The Greatest Lover Ever

The Greatest Lover Ever Passion to last a lifetimeThe Sweetest ScandalBeautiful exuberant and stubborn Georgiana Black has spirit than sense which she learns when an ultimatum to the Earl of Beckenham ends their engagement

  • Title: The Greatest Lover Ever
  • Author: Christina Brooke
  • ISBN: 9781250029355
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Passion to last a lifetimeThe Sweetest ScandalBeautiful, exuberant, and stubborn Georgiana Black has spirit than sense which she learns when an ultimatum to the Earl of Beckenham ends their engagement Six years later, Georgie is less concerned with impending spinsterhood than with making sure her young sister doesn t make the same mistakes she did But soon GeorgiPassion to last a lifetimeThe Sweetest ScandalBeautiful, exuberant, and stubborn Georgiana Black has spirit than sense which she learns when an ultimatum to the Earl of Beckenham ends their engagement Six years later, Georgie is less concerned with impending spinsterhood than with making sure her young sister doesn t make the same mistakes she did But soon Georgie stumbles into a scandalous encounter with none other than her former fianc Beckenham is still breathtakingly desirable.The Truest TemptationBeckenham s brief engagement to Georgie taught him one thing when it comes to a wife, he wants a woman who will do her duty and cause no trouble When the fiery Georgie falls unexpectedly into his arms, Beckenham remembers just how lushly delectable she is Suddenly, the idea of actually marrying Georgie is irresistible In a battle of wills, can passion conquer pride

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    1. Marcus Westruther, the Earl of Beckenham, is known by most ladies as a great lover, but, to one lady, Georgie Black, he is known simply as Marcus, the one who got away. They grew up in neighbouring estates and had been engaged from a young age and both moved with a comfortable certainty that, someday, they would be married and live happily ever after. When the time came, however, they had not counted on how age would affect them or how London society would change them, and so, two people who hav [...]

    2. The Westruthers series is a spin off from Ms Brooke’s popular Ministry of Marriage series and features four cousins, Jonathon, Earl of Davenport, Marcus, Earl of Beckenham, Xavier, Marquis of Steyne and Andrew, Viscount Lydgate, all intent on avoiding the parson’s noose. Jonathon succumbed to cupid’s dart in London’s Last True Scoundrel and now it’s Marcus’s turn.How I imagine Marcus“Beckenham’s a dark horse, mark my words. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch.”How true thes [...]

    3. A charming regency romance, The Greatest Lover Ever is the second book in Christina Brooke's 'The Westruther's' series, a spin off from her Ministry of Marriage trilogy.Six years after his broken engagement, the Earl of Beckenham determines it is time to take a wife, he knows exactly what he is looking for, "a countess who would do her duty without fuss, who was prepared to lead her own lifeA wife who would create no dramasA wife who would leave him in peace." In short, a woman nothing like his [...]

    4. This is a must read book MS Brooke will transport you back to the Regency with the most wonderful of heroes Beckenham he is so controlled and sticks to the rules of the ton after his bethroal is broken by Georgie Black Beckenham goes his own way away from the Ton while Georgie who is known for speaking out stays quiet as well for 6 years. Until Beckenham decides that he needs a wife and goes to one of his cousins to get help this is where the adventurous and sensual journey begins after compromi [...]

    5. I've read all Christina Brooke's stories and this is my favourite so far. I loved the tension between hero and heroine as they face each other again after so many years, both fighting their feelings and trying to pretend it's not attraction and love they experience. There's wit, passion, emotion, fantastic romance, terrific writing and of course men in boots. Highly recommended.

    6. Another sensational, sensual Regency novel from Christina Brooke, who has become an auto-buy for me. Her Ministry of Marriage series of connected but stand-alone romances are gorgeous and sigh-worthy from page one right through to the finish.The Greatest Lover Ever is a story of second chances and redemption. Heiress Georgie Black throws away her future with Lord Marcus Beckenham, mostly because she enjoys riling him up too much, but also because she's so infuriatingly stubborn. Marcus is as stu [...]

    7. The Greatest Lover Ever is a British historical romance with elements of suspense and mystery. The second book in The Westruthers series, it nonetheless contains a discrete plot, and therefore can be read on a stand-alone basis. With clever unexpected plot twists for those who have the fortitude to continue this story to its end, it’s a slightly above average listen.Georgina Black and Marcus Beckenham, the Earl of Beckenham, always knew that their families intended for them to wed. As neighbor [...]

    8. 3.5 Another well-written, character-driven regency from Brooke, one with clear feminist sensibilities. My favorite part: Her evil genius made her push him to acknowledge it. She wanted, suddenly, to get hi as hot and bothered as he'd made her in the villa that night. That's what Delilahs did, wasn't it? Or was that a Jezebel? She'd never paid an awful lot of attention to the words men used to describe the women who held power of them. Anger flared again at the castigation.Delilah. She'd tempt hi [...]

    9. This was one of the most enjoyable books I've read in awhile. The characters grab you right away and the story is fast paced and intriguing. Throw in some hot sex and a wonderful epilogue and you've got the perfect book.Marcus and Georgie were promised to each other for years and then circumstances caused the break off of their engagement. This books starts off six years later when they again cross paths. The path to romance is rocky and complicated, but as in all good romance novels, love wins [...]

    10. Weakest book that I've read from Christina Brooke. The book was simply based on a misunderstanding and it could have been solved much sooner. Weak villain, as well.Follow me!

    11. I would've liked to see a bit of grovelling on Beckenham's side of things and while I like that Pearce was actually in love with Georgie I must say I hope that someone helps him out for he is kind of tragic in the end. Yes Georgie didn't like him at all but he was genuinely in love with her and acted in such a way to try and get her love. His feud and backstory with his father (child of rape, deliberately impoverished by his "father") means I hope he gets some kind of happy ending.

    12. This story had potential, especially at the begining, but that faded away. It was very different from the the first book in the series. I did not like the Hero. He was to narrow minded and a constant brooder. If it had not been for the audio version, I don't think I would have finished the story. Next, the author wrote the majority of this story in narration format and introspection. Not very much dialogue, therefore the story moved at a slow pace.

    13. This was only an average book, but it is still a good addition to the series. Beckenham, or Marcus as Georgie calls him, is a staid, uptight peer. Georgie had been a young, but of a wild child at eighteen, but 6 years later, is mature and has determined her future. It is their past, an engagement that ended badly, that cuuases their animosity. In the usual manner of this trope, one they actually meet and spend time with each other, they realize what they gave away.

    14. What to you get when you have feisty, passionate, stubborn characters and lots of plot twist, a Christina Brooke novel! The author does a nice job of conveying a Regency Period feel in her work. Witty dialog and an interesting hero and heroine make for a winner with the fifth book in her Ministry of Marriage Series.

    15. This is probably my 2nd favorite Christina Brooke book. She's become an auto-buy author for me. Her stories are so wonderful and very original with delicious enemies-to-lovers tropes and arranged marriages. This book was no exception and I can't wait for the next one. The Westruther boys are going down.

    16. Overall, I liked this book. The reason the hero and heroine broke their engagement 6 years ago previously, was a huge misunderstanding. They were both so stubbornI wanted to shake them and make them admit their feelings for each other! Neither one wanted to look foolish. It took a little too long for them to resolve their differences and find their happily ever after.

    17. The title of this book made me reluctant to read it but by the end I thought it was apt and amusing. This is the first Christina Brooke book I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The interweaving of the plot and story lines was intriguing and left me guessing and I simply loved both the heroine and hero in all their faults and foibles. Can't wait to read more the Brooke's books.

    18. The rating is for the audio version. Definitely, much better narrator than "London's Last True Scoundrel." However, she is not my favorite either. It was passable enough for me to enjoy the story. My recommendation: read the book first and then take up the audio.

    19. I love the Ministry of Marriage series. While this is a different series, the same characters are in this novel. I was so glad to find it when I bought another book.Please read my full review at my blog: letague/2014/01/t

    20. Great! There was something about this story that just sucked me in! I couldn't seem to put it down. I had to keep reading till it was done!

    21. not bad a little long winded to get to the conclusion we were all looking for the lord pierce stuff at the end seemed misplaced to me.

    22. This was okaya fairly typical regency era romance with a spirited woman and a subdued manNothing exciting, nothing different

    23. There will be a full review up at My Written Romance shortly.I absolutely LOVED this book! Just wonderful.

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