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  1. I've just spent the day with this book. It broke me open in so many ways. Really intriguing persona poems, mixed with narrative and lyric explorations of love, family, religion, sex, sexuality, lustI could go on and on because this collection covers so much emotional/spiritual territory. The poems have a voice and I heard it while reading it. And there's this amazingly, creative poem centerfold. It should be a poster somewhere. I read every single last word of it because I couldn't turn away.

  2. L. Lamar Wilson is a brilliant young man who interweaves poetry with history and music. I was lucky to meet him at the first AWP I attended in NYC. After reading Amber Flame's book, who has a poem inspired by him, I decided it was time to take his book "Sacrilegion," off the shelf and finally read it. Lamar writes about being gay, being HIV positive, being black in a world that is filled with violence against black men. And he writes about these through vast knowledge. The book has notes in the [...]

  3. This was a recommendation given by one of the editors at Carolina Wren Press and it did not disappoint. Many of the poems touched on experiences that I have shared as a gay man: random, nameless sex, HIV, desperate love. Wilson adds more layers to that experience with his Deep South upbringing, his mixed race blood, his physical obstacles. He is most effective when he keeps his anger out of the poem, although that anger is certainly understood. He is experimental in his word choices and even his [...]

  4. Startling and wonderful. I was lucky enough to hear Lamar Wilson read some of these poems before buying the book, which helped me understand the rhythms. Rhythm is very important to a lot of the pieces in Sacrilegion. In signing the book, Lamar called his poems "songs and prayers." They're wonderful and subtle, sexy and disturbing. A gorgeous, gorgeous collection. I'm looking forward to whatever Lamar Wilson does next.

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