Woken Furies

Woken Furies Takeshi Kovacs has come home Twice The gains of the Quellist revolution are lost The First Families corporations and Yakuza battle to exploit even the dregs of Harlan s World And Kovacs has returned

  • Title: Woken Furies
  • Author: Richard K. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780575081277
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Takeshi Kovacs has come home Twice.The gains of the Quellist revolution are lost The First Families, corporations and Yakuza battle to exploit even the dregs of Harlan s World And Kovacs has returned to extract revenge for his murdered dreams As, it is whispered, has Quellcrist Falconer Mutterings of a second rebellion stir in a maelstrom of political intrigue, and inTakeshi Kovacs has come home Twice.The gains of the Quellist revolution are lost The First Families, corporations and Yakuza battle to exploit even the dregs of Harlan s World And Kovacs has returned to extract revenge for his murdered dreams As, it is whispered, has Quellcrist Falconer Mutterings of a second rebellion stir in a maelstrom of political intrigue, and in the technological recesses of machine infested New Hokkaido, fostered by a fragile craving for Quell s return from the dead an dthe freedom of Harlan s World But when faced with a kernel of defiance the First Families act, bringing a savage young Envoy called Takeshi Kovacs out of storage to up root the rebellion and crush it Only one thing is certain someone called Takeshi Kovacs is going to have to die For good.

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    1. Some times a book doesn’t get to be judged as a stand-alone work. When it’s the third book in a loosely connected series featuring the same lead character, what happens in books one and two are going to affect book three’s read. After enjoying Broken Angels (second in the series, review here), I immediately requested Woken Furies from the library. Sadly, it was a serious disappointment both as a series installment and as a stand-alone read. Be warned: this is a long review, mostly because [...]

    2. I see a lot of mixed reactions to this book but fortunately, mine is all gung-ho. Why? Because I freaking love this book. Why? Because it has all the best features of the hardest of hard-SF, the fantastic world-building, the hard tech, the bloodthirsty craziness of uploaded and downloaded consciousnesses mixed with the mafia of all breeds and Oligarchies and corporations and all if it is mixed some of the tightest characters I've had the pleasure to read. That doesn't really describe it, though. [...]

    3. Actual rating: 4.25I heard once that in Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, the weather--so starkly and powerfully portrayed--is often considered a character in the movie as much as any of the actors.In exactly the same way, Woken Furies is less about the protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs, than it is about the world and the culture of his dystopic future. Morgan's world-building is so overpowering that Kovacs isn't so much a character in the novel as a journalist, bringing us a report from the front lines [...]

    4. A good conclusion to the series. Richard K Morgan brings all the elements together that have built the legend of Takeshi Kovacs over the past two books.Those elements that were previously background become the main story.Elements like Kovacs' home world Harlan's World and the surrounding orbitals which rain down angel fire on anything that flies, unleashing the fury of Martian ghosts on any machinery that tries to rise over 400 feet in the air.Then there's the oft referred to Virginia Vidaura, K [...]

    5. 5.0 stars. Book three in the Takeshi Kovacs series. Each installment has been amazing and this installment certainly continues that trend. Can not wait for the next one. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!!

    6. Altered CarbonBroken AngelsThe third and final installment in the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy Woken Furies was a bittersweet read for me. On the one hand, Takeshi is probably the best protagonist I've come across in years. I sincerely want to be him when I grow up, and I feel a special kinship to him. Richard Morgan is a fantastic storyteller with an incredible command of the language, making his books a joy to read. Unfortunately, this is the last planned book featuring Takeshi. I tried to draw it o [...]

    7. Our hero drifts along rudderless and is sullen and snarly with everyone he asks for help along the way. Kovacs has changed from a mostly uninteresting adolescent wish-fulfillment character into merely an adolescent, in other words, and I get the sense the author didn't realize this is what happened.He's pursuing a personal vendetta that he doesn't bother giving the reasons for until well into two-thirds of the book have passed, in what was meant to be an emotional reveal but wasn't. Huge chunks [...]

    8. From the abbreviated experience I've had reading Mr. Morgan's books, I've come to the conclusion that he's a better scenarist than he is at building a thorough plot. Books like Thirteen and Altered Carbon are all over the place, tossing in characters, set-pieces and, if there's room, the kitchen sink that tend to distract from the overall story. What Mr. Morgan excels at is creating a believable and enticing future world. Thirteen featured an America divided into a few liberal outlying states su [...]

    9. Wow! This is an amazing book and the best of the series. Morgan has matured as a writer and Takeshi has become more than just a one-dimensional, cardboard, super hero character who is all flash, violence and sex. I know it annoys many who want the same thing (Altered Carbon) repeated endlessly.SPOILERS AHEAD !In this book Takeshi goes home to Harlan's World. It is set about 100 years after the first book. He is working on a personal vendetta against a repressive religious sect whom he blames for [...]

    10. I couldn't finish this. I've been picking at it for months. I just can't get into it. It's boring. I'm more than half way through and can't muster up any interest. Altered Carbon was fantastic. Kovacs was a believable bad ass. The rest of the series sucks. This book was just really long descriptions of places and a lot of "envoy senses" explaining everything. There was no mystery, no interesting characters, meh. I also don't believe that the backup copy of Kovacs would agree to hunt down and kil [...]

    11. The first two Takeshi Kovacs novels by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon and Broken Angels, are pretty amazing, so it's bittersweet to be reading and reviewing Woken Furies, which is billed as the third and last of the series.Each of the three books featuring Takeshi Kovacs written by Morgan is so different it's hard to call them part of the same series, but they do all feature Kovacs, a hard-bitten, world-weary, brutally efficient killing machine and violent mercenary with his own unique sens [...]

    12. This one was a mixed bag and I may be coming down on it too hard. On one hand, three Takeshi Kovacs books read so closely together is a bit much for me. All the hard-boiled machismo kind of wears thin after a while and it all comes of like a Brock Samson rampage. And the sex in the series has kind of annoyed me, at least in the second and third books. I don't mind explicit sexual content if it has purpose within the context of the overall work -- and I felt like it did in "Altered Carbon." Howev [...]

    13. I was utterly taken by Altered Carbon, Morgans first Takeshi Kovacs book - his second, Broken Angels, however was not great and felt like both the character and his writer were treading water. Woken Furies is a return to form, though not necessarily in the style of the original. Its still hard and fast, descriptive and intelligent but gone is the hard boiled detective noir to be replaced by grim action thriller that is positively epic in scale. An adventure that rolls from side to side of an ali [...]

    14. The last, and in some ways the most interesting of the Takeshi Kovacs series.Disclaimer right at the start: Like the rest of the series, this book is well-written and imaginative with a well-realised protagonist. That protagonist is not nice. The setting is not nice. These can lead to people reading a very good book that is not Fun.So it goes.Woken Furies begins with Takeshi Kovacs coming apart at the seams. He's done too much. Seen too much. When someone like him comes apart at the seams, the i [...]

    15. Who would've thought that Quellcrist Falconer could get so tedious? I liked this book, but I'm pretty happy to be done with the Takeshi Kovacs saga. What happened to the badass I could get behind from the first book? Now all he does is yell at people & be pissed off & get laid inexplicably. He redeemed himself a bit at the end of this one (before Jad sort of blew all that burgeoning humanity to pieces), so I guess I can feel a little better about him than I did, but I'm still relieved th [...]

    16. Chuťovka do posledného písmenka. A tretí diel knižnej predlohy momentálneho seriálového trháku Netflixu Altered Carbon. Na dobrý kyberpunk som nekriticky zaťažená, priznávam, že nemusí chutiť každému ale pre mňa je toto hádam aj lepšie ako staré klasiky žánru. Príbeh je drsný a rovnako aj spôsob podania, autor sa s jazykom neserie, končatiny lietajú (Žamboch aj Kulhánek sú ako čítanie z materskej škôlky), etika už nie je ani machiavelistická a miesto širok [...]

    17. 7.5/10Woken Furies brings Takeshi Kovacs into another great adventure with Richard Morgan taking us this time back to his home-world: Harlan’s World, and showing us for the first time the past of the famed anti-hero in a story that will bring him against with his biggest challenge as he will find himself between the rule of the First Families and a great revolutionist who will awaken from the mists of the past and could change their lives forever and everything of what they knew.It has been on [...]

    18. After recently reading Broken Angels, I was eager to get this third volume. Although the differences between the first two books should have made me less certain, from the title alone, I anticipated that in this book the Martians would make an appearance. After all, they have wings, the “Furies” of Greco-Roman mythology are often depicted as having wings, and the Martians seem well suited to bring retribution to mankind.Oh, silly me. Mr. Morgan is subtler than that. Not that I was completely [...]

    19. First, I have to say that to get to this book, you have to read Altered Carbon, and Broken Angels first. Don't worry, it won't be a burden. Richard K. Morgan writes a Sci Fi Noire that satisfies deeply. His hero, Takeshi Kovacs, is wry, unamused, insightful and, by the time we pick up his story,too wounded by his own loyalties. He is also funny, resourceful and as his own narrator, he knows how to tell a story. Existential separation of mind and body is developed to the extreme in these novels, [...]

    20. The third in Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs series and my least favorite.Somewhat paradoxically, however, I also found it the most complex. This book is extremely bleak, and in a manner that's not readily apparent.While the protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is your typical angry, jaded, world-weary ex-soldier in both Altered Carbon and Broken Angels, his personality is livened by a sense of humor. This liveliness is almost entirely absent here in Woken Furies, which is the only book set on Kovacs' hom [...]

    21. I enjoyed this a little less than the other two books in this loose series - by which I mean they have the same central character, Takeshi Kovacs, but don't particularly lead on from one another story-wise. I found "Woken Furies" rather confusing - Takeshi is back on Harlan's World, his birth planet, and is embroiled in its internal politics - a new revolution is brewing. Tak has his own agenda, and it all gets terribly involved - I rather preferred the other stories where he was somewhat of an [...]

    22. Book three is as first rate as the other two in the series. It has the most different tone from the other two as it involves traveling around Takeshi's home planet with different companions as the plot morphs from one adventure involving certain motivations to another journey with different people, but our hero is not a man with a horse to race in this last book as he was in the other two. While the author has fun developing how his universe works with three distinct themes in each book (deprave [...]

    23. The end of the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy comes neither with a bang nor a whimper. For me, it reminds me of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Altered Carbon was the best of the series while Broken Angels did something different but was kind of a disaster (much like Temple of Doom). Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade returned to the formula of Raiders, much like Woken Furies does with Altered Carbon, but doesn't quite capture the same magic. Or have I completely lost m [...]

    24. Takeshi Kovacs goes on a voyage of self-discovery Well, OK, maybe not so much. But the book opens with a very young Kovacs waking up in a new sleeve, only to discover that he's been decanted from a centuries-old back-up recording to hunt down the Kovacs we've met in the previous books; then we join "our" Kovacs as he's in the process of causing a ruckus and trying to retrieve his original body.The setting this time is Kovacs' original home planet, Harlan's World. He's been here for a while free [...]

    25. I thought the previous books in the series, which weighed in at around 450-500 pages were about 100 pages too long, filled with fluff. Well, this book, which was about 200 pages longer had about 300 too many pages. The characters were forgettable, the plot was convoluted.In the end, this series was "What If Wolverine was in space"

    26. A very good ending to a fantastic SF series. Hopefully he will write about Takeshi Kocavs,his future worlds again.

    27. Den sidste bog i Takeshi Kovacs trilogien hedder Woken Furies og det er en formidabel afslutning!Det er et dybt fascinerende univers og hver bog har overrasket med noget nyt. Jeg har været ekstremt godt underholdt i en genre, som jeg først lige er ved at lære at kende. Der er mange tekniske detaljer at holde styr på, fx kroppe, der er boostet til bristepunktet med implantater og digitale nyteknologiske våben. For ikke at tale om det politiske og samfundsmæssige aspekt.Jeg har været på en [...]

    28. The third and presumably last book in the Altered Carbon series starts off as an amazing conclusion to the career of a tough guy as he finally becomes regains perspective, connection, and a sense of meaning, but has to use his old self to face his own history - somewhat literally as Kovacs has to square with a copy of his younger self as an antagonist/foil. He comes back to a changed home to face what set him off on the wrong path, he encounters his mentor, a digital ghost of his secular messiah [...]

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