought on “Primal Shift: Part 1”

    1. Primal Shift Episode One by Griffin Hayes is quite simply, indescribably good.I love the apocalypse. I love post-apocalyptic fiction. I love the way it kicks your mind into gear and makes you wonder what I would do if I were in that situation. That said, I had never imagined an apocalypse quite like Griffin Hayes' reimagining of it. In this scenario, survival of the fittest doesn't really help you. Being one of those people with a fall out shelter and provisions for the next fifty years could we [...]

    2. Review of Primal Shift by Griffin HayesI was really excited to see a new offering by Griffin Hayes, one of my top favourite authors, and this seems to be a new direction. With an incredibly effective reader’s hook, Mr. Hayes has the story—this one to be in episodic format—off and running. Over many decades of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic reading, I’ve often pondered that personal “what if”—what would I do if IT happened, could I survive, and how. I have never tried to consider [...]

    3. -Otro tipo de circunstancias que provocan el típico post-apocalipsis.-Género. Novela corta.Lo que nos cuenta. Una repentina inversión de los polos magnéticos terrestres durante el verano de 2017 provoca el caos absoluto y alteraciones en las mentes de muchos de los supervivientes. Entre otros personajes, conoceremos a un hombre que despierta sin memoria en una extraña instalación científica en un lugar desconocido con el número 92574301 en la palma de su mano y que piensa que tal vez pue [...]

    4. I got this book as a gift and was happy to have read it. This book was great. It was refreshing in its genre and different than any book I have read about the apocalypse. It had me at the edge of my seat, biting my nails anticipating to turn the page to see what's next. I especially like the way the book was written, it's introducing the characters and what they have experienced in this world wide phenomenon that has suddenly happened. Its an easy read, a real page turner, a cannot put down book [...]

    5. Great readVery intriguing and suspenseful! I couldn't put it down. I was on the edge of my seat to find out what happened next.

    6. This is a new take on an old premise, the apocalypse. In an over-saturated zombie market, Griffin Hayes has given us a new scenario for the end of the world as we know it. Griffin is feeding us this story in episodes to be dished out at least monthly, and I like that. I don't like starting a series and sometimes waiting 6 months or more for the next installment.Hayes has set up the story with the introduction of a wonderful cast of characters. From the mother of two fighting to protect her child [...]

    7. In a similar style to the superb Yesterday's Gone: Season One series by Sean Platt and David Wright, Hayes has started an episodic post-apocalyptic series.The set up is very similar to Platt and Wright's series, where we are introduced to differing characters from across the United States and how they initially cope with the events that are occurring around them. As such, I felt very at ease with the set-up and I like the use of releasing the story in parts as it entices you to read further to f [...]

    8. This is a good start to a book. It's not an entire book though. It's the first few chapters of a book. I'm admittedly not a fan of serials, I want complete stories at once, but this was a good hook.The set up with a few "regular" survivors among a lot of people whose brains have basically reset is very intriguing. It's not something I've never read before, and it had me interested.The excitement level is high. The characters are a good mix of likable and not. I pretty liked everything except the [...]

    9. I like this book but giving it three and a half stars because it is not really a book. it is too short to be offered as a book. I really rather dislike having to buy a book of 60 pages or so and then I have to buy 5 more to get a full book's worth.However I did like the story of these characters who have no knowledge of each other but experiencing similar things with the "earthquake", the colored lights in the skyd the odd ferel people feeding on one another. I will get the next few books offere [...]

    10. This story is merely an appetizer. While well written it is rather drawn out for the little information it presents. To summarize: something happens, sky gets multicolored, there is an earthquake, people begin acting primal, society degrades to savagery, and it ends. You have three different story lines describing the same basic thing. A bit more substance and less repetition would have increased the enjoyment. I suspect the substance is in book 2, the non-free download.

    11. I found this whole book really interesting. It’s a plot I’ve never read or heard of before. You meet all the characters and see how they experience the ‘lights and earthquake’. It wasn’t confusing and each character had a great depth. To read the rest of the review, please visit: thetbrpile.weebly/1/post/2

    12. One of the best hooks I have come across in a while. A bit confusing initially the story soon come's together and from then on it is one action packed scene upon the other.A very good read in this genre.WaAr

    13. perhaps Not quite sure yet. The beginning was a bit difficult as each set of characters were introduced. I'm not sure about continuing. But I am interested in seeing what it's about

    14. It was short. It kept me reading and was enjoyable but then GET THE 2ND IN THE SERIES which was more than I wanted to pay at this time

    15. An interesting premise for this story, but one that has a more negative focus than I enjoy. The end of the first book sets up the beginning for the second quite well.

    16. OkGreat detail just a little short. story plot and detail were good. Would've liked it to be longer. nice work

    17. The characters in this book were great. I don't normally like zombie type books, but this is very different, and I enjoyed it very much!

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