The Border Laird's Bride

The Border Laird s Bride First published as The Border Laird s Bride From Allison Butler bestselling author of The Healer comes a sexy Scottish romance about a man in search of a bride a woman in search of a home and an in

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  • Title: The Border Laird's Bride
  • Author: AllisonButler
  • ISBN: 9781743480731
  • Page: 278
  • Format: ebook
  • First published as The Border Laird s Bride.From Allison Butler, bestselling author of The Healer, comes a sexy Scottish romance about a man in search of a bride, a woman in search of a home and an inconvenient attraction that can t be denied To fulfil his father s dying wish, Border laird Lachlan Elliot must marry and sire a legitimate heir, cementing his family s name iFirst published as The Border Laird s Bride.From Allison Butler, bestselling author of The Healer, comes a sexy Scottish romance about a man in search of a bride, a woman in search of a home and an inconvenient attraction that can t be denied To fulfil his father s dying wish, Border laird Lachlan Elliot must marry and sire a legitimate heir, cementing his family s name in the tumultuous borderlands But his marriage will be one of convenience Lachlan has no time for the pain and betrayal of love, and his land and position must always come first So even when the spirited thief he catches stealing his horse turns out to be breathtaking and appropriate he vows to marry her, bed her, but never love her Kenzie never wanted an arranged marriage, but to be forced to wed the domineering laird who catches her thieving from his lands is even worse Feisty, strong willed and determined to make her own way, Kenzie may have no choice but to agree to the marriage, but she will never give up her independence Lachlan may own her body, but he will never own her heart from the author s website The Thief, formerly titled The Border Laird s Bride, has had a makeover and a hero name change to slot back into place as book 2 in my Borderland Bride series, as it was originally written The Thief follows on from book 1, The Healer.

    One thought on “The Border Laird's Bride”

    1. 3 out of 5 StarsSo, I've read quite a few Scottish Highland Romance novels in my day (except Outlander because I'm scared of that book - Yes, I said scared DON'T JUDGE ME! Maybe someday I'll get up enough courage to read it, but that's a whole other story). So, for me personally what makes a good Highland Romance novel (good is such a subjective term but I feel you all can work with me here on this) is first and foremost a smexy accent. Alas, this book just didn't do it for me. There were a few [...]

    2. 3 Beast StarsNot as good as the first, but I stilled enjoyed it.Honestly , what made the book for me was:1. Lachlan and his flirty - seductive ways. As well as how he was really good to his clan.2. Lachlans trusted friends & brother 3. How Lachlan treated his wife and trying to win over her heart, body, and soul.4. The help of the castle- fun addition to the tale.5. Kenzie- for the most part and her compassion for others. Also how she started to fall for Lachlan.I wish that this title, cover [...]

    3. 4 to 4.5 stars!! I LOVE the fact that this book starts off with action. I also love the fact that the heroine (Kenzie) is the thief that has been stealing cattle from Laird Jamie Graham and she gets caught. ;) This indeed was the perfect beginning for a fabulous romance. Kenzie has been mistreated by her family and has taken upon herself to helping the less fortunate. This has led to the thriving of Jamie's cattle. I enjoy how the author lets this character be strong willed and determined despit [...]

    4. The Border Laird's Bride by Allison Butler is in a way the typical historical romance, where bride and groom do not to want to marry for love, or fall in love. They have to marry for what ever reason and so they do, but they keep their distance from each other, since Jamie does not want to scare away the mother of his future heir and Kenzie wants to have this marriage annulled as soon as possible. Once again our protagonists have "secrets" that nobody can know, since if they knew everything woul [...]

    5. This book gives you an inside look at the courage of a young women who has always been cast aside to help others. It also shows her determination not to repeat the mistakes of her mother, and never forget the people who she really truly calls her family. It also brings you the story of a young laird's determination to keep his promises he gave his father and the honor he is inbreed in himself when it comes to his clan and his family. This book gives you a chance to step back in time and enjoy a [...]

    6. A hot thief and a castle laird in need of a wife? A great combo or a disaster waiting to happen? When I first started reading this book I honestly didn't have an assumption (which is a first). But I was happily surprised by the turnout and the twists. Not to giveaway the plot but Kenzie isn't exactly what she seems and neither is Jamie.I thought this book was pretty good. Not quite cliche or predictable which is the BEST part of reading books. I love that the heroine didn't just fall into the he [...]

    7. 3 starsWhat started out as a solid intriguing 4-star read became a little too predictable, to the point where I guess the story's unfolding after the 50% point. There were also some plot holes that seem too big. Full review to follow.

    8. THE BORDER LAIRD'S BRIDE is a well-written, heart-touching Scottish historical romance. A story with a beautiful message: true love is inescapable and can surprise us by coming in the plainest, unexpected of packages.Laird Jamie Graham has a predicament. His dying father's wish is that he marry and sire an heir, but he has always vowed never to fall in love. Having witnessed the devastation of his father at the hands of his mother who betrayed him by loving another, his mission is to fulfill his [...]

    9. I think this is a very standard Scottish romance story, with no surprises. It features a very strong laird and a supposedly beautiful lady. Only that the laird is not very Scottish. He says things like: "I hope you are not terribly bored." which does not exactly spell: 14th century Scotland. And the lady is not beautiful. I mean the author says she is, but other than her brown eyes, I cannot imagine how she could possibly be beautiful when you read constantly about how she pales in comparison to [...]

    10. THE BORDER LAIRD'S BRIDE by Allison Butler is an exciting Medieval Historical Romance set in 1402 Scottish border. Debut author and what a beginning from Destiny Romance. Fast paced and filled with passion. A lonely,forgotten second daughter finds her Scottish hero. To fulfil his father's dying wish, Laird Jamie Graham must find a wife,enter.Kenzie Irvine, a little thief, but honestly she stole for a good reason. Laird Graham vows not to lose his heart,but oh well, we all know how that will work [...]

    11. I was lured again into Allison's book by the enticing cover the first. However, even though it had great potential it kinda got lost in Kenzie's insecurities & Lacklan's shields against love.Some scenes either ended in an anti climax or were drawn out too long. I liked the banter, Kenizies's foibles (lessened Cinderella image) & her relatives are truly a piece of work.Will I read more? Probably

    12. This is my second book by this author, Allison Butler! Also this is the second book in the "Borderland Bride" Series. But, this can be a standalone book, so don't let that stop you from deciding on if you would like to read it or not. The heroine has had a hard life in the since that no one took any interest in her and pretty much none of the neighboring clans didn't even knew she excepted. But the hero, quickly learn about her in the way of her taking what was his. This is a very touching, stea [...]

    13. This was a lovely story with a feisty heroine worthy of her Scottish Laird and a Scottish Laird that could only learn what he needed to learn about love and life from the feisty heroine. I loved the unconventional way they met and the thing that ultimately brought them together made me have that lovely aah moment at the end.It had all the elements I like in my historical romances and felt true to the period. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    14. I loved this book such a great story I loved Jamie and Kenzie this one is emotional and sensual as Jamie sets out to seduce his wife who had stolen from him the wife he took to keep a promise made to his father but Jamie and Kenzie have vowed never to fall in love but the more they get to know each the harder that becomes. I higly recommend this story their journey to a HEA is emotional and heartwarming.

    15. It was ok. Enjoyable up until about 56% in. It was predictable and read very similar if not a mirror version down to the conniving other sister attempting to seduce the younger sister’s husband. I think it was the English Bride in Scotland. Having read that book, it took the fun out of AB’s version.

    16. Not too sure of the title change but read as The Thief great book especially for a cold winter's weekend!

    17. A great way to spend an afternoon. This tale keeps you on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next. The characters are so stubborn that you enjoy each moment of this book.

    18. Jamie Graham, laird of Castle Graham is looking to fulfill his father’s dying wish and take a bride. After losing the chance to marry his neighbors daughter, imagine his surprise when he finds that the beautiful dark haired, brown eyed horse thief that he has held up in is castle is the same neighbors second daughter, a daughter that nobody even knew existed. Jamie’s luck could be changing for the better if he can convince her to marry him.Kenzie Irvine has know men like Jamie all of her lif [...]

    19. This was the best Historical Scottish Romance I ever read. I loved that Kenzie was feisty and didn't just roll over and do what was expected of her. She was a very courageous character who knew her own mind and wasn't looking after her own comforts but wanted to make a difference to her clan. I was so impressed that she was a scrapper and ready to throw down for her beliefs- it is a refreshing change from the swooning maidens who just want to be whisked off their feet.Alison Butler is a incredib [...]

    20. This was a lovely story of a young woman and the laird who caught her stealing his horse. Kenzie has not been treated the best by her family, as a result. She has sworn off marriage and has taken it upon herself to help those women and children in her clan that have been cast aside. Thus the reason for the thieving. Laird Jamie has made a promise to marry to his father who has passed away. He looks to find a bride who will strengthen his clan. Then he catches Kenzie and realizes who she is, she [...]

    21. A Scottish romance to remember! To be honest, I wish I had read The Thief before I read The Protector, but this is not the first time I've read a series as stand alone books. Actually, I just loved this story of Lachlan and Kenzie. The characters had depth of emotion as well as their sparkling wit. The humor woven throughout the story made for a delightful, entertaining read! Again, I loved the cover picture for this book, but wish they had made it match Lachlan's appearance. It took me a while [...]

    22. Thanks to Netgalley for letting me review this book.The cover looks nothing like the girl described in the book. I'm pretty sure women back then didn't have haircuts like that all layered on the sides. Anyway, that and the fact the main girl is only 17 are my beefs. I know it's normal for the times and all but it really is gross to read about underage girls getting married and doing the wild thing. Other than those two things, this book was really sweet. Jamie and Kenzie were cute together. The [...]

    23. What a delicious, atmospheric start to a Scottish Historical! We meet Allison Butler’s hero, Laird Jamie Graham in the middle of a freezing dark morning waiting to catch a cattle thief. If that doesn’t get you hooked, then finding out the cattle thief is the neighbouring Laird’s daughter, Kenzie, most definitely will!I really enjoyed Allison story – it was easy to imagine myself in medieval Scotland with beautiful descriptive passages. The characterisation and plot is beautiful and a ple [...]

    24. The Thief (Borderland Brides, Book 2) by Allison Butler is a delicious tale of seduction, trust and acceptance.This book was previously published as the Borderland’s Bride, The Thief is a reissue. With a fresh cover this book fits nicely into her series! A great book to dive into while vacationing this summer!Check out a detailed review on my blog at Books I Love A Latte via wordpress and discover a must read author!I received this ARC by the publisher for a fair and honest review!

    25. This is a really lovely book which I read over the long weekend. It was great to take my kindle outside and read this in the shade. A heroine I liked, a Scottish hero I could relate to, and some horrible relatives what more could you want? This is Alison Butler's first book, and she will have a long career in writing if she continues to create such fresh and likeable characters.

    26. I liked this book. Don't have much to say except that I totally hated Jeanne. The father and her were both so frustrating. But anywayI really liked Lachlan and Kenzie. They were nice characters and I loved them together. Liked that they got to know each other for a while (even though they were so quickly wed) before they did the 'more' aha.

    27. An entertaining read. Our hero and heroine are both lovely and the obstacles in their way, although not dramatic, are very naturally rendered. I appreciate the level of attention.Allison brings to medieval Scotland. Looking forward to more titles from this author.

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