The Righteous

The Righteous Medical student Jacob Christianson is sent by church elders to investigate a murder within the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek Utah He brings his sister Eliza who at seventeen must choose a hus

  • Title: The Righteous
  • Author: MichaelWallace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Medical student Jacob Christianson is sent by church elders to investigate a murder within the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek, Utah He brings his sister Eliza, who at seventeen, must choose a husband from three old men jostling for power within the church hierarchy.Jacob discovers that the murdered woman has been killed in accordance with secret blood oaths taken witMedical student Jacob Christianson is sent by church elders to investigate a murder within the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek, Utah He brings his sister Eliza, who at seventeen, must choose a husband from three old men jostling for power within the church hierarchy.Jacob discovers that the murdered woman has been killed in accordance with secret blood oaths taken within the polygamist temple Together with his sister, he uncovers a plot to overthrow the church leadership, with murders that reach beyond the community and into the gentile world Deeply engrossing Michael Wallace delivers the thinking man s thriller while establishing one of the freshest male leads in crime fiction Jacob Christianson, an aspiring doctor and cult elder s favored son Jacob s analytic nature has him questioning everything, including the nature of God and the sexist politics of polygamy It also makes him a perfect fit to track down a killer whose grisly crimes threaten Jacob s community, family, and soon, his very life Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of LIVE TO TELL Wallace authoritatively and unsparingly tears open the veil shrouding a Utah polygamist community and its secret oaths of blood atonement, temple sacrifice, and angels with drawn swords Inside we find a riveting thriller that recaptures everything lost from the original American religion Jeffrey Anderson, National bestselling, International Thriller Award nominated author of SLEEPER CELL.

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    1. Most people will find the setting for "The Righteous" will feel foreign, even if they live in the US. Those who have seen the HBO show "Big Love" are a possible exception. "The Righteous" takes place in a fictional town in Utah, not unlike the fictional town where "Big Love" takes place. The residents of the town in the novel are practitioners of a fictional religion that is a fundamentalist offshoot of the Mormon Church; also, the same as on the HBO show.The part of the story that makes it a th [...]

    2. Well, I’m not quite sure what to make of this book. It’s certainly a serviceable mystery/thriller with many religious overtones. The author, whose bio says was raised in the desert, “raised in a small religious community in Utah,” (close to the FLDS?) has a lot of very interesting and supposedly secret details of sealing ceremonies and the inside of a splinter Mormon polygamist community.The book does seem to go off the rails a bit with a wildly improbable plot twist that wasn’t necess [...]

    3. I found this book, The Righteous by Michael Wallace on the Kindle list for top free books. Typically, I check nightly for any free Kindle books that seem interesting, so when I saw the word "polygamous" in the description, I downloaded it without reading too many of the reviews. I'm not a fan of spoilers, so I didn't want to read too much about it. At this time, the book is no longer listed as free but costs approximately $0.99. Price may vary.I've watched most of the series Big Love, and I've e [...]

    4. This book gets two stars because I liked the first 60% of it, after which the author lost the plot and my interest. The premise is promising: Mormon medical student Jacob travels from Canada to a little Mormon town called Blister Creek in some United State desert to investigate the murder of a young woman called Amanda. Jacob brings his bright young sister Eliza with him, to introduce her to potential husband candidates. Jacob is deeply concerned about the manner of Amanda's death as it clearly [...]

    5. Incredible read.To be honest as a Brit I approached this book with trepidation. As far as religion is concerned I have splinters from sitting on the fence for too long on this subject.Therefore to read a book about a religious sect turned out to be a real eye-opener for me. I'm in awe of the amount of research it must've taken to write such a novel, unless the author is writing from experience.A terrific mystery that centres around two main characters Jacob and Eliza, that is full of twists and [...]

    6. A gripping mystery and a peek into the dangers of fundamentalism in religion. Those are two reasons for reading this book. If they were the only two, it would be sufficient. But Michael Wallace has added good characterization, an intriguing plot and the promise of more to come in a series of books.Since so many others have commented on the plot, let me say I was most impressed by his aptly named character Jacob Christianson and his sister, Eliza, who rather than act like the puppets many assume [...]

    7. I don't usually read thrillers, but this one intrigued me because of the storyline, it was set in a polygamist community, and it was also a Kindle freebie.Jacob is medical student in Calgary, specializing in forensic medicine. His father is a church leader, and also a polygamist. When another church member's wife is brutally murdered in the polygamist community of Blister Creek, Utah, they naturally want to keep the police out of it, so Jacob is sent down by his father to investigate, along with [...]

    8. I don't know how to qualify the experience I've had with this book. To me it was a totally emotional read.It is beautifully written. The sentences are short and clear, and the book was really easy to read (I am not a native).One would find it difficult to read a book about a religion that they've never really heard of before, but Michael explained everything clearly and it was really easy to imagine what life was like for the characters, and to understand the religion, its politics, the communit [...]

    9. The story is about a polygamist sect in Utah, mired in internal scandals of fraud and murder. Reading through the story, two bits of wise advices came to mind: "To each his own" and "Everything in moderation".'Different' or even 'weird' is how we'd normally think of people who are not in the mainstream. These days, there is a much wider acceptance of the differences among people, be it lifestyle, race, creed, politics. Friendships, and even marriage is not limited to those who are in the same sp [...]

    10. I just finished reading the entire Righteous series. I guess that means that I liked them, at least they sure kept me hooked all the way through! It was a tough subject that Mr. Wallace tackled, namely the followers of polygamy and the fundamentalist Christian groups in Utah. I give him credit that he really brought out many of the positives of the people themselves and took them out of the realm of "kooks" and into real people who struggle with the same questions, doubts and instilled belief sy [...]

    11. It's not often that I give a book one star but this one was pretty awful. I can honestly say that I love literature, I love books and I love reading. I believe that fiction should be uplifting, inspiring and at the very least a little bit enjoyable. It was obvious to me that the author of this book had some sort of motive in writing this book. He cannot be anything but a disgruntled ex member of a polygamous sect eager to expound upon his opinion of those kinds of religious organizations. Whilst [...]

    12. This is an interesting story and a fast read. But but but is not well written. It includes extraneous details and dialogue that don't contribute much and employs a blow-by-blow style that gets kinda dull after awhile. Or maybe that's the genre -- I don't read thrillers much.More importantly, the story is an indictment of a small segment of the Mormon church that seems to rely on sterotypes and the kinds of facts you would read in a newspaper article. Although I would not defend polygamous marria [...]

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I started it last night, then had dreams about it all night. I couldn't wait to finish it when I woke up, and honestly, it's been quite a while since I've been that intrigued as a reader.Most thrillers require a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, and this one is no exception. Parts of the conspiracy plot are a bit over-the-top, which is why I'm giving it four stars instead of five. Still, I thought it was well-written. The characters were a great mix. I di [...]

    14. This was a well-done thriller in the religious fiction mode. Apparently polygamist Paramormon societies are the New Amish.As with Christian fiction, this book uses its format to lay out basic faith tenets, cultural constructs, rituals and viewpoints to the reader. Unlike Christian fiction, these details are somewhat fresh to the average reader. While not new to LDS studies or the anthropology of Paramormon polygamy sects, I found the book informative as well as entertaining. It was a .99 Kindle [...]

    15. This books was given to me by a friend. I really enjoyed the book. The characters were interesting and the story line fascinating. I like that it was set in UT with Polygamist Mormans as the main characters. It was different than other books I have read and now I want to know where these characters go next.

    16. If the author had concentrated more on the plot and less on the names of the many characters (they were little hard to keep up with, especially since they were all related), or even a little less on the polygamist culture, it would have been more enjoyable. I have 2 other books by this author and will try another. He may have just felt he needed to lay a foundation.

    17. I bought this for $.99 on my Kindle. I wanted a mystery and it was cheap! What was fascinating was the Mormon polygamy information. I was also pulled in with the disgusting murder at the beginning of the book. Sadly, though, the mystery didn't really hold up, but I thought it was an interesting read for $.99.

    18. A window into a world very few outsiders know, the extremely insular, polygamous, and convoluted Mormon religions -- of which there are many, interconnected by various forms of faithfulness to their originators in the 1800's -- in central and southern Utah. This series is fiction, but drawn from hard and scary knowledge, much of which can be corroborated if you look carefully into other sources. The author knows how to relate human tragedy and does it extremely well. Very frightening story, extr [...]

    19. So Wallace is a gamer. He's got an idea. How bout I marry a suspense thriller, a bit of CSI, and some mormon polygamist cult background.Perhaps there's a supremely talented writer who could pull this off. Shades of Stephen King's Mist surface in my mind, but no.There's just too much suspension of disbelief from the over the top plot twists to the characterizations that try to beat together people who can be devout and still retain healthy skepticism.But Wallace tries and his gambits never insult [...]

    20. Suspense and intrigueGreat book! The suspense and intrigue of a murder mystery incorporated with a curiosity of how polygamist community. A gripping page turner U enjoyed.

    21. Compelling, suspenseful great read!Michael Wallace definitely knows how to develop a story to keep you turning the pages and makes it very difficult to put down the book. This book is full of intrigue, suspense, lies, and manipulations. The characters are so well described and the interaction among them is so complex and compelling making you wonder what's next. It is a great read, and I look forward to the next book.

    22. Several things drew me to this book: 1) it was a murder mystery, which I typically enjoy, 2) it covered the Mormon Polygamist lifestyle, which I was curious about, and 3) it generally sounded like a good read. It also had a decent overall rating. However, it also made me feel a bit hypocritical… (guilty pause) since I frequently wonder why people are SO determined to learn secrets of others—like the Templar’s, the Mormon’s, and so forth—that they will go to extremes to learn all they c [...]

    23. Everyone loves a good polygamist story. Insider tales of cult life, particularly where taboo sexual practices are involved, have an undeniable gift for raising human curiosity. But what separates Wallace’s thriller novel (the first in a series) from your average 60 Minutes story is that from the outset, Wallace generously gives his characters the presumption of personal honesty.This was incredibly refreshing. No matter what the reader thinks of religious people, or of Mormons, or of tiny heret [...]

    24. The Righteous is about the murder of a young woman (Amanda) in a Mormon community which still practices polygamy. It turns out that this murder, which local residents are eager to pin upon "the Mexicans" (what with being savages and Gentiles and most importantly, outsiders), is just the tip of the iceberg of what's going on in Blister Cove.Jacob Christianson, Amanda's cousin, is asked to investigate the murder to quickly put the matter to rest. His sister, Eliza, accompanies him on the investiga [...]

    25. The author is currently promoting a new book in the series with a post-apocalyptic setting. I thought I should start with the first book, although its premise interested me less.I wasn't sure what to make of this story. I didn't know whether I was supposed to find it believable. The author grew up in a religious community in Utah, but I'm under-educated on fundamentalist LDS communities and to what extent they focus on promoting teenage polygamy and maximizing pregnanciesd if there are any who h [...]

    26. Honestly, I did not go into The Righteous thinking that I would find it interesting. It was an impulse buy and I thought I'd read a few chapters while waiting at the doctor's office or something and then likely put it down. I was so wrong.Immediately I was intrigued by what is a very foreign world, though it resides in the same country that I do. I have no idea if what goes on in this story is based on actual communities or not, but that doesn't matter to me in the slightest. This is a fantastic [...]

    27. I don't generally read murder mysteries, but I was attracted to this story's uncommon setting in a polygamist Mormon community. (And, I downloaded it as part of a freebie frenzy when I first got my Kindle Fire.) I have no idea whether the Mormon practices described in this book are realistic (either for Latter Day Saints or for polygamist sects), but as someone who reads a lot of sci fi, I'm always on the look out for internal consistency -- the story "feels" real. I would describe the experienc [...]

    28. J’attendais beaucoup de ce roman, depuis que j’avais lu l’avis de Mya. Mais malheureusement, j’en attendais peut-être un petit peu trop. Je ne peux pas dire que je n’ai pas aimé, ce serait mentir, mais je n’ai pas totalement était convaincu, la dimension religieuse étant trop présente pour moi. En même temps, c’est bien normal, puisqu’il s’agit tout de même du thème principal de ce thriller, mais je m’attendais tout de même à autre chose.Le point intéressant du liv [...]

    29. Those that want to live in seclusion to follow their religion should have the peace the desire. That is until someone decides to kill off one of the women. The quiet life of the very conservative branch of the Mormon church becomes not so quiet when one of the wives of a prominent member is found dead in a ravine. One young man studying to be a doctor is sent to investigate. Along with him goes his young sister who is to meet potential husbands. What they find is marital strife, the dark side of [...]

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