Beach House Beginnings

Beach House Beginnings Christie Ridgway invites you to a special place of sun sand and romance in her new series Beach House No Enjoy this prequel novella and meet the people of Crescent Cove Two miles of magic That s h

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  • Title: Beach House Beginnings
  • Author: Christie Ridgway
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Christie Ridgway invites you to a special place of sun, sand and romance in her new series, Beach House No 9 Enjoy this prequel novella and meet the people of Crescent Cove Two miles of magic That s how Meg Alexander remembers her childhood home of Crescent Cove on the California coast But Meg doesn t believe in magic any not since heartbreak made her leave at nineChristie Ridgway invites you to a special place of sun, sand and romance in her new series, Beach House No 9 Enjoy this prequel novella and meet the people of Crescent Cove Two miles of magic That s how Meg Alexander remembers her childhood home of Crescent Cove on the California coast But Meg doesn t believe in magic any not since heartbreak made her leave at nineteen and kept her away for ten years.Yet Meg can t say no when her sister asks her to temporarily step in as the cove s property manager and she can t deny her instant attraction to handsome guest Caleb McCall He sparks a desire that Meg hasn t felt in a long time But even as their incredible, incendiary kisses tempt her into a short term fling, her head tells her to pull away.Can Caleb convince her to give love a second chance

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    1. I am delighted to see what appears to be the return of the fine writing style by an author whose first books ("Wish You Were Here" among them) I so enjoyed. I'm excited and pleased with Ridgeway's introduction to her new "Beach House No. 9 series." This short novella was well-written with a creative storyline where our heroine gets a second chance at love with a bittersweet history. It includes lots of sizzling chemistry set in a beautiful beach location in California. A fun and quick treat on t [...]

    2. 3 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance NovellaThis is a sweet, albeit fanciful, novella and a nice start to a promising new contemporary romance series.

    3. I loved this novella! Of course, I'm not surprised. I really have fallen in love with Christie Ridgway's writing since I read "The Secret" *sigh* This woman can really write romance. Almost wonderful starts out with a very sad, hardened womanMeg. Ten years before the love of her life died and she ran away from the life she knew, changed her name from Starr to Meg and built walls around her heart, never to be hurt again. So now, ten years later, because her family needs her, she returns home to C [...]

    4. Meg Alexander returns home to run her family business in Crescent Cove, California. She left 10 years ago after the love of her life died. In that time period she has built some pretty high walls to keep herself from being hurt.Caleb McCall returns to Crescent Cove and reconnects with Meg when he rents a bungalow from Meg. He doesn't stop trying to break through her walls.This is a fast enjoyable read and that has quite a bit of content. My emotions were up and down while reading this. I ached f [...]

    5. Almost Wonderful begins with a tragedy that shapes the path of one woman's life. It's about heartache. It's about second chances. It's about forgiveness. It's about love. Meg and Caleb's journey isn't always a pretty one, but their story needed to be told. The carefree girl with the winning smile and the young boy who watched her from the sidelines. First love had heartbreaking results for that young girl. Will the ghost of summers past ruin her second chance? Ms. Ridgeway never shies away from [...]

    6. 3.75 starsA sweet story of letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings.The novella Beach House Beginnings sets the tone for the Beach House No 9 series. In this short story we get to meet Meg a 29-year old woman who was raised in Crescent Cove and hasn't return to her home since she left following the end of her first love. She stopped believing in love and ever afters, living her life as a single woman and securing her heart from more disappointment.Caleb just went through a major awake [...]

    7. Kind of an okay story. Skipped a lot of steps, even for a novella. I think Caleb moved too fast (even though I get why), and I felt Meg was kind of overreacting to what happened in her past. (view spoiler)[Her love died, he didn't cheat, abuse her, or make any choice that could have caused her to believe there are no happy endings. If there's one thing we're all sure of it's that everyone is going to die. It doesn't make sense to close yourself off because of it. (hide spoiler)] The story didn't [...]

    8. This is a nice little novella. It has some supernatural aspects, as well as lessons about grieving and loss. This only got three stars because I thought the heroine had much more healing to do before the HEA. The timeline of healing, to me, should have taken longer than a novella, but I still liked how the end came about. In this book, Ridgeway does a wonderful job of describing place and setting. It was set on a beach, and I could hear the surf and feel the sand. The teaser at the end for the n [...]

    9. closer to 3.5 stars. a bit too short and tad underdeveloped but still a charming little easy to read romance to introduce this series. cant wait for more!!!

    10. I received a free complimentary book and voluntarily reviewed it.Almost Wonderful is the first book of a series that takes place in Crescent Cove, California. It is a novella written by the prolific and highly skilled author, Christie Ridgway.Meg Alexander grew up in Crescent Cove but left when a tragic accident changed her life. She has never returned even though her family owns surfside bungalows in the area. When her sister, who runs the place, has to go to a friend’s wedding, she asks Meg [...]

    11. I received a free complimentary book and voluntarily reviewed it.Almost Wonderful is the first book of a series that takes place in Crescent Cove, California. It is a novella written by the prolific and highly skilled author, Christie Ridgway.Meg Alexander grew up in Crescent Cove but left when a tragic accident changed her life. She has never returned even though her family owns surfside bungalows in the area. When her sister, who runs the place, has to go to a friend’s wedding, she asks Meg [...]

    12. This author is always near the top of my TBR list and I look forward to her books each time. She has a new series called Almost and this is a short novella to start that series. Somewhere it was mentioned that it was a remake of an earlier story but I don’t know about that.The two characters, Meg Alexander and Caleb McCall, have met as teenagers but life sent them in different directions. She’s come back to Crescent Cove to run the family resort/cottages for the weekend while her sister was [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading Almost Wonderful by Christie Ridgway. This story is a sweet novella that introduces her Almost series, a re-issue of her Beach House series. Meg Alexander has returned home to Crescent Cove, California. The last time she’d been there, ten years prior, she was called Starr and life was good. After a tragedy occurred she ran from it all. She was no longer that happy-go-lucky, believing in fairy tales person, she was now a sadder and wiser woman. Caleb McCall has never forgotten [...]

    14. Almost Wonderful is a re-issue of Beach House Beginnings by Christie Ridgway. Having not read the first book I am not sure what revisions have taken placed. It is the first of a new series that is coming soon. A quick read, only a few chapters, it is romantic read as two characters must put the past behind to move on with their lives. While it seems to be a second chance at romance Caleb and Meg never really knew each other well 10 years ago, so it is more of a first-time love story for these tw [...]

    15. Almost wonderful would be my first read by Christie Ridgway and it wont be my last and is you haven't read either or if you have then this is on good read to one click . You'll go through so many emotions that you wont want to put your kindle down till the very end and to see the pain , regret , acceptance and love that Meg and Caleb go through as the story progresses I wont give to much away because it's one experience that you don't want to miss out on . Meg has returned home after being away [...]

    16. This is going to be a short review for Almost Wonderful by Christie Ridgway, it is a short story and fast read. I would like to say that it's an appetizer/teaser to what is to come in the Almost series. The story of Meg Alexander and Caleb McCall is sexy and it's an almost instant love for these two characters, maybe one more than the other at first. It is one mans second chance at life and love, will he be able to remind a woman who has built a wall so high to protect her from the feelings of l [...]

    17. Starr Alexander had grown up on the idyllic Crescent Cove of Southern California. Her great-great-grandfather had purchased the land for the filming of silent movies. Later, 50 eclectic beach cottages were build, transforming the land into a beautiful beach cottage rental business. But tragically, ten years ago, her boyfriend, Peter Fleming, had drown while kayaking, and the heartbroken young woman had fled, never to return. Now she is Meg, a 29 year old accountant, with no joy in her life or tr [...]

    18. This is the first of Christie Ridgway’s Almost series. The book is about Meg, who has returned to her home in Crescent Cove after being away for 10 years. Her first love drowned and she was so broken hearted that she changed her name from Starr to Meg, left home and hasn’t been back until now. Her family rents beach cabins in Crescent Cove and her sister needs someone to hold down the fort while she has to be away. While Meg is home she meets Caleb. He is the cousin of her deceased boyfriend [...]

    19. Meg Alexander has returned to Crescent Cove after a lengthy absence. She had not planned to return, but is filling in for her sister who manages the surfside bungalows. When she was younger, she had wonderful years at Crescent Cove, but a tragedy that occurred has kept her away. Caleb McCall remembers his time at Crescent Cove and remembers when Meg was named Starr and how her love of life made such an impression on him. He is back to take some time off from his work and reflect on his life when [...]

    20. Almost Wonderful is the first book I have read by this author. It was a fast read and definitely a great introduction to the series that she is working on. This novella focuses on Meg and Caleb. Meg has been gone from her child home for ten years after a tragic accident takes the love of her life. Building up walls and believing that love is not something that's meant for her, she finds herself questioning everything when she meets Caleb. Caleb is sure that he can break down the walls that Meg h [...]

    21. Meg hasn't been back to Crescent Cove since she was nineteen and her first love, Peter had died in a kayak accident. Her parents have moved to Paris and her sister has to go to a wedding so Meg agrees to go back and take care of things while her sister is gone.Caleb McCall was Peter's cousin and used to visit his cousin at Crescent Cove in the Summers.While almost dying on the table during open heart surgery he has a dream/ vision that he needs to go to Crescent Cove for Meg. That she is his fut [...]

    22. Almost Wonderful is a short novella to start this series. It's the story of a woman returning home me to help her family after being gone for 10 years. There was a tragic end to her young life be & she hadn't been able to face coming back until now. The cousin to her young love is renting one of the cottages she is overseeing. He's come back hoping to reconnect with some memories after barely surviving a life or death situation. Ms. Ridgeway has done an excellent job of grabbing the reader's [...]

    23. Meg came back home so her sister can go away. Facing the past that she wanted to leave behind. She knew people would know her and remember. She changed everything about herself in order to forget what is now right in front of her. Caleb lost many things in his life and is now focusing on what he wants and Meg is in his sights. He comes and stays in one of her families bungalows. Can he help her get over her past and give him a chance? The flow of this book was smooth and the story really kept me [...]

    24. This was a sweet, well-written novella. Meg has loved and experience tragedy and now she is back home in Crescent Cove, CA where everything happened. Caleb has never forgotten Crescent Cove, CA or the beautiful, happy girl he knew during the summer he spent there. He rents one of the surfside bungalows and is surprised to discover Meg is his landlady. Meg is attracted to him, though wary, and Caleb has learned he needs to take chances in life. This novella can be read as a standalone story, thou [...]

    25. Another wrenching and emotional journey of heartbreak, happiness, loss and life that influence your heart and the choices you fear when second chances are suddenly thrust in front of you. This is such a beautiful story of lost expectations and the impact of what life could of been and yet what might be if you have the courage to reach for it! Gosh I loved Caleb and the strength of purpose he has to be willing to stand strong in the face of Meg's denials. I laughed, loved and embraced happiness a [...]

    26. This was a sweet novella and I enjoyed it. Meg returns to her childhood home and finds Caleb, the cousin of her One Great Love. Meg still feels broken since the loss of her teen boyfriend but Caleb is determined to re-awaken her spirit. It's a lovely story as he pulls her out of her shell and convinces her to give them a chance. If you're looking for a story with depth or grit, this isn't it. There are no side characters or outside plots - just him and her. But for those rough days when you NEED [...]

    27. To say Meg has faced her share of tragedy is mild, she's back to Crescent Cove to help her sister out while she's away, memories of her time with Peter her first love rush back at a time she thought she had it all.Caleb, Peter's cousin is back also and has one agenda after facing his own near tragic life, get Meg in his life. The road won't be easy, but when your after your one and only true love is it ever easy?I absolutely love Christie's fresh style of writing, have some tissues ready and hav [...]

    28. This is my first read by Christie Ridgeway and I was surprised at how much emotion was packed into this very quick read. Caleb is such a lovable character and his patience with Meg makes this romance oh, so sweet. They do fall very quickly, which is a bit of drawback for me, but I liked the writing style and enjoyed the story enough that I will check out other books by this author. Overall, the book is well-written and compelling, and I can easily recommend this sweet, steamy romance.

    29. Caleb McCall is back in Crescent Cove to see if the woman from that one summer is still there.  Meg is only there because her sister wanted to go to a wedding.  Once again, this was a great read.  Short.  Do you believe in second chance at love?  Caleb has to have Meg believe in that if there is any chance for them to be together.☆☆☆☆☆I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.Recommend this book? Yes! Author? Yes!Read more from this author? Yes!Happy Reading!Melissa 

    30. Meg hasn't been home for 10 years. She has bad memories of her old love and just couldn't be there. When she goes back to help her sister, she runs into Caleb. He is the cousin of her old love and it brings back so many memories. Will she let the memories keep her in the past or will she move forward? Caleb is all for moving forward as he had a recent brush with death and realizes how short life is. Can he convince Meg to take another chance on love?

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