Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World

Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World House Parties Pick Up Trucks Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Prom Night Unrequited Love Welcome to the spring of and the world of Stephen Shulevitz who with three months of high school to go in the sma

  • Title: Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World
  • Author: Janet E. Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781444743968
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • House Parties Pick Up Trucks Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Prom Night Unrequited Love.Welcome to the spring of 1987 and the world of Stephen Shulevitz who, with three months of high school to go in the small town of Riverside, Nova Scotia, has just realised he s fallen in love with exactly the wrong person.Welcome to the end of the world.As Stephen navigates his last fewHouse Parties Pick Up Trucks Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Prom Night Unrequited Love.Welcome to the spring of 1987 and the world of Stephen Shulevitz who, with three months of high school to go in the small town of Riverside, Nova Scotia, has just realised he s fallen in love with exactly the wrong person.Welcome to the end of the world.As Stephen navigates his last few months before college dealing with his overly dependent mother, his distant, pot smoking father, and his dysfunctional best friends Lana and Mark, he must decide between love and childhood friendship between the person he is and the person he can be But sometimes leaving the past behind is harder than it seems .Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World is a bittersweet story of growing up and of one young man finding happiness on his own terms.

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    1. A coming of age story told from the point of view of Stephen a teenage boy struggling to accept his sexuality and his love for his best friend Mark. Amazing characterisation, razor sharp and very witty. A stunning debut.

    2. I'm feeling too many feelings, so I can't write anything - not even a sentence - about this book right now. Except to say that my heart aches but so does my face from smiling. So go read this.

    3. Despite planning my weekend to allow for a slow, careful reading of this book I ended up plowing through it at warp speed. However, my headlong rush through the pages often came to a screeching halt so I could pause to admire a certain scene, sentence, phrase, or even a particularly well-chosen word. Then, I would begin flip, flip, flipflipflipping the pages all over again. This rough pace was entirely my fault but Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World was well worth it and I'm already looking [...]

    4. The title and cover of this YA novel are a bit deceiving; this is not the whimsical or light-hearted tale you might be expecting. What I really liked about this book was how vividly it brought (80s) rural Nova Scotia to life. Emotionally it was also very vivid, but quite tense and exhausting at times. Not surprisingly given the setting, Stephen's coming out narrative involves encountering a lot of homophobia. There are funny and sweet moments but overall it's a fairly heavy, although beautifully [...]

    5. With a title like this I hoped for something lighter. The text on the back of the book promised "House parties - Pick-up trucks - Cherry-vanilla ice cream - Prom night - Unrequited Love" and all of those things were actually in the book, but not in the cheerful way I had hoped. It's a coming of age tale that is filled with misunderstandings and miscues but the voice of Stephen comes across loud and clear through Janet Cameron's writing. It's not a light read but it is so worth reading. I'm sure [...]

    6. At the beginning of Cinnamon Toast and The End of the World, Stephen Shulevitz’s world as he knows it comes to an end. He’s reached the sudden realisation that he’s in love with his best buddy, Mark, and that he desperately wants to kiss him.This is a ‘coming out’ novel. You know from the opening scene that Stephen will have to overcome a series of emotional obstacles before eventually coming to terms with his sexuality; that towards the end he’s going to tell Mark that he fancies hi [...]

    7. I expected to really like this book - the premise was interesting, and the blurb made it sound like something I would connect with (young person coming to terms with his sexuality in a small town).Sadly, the execution left me a bit cold. Sure, it was an interesting story, but it felt a little bit like 'story by numbers', like something a student would produce in a writing class having closely studied all the elements of how a story should work. And the characters, while potentially intriguing, n [...]

    8. This is a beautifully written book. Like life, it's full of as much pain as laughter. A truly incredible first book and a story that speaks volumes about the complexity of growing up gay in a small town. Not only to be enjoyed by the LGBT community - we can all relate to being an extreme outsider at some stage in our lives. Read it; you won't regret it.

    9. This book isamazing!! . It captures so well the experiences of being "different" in a small town, and coming of age in a place that is both stifling and small minded, as well as community-oriented, and dismissed by the big city as "full of hicks". I couldn't put it down!

    10. I was able to read an advance of this book prior to its publication and I really enjoyed the read! Even though the character is in his last year of high school and lives a very rural life that is definitely unlike mine, I found him very relatable. Great book, I hope it does well!

    11. If you've ever been a teenager, you will enjoy this. I missed Stephan when he was gone. great book about growing up. Not for the very faint-hearted, but a great story, really well written.

    12. I ADORED this book. I loved the story, but also loved Janet Cameron's use of language. Beautiful. Love, love, LOVE this book!

    13. Actual rating: 4.5 starsI can't believe how good this book is–and I can't believe it's this good and yet so few people have read it or even heard of it. It's keenly observed, achingly beautiful, shockingly real. I fell in love with every moment of reading it. It's a coming-of-age, coming out story, and–I don't consider this a spoiler, really, because it's important for me to know these things going in–there's homophobic violence. The gay guy gets beaten up. But it doesn't feel trite in the [...]

    14. I felt drained, lifeless. I was sure that everything was ruined. I'd never feel the same way around Mark. It would never be easy and comfortable between us again.I was right, as it turned out.Now you tell me that's not the end of the world.What a bittersweet read. I'd say it was way more bitter than sweet. It'd be polite to start off with a warning: the synopsis and design of the book does not prepare you for how quietly heartbreaking this story is. Not at all. Stephen Shulevitz is on his last y [...]

    15. 5/5 stars!!!!I just don't know how to write this review in a way that will carry across how much I love this.Cinnamon Toastfollows seventeen year old Stephen Shulevitz at the end of the world- AKA when he realises/accepts that he's in love with his best friend, Mark. And this is just the first chapter. What follows is a look at Stephen's life as he graduates from high school and starts college/university, with a large part of the book centring around Stephen's struggle with sexuality. First off, [...]

    16. "Hey" shouted a lady in the playground yesterday, "Isn't that your little girl crying at the top of the climbing frame?"I pulled myself reluctantly out of "cinnamon toast and the end of the world" and back into my own humdrum world. I started the book at 10 am and finished it at 10 pm, standing beside the Easter Sunday Roast, reading with one hand and basting with the other, and I think that's all I really need to say about it. It's not nearly as literary as the books I tend to read, but it cont [...]

    17. I love a well-crafted coming-of-age story with a tough and intelligent protagonist. Cameron delivers beautifully. I loved the complexity of the characters and their reactions, and I was comforted by the hopefulness of the ending. All around, an excellent story.

    18. 4.5/5 starsTse kinets' svitu Ukrainian proverb to say when everybody's running around acting crazy Dunia Stephen Shulevitz berakhir pada pukul dua dini hari, saat dia bersama sahabatnya, Mark McAllister, sedang merokok sambil nonton tivi. Stephen membayangkan bahwa akhir dunia bakalan kayak tivi meledak karena kecelakaan saat menyalakan rokok misalnya. Atau yg lebih ekstrim lagi, seperti ramalan suku Maya atau Nostradamus. Tapi tidak dengan apa yg dialami Stephen. Dunianya berakhir saat dia meny [...]

    19. I was at the library, staring at the shelves and bemoaning the fact that I couldn't find anything to read! And there on a trolley, lying on top of several books waiting to be shelved was a book with a drawing toast popping out of a toaster and the words, Cinnamon Toast and The End of the World a novel Janet E. CameronI opened it and read the first paragraph:'It's not the end of the world.'    That's what people will tell you. That's what people will tell you when they want to say, 'Your proble [...]

    20. I'd give it somewhere between a 4 and 4.5 out of 5.I really enjoyed this one, the second half of the book was really excellent. I wanted the main character of Stephen to have more internal conflict going on in his head about being gay, denial, coming to terms with it, coming out. As a young, confused teen surrounded by negativity towards gay people, he probably would have been questioning himself a lot more, being in deep denial about the situation, and it would probably be constantly on his min [...]

    21. This, for me, was a coming-of-age story full of the awkward joys of NOT being the most popular kid in school complicated further by the protagonist, Stephen, coming to terms with being gay and what that means for the rest of his life. His parents are characters that have been truly well explored and some of the dialogue with his estranged father is sad, it will really hit home for anyone who comes from a divorced family. There were a few moments in the book where I experienced sharp-indrawing-of [...]

    22. So i had to read this book for Grade 10(ISU, you get to choose your own book from a list of Canadian author books and then write an essay answering a question that the teacher assigns you). I choose Cinnamon Toast without knowing much about the book so it was kind of a shock that this book was centered around a gay teen who was in love with his best friend. Although i have nothing against the LGBT community, this was the first book i read that contained this particular subject matter. But the sh [...]

    23. When Stephen realises at the age of 15 that he is in love with his best friend Mark, he knows he’s in for a bumpy road ahead, but no-one could foresee just how bumpy. Growing up gay is not easy in the small Nova Scotia town of Janet E. Cameron’s making and the author does not hold back from exposing us to the full extent of the cruelty and violence of Stephen’s journey. There are times I found myself clutching my belly as I read this book!Stephen is a very real hero. He is naïve in terms [...]

    24. This book kind of broke my heart. It was sad and a little happy and bittersweet towards the end. Stephen is a bit of a misfit and has a lot of internal struggles that just eat him alive and the way he handles it isn't always the best. He's not the best decision maker and he makes a lot of mistakes but I was rooting for him. I wanted him to find some happiness and in a way he sort of does. I did enjoy the book a lot, but it just made me sad. Maybe it was too relatable or Steph's story was just de [...]

    25. Stephen lives in small town Nova Scotia. His free spirited parents finally married when he was 6 and moved into town from their 'bush' home when he was entering grade 3. Unfortunately they split and he and his mom remained while his dad remarried and raised a new family in Montreal.He is a different boy, extremely bright, kinda of weird and quirky, and definitely lonely. He is also Jewish. He is picked on at school, but eventually bonds with Mark who continues to be his closest friend all throug [...]

    26. A heart-wrenching coming of age story, written from the perspective of Stephen, a gay teen in the 1980s.Such a real depiction of small town life in the 80s, which is part of why I loved this book - it felt very familiar and real to me. We begin when Stephen discovers one day that he is actually in love with his best friend Mark: this is his "end of the world", for he knows that this is an unrequited love that is best hidden if he is to remain friends with Mark. Yet, he discovers that hiding his [...]

    27. When you pick this book up, not having read the reviews, you expect to read a light-hearted story of the typical North American male teen coming of age and finding the archetypal girl to marry later. You read "bittersweet story," which evokes the breaking of families and friendships and perhaps the love interest being diagnosed with cancer. I really came in not expecting a whole lot.This book did have me bursting in laughter, but also brought me to the brink of tears at some points. Now *that's* [...]

    28. In this thoroughly enjoyable read, Janet E. Cameron captures the time and place of small town Canada through the eyes of her hero, Stephen Shulevitz. The story transported me back to my own adolescence, growing up and attending high school in a small community. Cameron writes so well about that once-in-a-lifetime angst of being a teenager on the cusp of big changes. I loved the characterizations and the relationships that are formed in the novel - Stephen and Mark, Stephen and Lana - and the way [...]

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