The Ivy Lessons

The Ivy Lessons Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for Teacher Student Romance forbidden When Sophia wins a post graduate place at Ivy Drama College she can t believe her luck The college is owned

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  • Title: The Ivy Lessons
  • Author: J. Lerman Suzy K. Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for 9781480085916.Teacher Student Romance forbidden.When Sophia wins a post graduate place at Ivy Drama College, she can t believe her luck The college is owned by one of the most well respected young actors in London, Marc Blackwell who not only founded the college, but teaches the students.Known for his strict classes and beLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for 9781480085916.Teacher Student Romance forbidden.When Sophia wins a post graduate place at Ivy Drama College, she can t believe her luck The college is owned by one of the most well respected young actors in London, Marc Blackwell who not only founded the college, but teaches the students.Known for his strict classes and belief in discipline, Marc has a reputation for being arrogant and aloof, yet Sophia soon finds herself drawn to this cold, fascinating young man.Soon, Sophia is embarking on a journey of sexual discovery that promises to explore all that is forbidden between teacher and student.

    One thought on “The Ivy Lessons”

    1. 2 Spineless Chicks and Control-Freaks StarsI don't like it and I really hate when it happens to me, but I couldn't finish this bookSo, let me rephrase my rating.2 DNF, Spineless Chicks and Control-Freaks StarsThis is not a bad book. This is the reason, I didn't give it a 1-star rating. It just wasn't for me; overused theme, same old, I'm fed up with this stuff kinda book.We all read Fifty Shades. I got to admit, that a lot of us kinda enjoyed Fifty Shades, too. You know why? Because it was somet [...]

    2. So Yeah My opinion of SophiaSophia during the book Oh Marc you looked at meYou want to spank me and do dirty things to me Sir?So afterwards she is likeSophia explaining the relationship to everyone My opinion of Marc Marc throughout the bookThe relationshipThe anal sex sceneThe practical insta loveThe last 40 percent of the book I am sorry about my negativity but Most of the time i was reading i felt my Would i recommend this book

    3. Oh thank Jesus Buddha and any other religious figure this book is over!! Where to start with how stupid this book was, hmmmmmmm how about it took place in like two weeks and they fall in love in like the first three days. I know nothing about any of the characters. They are as shallow as a tea cup and Sophia. Oh how stupid Sophia is. First off I was praying she was going to die in some freaky sex act but that didn't happen strike one. She is told not to tell anyone because it will look bad for a [...]

    4. It was interesting read, but it wasn't what I expected. I expected a little more than I got. The first few chapters reminded me a little of Gabriel's Inferno. I thought that the book is going to be about the teacher seducing his student, but it was the other way around. And she had absolutely no game and no plan, just "he frightens me, but I want him and i dont know what to do about it." I was expecting him to struggle a little bit more, expected him to be more conflicted, because there was a lo [...]

    5. Not only is this book NOT comparable to the story spun in fifty shades or bared to you, it is almost unbearable to read. The characters are not strong, there are errors, things like times are off in the story, the word wine is win (annoying) What is driving me mad is that the supporting characters who work for the teacher are awful free to offer their opinion to this 22 year old girl that they know is having an inappropriate relationship with her teacher, who happens to be the worlds hottest act [...]

    6. SoI dont know really what to writeis was no 50 shades of Greyd not Bared to youis was just somethingelseI was shaking my head half of the time started really promising but .t reallyMarc it's nothing like Christianahhe can be cold at timesbut thats all.ere is nothing attractive about himSophieif you didn't like Anastasia, you would hate SophieShe was repeating ''I dont know'' all the time.e had cinderella complex. Her stepmother incapable of taking care of her own husband and child. And I wont ta [...]

    7. 2 " It saddens me to say I didn't like it" StarsUrgh. I wish I had liked it. So much. Unfortunately, it just didn't do it for me. The sad part is, I normally LOVE teacher/student romance, whether they're sexy or not. They're my FAVORITES. Damn it. But this one nope. Just didn't do it.This book is about Sophia, an inspiring actress, who, on complete impulse, decides to audition at one of the most prestigious theatre school in the UK. The school is owned by none other than the very sexy, very rich [...]

    8. The writing was annoying. The tone changed, as if two different people were writing it, and they were both sucky writers. I did this, I did that, I said this. Didn't we all get chastised about that in english class. Anyway, on to the plot,Another weak, vulnerable, virginal, thin brunette with no sense and no spine. I am so tired of this. Why would a guy find a woman who has never watched porn attractive? I don't get it. I get the ideal. But in real life, virgins are boring. The main character, w [...]

    9. I loved itBUT the following should have been done to the editor of the book (if there even was one)but all grammatical and timing mistakes aside - I really enjoyed the book - don't know why the reviews are mostly bad??The only thing getting on my nerves is the whole student - teacher thing???Why do they have such a huge problem with that?? She's 22 - he's 27 and he OWNS the school - nobody in the world can legally say anything against it?? That whole part was totally exaggerated!!!I loved Marc a [...]

    10. This book sure does have the fifty shades BDSM scenes, and the crossfire novels hot and steamy plots. It had me wiggling at the edge of my seat and had me holding my breathe constantly. I really enjoyed reading the book, but I feel that Sophia is a bit too whinny and nagging. She would have been more well liked if she was a stronger character. Next book would be interesting, Marc and Sophia are about to broadcast their relationship to the world. The teacher/student relationship will be questione [...]

    11. Warning, this review might contain spoiler! I am lost. Completely and utterly lost. This book had so much potential when I read the synopsis. I'm sold on forbidden romances as student/teacher and so on. This book seemed so promising because the add of a famous teacher. Despite that, the book isn't good. It's promising and has potential. That's all it has. So the plot is Sophie the heroine, who's name I forgot all the time, who is accepted to Ivy College. The college is funded by an Hollywood act [...]

    12. This book started off Strong but fizzled fast. It's your Teacher/Student taboo relationship however there wasn't much of a fight to stay apart. Sophia falls in love way to quickly & the sex scenes were over before I even knew they were happening. This is suppose to be a relationship that is under wraps but Sophia keeps telling everyone about it. I find it endearing that Marc would give up his teaching after their first kiss to be with her. I find a lack of connect with the characters. It was [...]

    13. 2 stars.why the low rating you may ask.well it goes something like thise story was not as captivating as i was thinking at first, the age difference is not that big , if it was more then 10 years i would have understood the whole i am too old for you, but here is not the case. The hero ,i get it,is a big star, but sometimes he was a confusing character to me, not to mention the heroine, she is described as a young talented actress and a strong character, but as the story progresses these traits [...]

    14. Okay, i don't really know what i think about this book. I kind of expected more from this! The story lacked in the main department and even though it captivated me in some parts, the most was missing something. It was not authentic and the story was mainly superficial. It lacked depth! Marc and Sophia were not that great of a couple. Sophia really, she was way to naive and clingy. Also the over-the-top jealousy yes, he had other women before you! Get over it!And also the aspect that no one got [...]

    15. 2.5 ⭐. This was just ok for me. Not a horrible book but definitely should not be compared to Fifty Shades. The author didn't build the characters enough for me to connect to them. They just jumped into the Dom/Sub relationship. There really was no explanation why Marc couldn't open up to Sophia or why he kept his feelings hidden. I though that the "never letting himself loose control/find release" was just strange and unbelievable.I'm glad it was a free read. I would be upset if I had bought t [...]

    16. In the end this just became too obsurd for me. I enjoyed the beginning when she was just starting at college but then it all became far fetched and seemed to jump from one weird scene to another. The scene in the supply closet though was hot but other than that Marc just creeped me out. May add more laterMy review can also be found on our blog Paein and Ms4TuneThis was free on I really should have paid more attention to the cover with the sticker that says The new bestseller for fifty shades of [...]

    17. I like books that involve adult teacher/student adult relationships. Of course this deals with a hot (movie star) teacher who also happens to own the Ivy Drama College and he of course becomes attracted to the innocent girl who also happens to be his student. Love these stories.Sophie gets a scholarship to the Ivy Drama College. She is a good girl who never complains about her life even though her father knocked up his girlfriend and more or less is expecting her to take care of the house. Sophi [...]

    18. This one did not work for me at all. I think this is because I really did not like Sophia. Ok I know this type of book is meant to have the shy, submissive heroine, but do they also have to also be naïve, indecisive, and annoying? Sophia is way too shy and comes across way too vulnerable, without a good enough explanation as to why she is this way. Sophia is incapable of making a decision, always saying "I don't know". I kind of thought this might have changed towards the end, but no, still uns [...]

    19. I was roaming the electronic book shelves of and came across this title. I was Interested, then the first line of the summary of the book read:If you loved books like Fifty Shades of Grey (E.L. James), Bared to You (Sylvia Day) or Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire you'll love The Ivy Lessons And I thought, oh no - here we go again. But I was pleasantly surprised. I sat and read the whole thing in a few hours and now I can't seem to get Van Halen's Hot For Teacher out of my head. Marc opened up [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this one. Sophia is accepted into an undergraduate school for acting. Owned by actor Marc Blackwell.Sophia perused Marc but not in a weird I got to bang my teacher kinda way. This one was tricky for me to rate. At times I was scratching my head wondering what Marc was thinking. I dropped a star due to the weird and somewhat creepy moment when Sophia is laying in the hospital. Also kinda weird was that Marc refused to come. All about control people or at least that's what he insi [...]

    21. So many problems.There were a couple times where reading this felt more like a date rape transcript with paddles and rope than BDSM. Just seriously red flag stuff, and I wish someone would have told the author "this (insert several phrases, actions, and misconduct) does not constitute Safe Sane And Consensual."The main male character is creepy, and the female main character has that all too common "willowy young woman with the sainted disposition" syndrome that just blights this genre, but exace [...]

    22. Sophie while trying to come across naive instead seems like she doesn't have enough depthIt's one thing for her to be a bit star struck with Marc but another to seem as superficial about his looks rather than his character. The true distant, holding back, has to be in control.Marc also needs more depth we don't really know 'why' they feel pull to once another it's just stated they do.I hope in the next book they are more developed. The plot is student/teacher but Marc owns the university an can [...]

    23. This was OK. It read a lot like FSOG. (But I LOVED FSOG)Sophia is accepted at an acting school owned by the very Famous Marc Blackwell, who also happens to be her teacher.I found Sophia to be very naive and a bit immature at times. Saying things like "we shouldn't do this here" and then agrees because she's about to orgasm. I liked Marc. He's bossy and dominate and of course sexyBUT he's had a Bad childhood, He's not used to having a woman he cares about, isn't used to be close to someone, has n [...]

    24. Okay, I've already written one bad review and this is going to be my second.WHY DO PEOPLE COMPARE THIS TO FIFTY SHADES, BARED TO YOU AND THIS MAN?!?!Lemme tell you, Marc Blackwell is a pathetic excuse for a replacement for Christian Grey, Gideon Cross or Jesse Ward. Sorry Marc, but it's true and all those people who disagree, well I'm sure no one like that exists.So, let's start. This book was SHORT. Like 200 pages short. How do you expect to capture a reader through a riveting story by telling [...]

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