Winter's Scars: The Forsaken

Winter s Scars The Forsaken Defined by fateAccused of betrayalScarred by fire Not all metamorphoses are for the better Sometimes nature can be cruel Evan Winter was the youngest in the family He was the academic minded medical

  • Title: Winter's Scars: The Forsaken
  • Author: Karen Luellen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Defined by fateAccused of betrayalScarred by fire Not all metamorphoses are for the better Sometimes nature can be cruel Evan Winter was the youngest in the family He was the academic minded, medical genius who could perform intricate surgical procedures if necessary He was the logic driven, golden hearted kid brother of Meg and Alik Everyone loved Evan EvDefined by fateAccused of betrayalScarred by fire Not all metamorphoses are for the better Sometimes nature can be cruel Evan Winter was the youngest in the family He was the academic minded, medical genius who could perform intricate surgical procedures if necessary He was the logic driven, golden hearted kid brother of Meg and Alik Everyone loved Evan Everyone appreciated his devotion to family and his unconditional faith No one could have seen his change coming Nothing could have stopped the events as they unfolded Now everybody is in shock at what has become of Evan Winter.

    One thought on “Winter's Scars: The Forsaken”

    1. Actual rating - 2.5The characters in this installment were alright, but they had their annoying moments.Just like the others, I found this one to be pretty slow, and it dragged for me quite a lot of the time.I'm glad the next one is the last one.

    2. hmmm, this was actually a 4.8, i dont know why butybe it's just because i wish this family just gets a fricking break (i really didnt like the feud between evan and the family. And creed, awww creed). i really really hope the three separate cliffhangers at the end are explained and resolved in the next book. still loving this series. cant wait for next.

    3. Loved and hated it! Hated it in the very best way possible. This series makes you care about the characters and what happens to them. I didn't like what happened to them in this book, but I'm sure Karen has a plan for how this is just going to make them stronger. My heart broke for Creed. I didn't expect Cole and Sloan to get closer. Who is the chick Evan made friends with and what's her part in the story? Hate that Alik and Evan are at odds. Meg is working a plan and I think Evan knows somethin [...]

    4. This was another slow instalment, and it was really long as well! (view spoiler)[ Meg seems to have gone over to the dark side in this book? I’m not really sure whether she has a plan (I’m guessing she does), but I’m hoping that this is all a way to get her family out of trouble. Looks like there’s no hope for Meg and Creed’s relationship though. (hide spoiler)]6 out of 10["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    5. Winter’s Scars: The Forsakenis an amazing setup to the next book. The action sequence that defines every novel, of this series, happens so early in the novel. It really defined the rest of the book. It changes the dynamic of so many characters. This novel works because every character is trying to recover after this family has been shattered. They are at a crossroad, as a reader, you don’t know if they are going to pick up the pieces and find their way back to the family introduce in the Win [...]

    6. I finished this book in only a couple of days, which for me right now is VERY fast. (No time to read)I am giving this 5 stars and adding it to my favorites list. This series has quickly become one of my favorites, Karen does an amazing job capturing the reader and not letting go of them until the very last page.This book was the most difficult in the series for me to read. Several of the characters that I've grown to love, are struggling even more than in the previous books. I had time where I w [...]

    7. This book picks up where we last left off, the Winter Clan are on the road trip from Hell in hot pursuit after Arkdone and Meg. I felt so crushed for Creed as he is my favourite character and whilst I mourn for Meg's memory loss; she does not know what she is missing but Creed does. Poor Maze as he was bereft after losing his best friend and saviour and does not understand what is going on. With Arkdone’s influence twisting whatever is left of Meg to benefit his evil plans, I have to ponder th [...]

    8. I found this series through the Kindle Lending Library and I haven't been disappointed. Well, I did have one disappointment, I was devouring them so fast that I had to buy them because I couldn't wait for the month to start again to borrow the next one! :) This book doesn't break the winning cycle. It is a bit darker as things get worse and better and worse but there is still light at the end of the tunnel as the story continues to intensify. I'm still hooked though and can't wait for the next b [...]

    9. Another home run in my opinion. I have enjoyed every one of Karen's books and this one is no exception. I read it in one afternoon couldn't put it down. My heart is a bit broken for Creed right now, have to say I shed a few tears, but pretty confident Meg will come back. And I can't wait to see what part Danny plays in it. Can't wait till the next one. Cool thing is the new one comes out in October and that just happens to be my birth month, happy birthday to me. :)

    10. I LOVE this series, Winter's Saga, by Karen Luellen! Ever since I read the first book, I have fallen in love with the characters, the storyline, the suspense, the action, and the love stories. This book is rather dark, but does not disappoint! This book, as well as with the previous books in the series, ends with an epic cliffhanger that makes me more than ready for the next book! I definitely recommend this book as well as the rest in the series!

    11. I'll add more later but I will say that I wish I could add 5 more stars! And that I can't wait for book 6 to come out because this one has me hanging on an edge waiting to see what is going to happen to everyone. I am having a total book hangover from this whole series!! It has only been a few days since I've finished this book, I can't wait to reread them again and to buy the ones I'm missing. Fantastic book/series by an awesome author!

    12. This whole series is so wonderful. It makes me smile! I so love it!! I have followed the Winter Family since the beginning and it pulled me in then and I still want to know what will happen. Thank you for another great book. I love it! I am on to 6 now, I hope at the end the Winter Family will get to have a happy life. Lets see what happens!

    13. Actual Rating: 2.75 This was an okay read. The story tended to be boring and it made me want to stop reading. The characters were okay in this one, but they still had the ability to piss me off at other points as well. This one was longest and the slowest for me. I can't believe I am going onto the last book. Can't wait for the series to be over. Overall, a decent read.

    14. I finished this & had to hurry and read the final book of the series, so I can't remember where this book ends and the other begins. This book had you constantly on edge, because the family just wasn't't together. Just very intense, and you just couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this series, and that you have the 6th book ready to read when your done.

    15. Just so you know, everything is messed up by the end of this book. If that bothers you, you may want to wait until the last book is written (October) before you read this one :)This book make me a little crazy. I just feel so bad for Creed and Evan. I love Gideon (and alter personalities) , and hope things work out for him. I cant wait to see how everything gets resolved.

    16. The story continues in an explosive way. In this part of the series love, faith and trust are all put to the test as plans are made and secrets are kept. My son and I are eagerly anticipating the 6th and final in the series….oh, it’s so hard to wait!

    17. I cannot wait for the next one! this poor family I cant wait to read how everything will work out for them. it makes me feel so bad for Evan and how he feels through this whole book I really hope the rest of the family can forgive him and he can br happy again :-)

    18. I liked this book,the beginning was interesting,the characters development and actions surprised me,and overall I connected to the characters in the first five books,I never would have heard about this series if I haven't received it and I am glad I did,can't wait for the sixth book!

    19. Latest of the Winter saga did not disappoint. Love the 'evolution' of the kids. Story felt more progressive to me then the previous books in the series. Look forward to Spring 2014 and the final book

    20. Wow only intense, but you feel every ounce of sadness and anger. Makes you wish you could jump into the book and stand by the Winter's in support and help them. Amazing book!

    21. Again, I loved the book! I didn't like where Meg was at with herself but I'm hoping she will "find" herself! I hope she kicks Arkdone's butt! :-) Can't wait for book 6!

    22. Too much discordAs much as I've enjoyed getting to know Meg and her family, this book just didn't have the same feel as the other ones. Too much descriptive cruelty while the family runs in circles barely escaping capture and almost rescuing Meg for 200 pages. That said, I'm determined to learn of the stories outcome, especially Cole and the Winter's family!

    23. This book had a wrong feel to it in comparison to the previous books in the series. There seemed to be strange personality charges and too much discord. I'm hoping that the next book will have an explanation for the changes and maybe a little peace for the Winter's family.

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