The Princess and the Frog (Ladybird Tales)

The Princess and the Frog Ladybird Tales Illustrated by Capaldi

  • Title: The Princess and the Frog (Ladybird Tales)
  • Author: Vera Southgate
  • ISBN: 9780718192556
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Illustrated by Capaldi

    One thought on “The Princess and the Frog (Ladybird Tales)”

    1. In this version, the frog says he will retrieve the Princess's golden ball if she will play with him, eat with him, and sleep with him. Of course, her father forces her to do all these things. When the frog gets into her bed, he turns into a prince and then later they get married.On the one hand, I am glad my son was exposed to this traditional story. But on the other hand, who wants to teach their kids that it is okay to force a girl to sleep with a frog???? And it was weird how the frog turned [...]

    2. I thought this story was very cute and meaningful.The story gave great detail about what some relationships are like in real life, and how some have fairytale endings. I think young kids would adore this book, especially younger girls, who like princesses. Kids can learn a great deal of life morals and lessons from reading this story. I think a great activity to do in the class would be to have the students imagine being a cartoon character and falling in love with the man/women of their dreams, [...]

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    4. A blast from the past, The Princess and the Frog was one of the staples of my childhood. A cute book that I recommend any child/adult-with-a-love-of-fairy-tales, read. Can't wait to locate the other Ladybird books I remember and read them! :)

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